Actually it probably isn’t. BUT WHATEVER.

Season 10.

I’m on hiatus at the moment. My schedule is very sucky at the moment, and I don’t particularly want to spend two hours of my weekend watching SPN, so I’m not sure when I will do another recap. I’ll still post random things here and there though, so try not to miss my sparking wit too much :)


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  1. i just accidently found your blog. Just wanted to let you know that i just signed up on tumbler JUST to leave you a comment that your snarking made me laugh my mother fukin ass off after i wanted to blow up things after watching this fuckin horrible. i dont even fukin know what that was fukin finale tonight. i actually had anger tears from watching that. ANGER TEARS! And if i didnt find someone who i agreed with every word they said i dont know what the fuck how i was gonna survive. fanfiction wasnt gonna cut it. I yelled, threw things, fast forwarded through this fuckin finale. For the first time i thought of qutiing the show. im suffering a little less from reading your HILARIOUS recaps and comments. I feel like im a walking institution after this finale. I MIGHT sign myself out after i know you read this cuz i feel more comfortable lurking. Just..thanks


    1. Hey hun. I just watched it and I know how you feel lol. It was pretty shit. Probably even shittier than last years which is saying something! I’m glad that all of my snarking cheered you up! I’m gonna try and write something for the last two episodes now. Feel free to lurk my dear :)
      I’ll be here next season too most likely, haha.


  2. You know I totally know how you feel… it’s so hard to stay invested in the show sometimes with the way it’s changed, the fans who’ve helped ruin it and of course the various cast/crew.

    Did I just read that you might be here next season too? That would be awesome, I need my SPN snark fix, lol… of course I could just snark about it in my own LJ – on filter of course so I don’t have 80% of my flist howling for my blood, haha


    1. Yeah. It’s just not worth the effort for me anymore, especially when I feel that I can’t speak freely (even with this blog!). People might be happy with the same rehashing every year but not me. It’s lazy.

      Season 9, haha. I barely watched season 8. I still haven’t watched the finale. So I don’t know. It’s probably really not going to happen. I’m aiming to watch the premiere at least. I wish that there was a way to condense the episodes into like, five mins. But alas, there isn’t. I’m yet to reply to your emails (I will soon!) but you are free to snark here. I’d love to keep this place going somehow. :)


  3. I just found your blog and I love it. I’m watching the latest episode right now and all that’s happened so far is that angels are talking to one another and killing each other and I realized…I just don’t care anymore. I really wish the fricken writers had just ended the show back at season 2 or 3, back when they were actually hunting things and doing the whole urban legend road trip thing (like do the writers not realize the fan favorite episodes EACH season are the back to school special types where they go back to the roots, take a fricken hint), and made a spin off show about the angels since they want to tell that stupid story SO bad. Obviously they have a ton of backstory invested in their little writer minds about the politics of heaven and all that stupid stuff.


    1. :))

      I think I’m down to watch the one you’re talking about next…and I’m not surprised to hear that the show still resolves around a bunch of terrible angels being stupid. I think the reason why they focused on angels so much is that they’re just writing for checks. Almost everyone writing for the show now joined after season 6/7, and I’m convinced that Singer and Carver make up some crappy angel storyline each season and then dish out episodes. One writer was dumb enough to admit he knew nothing about past seasons! Ridiculous.

      And my biggest issue right now is that there is no one to root for on the show. I got to the not-caring point during season 8 when they finally made Sam completely unlikable. If you can’t root for the main characters, what’s the point? I’ve even lost interest in mocking it lol because like you, I just dont care anymore. I miss the earlier seasons. :(

      Thanks for your comment!



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