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I will be closing comments on a few posts for various reasons. Mostly because they’re old and I’m receiving a lot of spam comments. 
Additionally, I’m not as interested in the show or the cast as I was a few years ago, and I’d rather general discussion be in one place than on multiple posts (I’m sorry if that’s douchey of me, but now that I blog exclusively from my phone, it’s hard to keep up at times).

However, if there’s ever anything particularly juicy or stupid and senseless worthy going on, y’all can post about it here and I will get to it. If you want to vent, go for it and I’ll get to it also. All I ask is that you leave a link if it’s something specific otherwise I will have no idea what you’re talking about and probably won’t respond (or I will but with ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’ lol). 

Much appreciation to everyone who’s supported my blog over the years. 💜

25 thoughts on “Open Thread

    • There should be a new S&S post soon. I’m contemplating posting it with comments closed and directing people here but I myself might be too lazy to want to jump over here when it makes sense to just comment under the post.

    Damn spammers. I will avenge my blog. Some day. Probably never.


  1. What do you think about this Brewery Jensen opened with that Duck Dynasty guy (I LOL’d and then shook my head when it said it was going to have a kiddie playground. Wtf? Also, imagine the fangirl invasion. LOL) l thought the gross dynasty were Jared’s friends? What happened to J2 opening a bar or whatever together?
    I bet fangirls are losing their shit or going to (All those Jesus freak/homophobe rumors). Extra LULZ if anyone confronts them about this at the next Con.
    I wonder if Jared’s been stupid or senseless lately. He’s long overdue.

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    1. Lol oh dear. That actually explains the nonsensical comment I got on a post I wrote years ago about them being friends with the DD guys. Jep is friends with both of them. The person who commented was all like ‘I will be going to the brewery’ and I was like, ‘okay, wtf good for you????’. I was wondering why that post was getting some heat all of a sudden. A brewery owned by two people of questionable morals… that has a children’s playground. Sounds about right to me. Get parents liquored up whole their kids have fun on the swings. YAY!

      Jared probably gambled his share of the money or spent it on hair products so Jensen found someone else. Just my working theory. 😂

      The questions are screened heavily so it’ll take a ninja fangirl to get anything but some cutesy made up story about it all. Fuck ’em.

      Jared’s stupidity and senselessness probably lives on. I’m sure he’ll make a fuss about something sooner or later.

      In the meantime, I’m going to go and watch Big Time Rush (which is better than SPN even though it’s terrible) and pretend that these people do not exist.


      1. I guess the jokes are on the fangirls (who I’m sure will stake out this place in droves) because I heard he’ll hardly be there (Such a missed opportunity for J2 to drink the inventory). Apparently, it’s mostly for his wife’s family who have mooched off his fame/money for years (especially his brother-in-law). I hope his wife is prepared if that’s the case since so many of his fangirls hate her. I’m not sure how true that is but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve heard similar things said about Jared’s wife and her family over the years.
        Questionable morals? I know all about the gross dynasty that make all REAL christians look bad everywhere. We know all about Jared. What’s so questionable about Jensen? All I remember is that gross rape joke and rumors about him being a dick/republican/homophobe/creepy with girls/jesus freak.
        Anyway, I don’t know which is funnier: the weird combination of family fun/liquor or the cringefest that will be the fangirls showing up (I point out fangirls because all the male fans I’ve met have been relatively normal). One article even encouraged patrons to bring blankets or something. Wtf?
        LOL. I wonder how Supernatural will explain Jared’s rapidly receding hairline. I’ve heard about his gambling. Maybe that’s why his wife looks so haggard and done all the time. LOL@ those who think these two are relationship goals. I look forward to his next meltdown. It gives me life. If only Jensen was as stupid.

        FYI, any show is better than Supernatural. In fact, they stole so much shit from other, better shows. Even full episodes. Just rewatch Buffy, Angel and charmed and you’ll see. It’s a crappy paranormal romance novel without the romance. Right down to the misogyny. Last l heard, weren’t they trying to get people to watch their lame feminist spinoff? I heard they did a feminist episode this season where some chicks save Sam/Dean. This is what happens when you try to pander to a certain agenda/group. It’s like Buffy and Xena were never a thing. Lol.
        I wonder why fangirls are so reluctant to admit the reason they watch is due to J2’s (fast retreating) hotness.
        Oh well.


    2. I think the whole brewery thing was just Jensen doing back doors for himself. Once the show is over, he (and everybody who has aby sense) knows, that his acting career is done. And we all know that money from conventions are not enough

      Otherwise Danneel couldn’t buy all those shits she don’t need. They couldn’t be able to pay for their utterly big and absolutely useless house. And Jensen couldn’t take care of his tree kiddos, about whom he doesn’t care anyway (maybe he cares about his older daughter but certainly not about the twins. That’s why he gave them such retarded names)

      So that was only purpose of that Brewery. If they did not opened it, they would be fucked up already.
      P.S. Sorry for any possible mistakes, but I’m not native English speaker so it can happen

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  2. Season 14 may be the last season. I hope their not teasing.

    awaits fangirl tears

    Maybe they’ll stalk…er…drown their sorrows at the brewery…

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      1. Someone was mentioning recent conventions to me the other day. I don’t know which ones though since I don’t follow that closely. They were going on about how J2 are forced to go to them (Aw…Poor babies ;-;) when they’d rather be home with their perfect families. There are rumors that J2 told Creation to stop certain questions/the fan therapy sessions or they will stop attending the conventions. Also, there was a story of Jared running around with a towel on his head. O.o;;
        So, I came here to LOL

        And cry….SPN 14 started filming…

        Did the brewery collapse yet? J2 behaving?

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        1. LOL. They’re still peddling that ‘forced to go’ nonsense. I’m sure the thousands of dollars are just pocket change to J2. They do it because they feel they have to. Yeah, they did tell Creation to block those questions (apparently, suddenly caring about mental health is cool and all but they didn’t foresee people wanting to discuss their issues. They thought the t-shirts would cure all).

          Oh lord. Season 14. Madness.

          I haven’t heard anything about the brewery since they opened it. My
          guess is that, if it’s still open, it’s ok probably now a SPN Family tourist attraction. As for J2, I have no idea. I’m sure Jared is still throwing his weight around on Twitter and e-thugging like the G he thinks he is. And Marvel are probably still waiting for Jensen to let them know when he’s available. snort


    1. Welcome! I take it they’re all still up to the same nonsense they were whenever I quit the show? It’s crazy and frustrating to even be around it. The irony is that half of the fans bad mouth the guys in private while fawning over them on social media/cons.

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      1. This is because you’re not allowed to give your critical opinion there, even if it is 100% justified. You will hear tones of comments “But they are good people, you don’t understand1!!!!11”, it makes me want to puke. Even now I barely speak anything negative about the cast to SPN fans directly – let them have their ride, but they will go through shock after the show will end…
        Speaking of which – have you heard? Season 15 is going to be officially the last!
        I mean FINALLY. Also I heard that during the end of season 14 writers decided to erase the whole plot of the spn and start all over? What a great example of running out of ideas

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        1. I had tons of people on here justifying Jared’s doxxing and general terrible behaviour and attitude because of his depression. I always tell people that the beginning of the end was really when he made those nasty comments about Trayvon Martin’s friend during the trial and I realised that he’s just as fake as the rest. Bleh. LOL, I predict a full on meltdown when it ends, although, I feel like one more season still gives it extra life. I won’t believe it’s ending until the very last episode airs.

          Lol, I’m not surprised. I can’t remember if I said it here or to someone, but it’s literally the only plot they have left. To reverse everything – or if they really want to go there, reverse everything and create an alternative universe where angels and demons don’t exist and Mary & Jessica never die. The writers haven’t had a clue for the last 10 years. It’s sad.


    2. Sophie… same! This blog really helped with my healing after I left SPN fandom (and during the process of leaving as well). I was so glad someone feels similar as I do about this show and its, they should start a group similar to AA for the Ex Supernatural Fans.

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      1. Hey! I’m so glad that the blog helped you & LOL, I completely agree, we definitely need some kind of Supernatural Anonymous group. Being in the fandom was like being in a cult. Amazing at first but depressingly terrible in the end. 😂


  3. Your blog is a gift from Heavens!
    Seriously, I was thinking I am the only one who hates this show with a passion. I used to be fan before (to season 4/5 I think) but since then, this show is as disgusting as its cast and fandom.

    Their behaviour is ridiculous and utterly embarassing and their main argument is “Don’t watch the show if you don’t like it” or “Nobody cares about your shitty opinion” or “lol go and die bitch”.

    I used to comment about my opinions on the show, but the hate comments from fangirls wishing me death made me think twice. I generally think all fandoms are terrible business full of subnormal extremists, but SPN family (seriously retarded and inaccurate name) takes everything to another level.

    And actors. God forgive how much I hate the cast of the show! I don’t care about side actors, because they are bunch of losers with big egos. But the main trio Padalecki, Ackles and Collins is something else. I have never seen such fake and atrocious human beings. How is it possible that three adult and married men are such a pussies? I wouldn’t be surprised if their bodies didn’t rot after death, because they are 99,9% plastic.

    And of course, show itself which sucks generally. Seasons 1 to 3 are considered to be best among the fandom, but even those suck at so many points it hurts. All characters are 2-dimensional selfish bigots (especially Dean) with no self-awereness and no logic (especially Sam). I will never understand how this stupid shit could ever interest me enough to waste my time on it.

    So, again, I am very thankful for your blog. I am really glad that there is anyone brave enough to speak about true faces of Fakenerd Padalecki and Scumbag Assckles. I am laughing my ass off at your posts, because they are so true!

    I am sorry for any possible mistakes, but I am not native English speaker, so it can happen easily.

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  4. Have you heard the news? Jared was arrested after he beat staff members in some bar in Austin and was trying to bribe police officers after that. At least that’s what media says.

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    1. I’m just using this post as my own personal log now, lol. Decided to just get the last two episodes over and done with. Of course, I was so exhausted by the first episode, I bailed on the second. I’ve officially posted my first recap in years and and years (which I mention 109 times in the post). Definitely felt weird to be watching the show after such a long break, yet oddly… it was like I never took a break at all. We’ll see how the finale goes.

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  5. Just posted about some mild Jared drama on Twitter. I was only really interested because somehow my post about Jared’s response to the George Floyd murder was linked in, but turns out it was nothing bad.



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