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stupid and senseless: the tone deaf edition

I don’t bother with stupid and senseless much anymore because anything Supernatural related has been declared persona non grata for some time. I am not interested anymore.

That being said, any opportunity to call out the continued assholery and hypocrisy of the fandom and actors is good with me. The sooner these people disappear from the internet, the better.

So, this happened.

From my understanding, a fan asked them to state their best pickup lines. Jensen’s was,

‘Hey, I can’t concentrate so let’s get this over with’.

Jared’s was:

‘Excuse me, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

To which Jensen replied:

“No, Mr Cosby.”

At one point Jared pretended to drop the mic because his joke was so fucking hilarious. He also prefaced it with “my jokes are really offensive” which is code for I am a raging douchebag.

Excuse me, Jared, 2007 called. They want their outdated joke back.

This foolish collapsed donut, slimy, insufferable motherfucker.

Sure, it was a stupid question to begin with. However, all he had to do was do what his friend Jensen did and come out with something stupid but inoffensive. Instead – after repeatedly asking Jensen if he should tell the joke and ignoring him when he said no – he came out with this bullshit. If I was Jensen (and I would never want to be), I would have left him hanging. My face would say it all. However, Jensen is a dick too. Surprise.

So, in this current climate when women finally feel free enough to reveal what’s happened to them, we have these two idiots making a fucking Cosby joke. They stood there in front of mostly women and young people and decided to tell this joke. Tone deaf is an understatement. Apparently it’s not the first time they’ve told it, but how about some tact? Some sensitivity? Some common sense?

Some fans claimed it was funny. Some fans claimed that they have been sexually assaulted and they weren’t bothered by it. Some fans think the outrage is by Misha fans…

From the comments of that article alone

This is gross.

Thankfully, some sane people were also present.

Lmao at Freebird. Sour grapes or what…

DOUBLE LMAO @ installing carpet somewhere.

Head shake @ #IStandWithJ2. They need serious help.

Oh and my personal favourite – this foolish lost child.

If you need two D list actors to push you to apply for college, you have bigger problems, girl. Go ahead and save journalism, though. It needs a hero.

There was also all of this #IStandWithJ2 malarkey…

…For people who think the response to the joke is overblown, they’re really doing a lot. Postcards? They stand with J2? Like they’re victims of something. LOL. They are all stupid fucking idiots. All of them need to just shut the fuck up. I can’t even find a way to say all of this nicely but seriously. Really?

Newsflash – everyone thinks that you’re nuts. No one is interested in listening to your warped and biased bullshit. You are clearly not good judges of character.

I am so sick of these idiots blindly defending nonsense time and time again. They all need mental evaluations. The idea of them coming together to raise awareness for mental health is a joke. They’re not doing it with their wallets but with their behaviour. When the response to anything that isn’t praise of some actors that they DO NOT KNOW is to tell people to kill themselves or that everyone hates them, you know that you’re dealing with sick people. They’re absolutely disgusting. Shame on Jared and Jensen for condoning this sick behaviour for the price of their fleeting fame. The #SPNFamily can go and fuck itself.

Anyway, back to Jared. I’ve been telling you all for years that he’s a dick. To the person that wanted me to write nice things about him – here’s one. He’s lucky that he still has a job. He should be careful.

I’ve seen a few people saying that they [J2] were really condemning Cosby and that Jared was goaded into revealing the pickup line. Oh, please.

1. Jared himself admitted that what he was about to say was offensive

2. Where was their condemnation of Cosby beforehand? There isn’t one.

3. He asked Jensen multiple times if should tell the joke in front of hundreds of people, knowing fully well that they’d want to know what he was saying.

Clearly too many idiot switches have been left on this week.

Anyway, they put out some bullshit statements:

“Under all circumstance Jared condemns any form of sexual harassment or assault,” a rep for Padalecki told TheWrap in a statement. Ackles echoed his co-star’s opinion in his own comment to TheWrap, with his rep saying, “Our position is that sexual harassment is a serious issue and should not to be taken lightly under any circumstances.”

Both of them can go and sit on a bed of thorns.

And yes, Misha is a creep too before some crazy person comes along and calls me a fan of his.

They all suck.

huggable life companions

Here at Supernatural Snark, I’ve posted about many different things. 

There were three seasons of Supernatural recaps. 

There was a recap of the Killer Pet Dog SyFy movie (which is a surprisingly popular post of mine). 

I snarked about Trump for a good three months. 

I’ve even spoken about BET shows. 

It’s been a mixed bag. Somewhere along the line, I discovered Japan Trend Shop and from time to time you’ll see me post the items that I can’t quite wrap my head around.

Today is no different. 

Today I present to you the Japanese Cotton Wife.

Japanese Cotton Wife

Bride-shaped foam cushion by Bibi Lab

Price: US$ 428


Looking for that special someone to snuggle up to? Look no further than wacky Japanese home items maker Bibi Lab and their new Japanese Cotton Wife. This bride-shaped cushion feels realistic to the touch, so you can hug and dress her up to get a unique household companion experience.

What. The. Hell. 

What is this? More importantly, why? Why would someone want a wife made out of cotton? What happens when you spill something on her? You’d have to dry clean your wife. That’s grounds for divorce. Irreversible differences. 

You know what would make this even better? Bad jokes.

Keen-eyed observers will spot that this is essentially a parody of real “hug pillows”, which are often decorated with sexy anime characters. The Cotton Wife comes in a washable, skin-colored spandex cover and in two sizes. Needless to say, the taller version has a larger, well, bust than the smaller model.

Bigger fake boobs. Wow. Imagine that. There’s room for improvement, though. How about…a video?

This video made me lose it. THE DANCING. THE MUSIC. I was terrified and amused at the same time.


This is unbelievably creepy. I can’t understand why any sane or rational thinking person would buy one of these. Just get a teddy bear?

That being said, I can see a scenario where some Supernatural fan buys two of these and creates their own huggable Jared and Jensen. Or [insert crazy fan] creates their version of [insert object(s) of affection].


Not to be outdone, Bibi Labs have come up with another design in the same vein. I hope that this one DOESN’T have a video.

Cotton Wife and Husband Hug Pillows

Huggable life companions


Called in Japanese the Wata Yome and Wata Danna, the Cotton Wife and Husband Hug Pillows by Bibi Lab are unique companions for whenever you need a hug. We’ve seen plenty of hug pillows in Japan before but these have the most attractive and, well, huggable designs so far. These spouses have limbs and a torso, while the springy materials are really addictive.

Limbs and a torso…what the…well, that makes these sex cushions perfectly normal then.

These unique pillows are nearly life-size too. Dress them in clothes for the most realistic results. Then you will really get the benefit of hug when you are lonely and you’ll never be short of a dinner partner again. The set includes a brown, anti-static fleece cover.

Imagine turning up to a dinner party and your host’s significant other isn’t real. I would be out of there faster than you say ding ding chicken wing.

I think they’re trying to recreate the spiderman kiss

Oh dearie me. I’m done. 

statistical noise

This video made me laugh SO MUCH so I thought I’d share it here because I have nothing better to post.

Not even because this racist POS is 14% black, but the woman laughing next to him. So freaking funny.

You can say what you like about black people, but we’re an entertaining set of people.

Comic source: here

Send them to Russia

Apparently Supernatural is super popular in Russia and also unites democrats and republicans (because people’s political affiliations have something to do with their shitty taste in television…?). 

So, I think the best solution is to just send the cast and fans to Russia, that way they’re automatically regarded with suspicion and we can ignore them until the New York Times tells us not to. 

Either way, welcome to another craptastic season of Supernatural. 

Please reserve your complaints until May 2018 when it’s been renewed for a fourteenth season and you’re excited but ‘hope’ that the writing is better this time around. 

idiots of the week

1. Mike Pence

Deliberately went to a Colts game so he could stage a walkout in response to players kneeling. 

Grade: F- in PR stunts…

….because it’s not the same when you make it obvious and use taxpayers money to do it. 

Apparently Trump told him to do it.

What is he, a fucking marionette? Please.

2. Kellyanne Conway

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway went into a long rant about CNN spending too much time covering the Russia scandal on Thursday, despite the fact that she was actually asked a question about when it’s the appropriate time to talk about gun violence in the United States.

She’s so fucking stupid that I’m not going to waste time summarising this. Here’s the link to the video. 

3. Salt Lake City County District Attorney


How does a man wind up dead from a traffic stop over a bicycle?


Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill has cleared a Salt Lake City police officer who fatally shot 50-year-old Patrick Harmon on Aug. 13, saying the shooting was justified, after authorities say that Harmon pulled a knife and threatened to injure officers who were trying to arrest him, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

The decision comes despite the fact that bodycam footage clearly shows Officer Clinton Fox shouting, “I’ll fucking shoot you,” before firing three bullets at Harmon’s back as he tried to run in the opposite direction.

The video was absolutely horrific. The US police need to stop lying and do better. 

Source: The Root

4. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Already posted about him here, but he gets an honourable mention. 

5. Donald Trump

He’s in the process of de-certifying the Iran Deal, but he took time for get into a feud with Sen. Bob Corker who clapped back with this:

He’s also trying to take credit for the word ‘fake’. 

6. Boris Johnson & Tories

Just, ugh. 

7. Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood

Everyone knew about his creepy behaviour, but they did and said nothing. 

Expect nothing to change. 

blue mist and leg angels

Oh no, they say he’s got to go go go Godzilla
Oh no, there goes H20 go go Godzilla

–originally by Blue Öyster Cult with one word changed because…

What. The. Actual. Fuck. 

What a weird combination. Godzilla, who destroys buildings and air moisture, which destroys your stuff if you don’t deal with it.
Seriously, though, a Godzilla humidifier that breathes blue mist. On one hand, it is kind of cool, but on the other…

Why? It’s creepy. LOOK AT THE FEET. 

Also, a humidifier is like a bladder for your house (or wherever). It collects water. It doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be a container of some sort. 

Onto the beauty section and….

Leg shaping? Is this a real thing? Do people wake up one day and think I need to reshape my legs? 

Light, as if your leg is floating? 

That doesn’t sound remotely pleasant. That sounds like something I’d go to the doctor for.  Uh. Just wear tights, it’s cheaper and less headache inducing. Or do leg exercises. Oy.