supporting our friends


I wouldn’t usually waste valuable blog space on anything CW-related (okay, fine i’ve seen the light and changed my ways) but this was too bizarre for me not to comment.

And I’m trying to be good this year which means I’m not allowed to roast anyone on Twitter. I’m aiming to be civil at all times.

That being said, Stephen Amell is an asshole.

The showrunner of The Flash, Eric Wallace, is a black man. He posted a statement regarding the firing of some sketchy white dude that I’m not even going to name, and also about the current events happening, and how he’s going to do more to work with black talent.

Grant Gustin, who is the main star of The Flash, reposted it and said he was listening and something more along those lines.

For whatever reason, Stephen Amell – who has said:

  • He’s has never witnessed ‘systemic racism’
  • He thinks that the problem is ‘gun violence’
  • There’s no gun violence in Canada
  • He wanted to go down and protect a store during the protests

– decided to chime in.



….so, he’s supporting his friend.

FOR WHAT? Reposting a statement that his black showrunner wrote? Like…what am I not seeing here? He’s proud of Grant for listening – but is HE listening?

And if he’s not, why even pick that post to screenshot?

His commentary was unnecessary and unneeded. Why credit your friend for reposting something and fail to acknowledge the person who wrote it?

Just shut the eff up. Jeez.

I tweeted something very tame in response and had to deal with his three SuperFans telling me to fuck off. 😂…

I don’t know where these CW ‘stars’ get the AUDACITY from. Supporting people over reposts! I’ve heard it all.


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