Hey all, welcome to my blog.   If you're here because you're tired of Supernatural and the cast- I have a lot of posts that will be of interest to you. Way too many. I kind of wish they'd retire the show and their stupidity. If you're wondering why I'm trash talking your favourite show - there's an … Continue reading HELLO!


I'm tired of coming up with new ways to insult Trump. I think calling people who respect themselves and want to be treated equally 'sons of bitches' really just sums up what a cantankerous, ill-mannered, orange faced, lying sack of useless bullshit Donald Trump really is.  https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/911572182060453893 'Disinviting' Steph Curry and co is just sour … Continue reading #TakeAKnee

Here’s the thing about racist jokes

They are racist first and foremost.  They say a lot about your character. If you are not that race, it will be perceived as racist. If you don't think it's racist, it's probably racist.  As someone who lives in a predominantly white country, but a mixed city, you see this casual racism everyday. We see … Continue reading Here’s the thing about racist jokes

Karma Alert

Milo Yiannopoulos says his house in Miami has been destroyed by Hurricane Irma. Posting a picture of the roof having been torn off a building in the city’s West Brickell area, he commented: “MY HOUSE IS GONE". Sucks for him, but.... Last week, as the storm hit the Caribbean, he wrote on Facebook: “In more … Continue reading Karma Alert

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Mock Paper Scissors

This is the best, most righteous rant from Houston I’ve read yet:
Unhinged Rant about Harvey

Fuck you, AP.  I’ve seen three different websites now start the story about Trump coming to Houston with the idea Trump has “returned” to Houston, and I know that stupid mistake started with you.  It wasn’t a week ago everyone was complaining how Trump had never tried to visit Houston, and now he’s visited twice?  Because why, it’s all Texas and who gives a shit anyway?

And fuck you, Mr. President, for insisting the “recovery” is well underway. You were in a football stadium turned into a shelter for 10,000 people, handing them hot dogs because they cannot cook for themselves or feed themselves a hot meal, and you call that “recovery”?  What kind of amoral blind stupid idiot are you?  There are parts of town where “recovery” means they’ve started stripping out the…

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Bad Moviethon #12 – Vanilla Sky

(POTENTIALLY) BAD MOVIE MARATHON #12  …in which I examine if bad movies really deserve their woeful rotten tomatoes score Vanilla Sky | 2001 Tom Cruise and Cameron Crowe reunite after "Jerry Maguire" for "Vanilla Sky," the story of a young New York City publishing magnate who finds himself on an unexpected roller-coaster ride of romance, … Continue reading Bad Moviethon #12 – Vanilla Sky

they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery

... otherwise known as the UK's Brexit position. [see here for a definition of the title if you need one] From this article we have: As the third round of discussions closes on Thursday, the British team are increasingly certain that the hands of EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier are tied by the rigidly worded mandate handed to … Continue reading they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery

“What a crowd, what a turnout!”

Donald Trump arrived in Texas, gave a briefing at a fire station, and told Texans, “This is a really special place and a special state.” So far, so relatively normal. Straight afterwards, however, several hundred Trump supporters arrived and the US president proceeded to give them a speech that seemed curiously indifferent to the plight … Continue reading “What a crowd, what a turnout!”

the girl that hates everything – monstrous mastication

Even though I hate everything, this series has been slow. Maybe I've mellowed out? HA! PSYCHE.  MONSTROUS MASTICATION Otherwise known as loud chewing.  Here's how it goes.  1. You're sitting somewhere minding your own business when it starts.  Sluuuurp. Smack. Smack. Smack. Slurp. Smack. Smack. Smack. Crinkle. Slurp. Chomp. Womp.  You wonder what animal has … Continue reading the girl that hates everything – monstrous mastication

Rockin’ At USA High!

USA High | USA Network | 1999-2000 https://youtu.be/R-fVSIclhy4 Does anyone else remember this show? It's not the most memorable, but you guys already know that I have questionable taste.  Funny story. I've been trying to remember this show for years. YEARS. I'm sure that I've come across it and dismissed it during my search because … Continue reading Rockin’ At USA High!