Open Thread

I will be closing comments on a few posts for various reasons. Mostly because they’re old and I’m receiving a lot of spam comments. 
Additionally, I’m not as interested in the show or the cast as I was a few years ago, and I’d rather general discussion be in one place than on multiple posts (I’m sorry if that’s douchey of me, but now that I blog exclusively from my phone, it’s hard to keep up at times).

However, if there’s ever anything particularly juicy or stupid and senseless worthy going on, y’all can post about it here and I will get to it. If you want to vent, go for it and I’ll get to it also. All I ask is that you leave a link if it’s something specific otherwise I will have no idea what you’re talking about and probably won’t respond (or I will but with ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’ lol). 

Much appreciation to everyone who’s supported my blog over the years. 💜



    • There should be a new S&S post soon. I’m contemplating posting it with comments closed and directing people here but I myself might be too lazy to want to jump over here when it makes sense to just comment under the post.

    Damn spammers. I will avenge my blog. Some day. Probably never.


  1. What do you think about this Brewery Jensen opened with that Duck Dynasty guy (I LOL’d and then shook my head when it said it was going to have a kiddie playground. Wtf? Also, imagine the fangirl invasion. LOL) l thought the gross dynasty were Jared’s friends? What happened to J2 opening a bar or whatever together?
    I bet fangirls are losing their shit or going to (All those Jesus freak/homophobe rumors). Extra LULZ if anyone confronts them about this at the next Con.
    I wonder if Jared’s been stupid or senseless lately. He’s long overdue.

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    1. Lol oh dear. That actually explains the nonsensical comment I got on a post I wrote years ago about them being friends with the DD guys. Jep is friends with both of them. The person who commented was all like ‘I will be going to the brewery’ and I was like, ‘okay, wtf good for you????’. I was wondering why that post was getting some heat all of a sudden. A brewery owned by two people of questionable morals… that has a children’s playground. Sounds about right to me. Get parents liquored up whole their kids have fun on the swings. YAY!

      Jared probably gambled his share of the money or spent it on hair products so Jensen found someone else. Just my working theory. 😂

      The questions are screened heavily so it’ll take a ninja fangirl to get anything but some cutesy made up story about it all. Fuck ’em.

      Jared’s stupidity and senselessness probably lives on. I’m sure he’ll make a fuss about something sooner or later.

      In the meantime, I’m going to go and watch Big Time Rush (which is better than SPN even though it’s terrible) and pretend that these people do not exist.


      1. I guess the jokes are on the fangirls (who I’m sure will stake out this place in droves) because I heard he’ll hardly be there (Such a missed opportunity for J2 to drink the inventory). Apparently, it’s mostly for his wife’s family who have mooched off his fame/money for years (especially his brother-in-law). I hope his wife is prepared if that’s the case since so many of his fangirls hate her. I’m not sure how true that is but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve heard similar things said about Jared’s wife and her family over the years.
        Questionable morals? I know all about the gross dynasty that make all REAL christians look bad everywhere. We know all about Jared. What’s so questionable about Jensen? All I remember is that gross rape joke and rumors about him being a dick/republican/homophobe/creepy with girls/jesus freak.
        Anyway, I don’t know which is funnier: the weird combination of family fun/liquor or the cringefest that will be the fangirls showing up (I point out fangirls because all the male fans I’ve met have been relatively normal). One article even encouraged patrons to bring blankets or something. Wtf?
        LOL. I wonder how Supernatural will explain Jared’s rapidly receding hairline. I’ve heard about his gambling. Maybe that’s why his wife looks so haggard and done all the time. LOL@ those who think these two are relationship goals. I look forward to his next meltdown. It gives me life. If only Jensen was as stupid.

        FYI, any show is better than Supernatural. In fact, they stole so much shit from other, better shows. Even full episodes. Just rewatch Buffy, Angel and charmed and you’ll see. It’s a crappy paranormal romance novel without the romance. Right down to the misogyny. Last l heard, weren’t they trying to get people to watch their lame feminist spinoff? I heard they did a feminist episode this season where some chicks save Sam/Dean. This is what happens when you try to pander to a certain agenda/group. It’s like Buffy and Xena were never a thing. Lol.
        I wonder why fangirls are so reluctant to admit the reason they watch is due to J2’s (fast retreating) hotness.
        Oh well.



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