Have people always been this rude?

So, I was at work the other day and occasionally some of us talk about football, just making conversation. Usually it’s me and another person. The extent of the conversation is typically me asking ‘what’s the score?’ and them telling me ‘it’s 3-0’. Maybe a few minutes discussing the game and that’s it.

Enter my coworker (imma call them Nosy) who doesn’t like football and will loudly tell you they don’t like it and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, they need attention, blah, blah I don’t care.

Anyway, as I was talking, I could see Nosy just standing in the area looking at us and listening in on the conversation.

In my mind I was like, ‘can we help you?’ but I didn’t say anything. The actual conversation lasted less than a minute and that was that.

… until I was near Nosy and they dropped it into conversation and said, ‘are you finished with the snoozefest?’

At first I was confused and then they helpfully repeated it a few times instead of shutting the fuck up.

Now, I have no issue lighting someone up for what I perceive to be bullshit, but I’ve mellowed in my old age. I prefer to take the high road.

Still, first of fucking all, are you okay, Nosy? You are hardly the most interesting person. Yet I’ve listened to you wax lyrical about what you’re making for dinner at least a hundred times. You’re not really one to talk.

Secondly, nobody was talking to you. You weren’t even invited to the snoozefest. Why are you commenting? WHY ARE YOU HERE IN MY FACE?

I didn’t even feed into it, I was just like, ‘I’m choosing to ignore you‘. I honestly said that right to their face (in hindsight actually ignoring them might have been better). Despite that, Nosy kept going and I finally said, ‘if someone is talking about something you’re not interested in, you walk away. No one is forcing you to listen.’

Go about your business!

I mentioned that half of the time I don’t know what Nosy is talking about and it is what it is. I don’t come in and say, ‘HOW DARE YOU DISCUSS SOMETHING I’M NOT INTERESTED IN AND IN A CONVERSATION I’M NOT A PART OF NO LESS!’


This is not the first time, but if Nosy catches me on the wrong day it’s going to be a problem. How starved of attention do you need to be to throw a strop over a two minute conversation? And it’s only because they can’t steamroll all over the conversation like they usually do (heck, maybe I’ll start bringing it up more often!).

Anyway, yeah… I don’t know what’s wrong with people of today.

The rudeness is unreal and I, for one, am not here for the bullshit.

P.S. What’s a polite way to tell someone to shut up?

that feeling when it’s really batman!

Superman is just the best.

I don’t want to turn this into an impromptu Superman is the best post, so I’ll just snark about some of the animated movies instead.

Why are they constantly retelling Superman’s origins… or pitting him against the same villains. Not that it matters because half of the movie is just Superman and the other guy pummelling each other and smashing buildings…

… and that gets old after five minutes.

Anyway, I hear there’s a new animated series coming out about Clark, Lois and Jimmy hanging out at the Daily Planet, etc. Yes, yes and yes, I’m ready for it.

In the meantime I’m watching Justice League Unlimited now and it’s perfect. PERFECT.

Smallville Thoughts #1 | Clark and Lana

I should have posted my top five episodes from season 1 by now, but I just finished season 2 and this new series needs to be done. I need somewhere to vent my frustration with this show.

So, welcome to Snarkville!

I would tweet, but… no.

My first topic isn’t even about the relationship between Clark and Lana (SIGH), but their on-screen dynamic. More specifically, their kissing scenes. In all of my years watching low-brow television, they have the worst on-screen kisses I have EVER seen in my life.

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stupid & senseless: uncle terry crews strikes again

I keep forgetting that I have a whole series dedicated to general stupidity (usually by ‘celebrities’.


…that was the first stupid tweet he posted.

Along with the following tweet:

he doubled down three weeks later with this


Who wakes up in the morning and thinks, I wonder what Terry Crews thinks about blacklivesmatter? 


terry crews takes offence to being an uncle tom, but…

Uncle Tom
/ʌŋkl ˈtɒm/


  1. a black man considered to be excessively obedient or servile to white people.
    • a person regarded as betraying their cultural or social allegiance.

…if the shoe fits!

When asked about the backlash (and I don’t know why they even bothered) he doubled down:

“I didn’t go on ABC or NBC to do this. This is my Twitter, this is my private network! And I’m being told to shut up, be quiet, don’t say anything, just keep it shut. You’re a coon, don’t say anything.”

“And this is the thing, it’s really weird because I realize, some Black lives matter more than others because they don’t want me as a Black man to talk, because with anything it’s like ‘You gon make us look bad’ but the deal is, I don’t care about how we look, I care about how we are,” he added. “We have to really examine these things within each other. There’s colorism going on, there’s still the light skin, dark skin thing happening…”

Seriously, is this really necessary? If he’s worried about losing his various jobs, all he needs to do is do what he did to Gabrielle Union – act like he didn’t see shit.

Uncle Terry, nobody has silenced you. Nobody wants you, as a black man, to not have your say. The problem is that you WON’T SHUT THE FUCK UP and consider any viewpoints but your own.

I don’t care about Terry Crews making black people look bad – he’s not anyone’s spokesperson (although, he seems to have missed that memo).

He mentions colorism, which is a major issue in the black community, but it has nothing to do with equality amongst white people.

Now, Uncle Terry is entitled to his opinion – but notice how EACH time, he comes for #blacklivesmatter. It’s not just, ‘I love everybody equally’ it’s, ‘I love everybody equally and I don’t think we should say black lives matter because it might turn into black lives better’.

Allow me to link y’all to this post I wrote – NEWSFLASH – people already see things that way.

So, now what Terry? Do we stop fighting for equality? Do we sit down and say, ‘no our lives aren’t better, and they don’t matter’?

Do we live with discrimination? With knowing that we’ll always have a black mark against us because of the colour of skin? Do we tell young black children that yes, their lives matter, but they must not be better than their white counterparts?


Terry Crews is not the only black person to think this way – but they all need to shut the fuck up. When we’re treated equally, they can come and have their say.

Until then, BYE.



‘forget what you’ve lost’ – so should Breonna Taylor’s family forget what they lost? A young woman with a promising future ahead of her. Not to mention anyone else who’s lost a loved one due to racism….

The man clearly has more muscles than sense.

And he needs to shut the fuck up.

The grammar and capitalisation are off in this post, but…I don’t even care to edit it further. Just ugh.

Avengers: Endgame

People are annoying in general, but whenever things like Endgame come around, they seem to turn it up a notch.

I’m not the biggest MCU fan. I prefer the first two Thor movies over Ragnarok. I haven’t seen Infinity War (or half of the MCU movies). I have no plans to see Endgame in the near future and quite frankly, I am not interested in when anyone else plans to see it. I don’t get the hype. I feel like it’s a combination of FOMO and trend following because the way people go crazy over these films genuinely baffles me.

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Wentworth Miller is tired

Ah, Wentworth Miller. 

I went to an all girls’ school and everyone was in love with him. Eventually, Prison Break ended and he fell off. I did hear that he’s on a bunch of CW shows now and that means one thing. 

He’s encountered the madness that is fandom. 

I have to post this because it has everything. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or scratch my head in bemusement.  Continue reading “Wentworth Miller is tired”

lift etiquette

Yes, I’m British and we say lift. For any persnickety Americans or wherever else-ians, I’m talking about elevators. 

This isn’t so much an investigation as it is me wondering why traveling in lifts is more complicated than it needs to be. 

The most irritating part is people not letting those inside the lift get out before they shove their way in. 

And then they have the nerve to look at you like you’ve gotten in their way. Are they stupid? 

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I can’t stand TV crossovers

I have nothing to post here (well, beyond a bunch of incomplete movie reviews) so here’s an old post and a random Chris Hemsworth GIF. 

Look, I get it. We have one show here. There’s another over there and LET’S PRETEND THAT THEY’RE IN SAME UNIVERSE.

They’re already in the same universe.

It’s called make believe.

I first encountered crossovers with Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. Initially, I’d watch Fire first and then PD, but after a while, I had to start watching one episode of one show and then an episode of the other show. And then they added two new shows plus SVU crossovers and I bounced. I don’t have time for mental gymnastics over a TV show. Plus, this doesn’t work internationally anyway – the shows often air on different networks.

So, what are we supposed to do? Sit there and be like, ‘well, son, I think the TV ate half of the episode!’

I know that US networks don’t care beyond their own ratings but it’s annoying and too much work. Why is watching TV now some kind of puzzle wherein I have to figure out what the order the crossover episodes are in and I have to Google extensively just to understand what I’m watching. And also what if I hate the show being crossed over (SVU and soapy television? Not things that typically go together).

I need this current trend to die. Soon. Please.

the girl that hates everything – monstrous mastication

Even though I hate everything, this series has been slow. Maybe I’ve mellowed out? HA! PSYCHE. 


Otherwise known as loud chewing. 

Here’s how it goes. 

1. You’re sitting somewhere minding your own business when it starts. 

Sluuuurp. Smack. Smack. Smack. Slurp. Smack. Smack. Smack. Crinkle. Slurp. Chomp. Womp. 

You wonder what animal has dared to invade your space. You look up and…

It’s another human being. 

2.  It’s an actual person. 

After you get over that shocking realisation, you discover that you can’t focus on anything else. 

All you hear is the feral sound of your fellow person devouring a piece of food that’s probably wondering what crime it has commited. Maybe it’s not succulent enough. Maybe it’s too chewy? Maybe it’s too try? Heck, maybe it tastes too damn good. Who knows. 

You’re too busy screaming to care. 

3. You get a good look at the food ruffian who has disturbed your peace. 

You take a deep breath and silently hope that this nightmare ends soon. 

It doesn’t. 

Suddenly, it’s ALL that you can focus on. Godzilla could show up and he’d still be the second loudest thing in the room. 
Slurp. Smack. Smack. Smack. Chomp. Chomp. 

4. You’re distressed. 

Your shoulders start to heave and you resist the urge to cry or bang your head against the wall. 

The noise stops. 

Sweet silence hits your ears. You can breathe again. 

5. The noise starts again

You start to feel angry. You realise that while the person really needs to get their life together and eat like a normal person, your rage isn’t normal. 

You decide to plug in your music. If you can’t hear it, you can’t get angry. 

6. You don’t have your earphones. 


This time the tears fall. 
Chomp. Sob. Chomp. Sob. Sob. Sob. 

7. As quickly as it began it ends. 

Blissful silence. 

The perpetrator of the crime sits there innocently and you start to feel bad. You resolve not to react so strongly next time. 

Eating isn’t a crime. 

Life is about compromise. 

Some people eat like they’re untrained animals. 

You just have to be okay with it. 

8. Until the next time

On a serious note, what is wrong with people? 
There are many basic principles one should follow when eating. 

  • Don’t talk with your mouth full
  • Don’t chew open mouthed. 
  • Please be aware of your surroundings before you devour any crunchy food. This includes apples. 
  • Don’t say that you can’t help it. You can. You really can. 
  • Eat in a padded room if you can’t comply with the above.

In my case… I might have to invest in some earplugs. 

Woosah, y’all. Woo freaking sah. 

lyric videos

The Girl That Hates Everything | Official Lyric Videos

I know that this seems petty but is nothing sacred anymore? There was a place for lyric videos. That place was YouTube and the creators were people like you and me. People that had a fondness for a basic black background and Comic Sans font. Or occasionally, backgrounds and fonts that clashed violently. Still, that’s what was so fun about lyric videos. Someone sitting down to take the time to put it all together simply because they enjoyed the song. Now the only thing people enjoy to do is post long forty minutes responses to viral vidoes, reality shows and other people’s videos. And talk about themselves. And troll comments. Or let you know that they’re watching in [insert calendar year here]. I always get the feeling that if aliens came down to Earth, they’d take one look at YouTube and never come back. 

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