Hey all, welcome to my blog. Even though it’s called ‘Supernatural Snark’, I’ve opened my heart and I now snark about any and everything. I can also be found at HIP TO BE SNARK (which is a play on Hip To Be Square if you’re wondering).

Anyway, if you’re here because you’re tired of Supernatural and the cast- I have a lot of posts that will be of interest to you. Way too many. I kind of wish they’d retire the show and their stupidity. If you’re wondering why I’m trash talking your favourite show – there’s an explanation post here.

Please read the rest of this post if you’re wondering where the Supernatural recaps have gone.


Yet another useful invention…

1. Why?

2. $35? Not in this lifetime. I could get a regular cap, glue on a phone case and hey presto. Boom. If anything, this is awakening my creative urges. I’m gonna buy a phone case and stick it onto toast.

Okay, maybe I need to go back to the drawing board. 

3. What happens if it suddenly starts raining? 

4. Seriously, why?!

Tom Hardy, modern day vigilante

So this happened…

Hollywood superstar Tom Hardy chased down and helped snare a moped thief after pursuing him through gardens and across a building site in south west London.

A witness said the Hollywood actor “switched into superhero mode” as he collared the man before checking him for weapons after the chase.

He sprinted through gardens and a building site before grabbing the thief by the scruff of the neck, and declaring, “I caught the c***,” said a witness.

This story amused me greatly, lol. 

My first thought that he was probably method acting or putting some kind of future building climbing movie montage training into action, and my second was that he’s lucky he lives in Richmond (nice, posh, affluent area). You can never be certain what people are carrying on them these days. Hollywood training or not, I’m leaving the chasing and sprinting to the police, thanks.

Anyway, kids, please don’t try this at home! Leave the c*** capturing to Tom! 


And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again.


I wasn’t the biggest Slipknot fan back during my metal/rock days (NGL, the masks were creepy, although Duality was my sooOoooong once upon a time. I really wanted to be metalhead so badly until common sense prevailed, lol), but this is one of my favourite songs of all time. 

snarkview: the real housewives of vancouver | season 1, episode 1

Due to forseen circumstances (the world going to shit, Trump disrupting world peace), I have decided to reintroduce the Real Housewives back into my life.

You know how there are shows so bad that you never forget them? That show for me is Real Housewives of Vancouver. This show is absolutely awful but…so entertaining. I remember accidentally using up all of my mobile data on the train because I was so hooked (in those days, I didn’t play with my internet! And my network provider wouldn’t let me buy anymore for the rest of the month 😢.)

I don’t think I even truly enjoyed it towards the end because it became so bad, but it was TV gold. I devoured each episode like I was getting paid to watch them.

This show is what quashed the Canadians are nice stereotype for me. Enough of that noise. They’re just as awful as the rest of us!

Anyway, I decided to rewatch the first episode and I thought I’d recap. I was going to do all the episodes, but I love myself too much. (more…)

music festivals

Haven’t done one of these for a while but it’s festival season and I’m here to rain on someone’s parade (jk but not really).

I’m not a music festival kind of person. Personally, I prefer an arena with indoor facilities and seating. Why pay so much to stand on a field for twelve hours? ‘Cause I’m not sitting on any grass. Or fake grass. Bugs don’t discriminate. No, no, no. I see no joy in standing in a huge crowd of people and getting whacked over the head while staring at blurry figures on a stage that I can barely see. I did enjoy myself at the one I went to, but I enjoyed the indoor concert I was at a few months prior more.

Anyway, from my experience, it was just okay. Nothing special.  (more…)

Not another one!

Big up to Brenda from Bristol. That was my reaction also, but with far less profanity. Next time I’m exasperated, I’m going to channel my inner Brenda.

For those of you not well versed in British politics, a snap election was called today. Yeah, they can more or less call one whenever they want to. You just ring up the queen and say, “Yo, Lizzy, I wanna make a political wave, you good, boo?

In an ideal world, we’d all be excited, but the opposition party is a mess.

In 2015, we had a General Election, in 2016, we had that disastrous EU referendum and in 2017, we now have ANOTHER general election. (more…)