Jared Padalecki’s hair appreciation post.

I gave up on this a long, long time ago. Stop letting me down, Jared.

8 thoughts on “Jared Padalecki’s hair appreciation post.

    1. I know right! And, I have no idea what con it’s from. They’re all blending together for me now and I miss his plaid 😦
      Lol I agree! They should just let him do his hair himself or something. Or fire the stylist. 😉


  1. Is it just me, or does some producer think that just ’cause he got more muscles he’s now allowed to look all skeevy and gross? It’s not ‘jail-break sexy’ anymore. It’s totally sketchy and stalkery. …strangely fluffy and swooshy still though, even though he doesn’t seem to shower). Does he just wash his hair and nothing else? Grotty.


    1. Your comments are hilarious, jsyk. Thank you!

      LOL. I’m a big fan of his (or…I was) and yeah basically as the seasons have progressed and he’s gotten bigger, he just looks worse. But I think I preferred the greasy looking hair of (about half of the eps from ) season 6/7. Cause, like you say, it’s all fluffly and ridiculous looking and doesn’t match the rest of him at all LOL.

      It’s sad.


      1. Yes. …I preferred that hair too. …even tried to grow mine out to be that long …and then I was like, ‘omg… I look all skeevy and date-rapey. I’m gonna cut my hair”. …so I did. Jealous I guess. I’m jealous of his perky ass and pointy nose-job. ..sigh.



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