Obligatory ‘why is Supernatural still on?’ post.

Comic Con and Supernatural are two things I actively avoid, but apparently my news app (ironically called ‘SmartNews’) is having a funny turn today.

Just reading this article gave me a headache. Castiel is dead but not dead dead. Mary is gone but not gone gone. Dead Bobby is dead dead but might come back anyway. Sam and Dean won’t agree on something or other. Crowley is definitely gone (LOOOOOOLLLLLLL at the article and the comments).

The show is dead in the water but not truly dead in the water.

Jared Padalecki, knocking it out of the park and showing that he’s the CW’s FINEST! And the answer to the question is: make fun of your hair. 

Somehow they managed to pay Kansas enough money to perform, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

To conclude, nothing has changed and if you value your time, avoid the show. If you’re someone who has time to waste or problems letting go of fictional characters and/or poor judgement, by all means continue.

On a different note, how is that Jared and Jensen can get private jets to conventions but no producing credits on their own show (correct me if I’m wrong)? After twelve seasons? For shame. Even if they’ve given up on their careers, can they at least be smart about it. Even Tom Welling had a producing credit on two different shows.

There’s also a new spin off called Wayward Sisters. Uh… did someone forget to tell the producers that their audience is a bunch of misogynistic females who are mostly old enough to know better? It will die after one episode. Unless they add in two male characters and called it Wayward Sons. In fact, Wayward Sisters just screams patronising female stereotypes anyway, so the fans might love it after all. It’ll still die after one episode.

Anyway, I’m off to go back to pretending that this trash box, repugnant, abhorrent, tasteless, stale, boring, out of date mess of a TV show doesn’t exist.


Wait, there’s more.

Originally, I wrote this (below) up as another post and never published it because who gives a shit? Anyway, here’s a good a place as any to put it.

13 Thoughts On #SPN13

So, I got into a discussion with a fan on Twitter recently. It’s been so long that I was amazed I wasn’t being called names or yelled at for having an opinion.

She wanted to know why Jared and Jensen (of Supernatural ‘fame‘) didn’t make it onto some HotHands thing on Ellen, and I replied and said that ‘it’s not 2010 anymore‘.

I’m a shady bitch, but you already know this.

She tried to say that SPN was popular and one of the top sci-fi shows (before clarifying that it was a top show on the CW lmaooOooooo). One of her points was that it had a confirmed season 13.


1. Season 13 will make it what, eight seasons of bad writing and material?

2. The show should have ended after season 5. Everybody knows this, but they’re all in denial.

3. The show might be the most popular sci-fi show on a network that’s only alive because it heavily relies on pre-existing concepts for most of its shows, but newsflash, it’s still largely ignored by the mainstream media. For good reason. Being a top show on the CW isn’t all that. It doesn’t even get that much of a buzz as shows on other networks. Trust me. I hear more about shows that I’ve never watched than I do Supernatural.

4. It’s ignored because it was never really groundbreaking TV. Look, I was someone who credited the show with good writing etc, but it was just that. Good. It wasn’t spectacular or amazing. It was good for three or maybe two seasons. Or maybe one. If Sam and Dean were ugly, the show would have lasted one episode.

5. Jared and Jensen aren’t that hot anymore. It’s life, man. It happens. They should be grateful that they were considered hot once upon a time by non-fans. Plus I’m a firm believer of beauty being within. Lol.

6. Stop begging TV show hosts to give the cast attention. See #3 & 4. Just like the fucking show. Is that so hard? You get 23 more shitty episodes. Let’s contain everything within that so the rest of us don’t have to deal with any crazy.

7. All of y’all have been complaining about 12. So excuse me for not buying that season 13 is an achievement somehow. It’s a sign that no one is ready to move on.

8. Why are fans so defensive? I’m not the TV police. My opinion means zero, really. If you like something, like it. You can’t have an objective conversation with these people. Nor can they take a joke.

9. Uh. I’ve run out of points.

10. If season 14 happens, I’m going to literally eat a sock. Scratch the literally. But I will eat a sock.

11. Still waiting on my Backstreet Boys themed episode. Even that would be better than putting Scooby-Doo through such torment.

12. See 9.

13. The show still sucks.



    1. Embarrassing and then some. At this point, the Fast & Furious franchise will end before SPN, but at least those are moderately fun, unlike the show which makes you want to impale your brain with a bread stick.


  1. It’s apparently an untouchable zombie. It’s almost as if the show itself has become a MOTW. At this point all I can do is roll my eyes. Though I hate to even think what will happen to all the obsessed fangirls once this show actually does end.

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    1. The show is definitely a self-parodying MOTW. They’ll probably cry for a months on end. It depends on how J2 play it when the show ends. Either they keep using the fans as their personal bank accounts or they vanish. My money’s on the former. LOL.


    2. As long as they can bring in the syndication money, the convention money and the DVD money, and it exceeds the cost of production, it’ll stay on the air.

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    3. What’s funny are the fangirls whining that the CW doesn’t promote SPN but they keep promoting their new show Riverdale. Um yes, that’s how business works. You spend your advertising dollars on the new product to grow the audience, not spend money on an older product that’s reached saturation.

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  2. LOL I got a headache just from reading your summary of that article’s summary haha. It’s an absolute shocker of a show now. Poor Scooby Doo :(.

    I’d probably want to make that an edible sock you’d be eating though lol. My bet is they’lł keep flogging that dead horse & jumping every shark (& milking people at cons) for at least another (14th) season. The CW has low standards, the actors have no other comparable options & I can’t see them cancelling SPN while the viewership holds. And it’s been holding. I’d say the vast majority suffer through it now only for the actors/ships, so they have something to write/make art/complain about in the fandom, & that is a pretty powerful draw.

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  3. Not sure how I only happened to see this post now (gah, I’ve been buried in so much RL stuff it’s not even funny!), but:

    6. Stop begging TV show hosts to give the cast attention. See #3 & 4. Just like the fucking show. Is that so hard? You get 23 more shitty episodes. Let’s contain everything within that so the rest of us don’t have to deal with any crazy.

    OMG if I had a penny for every tweet I’d see to The Ellen Show or any other daytime TV talk show begging them to invite the cast onto their show, I’d be a trillionaire. I heard they were recently on The Talk. I’m not sure how many people watch that show (I certainly don’t but I’m not into shows like that to begin with) so I wonder if it was just SPN fanatics who tuned into that.

    And yep, I suppose it was inevitable they’d get season 14. This show has gone from being a mere shadow of its former (better) self to a zombie that apparently cannot be killed. And yes, the fans are way too defensive. I ended up in a flame war on Tumblr at one point thanks to them. I had to block quite a few people to retain my sanity. So glad I got out of it when I did and am now onto more enjoyable things.

    (watch me now get a flame from a stan to the effect of “OMG YOU IDIOT IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE SHOW DON’T WATCH IT & DON’T POST ABOUT IT!!111”


  4. They gave the godawful spinoff, Wayward Daughters the green light. The backdoor pilot episode was so bad it made SPN S13 look, well not good, but not all bad.



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