7.01 meet the new boss

7.02 hello, cruel word.

7.10 death’s door

7.11 adventures in babysitting

7.12 time after time after time

7.13 the slice girl

7.14 the one with the fucktarded title

7.15 repo man

7.16 out with the old

7.17 The Born Again Identity.

7.18  Party On Garth

7.19 Of Grave Importance

7.20 The Girl With The Dungeons And Dragons Tattoo

7.21 Reading is Fundamental

7.22 There Will Be Blood

7.23 Survival Of The Fittest


8.01 We Need To Talk About Kevin

8.02 What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?

8.03 Heartache

8.04 Bitten

8.05 Blood Brother

8.06 Southern Comfort

8.07 A Little Slice Of Kevin

8.08  EPISODE 8

8.09  Citizen Fang

8.10  Torn And Frayed

8.11  Felicia Day Show 2.0

8.12 – Coming soon/never

8.13 – Coming soon/never

8.14  Trial And Error

8.15   Man’s Best Friend WITH BENEFITS!!!

8.16 – Coming soon/never

8.17 Goodbye Stranger

8.18 Freaks And Geeks

8.19 Taxi Driver

8.20 Felicia Day 2.0, 2.0

8.21 EPISODE 21

8.22 Clip Show

8.23 Sacrifice



9.01 EPISODE 1

9.05 Dog Dean Afternoon

9.09 Episode 9

9.10 Episode 10

9.14 Captives

9.15 ~snarklet

9.18 Metafiction

9.20 Bloodlines

9.21 King Of The Damned

9.22 Stairway To Heaven

9.23 Do You Believe In Miracles?


10.01 Black

10.02  Reichenbach

10.03 Soul Survivior

10.04 Paper Moon

10.05 Fan Fiction

10.06 Ask Jeeves

10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

10.08  Hibbing 911

10.09 The Things We Left Behind

10.10 The Hunter Games

10 thoughts on “SPN RECAPS & REVIEWS

  1. Never posted yet but I love your blog and read it alot. sometimes many times cause I’m lonely.

    …holy crap. the nazi necromancer episode is actually good! No BS from any of the repeating characters.


      1. I dunno. Maybe I’ve lost my mind but the writing seemed good (totally alien ….like some guest-writer with talent came along and wrote a stand-alone episode. But I’ve been watching the train wreck for like, 5 years and each episode makes me scream at my. t.v. …this one is like, the best one since Scarecrow – wasn’t that season 1? …I dunno. Maybe I just think that ’cause Scarecrow is the only/most memorable one that I can think of right now.

        The previous two were TERRIBLE. The one today was back to Shite writing.

        ..anyways …rokon!

        ps. not a stalker


        1. I still haven’t watched it yet, lol, but I’ll try and go into it with an open mind. I love Scarecrow, and season 1 in general of course.

          I watched last night’s episode and yup, I honestly don’t know why that particular writer was allowed to write on his own. His joint efforts are usually dire.

          That’s good to know 🙂



    1. hrm… even though I’ve watched them all I’ve never learned which writers are responsible for what atrocities. Guess I should, for no reason other than to torment myself.

      my disclaimer is that I don’t mean to compare scarecrow to the Nazi Necromancer one other than to say it made me think “wow, this is almost as good as Scarecrow”.

      I’m P.O.d about the last one. Thought they might have realized they sucked and started making good ones. …but no. I hate when the writer just makes them say crazy/borderline/histrionic shit – like when Dean suddenly went all “I’ll shoot you in the leg asshole if you follow me… I’m a grunt”, which was…. gah. Really, Maggie Smith would be less histrionic and cheese-ladden than these two in the same situations.


      1. Maggie Smith would be less histrionic and cheese-ladden than these two in the same situations.

        LOL. She really would! I hear that Sam’s bullshit speech was confirmed to be bullshit in Wednesday’s episode when he whined about Dean not trusting him or whatever. Gah. That’s not even the worst of what I’ve heard about the last episode. Bleh.


  2. This is actually awesome because I simply refuse to watch all of season 8. I feel like I’m watching a regurgitated version of all the other seasons with some ostentatious crap on top to make us go “Oh no way! Never saw that coming.” Good to see I’m not the only one who noticed this crap.


    1. I didn’t watch half of season 8 and had no trouble keeping up with the plot because as always, the writers themselves had no idea what the plot was. Yeah, that’s all the last three seasons have been (and to some extent, season 5). When I see people claiming that they were genuinely on the edge of the seats and biting their nails or whatever, I’m always like, “Really?!” I expect that season 9 will be more of the same.

      Thanks for the comment!



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