The orgins of this blog can be found below, but for now, I just post about whatever comes to my mind. Feel free to join in!

I started this blog in 2011 at the suggestion of one of my Twitter followers. Before I would watch the episodes and snark about them there, and they said “You should review it for people who have given up/hate it too, and make it funny”, which is what I try to do.

I know, I know, I should probably get a life.

And now onto….whatever the hell I meant by PARTY! 

What this blog is about/for?

A way for me to vent about a show that I once loved. I have tried pretending to like it. I have tried bitching about it to others (bad idea), tried bitching about it on Twitter (didn’t really work out). SO HERE I AM! And I kind of enjoy it okay. Sorry if that makes you mad. Well…not really.

Why am I still watching the show if I “hate” it so much?

Granted I should probably stop watching and preserve the first five two seasons but it’s too late. IT’S ALREADY RUINED. So I’m going to keep on watching this train wreck, okay?

ALSO, I still kind of stupidly love Jared Padalecki and his stupidly awesome (most of the time) hair. NOT ANYMORE.

Oh and this flow chart I stole from Cracked is appropriate. And true.



Thanks for reading!


24 thoughts on “WELCOME TO THE PARTY!

  1. Best SPN blog ever!

    Looking to see if I was the only one who has become so thoroughly disenchanted with the show, I accidentally stumbled upon your site and have literally been laughing out LOUD for the past hour. I should’ve given up after Season 5, but stuck with it because I wanted to see it through to the end; but Seasons 6 and 7 practically killed me (especially when I tally up the hours lost watching the train wreck it’s become). But like I said, I’m invested. However, after last night’s episode, “Heartache”, I was ready to be done with it (even Jensen’s dad couldn’t convince me to stick with it for another week). Until an hour ago. When I found “SS”. Now, I’m in it for your awesome recaps, observations, and remarks (re-snarks?) that’ve been making me snort water through my nose!

    I think have a blog crush on you, lol!

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    1. Hi there! *blush* thanks 😉

      I should’ve given up after Season 5, but stuck with it because I wanted to see it through to the end; but Seasons 6 and 7 practically killed me (especially when I tally up the hours lost watching the train wreck it’s become).

      This is basically why I’m here ranting away. I CAN’T QUIT.

      I know what you mean about the last episode. I watched it today and after I was like THAT’S IT I’M DONE WITH THIS SHOW! Which I say every week and then I’m back watching because I have an irrational obsession with Jared. *sigh*

      Haha, well I’m glad that I could make you laugh! And I’ve been told that I must snark through the entire season ( ;___; ) so I’ll be here each week or month depending on the heavenatus’ (hellatus doesn’t exist to me anymore!) snarking away. I just did Heartache and had a sort of meltdown halfway through. This show is ruining my life lol.



  2. I just found this site and I’m so happy someone other than me realizes what a shitty wreck Supernatural turned into. I love these rants, with the exception of one or two minor things it’s like you’ve read my mind. The remark about Buddy TV really cracked me up, I made the mistake of making an account there and once commented something about seasons 4,6,&7 being lousy and those fucking assbuckets had a fit. Anyway thank you for ranting, reading the rants is far more entertaining than watching the show 🙂


    1. Hey! Ugh yes, the show is such a mess right now. LOL. Ah, I see that Buddy TV hasn’t changed. I haven’t been on it for years because they’re nuts. I used to leave the same comment on each recap during season 3/4 just to avoid any crap like it. I agree about 4, 6 and 7 btw. When 4 was airing, it didn’t seem that bad but…it’s the root of all the future shittyness as far as I’m concerned.

      Yay, I’m glad that it is! Writing them is a lot more fun than watching the show tbh. Thank you for reading! 🙂


  3. You’re tormenting yourself. This show has screwed with cannon so much at this point it has no integrity left (I mean physical integrity, like if it was a plane it would fly apart mid-flight – obviously it has no artistic integrity…

    Even if a good writer came along and wrote good episodes they could never fix the problems. All they could do is work hard to ignore seasons 6 and onward (and some fundamentals in S4) in order to achieve some kind of character restoration. …and they really need to come to terms with the fact that “trust issues’ between Sam and Dean have grown to be ridiculous/stupid/nonsensical/etc. Of all the flaws on this show, the ‘brother’ relationship is the worst. To justify the level of “distrust’ between these two they would have to have IQ’s of around 60.

    Honestly, the best way to save this show is to introduce two new characters that will replace them and then gank the Winchesters. No guarantee that baby would survive but it would sure as hell be better than dragging this corpse around like a redo of weekend at Bernie’s.

    …of course f*k-up WB would make a spin-off trio starring Garth, Castiel, and Tiger Mom – or some other clever combo. Ugh.


    1. I’m super late with this reply but “of course f*k-up WB would make a spin-off trio starring Garth, Castiel, and Tiger Mom – or some other clever combo.” LOL. That’s basically what this season has been as far as I’m concerned. With two strange clones that look and sound like Sam and Dean.

      I even kind of miss the Amelia soap opera!! At least it was sort of…entertaining. Now I’m just bored to fucking tears.

      Of all the flaws on this show, the ‘brother’ relationship is the worst. To justify the level of “distrust’ between these two they would have to have IQ’s of around 60.

      Hahaha! I agree. I mean, in the earlier seasons I understood the conflict but now it they just throw a shit ton of problems and then resolve it with some wishy washy bullshit. Like those dumb flashbacks letting Dean know that they had to stick together! But of course, Sam has to be lying as per usual. There aren’t any flaws anymore, just a joke of a relationship with issues that’ll never be resolved. If only the writers had the guts to make them actually go their own way (for good). My ears and eyes would be happier. The perma-tan, growl and hair all need separate scenes.


  4. Okay, when I first read a bit of your blog I was like “hold up, you HATE Supernatural?? What kind of evil human says that? DEMON”. but then I realized you still watch it because it still holds a place in your heart (and even though Jared married that girl who can’t act, he’s still available in your mind and mine). I get what you mean, in some instances I got sick of the show. Especially when they had all those stupid flashbacks of Sam when Dean was in purgatory. I don’t care about a dog! And the way Dean still treats Sam like a kid after all he’s been through, and his anger for Cas in season 8 (blah). But then I think about the Trickster and the French Mistake and ‘I’m Batman’ and it makes me happy. Haha, I’m privately laughing to my self. God I love this show.


    1. I wish I could be as okay with the show as you (at the end of the day, at least). But I hated how they made the Trickster an angel and…I loathed The French Mistake (I know that everyone loves that one but I will never understand why. I was shuddering with embarrassment). Lol.


  5. The saddest and most fundamental flaw of this show is that Kripke only planned on 5 seasons. He never should have handed over the reigns to Gamble until he had designed another five season arc to fulfill the empty space that the writers could not occupy on their own. It was his baby, he should’ve seen it through to the end since he agreed at the begging and urging of the CW to continue, even after he intended to end it. Also, like most fans, I never understood why Ben Edlund never was given a nod for being show runner? He came up with some of the better episodes. or at least I thought so. Is is truly possible that this show is beyond redemption? That no amount of effort on behalf of the writers, actors, or producers could bring it back from the formulaic shit storm it is now? I can’t stop watching, even though I have also quit in season eight, but I am just sooo hopeful that it can
    somehow trigger those warm, fuzzy feelings that I used to get so many seasons ago….


      1. Like South Park’s “Sarcasticaball” episode proved, only problem with snark is that eventually people can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. 😉

        It really doesn’t take that long to “code” those (but then, I used to be a web programmer so I have it down to a system). Usually it takes a few days to figure out what I’m going to do with the script, then I write it out in about 1 day. Then another day to pick the pics from somewhere and plug them in. Heck I could probably do it all in one day if I didn’t need a day job. 😀

        Hope you like them! Feel free to leave comments!


        1. People should lighten up 😛

          And I’m glad it doesn’t take you too long! I am really slow at anything HTML related. Last season I was posting screenshots and images in my recaps and it took me HOURS to get everything done the way I liked it and I’d still have typos after so eventually I just gave up up. Haha.

          I will definitely leave comments when I have time to go through the rest! *snark-five*


            1. Ahaha! I haven’t but I will watch these during study breaks just because of how hilarious* the actual anime was. A parody can only be an improvement. Thanks for the link! 😀

              *The car robot from one of the episodes needs to be made into a live action movie. Or Transformers Squared.


              1. That actually isn’t an anime original episode but adapted from an issue of the comic book. (The “Rising Son” series IIRC)

                On the one hand… I know I should hate it and snark on it.

                On the other hand… IT’S JOHN WINCHESTER FIGHTING A POSSESSED TRANSFORMER WITH THE IMPALA! How can you hate that? Forget it, can’t be done. XD


  6. Long time since I’ve posted but I saw this and thought of you. Not sure where to put it but I won’t mind if you delete or move:



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