stupid and senseless


For when the cast behave like assholes and are stupid enough to broadcast their assholery. And other general stupidity.

Last updated: 10th Aug 2020 / Note: Posts are not in chronological order.

#1 Jared Padalecki Is Stupid and Senseless

#2 March Madness

#3 The Latest Edition

#4 Yet Another Edition

#5 Edition 50

#6 Edition 101

#7 Jared Padalecki and his quest to school all airlines…..

#8 Bullshit

#9 The Misha Edition

#10 Ian Somerhalder Edition

#11 Stupid People Edition

#12 The Stephen Amell Edition

#12.5 The Stephen Amell Edition Part 2

#13 Deuchebag Chronicles

#14 Jared Wants Your Money

#15 Jared Sells Orange Juice

#16 November 2015 Round-up

#17 Tom Hardy

#18 Trash, Trash, Trash (AKA One That I Forgot To Link)

#19 The Fraud Chronicles

#20 McDonalds is good for you and your toddlers

#21 No shit, Sherlock

#22 part infinity – Jared Padalecki is a bully

#23 Trump Edition

#24 Trump Edition #2

#25 Well, shit! Trump Edition #3

#26 Teen Wolf edition

#27 Dean Cain

#28 Jared is a bad customer

#29 stupid and senseless: aaron carter (na na na na na na na na)

#30 stupid & senseless: uncle terry crews strikes again

#31 supporting our friends

#32 stupid and senseless: covid-19 edition

#33 stupid and senseless: drunk and disorderlecki

#34 stupid and senseless: drunk and disorderlecki, cont.

#35 stupid and senseless: jensen ackles’ big dumb friend

#36 stupid and senseless: jussie smollett

#37 stupid and senseless: dear assholes, jeffrey dean morgan has a message for you

#38 stupid and senseless: don’t pizza lecki off


15 thoughts on “stupid and senseless

  1. Can we do an edition about how Jared insists on posting pics of himself with Jep Robertson and yet can’t even be bothered to acknowledge the feelings of all the fans this alienates? I mean dude, be friends with whomever you want, but when a large portion of the people who support you and your causes are upset about something… least have enough respect to acknowledge it, even if it’s just to say “suck it up”…..people deserve to know where they stand especially if they’re spending money on tee shirts, cons, etc..


    1. I heard about this. Some fans wanted to confront him at a con but that didn’t work out I’m guessing. *snort*. From doing a quick Google search and stuff I recall, I can see why people have an issue. On the other hand, when I put in their names on Google, ironically, the posts from years back were really excited at the thought of them being friends. Understandable, I suppose, for fans of both show (before the bullshit was revealed). I agree though, he should say something or at least stop posting pictures. He won’t though because he doesn’t acknowledge anything that won’t garner him positive attention.

      I’d be happy to do a post, I also have some other stuff to call him out on (we should all be saving the planet…but it’s okay for him to be on a plane every week? Okay).

      If you could email me (or drop a comment) screenshots of the tweets/pictures and people complaining that would be good. I’m too stressed out at the moment to even load any of his social media, LOL. It’s been a shitty day. Email is 🙂


      1. I wonder if anyone has confronted Jared about anything at a con. I heard some girls/haters once dressed up as flight attendants and brought a airplane prop. They used it for their photo op. This was back when Jared had that big scandal. I heard Jared played it cool though. I’ve also heard of people getting kicked out of cons, especially relating to Destiel/queerbaiting. It’s funny how a show that attracts alot of liberals/sjw’s stars a couple of conservatives/republicans. It’s just LOL.


  2. Oh it’s ok, I guess I just wanted to vent. The one that garnered the most negativity was one of Jep in an AKF tee shirt. That’s really the one where I think he should have acknowledged the situation — because he was basically alienating a large number of people who paid money to support AKF. I actually quit Twitter today but if you think you want to do a post on it, let me know and I’ll go in and get some screenshots, but frankly I’m good either way now that I’ve had my say somewhere. 😉

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    1. Waaait, he actually had the dude pose in an AKF shirt? SMH. What is it they say? ‘The company you keep defines you’. He really doesn’t give a shit. His charity is still getting the side-eye from me (like, how many t-shirt campaigns do you need to have? what exactly is it doing to raise awareness? where is the money going?), it just seems shady as hell.

      Aw, why did you quit Twitter? I don’t blame you, Too much drama on there. I have basically stopped using it but I keep it for the odd vent and catching up with friends, but eh…

      I would like to do a post, definitely. I knew he’d be up to some iffy shit somewhere, and I’m always ready to call him out. It’ll be a welcome distraction from RL, heh.

      You’re welcome to have your say here anytime you like! 🙂


    1. Thank you! So far Jensen has been reasonably behaved on social media so I’ve left him alone bar one post. I tend to think that’s he’s an asshole like the rest of them, though. There’s the misogyny, the being rude to fans, the pretentiousness etc. He’s not the angel fandom make him out to be that’s for sure!


      1. Jared’s scandals are lonely. Jensen needs to show his ass too. So self-centered. Someone recently told me rumors about Jensen being a whiner. I can’t picture it but wouldn’t be surprised. He just seems so uptight and stoic. I guess this explains why he can put up with Jared’s drama so well.
        I’ve heard about Jensen being a homophobe, douchebag and etc. But how is he misogynistic? Not that I doubt, just curious. Same goes for the rudeness. The only thing I’ve heard is he apparently doesn’t like to touch/shake hands and seems less enthusiastic, compared to Jared/Misha. I wasn’t aware he was pretentious. J2 always seems like they’re trying to convince everyone they’re regular texan men. J2 is a Hannah Montana song you gaiz! I swear her songs go off whenever J2 or their wives try to pull that crap. Lol
        It’s always funny how fangirls are fooled by these type of guys. They’re obviously jerky/douches but fangirls are always shocked if they ever do something jerky. They have them canonized as saints just because they’re hot/famous.


  3. Padalecki is set to star in a reboot of “Walker, Texas Ranger” for CBS. So much for his retirement from acting. It’ll probably run 15 seasons on CBS. The upside, the Ackles Army is probably having kittens right now.



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