snarkview: real housewives of vancouver | season 1, eps 12-13

Episode 12

Mary meets up with Reiko and… brings up Mia and Poke! Gate. Thankfully she moves onto the fundraiser she’s having in honour of her son who has a rare disease. 

Meanwhile, Mia tells us a harrowing story about how she took a bus and got into an argument with the driver. Not only that, the driver drove past her so she had to run for the next stop. A Real Housewives cast member taking the bus? Unheard of.

Mary finds a location for her event but there’s a condition. Mia can’t come because she’s banned from everyone of the owner’s restaurants. LOL. You’d think that Mary would just not invite Jody at all but I’m betting that the producers told her to. For drama!

Ronnie and Jhordan finally get their wine and it tastes like crap. Ronnie flips out and Jordan tells her to shut up. *dead* She forces him to apologize, he does so and then he offers a solution wine – up the alcohol content from 9% to 12%. A Real Housewives cast member with brains? Unheard of. #FreeJhordan

Mia is doing some kind of fashion show. Yawn.

Reiko wants to co-own a dojang. Yawn.

Ronnie arrives at the fashion show two hours early and introduces Jhordan as her husband for wine reasons I’m guessing. He’s quick to clarify that he’s her son. I feel like he’s just on the show to chaperone her because her husband wants no parts of the messy charade.

Mary’s event happens. She’s supposed to sing but Jody, Mia and two other blonde women show up. They stand there and give her these dramatic looks. I assume the producer was in the background with a cattle prod. Anyway, Mary kills her performance and Mia and Jody get kicked out by the owner. Mary basically set a trap for them and they fell for it. Lmao, karma is a real one. 

Episode 13

Let’s get to the important bits.

Reiko is still mad with Jody. Yawn. Ronnie has her wine launch, and Mia attacks one of Reiko’s friends and her and Jody scuttle out of the party, but not before Jody screams that Reiko’s infidelity is disgusting.

Suddenly Reiko is a lot more interesting, but sadly, this is her last non-reunion episode. 

Ronnie invites them all to lunch, and they all air their grievances towards Jody.

Jody says that she’s self made, and that she doesn’t mooch off her husband. She asks Christina what she does for a living. There’s no answer. Eventually, she says that she’s heard that Jody has called her 10k/night hooker. Christina says ‘I wish’.

After some back and forth about the secondhand allegations, Jody admits that the Hermes bags she sells are bought from a vintage shop in France. Ergo, they’re secondhand. LOL

Ronnie demands that Jody apologize to all them. Who made Ronnie judge and executioner? Damn, she’s serious when she’s sober. She even says that someone will regret ever meeting her. She turns to Jody, who is so shocked that she gasps, “NO!”

“Oh, yes,” Ronnie says.
They all turn on Jody and call her a liar, blah, blah, blah, and eventually, Jody leaves.

Jody doesn’t give a fuck, though, she’s just cackling away in the limo. LOL. 


These ladies….Well, I think I’ve said enough. 😂