no justice, no peace

So, if I’m to get this right… The police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot Jacob Blake in the back six times for…well, the reason is unknown (to me), although they supposedly found a knife in his car several days later. Currently, he’s in hospital and…he may never walk again.

Still, they didn’t have to shoot him up like that. With three children in the car. That one split second of lunacy will have far reaching impacts on Blake’s family and his children when it could have been dealt with peacefully.

Anyway, not to be outdone by the initial act of idiocy, the police proceeded to allow an alarmed militia to turn up to the protests that followed, and provided them with bottled water and thanked them for assisting.

‘Cause what’s a couple more bullets when they’ve already fired six into one person?

It’s such a stupid and ridiculous thing to do when they caused the issues to begin with! Stop using excessive force against black people and people won’t have a reason to be out in the streets. It’s that simple.

Predictably, it turned into such a shit show that a seventeen year old white boy ended up killing two (white) protesters for no reason. Well, they took him on because he was running around with a gun — and the inevitable happened. I am absolute not condoning the kid’s actions, but if the police had brains, it would not have happened in the first place.

Also, can I get some stats on white on white crime? Or do we reserve that for black people?

Protesting is not a crime, not is it a reason to take someone’s life. Counter-protest, disagree, scream, shout, but forming armed militias to take on people protesting? Even if some take advantage and loot or destroy property – it’s not right.

There is a very famous saying – two wrongs don’t make a right.

Not that anything is right about this situation – quite contrary. Once again, people are bringing up arrest records and sure, Jacob Blake is not a perfect person – but again, there is no such thing as a perfect victim and it’s not right for the police to shoot him six times.

Of course, the white supremacists and self-haters are out in full force, but…still, we have to hope and pray things change someday.

supporting our friends


I wouldn’t usually waste valuable blog space on anything CW-related (okay, fine i’ve seen the light and changed my ways) but this was too bizarre for me not to comment.

And I’m trying to be good this year which means I’m not allowed to roast anyone on Twitter. I’m aiming to be civil at all times.

That being said, Stephen Amell is an asshole.

The showrunner of The Flash, Eric Wallace, is a black man. He posted a statement regarding the firing of some sketchy white dude that I’m not even going to name, and also about the current events happening, and how he’s going to do more to work with black talent.

Grant Gustin, who is the main star of The Flash, reposted it and said he was listening and something more along those lines.

For whatever reason, Stephen Amell – who has said:

  • He’s has never witnessed ‘systemic racism’
  • He thinks that the problem is ‘gun violence’
  • There’s no gun violence in Canada
  • He wanted to go down and protect a store during the protests

– decided to chime in.



….so, he’s supporting his friend.

FOR WHAT? Reposting a statement that his black showrunner wrote? Like…what am I not seeing here? He’s proud of Grant for listening – but is HE listening?

And if he’s not, why even pick that post to screenshot?

His commentary was unnecessary and unneeded. Why credit your friend for reposting something and fail to acknowledge the person who wrote it?

Just shut the eff up. Jeez.

I tweeted something very tame in response and had to deal with his three SuperFans telling me to fuck off. 😂…

I don’t know where these CW ‘stars’ get the AUDACITY from. Supporting people over reposts! I’ve heard it all.

the oppression olympics


…because some people want to be oppressed so badly. They see oppression and instead of having empathy – they want sympathy for themselves.

BAME is a term used in the UK (and elsewhere) that simply means: black and minority ethnic. There is widespread evidence that BAME people in the UK are disadvantaged compared to white people, but predictably some refuse to believe this.

Instead, they believe that BAME people are the ones with privilege.

From March 2020:

Millennials from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds are at greater risk of being in unstable employment than their white peers, a study has shown.

They are 47% more likely to be on zero-hours contracts and have a 10% greater chance of having a second job. BAME millennials are also 5% more likely to be doing shift work and are 4% less likely to have a permanent contract than white workers.

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#blacklivesmatter – until you come for their problematic fave


Note: This is a LONG-ish post.

I debated whether I’d write about this incident, but in a weird way, it’s absolutely perfect for this blog. Sometimes I feel weird writing about important topics on a blog I created to complain about a TV show and its fandom but does it really matter? Nah.

This is a story about race, fandom, black friends and cult leaders.

For references purposes, I’m a black woman living in the UK. Unfortunately, talk about racism over here is even worse than it is in the US.

Anyway, that’s a post for another time.

Everything I’m about to write is true.

First of all, while not all fandoms are racist, lot of them are a hotbed for questionable activity. They will also condone racism for the sake of worshipping their faves or writing white saviour fanfiction.

I don’t even care about that.

I was simply minding my own business, reading posts on social media when I came across Brendon Urie’s statement on everything happening via someone’s IG story.

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2020. Where do we start? Do you we start with Aunty corona? Do we start with Trump and co nearly leading us into WW3? Or Kobe Bryant’s untimely death? This year has been a mad year for everyone but in 2020, we are still seeing black bodies littered on the streets by authorities. This is […]

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