Superman & Lois (Season 1-2)

Superman & Lois (The CW)

Note: I am angry that I am angry about a CW show with the word ‘Super’ in the year 2022. I THOUGHT I WAS PAST THIS.

Season 1 was SO GOOD. I don’t have much to say. The family moments were cute. Clark and Lois were cute. Superman was cute. Tyler was cute. Everything was on point. It wasn’t perfect, but it was entertaining, engaging and a fun way to embrace the Superman IP.

And then Season 2 entered the chat and crapped all over the place.

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Smallville Thoughts #1 | Clark and Lana

I should have posted my top five episodes from season 1 by now, but I just finished season 2 and this new series needs to be done. I need somewhere to vent my frustration with this show.

So, welcome to Snarkville!

I would tweet, but… no.

My first topic isn’t even about the relationship between Clark and Lana (SIGH), but their on-screen dynamic. More specifically, their kissing scenes. In all of my years watching low-brow television, they have the worst on-screen kisses I have EVER seen in my life.

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Smallville (2001-2011, The WB/CW)

An interpretation of the Superman story features young Clark Kent coming to grips with his emerging superpowers. He must hide his abilities from his friends, including Lana Lang, the girl of his dreams, and Lex Luthor, who will one day become Superman’s nemesis. Complicating matters is the presence of kryptonite throughout Smallville, which causes strange mutations in locals and cripples Clark.

I like Smallville well enough as a kid, but dismissed it after season 7… but it’s one of my favorite shows now? In a weird way, the earlier episodes reminded me of Supernatural, back when it was fresh and each episode didn’t leave me numb and questioning my life choices. I miss those days. After not watching a single episode of Supernatural for five years, I think maybe I might be able to now, LOL. Somebody save me.

There are over two hundred episodes of Smallville, and well… it probably went on for three years too long. There is a lot of WAFFLE. A lot of Lana/Clark. A lot of Chloe feeding us exposition…

…but Tom Welling as Clark gives the show a charming quality that a lot of other shows lack. He’s very seamless in the role. In a lot of my recaps, I don’t make the distinction between the actor and character because I don’t see one, but with Smallville, it genuinely feels like you are watching the day to day activities of Clark Kent.

Here’s my little season recap!

Season 1

The best season! Young Clark is coming to terms with his powers and he meets Lex Luthor for the first time. Follows a freak of the week structure, but it’s charming and fun. We get to see Clark working as a student journalist and saving the day with the help of his best friends Pete and Chloe. Oh and he’s in love with Lana Lang, his neighbour.

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supporting our friends


I wouldn’t usually waste valuable blog space on anything CW-related (okay, fine i’ve seen the light and changed my ways) but this was too bizarre for me not to comment.

And I’m trying to be good this year which means I’m not allowed to roast anyone on Twitter. I’m aiming to be civil at all times.

That being said, Stephen Amell is an asshole.

The showrunner of The Flash, Eric Wallace, is a black man. He posted a statement regarding the firing of some sketchy white dude that I’m not even going to name, and also about the current events happening, and how he’s going to do more to work with black talent.

Grant Gustin, who is the main star of The Flash, reposted it and said he was listening and something more along those lines.

For whatever reason, Stephen Amell – who has said:

  • He’s has never witnessed ‘systemic racism’
  • He thinks that the problem is ‘gun violence’
  • There’s no gun violence in Canada
  • He wanted to go down and protect a store during the protests

– decided to chime in.



….so, he’s supporting his friend.

FOR WHAT? Reposting a statement that his black showrunner wrote? Like…what am I not seeing here? He’s proud of Grant for listening – but is HE listening?

And if he’s not, why even pick that post to screenshot?

His commentary was unnecessary and unneeded. Why credit your friend for reposting something and fail to acknowledge the person who wrote it?

Just shut the eff up. Jeez.

I tweeted something very tame in response and had to deal with his three SuperFans telling me to fuck off. 😂…

I don’t know where these CW ‘stars’ get the AUDACITY from. Supporting people over reposts! I’ve heard it all.

Obligatory ‘why is Supernatural still on?’ post.

Comic Con and Supernatural are two things I actively avoid, but apparently my news app (ironically called ‘SmartNews’) is having a funny turn today.

Just reading this article gave me a headache. Castiel is dead but not dead dead. Mary is gone but not gone gone. Dead Bobby is dead dead but might come back anyway. Sam and Dean won’t agree on something or other. Crowley is definitely gone (LOOOOOOLLLLLLL at the article and the comments).

The show is dead in the water but not truly dead in the water.

Jared Padalecki, knocking it out of the park and showing that he’s the CW’s FINEST! And the answer to the question is: make fun of your hair. 

Somehow they managed to pay Kansas enough money to perform, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

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The Game (The CW/BET)

Recently, I sat down and watched all nine seasons of this show (and now I’m offloading this post. Feel free to ignore it, it’s mostly for my own benefit, lol). 

The first thing I thought was:

Ah, back when there were black people on The CW!

It’s true, though. The CW literally whitewashed itself. 

Anyway, onto the plot:

While their men try to hone their gridiron talents on the field, the wives and girlfriends of pro football players sharpen their own skills behind the scenes when it comes to the power plays they have to use to get their guys the best agents, the best endorsements, the best merchandising deals — even the “in” charity. And then there’s the groupies around every corner, and the oh-so-helpful “image consultants” ready and eager to perform a makeover for any player in trouble

The show is more or less what the summary says with the addition of a whole host of stereotypes. However, the first three seasons were relatively funny. I think my favourite thing was Rick Fox playing himself. The main issue I had was with Melanie, the show’s main character for the first five seasons. She moves to San Diego over going to medical school at John Hopkins and doesn’t hesitate to let anyone else know (earning the name ‘Med School’). She’s dating Derwin Davis, the church-going, innocent rookie that’s just joined the fictional San Diego Sabers. She’s rude, judgemental and extremely annoying. Why is there always a lack of reasonable, relatable female characters on TV? They’re either a hot mess or overachievers. And annoying

I need a sort of lukewarm mess that has a unique outlook on life that I can relate to. Is that so hard?

Well, then again, maybe I should stop relating to fictional characters? That might be a plan. 

After some back and forth, Derwin ends up cheating on her with Drew Sidora and everything spirals from there. They break up and get back together. They break up and get back together. They get engaged and break that too. Rinse. Repeat. I’m sure the fans loved them but I was over it after the second season. Skip along to the third season and Derwin’s ex-girlfriend is pregnant. It only got worse from there. 

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omfg, we’re shadows, part one! (aka my mock supernatural drama)

I’m all about equal opportunity, so I’m ‘mocking’ the supernatural genre as a whole and not the show.


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snarkview: 90210 (in which Liam Court was my brother from another mother and then he wasn’t).



Well, my opening statement definitely has to be: 90210 is one of the dumbest shows I have ever seen. So, so, so very dumb. It was like watching aliens masquerading as pretty people for five seasons. The show is supposedly set on Earth, but you just have to wonder if the characters are living in a reality where the laws of logic simply don’t apply.

This show (and actually the entire franchise) is, as Google can attest, not very diverse. The CW casting policy appears to be vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.



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CW-esque teen drama finale

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, HERE’S THE REALLY BAD FINALE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REST OF THE SHOW. I’m also writing a mock CW supernatural/vampire drama now. Clearly the CW is inspirational.

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CW-esque teen drama – episode 5

And this is the point where the non-existent plot goes from slightly to iffy to downright ridic.

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