1. I love Tom. Well, so long as I ignore 90% of what he says, lol. But whatever, he’s pretty!! 😛

      I got your other comments and I’ll try to reply when I’m on a computer. My wrists are currently rebelling against anything that isnt a full sized keyboard. Siigh.


  1. lol yeah, I heard he’s a bit of a tosser irl. But those lips. And those acting skills. And that face. I think ignoring (or denial) is the way to go.

    I’m guessing a lot of these famous actors are fairly shallow egotists, given the nature of their work & all the smoke that’s constantly getting blown up their asses (maybe, I don’t really have any idea). Except Tom Hiddleston. Please no one tell me he isn’t the perfect gentlemanly model of faultless indefectible perfection.

    No worries re the comments :). Rest your wrists.


    1. I can no longer take Tom Hiddleston seriously after the Taylor Swift debacle. He’s literally getting the Harry Styles experience, just for the sake of being Bond. No bueno! He’s alright looking tho, lol!

      Tom Hardy’s lips are almost enough to make me forget his douchiness. They are a sight to behold. 😛

      Yeah, definitely, a lot of them have huge egos and lose their grasp on actual reality after years of having their minions cater to every whim. I don’t even have a problem with that. It’s when people defend them that I get annoyed. Being famous =/= being a good person.



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