I can’t stand TV crossovers

I have nothing to post here (well, beyond a bunch of incomplete movie reviews) so here’s an old post and a random Chris Hemsworth GIF. 

Look, I get it. We have one show here. There’s another over there and LET’S PRETEND THAT THEY’RE IN SAME UNIVERSE.

They’re already in the same universe.

It’s called make believe.

I first encountered crossovers with Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. Initially, I’d watch Fire first and then PD, but after a while, I had to start watching one episode of one show and then an episode of the other show. And then they added two new shows plus SVU crossovers and I bounced. I don’t have time for mental gymnastics over a TV show. Plus, this doesn’t work internationally anyway – the shows often air on different networks.

So, what are we supposed to do? Sit there and be like, ‘well, son, I think the TV ate half of the episode!’

I know that US networks don’t care beyond their own ratings but it’s annoying and too much work. Why is watching TV now some kind of puzzle wherein I have to figure out what the order the crossover episodes are in and I have to Google extensively just to understand what I’m watching. And also what if I hate the show being crossed over (SVU and soapy television? Not things that typically go together).

I need this current trend to die. Soon. Please.


the girl that hates everything – monstrous mastication

Even though I hate everything, this series has been slow. Maybe I’ve mellowed out? HA! PSYCHE. 


Otherwise known as loud chewing. 

Here’s how it goes. 

1. You’re sitting somewhere minding your own business when it starts. 

Sluuuurp. Smack. Smack. Smack. Slurp. Smack. Smack. Smack. Crinkle. Slurp. Chomp. Womp. 

You wonder what animal has dared to invade your space. You look up and…

It’s another human being. 

2.  It’s an actual person. 

After you get over that shocking realisation, you discover that you can’t focus on anything else. 

All you hear is the feral sound of your fellow person devouring a piece of food that’s probably wondering what crime it has commited. Maybe it’s not succulent enough. Maybe it’s too chewy? Maybe it’s too try? Heck, maybe it tastes too damn good. Who knows. 

You’re too busy screaming to care. 

3. You get a good look at the food ruffian who has disturbed your peace. 

You take a deep breath and silently hope that this nightmare ends soon. 

It doesn’t. 

Suddenly, it’s ALL that you can focus on. Godzilla could show up and he’d still be the second loudest thing in the room. 
Slurp. Smack. Smack. Smack. Chomp. Chomp. 

4. You’re distressed. 

Your shoulders start to heave and you resist the urge to cry or bang your head against the wall. 

The noise stops. 

Sweet silence hits your ears. You can breathe again. 

5. The noise starts again

You start to feel angry. You realise that while the person really needs to get their life together and eat like a normal person, your rage isn’t normal. 

You decide to plug in your music. If you can’t hear it, you can’t get angry. 

6. You don’t have your earphones. 


This time the tears fall. 
Chomp. Sob. Chomp. Sob. Sob. Sob. 

7. As quickly as it began it ends. 

Blissful silence. 

The perpetrator of the crime sits there innocently and you start to feel bad. You resolve not to react so strongly next time. 

Eating isn’t a crime. 

Life is about compromise. 

Some people eat like they’re untrained animals. 

You just have to be okay with it. 

8. Until the next time

On a serious note, what is wrong with people? 
There are many basic principles one should follow when eating. 

  • Don’t talk with your mouth full
  • Don’t chew open mouthed. 
  • Please be aware of your surroundings before you devour any crunchy food. This includes apples. 
  • Don’t say that you can’t help it. You can. You really can. 
  • Eat in a padded room if you can’t comply with the above.

In my case… I might have to invest in some earplugs. 

Woosah, y’all. Woo freaking sah. 

lyric videos

The Girl That Hates Everything | Official Lyric Videos

I know that this seems petty but is nothing sacred anymore? There was a place for lyric videos. That place was YouTube and the creators were people like you and me. People that had a fondness for a basic black background and Comic Sans font. Or occasionally, backgrounds and fonts that clashed violently. Still, that’s what was so fun about lyric videos. Someone sitting down to take the time to put it all together simply because they enjoyed the song. Now the only thing people enjoy to do is post long forty minutes responses to viral vidoes, reality shows and other people’s videos. And talk about themselves. And troll comments. Or let you know that they’re watching in [insert calendar year here]. I always get the feeling that if aliens came down to Earth, they’d take one look at YouTube and never come back. 


tgthe: crowds

The Girl That Hates Everything | Crowds 

I’m going to create a new banner because the other one creeps me out. Eyes? What was I thinking?! So long, shitty banner. 

Hello, new one. 

…Well, I’m no graphic designer. 

Anyway.  Crowds.

CROWDS. There’s always some foolishness happening with crowd. I’m telling you, it’s like some kind of haywire spirit possesses people when they’re forced to navigate through a large crowd. People are so rude.
I shall break down the various things that I ‘hate’ about crowds. 


  • There’s always one person who ignores social boundaries and breaches personal space.
  • They seem to want to create space where there isn’t any.
  • If you stumble, they will back up faster than a white grandma accidentally walking into a black church, leaving you to flounder and cause a chain reaction of grumbles, eye rolls and death stares. 
  • Examples: train stations, shopping centres


  • This person doesn’t give a fuck, they will physically part the crowd by any means necessary.

That awkward game of ‘Which way?’

  • Ugh. 
  • Make up your mind

Slow walkers

  • Move out of the damn way. 
  • Why are they always in the middle somehow?!
  • And then just as you see an opening, THEY MOVE! It’s like playing Tic Tac Toe with humans. 

Human blockades

  • They will stop in the middle of the crowd and cause an unnecessary pile up. 
  • They are the worst. 


  • The bargers are the aspiring pushers.
  • They’re not brave enough to execute a full on push to so they try to squeeze past using their shoulders. 


  • They seem to be most prominent when one is running late. WHY?


  • We get it, you don’t want to be apart from each other but PLEASE. Walking in a line of more than three is unacceptable. 

The Zig Zaggers

  • They will cut across back and forth like there’s no tomorrow
  • Good luck getting past them. 

Loud talkers

  • I’m not interested in how much money you wasted in H&M
  • I might be interested in the football scores, but not enough to want to hear your opinion on it.
  • I’m not interested in your relationship drama
  • I’m not interested in whatever shitty television show you watched last night
  • I’m not interested in your life at all
  • What I’m interested in is you getting out of the way


  • Just stop 
  • Move to one side and think about where you need to go. 
  • Don’t wander into the epicenter of the crowd, get in the way and then realise that you need to go the other way. Please. 

I think I have covered most of it. I won’t even get into escalator etiquette. 

People are savages.  

Not another one!

Big up to Brenda from Bristol. That was my reaction also, but with far less profanity. Next time I’m exasperated, I’m going to channel my inner Brenda.

For those of you not well versed in British politics, a snap election was called today. Yeah, they can more or less call one whenever they want to. You just ring up the queen and say, “Yo, Lizzy, I wanna make a political wave, you good, boo?

In an ideal world, we’d all be excited, but the opposition party is a mess.

In 2015, we had a General Election, in 2016, we had that disastrous EU referendum and in 2017, we now have ANOTHER general election.


How Did I Miss This Irrelevant News…

I was watching the Daily Show when this came up – apparently Rachel Dolezal has changed her name. 

Daily Mail reports that, last October, the 39-year-old has changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo, a name so black it she shares it with a police brutality victim. Distancing herself from “Rachel Dolezal” might get her foot in the door with some employers, but it’s hard to forget that plantain-colored face. Phone interviews are probably still her best bet.

Nkechi Amare Diallo.

This woman has really lost her damn mind. You are white, lady. No Igbo (Nigerian) first name will change that. No fake tan will change that. No braided extensions will change that. She could buy stock in cocoa butter tomorrow and her whack ass would STILL be white. 

This is borderline insulting to anyone with a West African name. She honestly irritates the heck out of me. She needs therapy, not a name change. Ugh. Why are we even still giving her airtime? She needs to go and be ‘black’ far away from the public eye. 


Or rather, Fake Ass Bitches. This song is my new fave. I love JoJo. I still have her first album on CD somewhere. I’m glad to see that she’s back making music (not that she ever stopped but she couldn’t release anything officially due to a dispute with her record label).

Anyway, here’s the song! Feel free to send it to any fake ass bitches that you happen to know. 😂 (more…)

stupid and senseless: part infinity – Jared Padalecki is a human being that ‘breathes oxygen’


Last updated: 18th Aug ’16

(ETA: he’s done it again)

FINALLY, an edition about the man that started it all! We knew it was coming and here it is. I would first like to announce that, not only is Jared a human being that breathes oxygen, he’s also a superhero:


LOL. Someone posted this on the ONTD post and I laughed myself SILLY. No wonder this dude has a complex.


In today’s edition, a server in Minnesota was extremely mean to Jared and apparently ruined his entire night, month, life, bad hair day, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving as well as his entire adult life. So in response, he publicly blasted her on Facebook, posted her picture and was unapologetic about it. In fact, an unedited version of the post is still up (or it was last time I checked)

ETA: He apparently removed the post and had this to say (after the fact of course):

In regards to my recent post, please please PLEASE do not send ill-will in anybody’s direction. I felt it necessary to voice my opinion, as I have made a promise to myself that I will not let somebody mistreat me just to swallow it, as if I “deserve” it. It’s a promise I hope y’all can make to yourselves as well. But it’s in the past now. And I sincerely hope everybody involved will be better for it. Please, for the love of Chuck, don’t send any hatred or ill-will in their direction. That is the exact OPPOSITE of what I want.

He’s still a tool and it was EXACTLY what he wanted.

ETA 2: Oh, wow. Apparently lawyers are involved now. He’s really messed up badly this time. SMH. More & the original post under the cut.

ETA 3: The person that Jared initially responded to has graciously allowed me to add their (now deleted) comment to this post. It can be found below.


Pokemon No: The latest dumb thing in a long line of dumb things

So let me get this straight, a bunch of people are now obsessed with a game wherein they venture into the real world in order to catch ‘virtual’ Pokemon. People are leaving their houses to catch virtual Pokemon. Kind of like a fruitless Easter egg hunt. This is straight up foolishness.


Besides the sheer amount of data that the creators will collect (where’s Snowden when we need him? /s), this game not only seems stupid but depressingly pointless. Throw in the fact that people have died and fallen off cliffs in the name of catching nothing at all, this has to be the dumbest shit that’s infected the planet in the last month.

It’s not like we needed to increase the amount of potential muggers, sketchy characters, trespassers and idiots too busy glaring at smartphones while walking in the streets. And we definitely don’t need it to dominate the news. ‘People play video game!!!’ isn’t exactly newsworthy.

Brain cells are wasting away and there’s nobody to catch ’em all. Pity.

We Need To Talk About… All of the Websites Blocking AdBlock

weneedSo, let’s just say that I was hypothetically attempting to watch a video on a streaming site that doesn’t require payment. I was somewhat shocked to read a notice that said my access was blocked because I had AdBlock switched on. The notice went even further and claimed that AdBlock was destroying the free internet.


Really. I think I actually exclaimed ‘LOL BYE’ and I was clicking out. The fucking nerve.

You’re illegally hosting content but lecturing people on the free internet? Have an entire stadium of seats. How is that you want ANYONE to use your site when I can see that Adblock has blocked at least 20 advertisements? Some sites can go up to the 100s. It’s a fucking joke.

Still, you can somewhat understand that those people are really in it for the money (no, they don’t upload hours of content out of the goodness of their hearts).

It’s the big corporations that really piss me off.