Supernatural: 15×20, The End




Carry On

[Insert something witty]

Please Don’t


One-Line Review: A relatively lacklustre episode up until the twenty minute mark (when I had a noststalgia-induced meltdown) yet somehow, it was a fitting (but predictable) end to the show.


After a recap of the previous episode, we’re transported to Sam and Dean’s Ordinary Life (complete with soundtrack).

Highlights include:
– Dean with dog
– Sam taking in nature
– Making the bed
– Unexpected and unwanted shirtless Sam!
– Hot bread!

Finally, they sit down and look for tales of the weird and unexpected online. There’s nothing.

However, Dean has something.

A pie festival. Woop.

At the pie fest, Sam is sad about Castiel and Jack, but Dean says they need to go on living.

Sam pies Dean in the face and is like ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I’m so glad I don’t have to come back to Vancouver ever again.


Sorry, he said he enjoyed the whole pie thing. And also the Vancouver thing because I’m fluent in fake laughter.

We cut to some kind of home invasion. The husband is killed by two guys in masks who proceed to chase his family upstairs, kidnap his two kids and cut the wife’s tongue out.

Luckily, she leaves a 100% accurate drawing of the masks with the police. Agents Kripke and Singer are on the case and hey, Dean’s seen the face! Before. I just wanted that last line to rhyme. He’s seen the face before. It’s from one of John’s cases back in ’86.

I’m eight mins in and bored so I’m going on hiatus. See you on the next line.

Hello again! John encountered the same thing. Kids are taken. Bodies were drained or had their tongues cut out.

“You know what this is?” Dean says. “Mimes. Evil mimes.”

“Probably vampires,” Sam replies.

“Vamp-mimes,” Dean says, puffing his chest out proudly because he relearnt what a portmanteau is just for this episode.

Do you know what this is? Andrew Dabb’s finest work.

I guess they go to look into it or whatever and the Vamp-mimes walk into Sam and Dean’s trap. I think there was a Lisa and Ben reference (Canton, Ohio?) but my memory of the show is hazy.

One vampire loses its head, the other is shot with dead man’s blood and threatened into admitting the kids are alive. They take a few kids each year and ‘juice them’ because they ‘don’t do fast food’.

Ha ha ha ha haaaaa.

Sam and Dean arrive at the lair. They find the kids. They free the kids (who run off outside never to be seen again). They’re encountered by the vampires. Typical MOTW stuff.

Sam and Dean take on the vampires and are overpowered. A female vampire appears and Dean recognises her. It’s Jenny!

Tf is Jenny? Even with the flashback, I don’t remember her. I guess she’s from one of the vampire episodes. From Sam’s hair, it’s got to be Dead Man’s Blood from Season 1. I should be moved, but I’m not at all.

I’m just bored.

Sam kills Jenny and the vampire/Winchester duel begins again. The camera helpfully points to something sticking out of a wall, a pole or something. I guess SOMEONE is going to land on it. And when Dean does, it’s anticlimactic because they showed it to us. Strange creative choice to make. But what do I know?

Sam doesn’t realise at first and when he does, he tries to take the pole thingy out of Dean’s back. Dean tells him not to because it’s the only thing holding him together. Sam wants to go and get the first aid kit or call for help, but Dean tells him to stay with him and DOG DARN IT ALL, I’m getting emotional. For a second, it was like watching the old Sam and Dean. Notice how I didn’t make a single wisecrack while recapping the scene?

I jinxed it. Now I’m moved. I’m sad. I’m all over the place. I hate myself.

I’m not doing this so I’m going on hiatus again because I refuse to cry. I refuse. Lol.

Well. To quote the beginning of the episode, “I’m not crying, you’re crying!” because I’m definitely crying.

Sam says he’ll do something, anything (has he not learned anything about coming back from the dead?!) and Dean says not to bring him back because it never ends well. He says he’s fading quickly and tells Sam to come closer because he wants to say something.

“I’m so proud of you, Sam”

…and I’m not proud of myself for basically blubbering over this scene to the point where I can’t watch it, so I’m on hiatus again.

It’s probably going to take me three hours to get through this one episode, LOL.

Dean says he’s always looked up to Sam and the way he stood up to their father, John. He says when he came to see him at college (during the pilot episode), he stood for hours outside his dorm because he didn’t know what Sam would say. He was scared Sam wouldn’t want to see him. Before, it was always them together, and I guess he was worried it would never be like that again.

Dean: “It was always you and me.”


I’m wasting perfectly good tissue on this episode. Ugh.

Dean is taking WAAAAAAY too long to die, FYI, and I keep on pausing to dab my eyes.

Also, how is he not coughing up blood at this point?

There’s an ‘always keep fighting‘ in there and Dean says he loves Sam. He calls Sam his baby brother, says this wasn’t how he thought he would go, but it’s okay.

He tells Sam he needs him to tell him it’s okay.

Imma give Jensen some credit here – this is some of his better work. Getting me to feel something for these characters after years of nothing? Give him a… People’s Choice Award! And there’s no Batman growling! Who knew?

I’m officially 23 minutes in. I started watching it an hour ago. I’m taking another hiatus because crying over Supernatural was not on my agenda today. Damn you, Aunt Flo (this is the real reason I’m crying, obviously!). Also, this is almost 1000 words? Of me mostly trying not to cry. Whew. The worst part is that I already knew he died before I watched episode 19!

Let’s try this again. I’m back. I’m okay. Let’s pick up from that last scene —

Sam tells Dean it’s okay, he can go now, and…

…Dean says goodbye and dies.

Thankfully, the break helped and I’m okay now. That was a ROUGH twenty minutes, lol.

After Sam gets rid of Dean’s body and goes back to the bunker, one of Dean’s old phones rings (he probably left at least 27 charging cables behind, didn’t he?) and the person on the other end asks for an Agent Bon Jovi. A case has popped up and Donna needs help. Sam says he’s on his way.

How did Jensen get out of being in the whole second half of the ep–wait, he’s back and it looks like Dean made it to heaven.

And the first person he sees is Bobby Ex Machina. You know what, I’ll allow it. Everyone is living happily ever after in heaven. Including John and Mary. I’m not here for any of this heaven spiel, but I’ll allow it.

I’m just going to allow everything.

And the old Impala with the original license plate shows up and just…

…anyway, Dean decides to go for a drive and Carry On My Wayward Son begins to play…

We cut to Sam with a baby! Who’s called Dean (naturally!). And we see Sam with the kid at different ages… and…

Sam as an older man looking at the Impala (is he wearing a wig or did they spray his hair grey? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) presumably for the first time since he put it in storage.

And then we cut to Sam as an OLD man on his deathbed.

Oh, so, the show is over over? Jared and Jensen were like, ‘kill us both, and kill us DEAD DEAD!”.

Dean Winchester Jr says, “Dad, it’s okay, you can go now.” – the same way Sam let Dean go – and Sam dies.

(Obviously, they want to fast forward to the guys in heaven, but shout out to the wig (whatever they did) on Jared. Its presence was felt. LOL.)

We cut back to Dean in heaven and Sam appears behind him and… they hug each other.

The episode ends with them looking over a bridge.

And then we break the fourth wall quite severely and Jared and Jensen are like, “thanks, guys!” etc, blah, blah and giving a whole speech to the fans, and it cuts to show the entire crew.

Whatever, I was only here for Sam and Dean! They could have uploaded that to YouTube or something. /sour grapes. 😂



I don’t really have much to say. It wasn’t a good episode by any means. I did like the call back to season 1, but it was so contrived that I wasn’t invested in the plot.

What I didn’t expect was to get so emotional over Dean’s death scene. I think what did it was his quiet acceptance. It was just his time to go, and this time he was ready. And then they referenced The Woman in White, and how Dean always looked up to Sam and I was a mess. Season 1 and 2 were so good, and this scene was very much reminiscent of the early years and I appreciated that.

As for the rest of the episode, well, they were always going to die. I didn’t think Sam would live into old age, with his spin-off age-appropriate adult son by his bedside no less!

Sam joining Dean in heaven was a nice touch, and I guess they got their happy ending in the end.

I almost can’t believe the show is over, but it is!

At last.

4 thoughts on “Supernatural: 15×20, The End

  1. Supernatural Snark! How are you? 🙂
    It’s finally over. I haven’t seen it (haven’t watched since season 8 which is a blur) but I heard it was quite anticlimactic. Did you hear about the drama though? They’re basically trying to cancel the angel and shrieking about what a homophobe Jensen is. Meanwhile, fangirls are white knighting Jensen and gushing about how LGBT friendly he and his wife are ( The stories just sound over the top to me, especially coming from King Grumpy. I also keep thinking of that scene when Sam acts all touchy feely. You know the one, when Gabriel first shows up. And then I vomit. Lol).
    I find it hard to believe. But then, I still can’t believe Jared is replacing Chuck Norris. Lol. I know people grow and change but Jensen?!? Especially at his age and background. Lmao.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Lucy! I’m not too bad, thanks! How are you? 😁

      It’s overrrrrr! It was extremely anticlimactic to the point where I’m wondering where and how I was able to generate tears? The episode itself was SO BAD. After Dean died, it took such an abrupt turn to heaven and wigdom. I’m still scarred by Jared in the old man wig. 😂

      Lol! I did hear about the drama. I think at first it was that the CW cut out Dean saying ‘me too’ when Cas said he loved him and then it turned out it was a dubious dub and the scene aired as intended (and really, can’t they just write fanfiction and be happy they got partial Destiel on the show?). I see they’ve gone back to being mad at Misha and Jensen. Oh, the white knighting is my favorite part. The fangirls will come up with anything to make the guys seem better than they are. Sometimes it’s straight up lies. Jensen is on record criticising Destiel (‘that’s not what the show is about’) and making questionable comments, damn right he wasn’t about to get to year 15 and say, ‘This is it. This is my year. I’m finally okay with Dean Winchester falling in love with a male character!’. They should be lucky they got an ‘I love you’ from Castiel that didn’t end with Dean running for the hills. Jensen didn’t look impressed in that scene at all. Hahaha.

      It’s unsurprising the fans are up in arms…the last two episodes I saw were so lacklustre that they had to generate their own talking points, clearly! I almost can’t believe the show is actually over. What will I snark about now? I thought about watching Walker but I can barely look at Jared now, lol. I have no idea why THAT is the show he chose to remake? Like, never mind he’s been working for 15 years straight, it’s Walker that he’s moved on to? And he’s cast his real wife as his character’s dead wife. It sounds like a hot mess (..On that basis I may tune in for one episode 😂).

      Thanks so much for the comment! ❤


  2. I have a question!!!! When dean died, sam burned his bod on a funeral pyre. the same way dean did with cas when he died. so are those pyres just lying around the countryside? did sam and dean have an acme catalog to order them out of like wile e coyote got all of his roadrunner traps from, or did they use amazon? did sam build it? did it regenerate like dr who after cas came back? this girl wants to know, supernatural!!!

    and if jared’s walker series gets cancelled, they can give him a supernatural comeback called Old Sam. Yes, I got the giggles watching sam age 1000 years in about two minutes. He can come back as Old Sam and put that wig or whatever was on the top of his head to good use. Just imagine OS chasing old demons in his walker or riding a scooter. yelling at old crowley to get off his lawn, weraring two different shoes, cant find his reading glasses which are on top of his head, making demon traps with metamucil. Fighting vampires over nerve tonic. i bet it would be a huge hit!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL. I’m guessing he buried it somewhere? They probably have some kind of hunters black market where they can get these things (although, how did he manage to put Dean on it by himself without being caught? Wait, it’s SPN where the Winchesters ARE the law enforcement!).

      I want to say I can’t see Walker doing more than one season, but it’s the CW. You never know. I’m onboard the Old Sam train. That wig alone would do more to capture bad guys than his powers ever did. I always did say his real strength lies in his hair! LOL @ making demon traps with metamucil 😂😂😂😂 This needs to happen!



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