Actually it probably isn’t. BUT WHATEVER.

Season 10.

I’m on hiatus at the moment. My schedule is very sucky at the moment, and I don’t particularly want to spend two hours of my weekend watching SPN, so I’m not sure when I will do another recap. I’ll still post random things here and there though, so try not to miss my sparking wit too much :)


stupid and senseless: the misha collins edition


You know what? I’m so fucking tired of Misha Collins. So fucking tired. He can go and fuck himself. Fuck his stupid character. Fuck his stupid Twitter. Fuck his self-indulgent charity. Fuck his rabid fans. Just fuck Misha Collins.


When people called him out, he naturally got all defensive, because charity absolves you from realising that certain jokes are in poor taste…

He can literally go and choke on a goat horn.

ETA: This is basically a general reaction to him in general because he’s said and done much more than this tweet and the irritating follow ups.

Let’s be serious for a brief minute or so.

I just read about Jared pulling out of cons and needing his family etc and I have to admit, I do feel sorry for him. He asked for people to write to him I guess on FB/Twitter. I tweeted him, though someone should tell him that false validation and sympathy from people you don’t really know won’t help. I guess that’s something he’ll learn eventually. I’m never going to forget all of the problematic stuff he’s said or how he belittles the staff at airports like they’re beneath him but I do have some sympathy. I’ve been through some pretty dark periods in the past few months where I was very down and I didn’t want to be around a lot of people and my environment was stifling and not somewhere I wanted to be. It’s partly why I stopped blogging/recapping on here. So I can sympathise and emphasise. And I think it was good of him to pull out of the cons and tell people why.

Last time I posted about his charity the first comment was someone calling me a hater or whatever but I’m not. I want Jared to get better – and not just so we can all go back to mocking his hair and gently persuading him to get a haircut, but because depression is nasty and nobody should have to go through it. I still don’t (and will never) support his charity for reasons that I’ve said but in all honesty, I will never support a charity backed by someone in the public eye – but I do commend him for trying to raise awareness and being candid about his own issues.

In my opinion, having to deal with all of this under the eyes of a million SPN fangirls doesn’t seem smart and I don’t sympathise with him on that front because there definitely comes a point in life when your mental health > money and you need to make a decision that benefits you, and for his sake I hope he’s at that point. We know from past seasons that he’s had issues with his character and if that’s impacting him negatively, he needs to be able to walk away and regroup in private with his family.

Either way, I wish him the best.



First of all, TWO TOM HARDY’S. I’m not a fan of movies glorifying real life criminals, but hell, The Kray Twins have been done many times before so it’s a moot argument at this point and anyway, it’s DOUBLE TOM HARDY.


THROWBACK SUNDAY and the curse of the no-idea-if-we’ve-been-renewed-finale.

I know that today is Thursday but for some reason I wrote Sunday. And I’m just going to leave it like that. I’m weird. I know.

Anyway, my throwback Sunday is this:


Automatic hand dryer adventures, Empire and One Big Happy (plus an update on the recaps)

Some don’t work. Some require you to do some sort of inverted, jazz hands for at least thirty seconds before they come on (at which point you’re already frustrated and about to leave and then you have to wait for another thirty seconds now that you know that it is actually working), and some are just kind of crazy. Every time I use one of the exuberant hand dryers I forget what it was like the previous time and ending reacting like this:


(Jared’s padanormous turbo charged nostril flare would probably cause the same reaction. :P)


Empire isn’t really my kind of show. I have an aversion to anything where people break out into songs, usually because I have a very bad attention span and it startles me LOL. I actually do really like the show though. Which is surprising given all the hype surrounding it! The only reason I even watched it now is because I had no internet so I was stuck with nothing to watch and I happened to have the first few episodes on hand. I might post a longer post on it later but if you’re thinking of checking it out, it’s pretty good.

One Big Happy

I know that I wrote a whole post on how terrible this show is but the following two episodes have been a lot better. It’s actually kind of funny in a quirky, offbeat kind of way. I’m still not feeling Nick Zano’s hair though. :P


I still haven’t watched an episode past the last one I did (the musical episode) and that won’t change for a while. At this point, I’d say there’s a 70/30 chance that I’ll do some episodes over the summer hiatus or just skip straight to the finale or something. I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without watching the show, which is either awesome or sad, I haven’t really thought about it much, lol. I certainly don’t miss being visually and aurally assaulted by Sam’s haircut and Dean’s addiction to gravel. If all else fails, I will snark about the final *sniff but yay* season of The Mentalist (which I also can’t quite bring myself to watch just yet. Mon dieu!).


OS: One Big Happy

This show is usually one that I’d ignore but I loved Elisha Cuthbert on Happy Endings and thought that maybe she would be playing the exact same character here only with a different name, friends, show etc. Ironically enough, Nick Zano, who plays the other main character was on Happy Endings also. Unfortunately, that does not take away from the fact that this show sucks. That might be down to the fact that Kelly Brook is it. She’s sort of like a, lite version of every other topless model who ends up in things like Piranha 3D. The British jokes are predictably eye-roll worthy, along with every other joke. It literally felt like time had stopped. It’s flat. Even the laugh track (if it didn’t have one, my brain automatically provided one) seemed flat.

Plot wise, the show is about two best friends (Lizzie and Luke? I can’t even remember their names) having a baby together. Plot twist, she’s a lesbian and he’s a guy who’s never even spent the night with anyone. So naturally, he meets someone, falls in love and gets married all within the space of three days. Bigger plot twist, Lizzie turns out to be pregnant! Everything else that happened was really irrelevant to me but I’m sure we’re about to embark on a series of exciting adventures until someone at NBC cancels the show.

Somehow it ended up being sort of worse than Undateable, a show that is miraculously still on air for reasons unbeknownst to everyone. I’ll probably still watch it though and pretend that it’s an alternative universe of Happy Endings (heck, there was an episode where Elisha’s character had to pretend to be a lesbian. Totally works).

Jared Padalecki wants you know that….

I [He], for a long time, have [has] been passionate* about people dealing with mental illness and struggling with depression, or addiction.”

*It’s a good thing he didnt say compassionate, right? (more…)

Let me tell you how much this book sucks.

The book in question: The Slap

So after all the hoopla about Uma Thurman’s face and all of the publicity it generated for her new show, I decided to see what ‘The Slap’ was about and saw that it was based on a book. The summary makes it sound compelling:

At a barbecue in suburban Melbourne, a man slaps a three-year-old boy across the face. The child, Hugo, has been misbehaving without any intervention by his parents, “the steely-eyed Rosie and the wimpish Gary”. The slapper is Harry, cousin of the barbecue host and adulterous businessman whose slightly older son, Rocco, is being threatened by Hugo. This event sends the other characters “into a spiral, agonising and arguing over the notion that striking a child can ever be justified. Some believe a naughty boy should be taught some discipline others maintain the police ought to be brought in to investigate a common assault” with a range of positions in between.