An open letter to Jared Padalecki

Okay, so. Hi. I removed the previous letter because I felt kind of bad. I do feel like everything I wrote was justified but it was harsh, so I took it down. I don’t want to kick anyone when they’re down and I don’t want to advocate any hate for any one or anything except for the abomination currently masquerading as Supernatural.

All I’ll say is that Jared should think twice before he pulls out his phone and decides to tweet nonsense. He should (if he hasn’t already) ease up on the airline bashing because it reeks of entitlement and harassment. He should refrain from making comments about other people that he wouldn’t be able to handle himself. He should educate himself before appearing to us as someone who’s genuinely interested in destigmatising depression and addiction. He should also learn how to apologise when he says something stupid instead of backtracking and coming across as being very ignorant.

He should also realise that seeking validation from social media is not only a bad idea, but a bad example to set.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll reserve my comment about his hair.

43 thoughts on “An open letter to Jared Padalecki

        1. Haha! Did you marathon the show or just pick it up recently? I’ve not been watching season 9 much due to Jared’s suckiness. It turns out that the person I was watching the show for is a dick anyway. Thus endeth my interest in it! Well…past the whole snarking thing 😛


      1. I googled it;). I guess mama Padalecki forgot to teach his son that if he doesn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say ANYTHING! With that many followers on social medias…Not smart. B t w, I watch SPN but also ten other shows at least, can’t say I’m in any “fandom”, interesting to read your thoughts about it. /Sofia, Sweden


        1. Ha, you can say that again! Lol, you’re probably better off out of the fandom. They’re a crazy bunch. Can’t say I wasn’t the same back when I was in it but yeah, it seems to attract certain kinds of people. Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate the comments!


  1. LOL this blog is hilarious. I know I’m 1,000 years late with commenting but I only recently discovered SPN – in my defence, we only got Netflix in this prehistoric backwater country (Australia) late last year. I’m currently suffering thru S7.

    Re Mr Padalecki. I think it was his S1 bangs that got me hooked on him. I note you had a thing for him & you sensibly recovered from it. I’m guessing my affliction will eventually be beaten out of me by his personality.

    I also feel very bad for him re the depression. I have that vile illness (in an untreatable form). But if you say scummy things about legendary actors who die tragically from similarly tragic illnesses (addiction) right the hell after they die, at least man up & apologise. And maybe follow up by poking yourself in the eye several times with a lemon.

    And yeah his Prima Donna rants about companies making him wait in line like the rest of us plebs groan.

    Sigh I still drool uncontrollably at my TV screen whenever his smoking-hot-self is on :(. If I’m gonna be an idiot & fancy a celebrity it should be the LGBT-advocating, Trump-bashing Misha Collins. He seems super cool. Stupid brain.

    Sorry for my long, years-late rant. Love the blog!


    1. Hey! Thank you!

      Ugh, Jared. I am glad to be finally over him completely. Yes, it was the season 1 hair that got me watching the show back when it started! As the hair got worse, the show got worse and Jared got worse. They’re all connected!

      Right? To this day he’s never acknowledged what he said. I think I tweeted a screencap of it to him once, lol, but someone like that would rather bury their head in the sand and cry about their persecution complex. I guess his fans think that him having depression means that no one should ever say a bad word about him, ever! ‘Cause that’s how it works in the real world.

      Anyway, I checked out when he started pimping out his therapeutic T-shirts with the equally as icky TWLOHA. Call me a cynic, but it doesn’t ring true to me or come off as being genuine. Meh.

      LOL, well, you’re just watching the show for the first time, so there’s still some hope left for you. I haven’t finished season 10 yet, so good luck getting through that 🙂

      Misha…lol, I am not a fan of his either to be honest. I think his past political history gave him the knowhow on how to connect with people and so on. He’s a smooth operator but he’s said many questionable things and has engaged in some dubious practices in regards to his charity.

      Thanks for the comment!! 🙂

      Tbh, I dislike all of them at this point, LOL.


      1. Re his failure to apologise for his PSH comment – yeah, it’s probably a waste of time trying to get him to open his mind. Sounds like he has a fundamental misunderstanding of addiction/suicide.

        Oh god yes, the hair & those stupid, stupid sideburns. How am I supposed to watch a show only for the eye candy, if the eye candy is squandering his looks? (Note – I think his ‘moonface’ look in S5&6 was worse than the hair issue. Pretty sure the rumours are right & he was shooting steroids back then – i.e. they cause water retention & distort your face like that…altho to be fair, other meds like anti-depressants can do the same).

        And yep, those therapeutic T shirts groan. Because that’s how you fix a person’s self-esteem issues, with a poxy T-shirt.

        I saw your post re Misha’s ‘slavery’ tweet after I posted my first comment. Ok, def. not Misha. He does nothing for me anyhow.

        Lol thanks re S10. I’m soooo looking forward to it cough, splutter. It’s just really my addiction to SPN fanfic that keeps me watching this tripe I think. That & I’m superficial/shallow & still think Jared’s hot. C’mon Moffat, write some more Sherlock & Dr Who eps & save me.

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        1. Err wanted to just say, I feel bad about my last post – in terms of dissing that T shirt campaign. I think it’s really commendable when people do stuff for charity, & attempt to help others, especially when they suffer from depression. It’s hard enough to help yourself. It’s more than my misanthropic self would do.

          Also re the steroids – if they were the cause of that (what looked like a) water retention issue, I definitely wouldn’t be judging the guy for it. The pressure those actors must under.

          Always wish I had a life edit key.

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          1. For what it’s worth, I agree with you about the shirts. I actually think that organisations like that are taking advantage of people who actually need help. I still have no idea what Jared’s campaign aims to do past selling more and more shirts? Sure, him talking about his depression is maybe helpful to some but…I think he manages to benefit the most. It all just feels murky to me.

            IMO, the vast majority of charities are just elaborate money making schemes, let alone those endorsed by celebrities who are perpetual salespeople these days.

            It is also kind of annoying to me that talking about mental health only seems to be non-taboo when it is related to celebrities who can afford better support systems than your average Joe.

            The steroid thing is a bit of an open secret, yeah. The larger forehead and funky hairline is a give away. They all do it in HW, tho. Jared was trying to branch out of SPN and kick-start a movie career but it didn’t happen. I guess someone gave him some shitty advice somewhere along the line.


            1. Yeah, what does that charity even do? I assumed it had some purpose beyond being his personal PR machine. Ok, I agree with me also.

              I mean, I’m sure the majority of buyers of ‘I Am Enough’ T shirts are all freakishly good looking people with large adoring (albeit, in some cases, slightly insane) fan bases. And the ‘Always keep fighting’ (no, f### off) thing grates on me after the stuff he spewed about PSH. If you’re suffering to such an extent (whether physically or mentally – not that there’s a difference) that you lose that most fundamental, basic survival instinct, then no one has any right to judge you. Not unless they can properly stand in your shoes.

              Whoa, what? Steroids warp the forehead? Holy hell :(. Ah ok, open secret – I’m 11 years late :). And the mood swings & temper issues that ‘roids cause would explain his bad behaviour on set. That’s prolly also what kick-started his depression. I’m now on S8 & (altho his hair is disturbing), I’m so glad his face is more normal. I’m still moronically attracted to him.


              1. I have no idea what they actually do. I keep asking but all I get back is that Jared has single handedly saved millions of lives.

                Large, rabid fanbases are basically pots of money to everyone. It’s kind of sad.

                Yeah, AKF is BS. Even leaving aside the PSH stuff, it is kind of…cliche and patronising. And yes, it is hypocritical that he suddenly cares. Even more hypocritical was that IIRC when he started AKF, it was supposedly because a close friend of his committed suicide and he wanted to destigmatize depression.Despite him ignoring his own pig headed brand of stigma, that’s somewhat admirable – but then it became all about him and I started to question the sincerity of it all. Given that he’s still a sick about all of the other stuff, you have to wonder if his opinion has even changed at all. Supposedly his SIL has addiction issues too…I hope they’re not seated together at gatherings.

                Yes, they warp foreheads! They can be quite potent if not taken correctly. LOL, some fans still think he was just growing and not juicing so you’re not really late. 😛 I had that theory about the depression. He, by his own admission, had some kind of breakdown on set and Kripke had to fly up to talk to him etc. That was around the time when he started getting ripped and acting out.

                The season 8 hair was horrific. But at least the sideburns were gone by that point, I think? I can’t even remember now LOL. Aw. Well I was attracted to him for about 10ish years so I think I lose by default. I even have several diaries with Jared pictures in them and a customized pillowcase. Clearly it wasn’t a good decade for me, LOL. 😛


                1. Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been struggling with the bastard black dog (depression) this week. Maybe I only have myself to blame & should’ve just invested in a hideous, crime-against-fashion Tshirt :).

                  Lol Jared has single handedly saved millions of lives. Eat your heart out Alan Turing & Alexander Fleming. Yeah I had a look on the TWLOHA & buggered if I can see where the $ go.

                  Oh hahaha love that you had a customised pillowcase :D. I’m pretty sure my Jared-crush will be comparatively short-lived, given (apart from what I know about him) I’ve been binge-watching SPN & witnessing his decline in fast-time, from the smoking hot Adonis he was in S1. I’m embarrassingly superficial enough to say that if he’d kept looking the way he did back then, I probably could’ve been talked into sleeping on a print-out of his face, regardless of what sort of patronising, offensive douchbaggery came out of his mouth.


                  1. No worries!! hugs to you. I hope that you’re feeling moderately better at least. Depression is pants. Yes, lol…why won’t someone tell all of the researchers that bad slogan t-shirts are the cure they’ve been looking for! It’s too bad that so many grown adults fall for that shirt nonsense and fail to set an example for impressionable fans.

                    I had the pillowcase, an ‘I Heart JP’ shirt and more nonsense than I’d care to admit to, haha. LOL. Hey, nothing wrong with that! Sleeping on a print out of a hot guy is understandable. 😛 I agree somewhat, if he still looked like S1 Sam, heck, I’d probably still be watching the show and following him closely. So, thanks for saving me from yourself, Jared!


        2. I honestly just think that he has some kind of superiority complex mixed in with foot in mouth syndrome so he just ends up sounding like an uneducated idiot. And that is most likely borne out of some kind of insecurity. Hopefully he’s getting the help he needs. I definitely don’t think he should be throwing stones from glass houses.

          Judging by the dramatic muscle gain, I’m going with ‘roids. He was also having some issues on set back then, so who knows what else went on.

          I still agree about the shirts. I don’t necessarily blame Jared for the service that these charities are offering celebrities, but I also don’t think the main objective is helping people before they help themselves.

          I was still a Jared admirer until season 8, so you haven’t reached my point of no return yet! Hell, I was still confessing love for Jensen during s8 and I can honestly say now that I have never really liked him. Or maybe I don’t want to admit that I did. I don’t know. This show messes with minds lol. The fanfic is thankfully better than the show at least! 🙂


          1. You’re right – a superiority complex, underpinned by insecurity & dangerously combined with foot in mouth disease. Topped up with bucket load of ignorance.

            Oh yeah the fanfic (the good stuff) is waaay better. Note – altho I could care less about a celeb’s life, normally personality makes a big diff to whether I find someone attractive. Like I can’t watch a movie with Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson without looking for the nearest bin to vomit in. I think it’s the fanfic that keeps me stupidly stuck on Jared’s very fine looks, i.e. I love Sam’s character.

            I have no opinion on Jensen, except I think he has a perfectly proportioned, seriously pretty face. I know he grew up very religious which makes me extremely wary but people can change. Luckily he seems private so hopefully I’ll never find out what he’s actually like (e.g. if he’s racist, homophobic or an anti-abortionist).

            Oh & thanks for nothing re Tom Hiddleston hahaha (j/k). I don’t know about the Taylor Swift incident. I don’t wanna know covers ears & shouts LALALALA :D.


            1. Hopefully common sense and Jared will become acquainted one day but maybe it’s a case of him being relatively successful from such a young age and just not as smart as he thinks he is. My fave obnoxious thing that he does is correcting others grammar even though his is atrocious at times. Sigh.

              Hm. That makes sense. Tbh, I’m more of a ‘if it’s good, I can watch in spite of whoever’. I love Mission:Impossible and while TC has said questionable shit and does questionable things as part of his religion, I can pretty much put it aside. Mel Gibson is a terrible person but Lethal Weapon is still a classic. I don’t find them attractive as such, so maybe that’s it? I guess it is all about the level of attachment. I’d probably at least watch whatever made for TV movie Jared ends up in next because of that past emotional attachment. I can’t think of an actor that I’d outright avoid. Hmm. Probably Misha Collins and anyone affiliated with SPN that I deem unworthy of my viewership, haha!

              Jensen has said his fair share of questionable shit. He’s sexist for sure. Homophobic, idk. The thing he does that annoys me the most is yelling at con goers and complaining about Destiel questions while fawning around with Misha. eye roll. I think he’s selectively private, lol. He’s at least somewhat mastered how not to spout bullshit 99% of the time, unlike Jared. So he’s got that going for him.

              LOL. Someone needs to tell Tom that he’s now automatically ruled himself out of being the next Bond. And out of anyone ever taking him seriously again. shakes head


              1. Oh LOL no way, really? He corrects people’s grammar? When he’s not saving millions of lives he’s single handedly raising the world’s literacy levels :p.

                Re not being able to see past the actor-person when I’m watching a movie. Yeah I have some serious issues :(. For example, I have this really unfair & unreasonable grudge against Tom Hanks for the fact that Forrest Grump (in my totally subjective & entirely biased opinion) should not have beat out Pulp Fiction at the Oscars. I can’t watch any movie with him in it now, for the simple reason that he had the audacity to star in a movie that robbed the Oscar from a more worthy contender.

                I also know Tom Cruise is a great actor & I shouldn’t care that I think he’s an idiot IRL, but my brain’s broken :(.

                Err, that doesn’t explain why I continue to watch SPN almost solely for the eye-candy (Jared) when I know what a tosser he is IRL. Looks like I’m extremely superficial & able to watch them/forgive their awfulness if they’re good looking enough.

                I’m starting to lose interest in SPN tho. After patiently waiting several seasons for Jared’s face to stop imitating a particularly round & puffy bowling ball, I’m now on S8 & the writers have just ruined my only other reason for watching this show – i.e. my (twisted & disturbing) fetish for watching two very hot brothers being (practically canonically incestuously) obsessed with each other. In S8, Sam doesn’t even look for Dean when he’s in purgatory?! And I’ve read stuff that says their relationship stays fractured in S10? F#ck that. Think I’ll go back to watching well acted/scripted BBC shows.

                Now I’m curious re Hiddleston, I need to go look up what happened. I want Idris Elba or Tom Hardy as Bond. Except I think Hardy’s upper body tattoos might rule him out. Bond isn’t really a tattoo kinda guy & I can’t see them having Bond keep his shirt on for a whole 2 hours.


                1. Yes! At cons, on Twitter…terrible. Apparently his mom being an English teacher means that he’s qualified to do that. By that logic, I could open an accountancy firm tomorrow and successfully help people with their money, lol. Yes, Jared is completely dedicated to helping others. One word and 23 bucks at a time. nods

                  LOL. Poor Tom Hanks, hahaha. I think we all have random hang ups like that. I remember hearing that a football player travelled by helicopter to London in order to be signed for £50m and I was outraged (even though they probably ALL do it). I held that grudge for years and even took solace in the fact that he never played well at the team he moved to.

                  Your brain isn’t broken, I just think we are all different. And given how entrenched films and TV are in our lives, people are bound to have certain notions about people based on the way they see them – it’s normal. Heck, I’m superficial too. I think that most of Tom Hardy’s movies are horrible but I watch them just for his face. I actually think that’s better than even thinking that [insert celeb] is a good person, blah, blah, blah, like I did with Jared. That false sense of knowing someone just isn’t worth it to me when the veneer will eventually slip off.

                  Aha, the season 8 ‘we promised we won’t look for each other’ pact. Better writers could easily have done a better job with that plot but at the same time, the brothers relationship was so convoluted at that point that I think the outcome would be the same. From season 8 onwards, I just wanted both of them to die. After sharing a huge birthday cake for Sam. I don’t think their relationship ever recovered from season 4/5, and it just keeps getting worse because in an ideal world, they’d probably have to disown each other for their own safety. LOL. For me, their relationship stopped being a reason to watch the show after season 5. Soulless Sam will always be my favorite though – I still blame Jensen for them giving Sam his soul back. He didn’t need it! Look what it did to his sideburns and hair!

                  I just need them to announce Bond so that Tom Hiddleston can regain some shred of self worth back. They screwed up Bond anyway, so I don’t even care too much at this point. I hated the Daniel Craig bond movies. I don’t think I’ve seen the last two. Meh. Tom Hardy could just cover up the tats w/makeup perhaps. Maybe they can leave the union jack one visible. I’m torn on Idris Elba…because I don’t think he’d be getting the role purely on a talent basis. I actually had an argument with someone (we’re both black) about this and they were saying ‘a black Bond would be a victory for all black people!’ and I was just saying…’would it really?’ At the same time, it could maybe have some benefit. Either way, if he does get it, it will be awesome for him. Who doesn’t want to be a pretend intelligence agent? 😉


                  1. Lol I’m sure Tom Hanks cares about what I think, that I’m holding him accountable for something he’s completely innocent of. Me: “Boycott Tom Hanks movies!”. Reasonable person: “Why?” Me: “No good reason”. Reasonable person: “So you’re insane?”. Me: “Yes” :D.

                    N.b. you’re footballer grudge sounded pretty reasonable IMO. F### him. I don’t care if other people do it, that just ain’t right, nope. I am the Queen of irrational grudges tho, so… :). Agree about post-S3 SPN 😦 & that Sam definitely needs a soul-otomy.

                    Oh noooooo, no no no. Elba would be perfect! It has nothing to do with his skin. He absolutely dripped cool as Luther & was spectacular in The Wire (my all-time, second fave TV show). He’s smoking hot, oozes charisma & has serious talent. I’d pay good money to see him in designer suits, & gah buffed & shirtless pant. Nah, gotta disagree, we’ve had a Scottish & Australian Bond, why not a black guy who’s actually English?

                    Awww Daniel Craig was my favourite Bond. But then (in all honesty & as much as I despise admitting it) I’m still a long way from being over Jared & his dodgy veneer, so there really isn’t any accounting for my taste. Like if I ever spoke to him, I’m pretty sure my brain cells would melt out my ears & I’d be telling him what a great guy he was (that I loved hearing his non-vile opinions) & could I please buy one of his magically medicinal, super fashionable T-shirts? And one of those pillowcases haha. #}%^ my superficiality 😦

                    Pierce Brosnan was the Bond I couldn’t stand. Yick, I didn’t like him. I just really hope like hell they don’t pick Chris Hemsworth. I know I’m in the minority here but, like Brosnan, I think he has less charisma than a wet sack.


                    1. I’ll reply to this twice (just wanna say this before I forget my points LOL).

                      Re: Idris – at this point, to me, it will be because he’s black and certain people want to show how progressive they are. It’s one thing if they had just cast him and we all had to accept it. There’s been years of ‘Oh, there should be a black Bond!!’ now and in the grand scheme of things, I’d maybe like black people to not undergo discrimination or abuse before we make James Bond black because it’ll just become another thing – “oh, the industry isn’t racist! James Bond is black!” Like, no…no thanks. We don’t need a character to be handed down to us because ‘the colour of skin is irrelevant’. That’s bs. It’s relevant – just not an excuse to treat people differently.

                      Just look at all the shit the naysayers have said. Idris is ‘too street’ and not ‘English-English’ (guess Sean Connery counts as English-English as a Scot) – if I was him, I’d stay well away from it. On the other hand, I’d also want to stick it to them so like I said, I wouldn’t have any issue with him taking it. It just wouldn’t do much for black people as a whole. And maybe that’s the point. It’s a movie not a scribe on racial politics 😛

                      I would prefer that there be an actual iconic black film character in the first place as well. I can’t even think of one off the top of my head – at least nothing on the scale of Bond. That would be a lot better for me at least. Heck, they can put Idris in the same universe as Bond and make him another agent. Other than that, to me it isn’t worth it. JMO.

                      I loved Pierce Brosnan hahaha. Sean Connery is the best Bond though. And I like Chris Hemsworth purely because he seems so down to earth and quietly hilarious. And he’s pretty! He’s not the most exciting celeb but I’d rather that than someone who tries too hard. He’s definitely not Bond material though. I bet they’ll end up giving it to an unknown. Tom Hardy has so much else do at this point, I wonder how he’d find the time.


                    2. I haven’t seen much of Luther or The Wire. I’ll have to check them out. LOL, I got overmy grudge eventually when he did really badly. That was also the start of a long line of failures for me personally and…not a great feeling. Especially if someone has paid £50m for you. I still think he should have had to wait an hour for a delayed train and then a smelly bus ride, but I have forgiven him. Lmao. XD


      1. Ah thanks :D.

        Per your post further down – I’m sorry to hear about the bipolar. I hear you. I had to quit work also when just surviving became a struggle. And I loved my work.

        And yeah, a slogan printed on an ill-fitting t-shirt isn’t gonna help someone with clinical or bipolar-related depression, at least not after the hero worship/celebrity crush-related endorphin high wears off.

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  2. LOL this blog is hilarious. I know I’m 1,000 years late with commenting but I only recently discovered SPN – in my defence, we only got Netflix in this prehistoric backwater of a country (Australia) late last year. I’m currently suffering thru S7.

    Re Mr Padalecki. I think it was his S1 bangs that got me hooked on him. I note you had a thing for him & you sensibly recovered from it. I’m guessing my affliction will eventually be beaten out of me by his personality.

    I also feel very bad for him re the depression. I have that vile illness (in an untreatable form). But if you say scummy things about legendary actors who die tragically from similarly tragic illnesses (addiction) right the hell after they die, at least man up & apologise. And maybe follow up by poking yourself in the eye several times with a lemon.

    And yeah his Prima Donna rants about companies making him wait in line like the rest of us plebs groan.

    Sigh I still drool uncontrollably at my TV screen whenever his smoking-hot-self is on :(. If I’m gonna be an idiot & fancy a celebrity it should be the LGBT-advocating, Trump-bashing Misha Collins. He seems super cool. Stupid brain.

    Sorry for my long, years-late rant. Love the blog!


  3. I didn’t get a ‘reply’ option on your last two comments, so posting it here. I think the webpage wants me to stop talking, I’m not taking the hint 🙂

    Re your last two (above) comments:

    Yep yep, you’re right. As long as people are treated differently for having non-pasty skin, it’d come across as patronising. Like, “there you go black community, here’s a bone, aren’t we just so not racist” pats head. I wish everyone in the world was forced to paint themselves green so we wouldn’t have to endure arbitrary stuff like this being a bloody issue, & stop these constant reminders of what a bunch of assholes human beings are.

    Like the casting of token gay characters. That shits me to no end. They never have any chemistry with their partners. And if they do have chemistry, the producers are too scared to go there & stick to the safezone of queerbaiting. On the same note – I wish everyone was born bisexual, so insecure homophobic gits couldn’t find an irrational reason to feel big about their inferior selves.

    Putting all that aside (let’s pretend we’re not an embarrassing species), Idris would be great as Bond IMO. (Per the naysayers) no way he’s too street. He’s polished/smooth as hell, he drips cool, rocks a suit. He’s been nominated 4x for a golden globe – the guy can act. He could posh it up just the same as Daniel Craig, no probs. He also plays a borderline sociopath (Luther’s a lot like Bond in that respect) like a pro. Oh, and most importantly (for superficial people like me), he’s burning hot. But yeah, I wouldn’t take it if I were him either. He doesn’t need all the b.s. that would come with it.

    Wha…? He’s not English-English? haha He’s born & bred English. LOL oh wow, from what I understand about the Scot-English rivalry, I’m sure a Scotsman (Sean Connery) would be super complimented by someone telling him he’s more English than an Englishman. I’m sure he’d show his appreciation to the compliment-giver by gifting him with a similarly complimentary black eye lol.

    lol re Brosnan, yeah well, as I said, I still have a thing for JP so no one should ever (ever) listen to me. Hell, I actually liked Timothy Dalton’s Bond, so that’s telling you something.

    Yeah Hemsworth seems like a good guy. So does (for e.g.) Hugh Jackman, he’s awesome. But neither of them do anything for me. Maybe if they started behaving like nobheads on Twitter or tried selling me garish T-shirts, my obviously defective hormones might start taking notice.

    Aw The Wire is AWESOME gush gush. I was completely hooked/a total Wire junkie by the end of the second episode & binge watched all five seasons. Phenomenal acting & scripts. It’s an HBO series so, v. high quality show. Bit of trivia – at least 3 of the lead actors are English actors putting on American accents (you’d never know). Re Luther – the first season is excellent & Elba is scary good in it. I loved the dynamic b/w him & the psychopathic girl who has the hots for him. I don’t actually watch much TV so haven’t gotten to later seasons yet.


    1. WordPress is stupid like that. I sometimes have that issue but while I can reply in the admin settings others can’t. 😦

      LOL. As my naysayers have helpfully pointed out, my blog is deader than any dead characters on Supernatural, so I’m happy for you to stick around 😀

      Yeah, it’s a shame that race is still such a big issue. There’s always small periods where it seems to be getting better but it never lasts. And when the issue is addressed, it seems to cause even more division. The sad thing is what it does to young people who end up bearing the brunt of all the crap that happens now. Sigh. Green or purple would be cool with me. 😛 Anything that works!

      I feel like for whatever reason, this wave of conservatism just washes over us until we reach a particularly high point and people go nuts. Maybe it’s political. True about the gay characters. Didn’t they just sort of do that with Star Trek? And when Takei (sp) called them out, people couldn’t see his issue with it. Haha, yes being born bisexual might help matters, but on the other hand, you can’t fix stupid or undo years of generational bias.

      Idris is a cool guy and good actor – he should keep doing what he’s doing and leave the industry to talk themselves silly. 😛 You can be born and bred English but not English-English if you’re black. I always get the ‘where else are you from?’ question even after I tell people I was born in England. I get it, but you get people who twist it to make their bigoted points. Lol, Sean Connery is a badass; he’d silently take them down without breaking into a sweat. I think most Scots would probably like to deck their English and Welsh counterparts right about now due to Brexit.

      Timothy Dalton was cute as Bond, LOL. I liked his Bond. I just liked the slightly silly, slapstick Bond of old. Sure, the new movies are more polished but…not any different from action flicks of today. Plus I basically grew up with Brosnan, so he’s familiar and he was extremely good looking during his Bond days, esp in Goldeneye 😛

      More Hemsworth for me then 😀 I honestly adore him. LOL. Jared’s Twitter has killed all past and present crushes I may ever have on any ‘deuchebag’ celebrities. Except for Tom Hardy. And like, if Simon Baker ever got Twitter and was an asshole, I’d put it down to doppelganger activity. -nods- But I’m still getting over being crushed by Divalecki. Haha.

      Dominic West, Idris and who’s the third? Lol, the Brit invasion 😛 Although, there are more Australians in HW these days, all with varying levels of convincing accents, hehe. That’s good. I’ve heard lots of good things about The Wire. I might binge watch it too! Either way, I’ll definitely watch it at some point now that I have no regular shows. 😉 I’m currently finishing 90210. coughs


      1. Oh wow, really?! 😀 Yep, the first Ep is a bit of a slog. It took until the end of the second ep, I think, for the hook to embed itself. Then I absolutely couldn’t tear myself away. It’s so cool. I started wanting to learn how to talk ‘street’ when I was watching it (I’m such an idiot :).

        I do have weird taste. Madmen & Breaking Bad were supposed to be similarly addictive & they almost bored me to death, & I really gave them a fair run. I also absolutely loved the first season of Unreal (‘tho the second season was a trainwreck) & I think I read you didn’t like that.

        I hope you like it. Oh, I didn’t answer your q – the third British actor (you’d never pick it) is Clarke Peters.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m on episode 3 and so far, it’s really good at putting me to sleep, lol! It’s not what I was expecting, but maybe that’s just me.

          I have a strong aversion to shows that get too much hype. Often, that’s the result of some kind of domino effect. Like, if we hear a movie is bad, we watch it with that expectation and we also find it bad because of the preconceived notion. Similarly, if it’s good, you get the same thing. I’m the complete opposite, lol.

          Mad Men was boring to me too. The constant smoking and talking about nothing had me done after two episodes. I think I watched maybe two episodes of Breaking Bad? Never went back.

          Unreal…I still don’t get the love for season 1. It was okay, but rapidly declined towards the end. Season 2… I’m on the third episode and ready to quit. Only my love for Michael Rady could keep me watching it because it’s already worse than the first season. I almost wrote snark after the second episode, but decided I had better things to do, lol.

          I’ll give it one season, but I’m close to giving up 😭


          1. Oh haha Everyone has different tastes. Which actually shits me. I wish all our tastes were aligned b/c the stuff I adore normally gets cancelled. Eg. The Hour & In The Flesh – I loved those shows & they both got cancelled on cliffhangers, & I could’ve murdered something. If Humans gets cancelled, I’m done :).

            Yeah I normally want to dislike hyped-shows on principle. But I’m also a pathetic sucker for anything cool & in my (highly subjective & entirely flawed) opinion ‘The Wire’ should be added to the definition of ‘cool’ in the dictionary. I was probably blinded to its boringness but how f#cking cool Stringer Bell & Omar were lol.

            It’s like Apple computers. I had Macs back in the day when they weren’t compatible with anything, just b/c they were pretty. I didn’t care that they were useless for running most software/the majority of websites, they looked good.

            Also like my continued obsession with Jared Padalecki’s looks. He’s a monumental tool & his wankery should put me right off, b/c personality normally means a lot to me, but I can’t stop the drool :'(. I’m just resigned to the fact that his face sets off all kinds of happy-lust chemicals in my brain. He’s not even that good looking anymore. Wtf is wrong with me?

            I watched 6 episodes of Breaking Bad & I’ve no idea what everyone’s talking about with that show.

            Re Unreal, S1 really hit a chord for me personally, in terms of its cynical, nihilistic message. It affected me a bit like True Detective (S1), although the characters’ behaviour in Unreal made me a little more uncomfortable. S2 was awful. It became the thing it was parodying IMO. Yes, Michael Rady is FIIINE :D.

            Don’t ever listen to me though re my taste in anything, at least for as long as I have the hots for that 6’5 d*ckwad 😦

            Oh, err – can you please maybe cut down on the amount of bad news coming out of the UK, it’s getting seriously depressing? :s – Re Brexit, Manchester, the U.K. election result that’s put the DUP in a position of power & that horrible, tragic building fire. Jesus :'(. Things aren’t all rainbows over here, but I just wanna wrap all decent Brits & Americans up in cotton wool right now.


  4. I am type 2 bipolar. Because of that, I cant even hold down a job. I never knew wearing a shirt will improve my situation. Jared is full of shit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BPD is tough, I’m sorry that you can’t hold down a job 😦

      Yeah… Full of shit indeed. There are so many issues with Jared and his t-shirt healing powers. Besides aggressively selling t-shirts and taking money from these fans, I have no idea how he’s helping anyone. Or even raising awareness. All I see is someone selling shirts with their face on them. All hail Saint Jarpad.


      1. Have you seen his latest Pop & Suki promotion? Both he & Genevieve have basically handed over their instagram accounts to P&S’s PR department. P&S also started occasional tweet in Jared’s name. When someone questioned whether it was a little icky to be using his very young kids to make advertising $, a pop a suki rep responded (on Jared’s IG account) claiming it was for ‘charity’.

        I think they ultimately said that 50% of the (profits?) of these cheap looking, personalised heart tags were going to charity, but there’s no way the Padaleckis aren’t getting big promotional $ from all the advertising & co-branding. I’ve zero problem with celebs attaching their names to brands, & even using their kid’s faces, to make a living. But it seems dishonest to wave the charity flag when I’m pretty damn sure it’s mostly about PR & personal gain. Like the t-shirts, there just seems to be a pretty gross element of exploitation involved.

        I need to get a life :(.


        1. I don’t really concern myself with Jared or SPN anymore. I’ve been delivered! But I saw something to that effect when I read about their new kid yesterday and I rolled my eyes. They’re always pimping something, either themselves, their marriage, their kids. It’s nothing new at this point. They basically did the same thing with the Minute Maid/McDs ads (for straight up $ iirc). I have an issue with parents using their kids for monetary gain tbh. It’s a bit skeevy to have your child’s face plastered all over the web for the sake of money…

          Lol at the reply. If they ever release the true figures, it’d be 50% to the Pads, 49% operational costs and 1% to charity. I pity the kids really.



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