Last Man On Earth (Season 1)

At the recommendation of Trish, I decided to check this show out. It had a slow start, given that there were only two characters in the first few episodes but it grew on me slowly. The best thing about the show is that they manage to pack a lot into twenty minutes. It’s an unconventional sitcom. There’s no laugh track, or obvious cutaways and I like that.

The show is basically set in a time where most of the world has been wiped out by a virus bar Phil Miller, who’s been going around the USA, leaving the words ‘Alive in Tucson’ on billboards, while having an interesting time all alone in his house believing that he’s the ‘Last man on Earth’. By the end of the first episode, he bumps into Carol. The actress playing Carol was on The Hotwives of Orlando playing a spoof of Kim Richards and her voice really, really got on my nerves then and it did on this show too. Somehow, I got used to it and I actually kind of like her character too.Read More »


The life of a reformed argumentative bitch, deux.

I wrote part one a while ago and I’m happy to report that I have mostly stuck to everything there. I’ve had some disagreements with people, of course, that’s life but no real major arguments, which is good because this hasn’t been the year for bullshit. *kanye shrug*
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GOTHAM: 2×02, monologues are contagious


LAST WEEK: Crazy shit happened.

Also, I found out that Jim and Lee are booed up and pregnant IN REAL LIFE.

Congrats to them but….


Fuckin’ Hollywood, man. The ick factor just went up.


THIS WEEK: Theo Galavan is saying some shit in a very slow, deep, evil voice, so I’m assuming it’s some deep, evil shit. I didn’t listen because I’m watching this so that I DON’T fall asleep.

Oh, wait isn’t that the old Mayor? Well damn. Or is he the current Mayor? Yeah, he is. Oops. Gotham needs to have character cards or something. I can’t keep track of this shit.

Anyway, Theo is terrorising the Mayor. Oh and Asylum Assemble are throwing people off the Gotham Gazette building. They’re calling themselves ‘MANIAX’.

Points for lack of originality.
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GOTHAM: 2×01, the adventures of pingu, jimmy and lil bruce

I’m recapping Gotham! This probably won’t last long but I love this crazy show. If you’re someone who has impossibly high standards, Gotham isn’t the show for you. The first half of season 1 was excellent, well-paced, etc. Fox then ordered eight more episodes and….they weren’t as excellent but they were all hilarious. The phrase ‘0 to 100’ comes to mind. The finale was absolutely ridiculous but I loved it.

201g SNAK

Last season: Almost everyone on this show lost their damn mind and either killed their parents, destroyed their offspring in the name of science or just straight up killed a shit ton of people.

Now: Penguin is running the the streets. James Gordon is a traffic cop and all booed up with his girl, Lee. Harvey Bullock is tending bar, because you know, shit happens. Crazy!Barbie AKA Barbara checks into her five star stay at Arkham Asylum, where she locks eyes on Joker-In-Waiting.

What a helpful montage…
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Let’s hear it for the grammar pedants!

Honestly, I’m just going to call them pedants because I don’t want to write ‘Grammar Nazi’ a million times. Same difference. #OxymoronAlert

This post also doubles as my response to this:

The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Phobia, Shmobia.”

Fears evolve over time. What is one fear you’ve conquered?

I have conquered my fear of grammar pedants (because we should all fear people who can find the time to get so outraged over nothing)!

So my friend was involved in a ‘discussion’ with someone on Facebook last week and I happened to see some of his comments. They were riddled with grammatical errors. And not the auto-correct type, but genuine deliberate errors such as ‘human beans’. Now, if my friend was a grammar pedant, they could easily have used it against this person. I’ve seen it done a million times, regardless of whether or not they’re even arguing.

Years ago, I used to follow two particular people on Twitter who were always complaining about bad grammar in fanfiction, you know, those absolutely free stories on the Internet that no one is obliged to read. The complaints were frequent and irritating but…neither of them were interested in actually helping these people with bad grammar. That is a trait that most grammar pedants seem to share. That being said, there are some decent people out there. I’ve had people message me privately to say, ‘oh, you made a mistake here’ – that’s fine. Blatantly calling someone out on their grammar in a rude and impolite manner isn’t.

Unsurprisingly, there’s WikiHow page detailing how we can all become Grammar Pedants. I will dissect it point by point (even though no one asked me to).
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stupid and senseless: the ‘wooden lead actor from arrow’ edition part #2

For some background see this post.

I don’t do usually do #stupidandsenseless follow-ups, but this dude literally would not shut the fuck up and it was hilariously sad.

Not content with his asshole-ish behaviour, Stephen returned after saying he’d go away for a while. He reminds me of when parents ban their kids from something and kids reactions are, ‘Pfft, I can do without that anyway’ until they realise that no, they can’t. *snort*

He’s a big baby.

Anyway, yes, he returned with more laughable posts. I can’t be bothered to screencap shit but. he’s badass enough not to delete his shit, so…it should be on his Facebook.

Stephen Amell One of my biggest pet peeves is people announcing breaks from social media. It’s ridiculous. If you want to go, just go… then I realized I inadvertently broke my own rule. Along with breaking rule #1 of twitter. So… whatever. Life goes on.

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stupid and senseless: the ‘wooden lead actor from arrow’ edition

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Ahmed Mohammed, the 14 year old Texan student, who was arrested when his teacher reported his homemade clock to the police. This teacher initially suspected that it was a bomb.

Immediately WE ALL KNOW why that teacher did what they did. Whether or not people want to admit it. Decent people felt compassion for him. The White House/POTUS got to make themselves look good by extending an invite.

Stephen Amell read the news and took an entirely different perspective on things.

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell landed in hot water on Twitter Wednesday afternoon after he made a comment equating the treatment of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed to stererotypes lobbed against Texas the state where the incident went down.

Stereotyping Texas isn’t any better than stereotyping Ahmed. Just so we’re clear,” Amell tweeted Wednesday afternoon

First of all: No. No, no, no and no. #Ignorance #MoreMusclesThanSense

Secondly: He’s not even FROM Texas….

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Amusing search terms #3

I always love looking at the search terms in the stats section on here – mostly because the stuff that people put into Google is kind of funny. Some of these might be repeats from #1 (I can’t find the post!) and #2 because WordPress has screwed around with the stats page. Siiiiigh.

First of all I have to start with this:

mitch pileggi eyebrows

Why? Why would anyone search this? His eyebrows are terrifying. Someone could literally write a horror movie with his eyebrows as the monster and we would all be genuinely scared. No points for you, anonymous searcher!


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