stupid and senseless: the ‘wooden lead actor from arrow’ edition

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Ahmed Mohammed, the 14 year old Texan student, who was arrested when his teacher reported his homemade clock to the police. This teacher initially suspected that it was a bomb.

Immediately WE ALL KNOW why that teacher did what they did. Whether or not people want to admit it. Decent people felt compassion for him. The White House/POTUS got to make themselves look good by extending an invite.

Stephen Amell read the news and took an entirely different perspective on things.

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell landed in hot water on Twitter Wednesday afternoon after he made a comment equating the treatment of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed to stererotypes lobbed against Texas the state where the incident went down.

Stereotyping Texas isn’t any better than stereotyping Ahmed. Just so we’re clear,” Amell tweeted Wednesday afternoon

First of all: No. No, no, no and no. #Ignorance #MoreMusclesThanSense

Secondly: He’s not even FROM Texas….


Let’s get this clear. A fourteen year old boy was arrested for being more innovative than his stupid CW show but…all he saw were all of the mean stereotypes people were aiming towards Texans. If this shit had happened in Florida, I bet he’d be singing from a different hymn sheet. I really don’t understand this logic where people see something happening and just let their mouths run loose. People are entitled to their opinion but, I also need them to know when to shut the fuck up. Seriously. Silence is golden.

Oh and like his friend, Jared*, he’s really good at being brave enough to stand by his ridiculous and unwanted opinions:

I can’t believe I broke my rule and tweeted about an actual event. Staggering to remember that debates in 140 characters don’t work,” he wrote. “What happened to Ahmed was terrible. Obviously. I happened to read a series of tweets pronouncing that this is a systemic problem in Texas, which is also profiling….

Anywho, I’m not apologizing or deleting the tweets. If you’re outraged at an opinion it’s because you’re bored.

Amell concluded his rant on a positive note, saying, “Last thing Ahmed’s White House visit will be an awesome, awesome moment.”


My favourite parts are

If you’re outraged at an opinion it’s because you’re bored.

Which is weird because initially he…

…happened to read a series of tweets pronouncing that this is a systemic problem in Texas, which is also profiling

Hmmm. So were you outraged over that because you were bored, son? Or were you actually trying to make a point the same way those people were? Regardless of whether or not you agreed with them.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Stephen Amell.

Kindly fuck all the way off, and stick to being an obnoxious idiot who uses their ‘celebrity’ (I’ll call out the alphabet and you tell me when to stop and add a ‘-list’ because it sure as hell isn’t ‘A’ or ‘B’ or even ‘C’) for ratings ‘good’. Print some more t-shirts for charity or whatever and STFU.


I saw that he made a video saying that he was going away for a while…and he removed his profile pictures…please. He’s probably activated his secret accounts already. *snort*

*Not that I owe anyone an explanation – but just in case anyone is bored enough to get outraged over my opinion…


my dislike of Stephen predates his friendship with Jared and Arrow. I followed him on Twitter a few months before Arrow started and found him to be self-absorbed, obnoxious and irritating. Needless to say, I didn’t make it through one full season of his show.

6 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: the ‘wooden lead actor from arrow’ edition

  1. Reading your take on this made my morning 🙂
    I never really had an opinion of Stephen Amell, apparently he’s not worth having an opinion on. What is it with these self absorbed CW actors commenting on shut they know nothing about and acting like they’re trying to make a difference? Losers.
    The comment about the young boy’s clock being more innovative than Arrow is so hilariously true. I don’t know if it’s true but I heard Ahmed and his clock- has been invited to the White House.


    1. Haha, glad I could make your morning! 🙂

      He’s always been a smug condescending douche. I remember him complaining about critics criticizing Arrow before they’d even seen it, even though the pilot was out at that time. *amused* He’s an idiot of the highest order.

      The CW likes to hire these vapid, brainless idiots, probably because they know they will get no resistance contract wise and these actors will be at home on their bread white shows with ‘limited’ diversity. Smh. It’s a breeding ground for Amell and his ilk.

      I think it is true. Obama tweeted about it. I would decline (lol) but I’m sure he will have a great time! 🙂


  2. Like I told you in email, my reaction to his tweet was totally “WTF??” Like you said, he’s not even from Texas. I’m so sick and tired of his stupid PR ‘bromance’ thing with Jared. But again it doesn’t surprise me as they both like to run off at the mouth without even thinking how it might sound.

    And yeah, WTF is with that “you’re outraged because you were bored” comment? I’m glad I was never a fan of that guy…he just always struck me as a self-absorbed prick.


    1. His wife is from Texas, lol, so I suppose that was part of it along with his CW buddies. Lmao @ PR bromance – that’s exactly what it seems like. I still remember that ghastly picture of them that you emailed me. Ew. The amount of posturing they do is ridiculous. They’re so desperate to sound intelligent that they get too carried away and the stupid slips out.

      Lmao, ‘outrage due to boredom’. I can’t. I think he put out another, long non-apology and I heard that he changed his picture to a photo of him with ethnic minorities….you can’t make this shit up.



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