stupid and senseless: part infinity – Jared Padalecki is a human being that ‘breathes oxygen’


Last updated: 18th Aug ’16

(ETA: he’s done it again)

FINALLY, an edition about the man that started it all! We knew it was coming and here it is. I would first like to announce that, not only is Jared a human being that breathes oxygen, he’s also a superhero:


LOL. Someone posted this on the ONTD post and I laughed myself SILLY. No wonder this dude has a complex.


In today’s edition, a server in Minnesota was extremely mean to Jared and apparently ruined his entire night, month, life, bad hair day, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving as well as his entire adult life. So in response, he publicly blasted her on Facebook, posted her picture and was unapologetic about it. In fact, an unedited version of the post is still up (or it was last time I checked)

ETA: He apparently removed the post and had this to say (after the fact of course):

In regards to my recent post, please please PLEASE do not send ill-will in anybody’s direction. I felt it necessary to voice my opinion, as I have made a promise to myself that I will not let somebody mistreat me just to swallow it, as if I “deserve” it. It’s a promise I hope y’all can make to yourselves as well. But it’s in the past now. And I sincerely hope everybody involved will be better for it. Please, for the love of Chuck, don’t send any hatred or ill-will in their direction. That is the exact OPPOSITE of what I want.

He’s still a tool and it was EXACTLY what he wanted.

ETA 2: Oh, wow. Apparently lawyers are involved now. He’s really messed up badly this time. SMH. More & the original post under the cut.

ETA 3: The person that Jared initially responded to has graciously allowed me to add their (now deleted) comment to this post. It can be found below.

I’m stealing from this post on ONTD:


This is just too bad. I can mock Jared and everything, but this is her life. I hope he can sleep tonight. SMH.

Original post begins here:


I cut off her face because I’M A REASONABLE PERSON UNLIKE SOME!

Here’s what he had to say in case the picture doesn’t load:

“Hey BK at @ConstantineMpls you are the meanest human being that I have ever, in my adult life, been around. I hope you find your peace. Please know that I will never ever in my life be back at @HotelIvy or @ConstantineMplsin Minneapolis because I have never felt the hatred and spite and judgement that I feel from you.”

‘I hope you find your peace’ — EYE. ROLL.

According to ONTD, this led to “fans rating the restaurant one star, finding “BK” on social media, harassing her and causing the restaurant to deactivate their facebook entirely for the time being.”

Witless fangirls in the comments were wondering why people were saying that Jared was mean when he ‘wished her peace’. LOL, I was literally like…


It’s called sarcasm, folks. Please look it up. You know damn well he’d sooner hope that she take a shower in a steaming pile of garbage than find peace. Oh, but they know Jared personally (of course) and he’s always nice to them!!!! Probably because he wants them to keep spending the thousands of dollars that indirectly pays his mortgage(s).

Just sayin’.

Going back to the post, what a classless thing to do. You can complain all you like, leave a bad review, complain to management, but you don’t post pictures of people and enough information that they can be identified. That’s pretty fucked up. Perhaps a ‘celebrity’ like Jared finds it hard to grasp why something like that isn’t okay.

Someone was brave enough to try and talk some sense into him:

“I’m sorry, I love Jared Padalecki and I always will (I made a trip down to a SPN convention in Houston in 2015 pretty much just to see him) but this is very disappointing to me.

I understand that whatever this woman has done frustrated you, Jared Padalecki (the mere fact that she’s playing on her phone while clearly on the clock at a hospitality job really angers me). But posting her picture like this to your FB, which you know is followed by millions of people – many of them very unbalanced human beings who are ready to bring out the torches and pitchforks every single time they think someone has so much as insulted your honor – is extremely irresponsible.

Bad customer service or no, you have likely ruined this young woman’s life for a long time to come, if not endangered it, because I have already seen some disturbing troups of fans who have dredged up her real name and are making plans to publicly destroy and/or come after her for this.

I am very disappointed in you right now, Jared Padalecki, because I have considered you a role model for years, and this is disturbingly vindictive for someone who is always touting the importance of standing up for others and not passing judgment.

I hope that you will seriously consider keeping future grievances with hotel employees between yourself and the manager. I know you’re a great person and I love your work, but please be more careful about things like this in the future. Like it or not, your status as a celebrity gives you a lot of power and also a lot of responsibility, and you need to be careful not to abuse those.


A Concerned Fan”

However, when taken to task for his behavior, he went further and unleashed this steaming pile of crap:

[name removed] Thank you for voicing your opinions and your concern. You are, of course, entitled to both. As far as last night goes, I didn’t receive “poor service”. I didn’t have mustard instead of mayonnaise on my burger, and she didn’t give me too many or too few cubes of ice in my drink. The picture of her playing on her phone was the NICEST thing she did during the course of the evening…… No. I was subjected to a mean, spiteful human being. Period. She was mean. She was a bully. She, specifically, did several things that hurt mine (and our) feelings.

She made me feel singled out and not welcome and “lessthan” (maybe you’ve been in the same situation before?). She ruined my night (if not my trip) in Minnesota. Furthermore, I’m not incredibly happy to have you express that you believe I’m not entitled to share my concerns or unhappiness because I’m a “celebrity”. That’s akin to the people who told me that I should be “happy” because I’m “successful”, and that I shouldn’t have “depression” or “anxiety” because “famous people” are so “lucky”.

And I very much don’t appreciate being victim shamed, even though I’m “famous” and should just “deal with it and keep quiet about it”. At the end of the day, I am a human being that breathes oxygen. The same as you. And, sometimes, there are people who hurt my feelings intensely and I want to reach out to my social media family to express my hurt and let y’all know that I, too, sometimes run into mean people who aim to ruin my day.

As far as “keeping future grievances” more private? Simply put, no. I will not let you silence or censor me and my feelings the same way those in the past have tried to silence or censor or ignore or belittle my feelings. I’ve worked too hard for too long on myself to be told to take negativity that’s sent my way, and shut up about it, just because I’m a “celebrity”. I’m truly sorry that the existence of my hurt disappointed you, and I wish you peace and happiness. With love, jp.

Does FB not allow paragraphs? My eyes. Anyway – I’m just gonna break this down because there’s too much stupid one in place. And before that, I’m going to just say that Jared Padalecki himself is a BULLY. Getting someone else to the dirty work for you is still bullying, but nice try, Jared. The fact that he doesn’t care says it all. Mind you, given that he boldly called someone’s death stupid and senseless, that’s not a big surprise.

ETA: THERE ARE SO MANY “”””  JEEZ. BRUH, HOW MUCH EMPHASIS DO YOU NEED? And also, most of what’s in the quotation marks….isn’t even in the initial comment? 

From reading the comment he’s responded to, and then reading his response again, I’ve come to the conclusion that Jared just marches to beat of a slow drum. It’s a completely exaggerated response to an extremely reasonable comment full valid points.

I’m also gonna go ahead and add some line breaks to his comment ’cause I can barely read it my damn self, lol!

I didn’t receive “poor service”. I didn’t have mustard instead of mayonnaise on my burger, and she didn’t give me too many or too few cubes of ice in my drink.


She, specifically, did several things that hurt mine (and our) feelings. She made me feel singled out and not welcome and “lessthan” (maybe you’ve been in the same situation before?). She ruined my night (if not my trip) in Minnesota.

YES, BUT HOW? WHAT THINGS? HOW CAN SHE SPECIFICALLY DO THINGS BUT YET, THE COMPLAINT IS WOEFULLY NON-SPECIFIC. Did she hurt him in the way that the commas in the first sentence hurt me, or did she actually do something. STOP BEING VAGUE!

And I very much don’t appreciate being victim shamed



Without knowing what BK did that was so awful, how the fuck are we supposed to read that he’s being victim shamed and go, ‘Huh, yeah, that jarpad – such a shame what happened to him! The service was great but damn, the server didn’t kiss his ass and she was MEANNNNN!!!’

Chill out and stop looking for validation, if you’re upset – fine. You don’t need to tell the world about it. Most of us have bigger things to worry about.

At the end of the day, I am a human being that breathes oxygen



I’m sure he got A+ in Biology class. Astute observation, Jared. Well done.

And, sometimes, there are people who hurt my feelings intensely and I want to reach out to my social media family to express my hurt and let y’all know that I, too, sometimes run into mean people who aim to ruin my day.

SOCIAL MEDIA FAMILY?????? LMAO. Someone needs to come back to reality. ALSO WHAT A LIAR! He wanted to ‘express his hurt’ and send his fans on a mission to completely ruin this girl’s life and get her fired.

I will not let you silence or censor me and my feelings the same way those in the past have tried to silence or censor or ignore or belittle my feelings. I’ve worked too hard for too long on myself to be told to take negativity that’s sent my way, and shut up about it, just because I’m a “celebrity”.

I like how famous and celebrity are in quotes, lol. He had to get some humblebragging in there, I guess. He might be famous and a celebrity but, he’s a human that breathes oxygen too! But, you know, he’s not going to apologise for being ‘famous’ and a ‘celebrity’. HOW DARE ANYONE TRY TO CENSOR HIM!!! /nostril flare.

You need to keep working on yourself, dude. Try a little humility and a little less bitch and we’ll reevaluate again at a later stage. And who are these random people telling him to take negativity because he’s a celebrity? They need to reword that and let him know that he has to learn how to accept it – because he’s a human being that breathes oxygen. Unless he wants to fight every single person that breathes the wrong way in his direction. Otherwise, you kind of have take it sometimes. That’s life. Anyone who believes otherwise is either extremely privileged *coughcough* or merely deceiving themselves. What about other people who SERIOUSLY (I’m using caps for emphasis a la jarpad) have to take SERIOUS NEGATIVITY just because they need to be able to survive?

I’m truly sorry that the existence of my hurt disappointed you, and I wish you peace and happiness. With love, jp



How passive aggressive. He’s truly sorry that anyone dared to call him out on his own bullying tactics. Boy, have an entire stadium of seats and go back to McDonald’s.

The fact that he doesn’t go into specifics probably means that he’s making a huge mountain out of a molehill. I have also seen previous tweets where he calls out bars and restaurants for making him wait too long, etc, so I get the sense that he’s probably not even a decent customer in the first place. Still, there are two sides to every story and we only have one here. I don’t doubt that he wasn’t deeply hurt or whatever, but this isn’t exactly the first time he’s reacted in such a manner. And I don’t believe that stooping to someone’s level makes you any better than they are.

Ergo, Jared Padalecki is still ‘stupid’ and ‘senseless’ and completely unwarranted in posting this girl’s image online to millions of strangers. And his entire follow-up post was just so pathetic and not even funny. I just felt sorry for him. Not because he’s upset, but because he has no sense of what’s right or wrong. He’s always looking for someone to kiss his ass, pat him on the head and validate every emotion he has. When it doesn’t go his way, he’ll throw in something about his anxiety and depression and try to make excuses and his annoying fans will lap it up.

I always wonder who these nameless (to me at least, lest I actually spot someone I know making such a comment!), obsessed, ridiculous people are that post support without asking any questions. I long for the day that I can just see one of them in action – witness the frenzied outrage and internet pada-gangstas, so desperate to defend their overlord and master.

And why not, he’s a superhero after all *snort*. Or as my friend put it, he’s a dumbass with a beanie.

Thank you to JM from saving me taking another trip to Rapunzelecki’s FB by sending me the text. And thanks to Anna for helping me save a pic and the ‘dumbass with a beanine’ line 😛 ! And thank you to ExPadaFan (hee) for allowing me to post their comment. Until next time. 

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  1. I know we talked about it already but…yeah… that was basically my reaction upon seeing this whole thing. And we still have no idea what she actually said/did to him. Did she say “You’re on Supernatural? That stupid show is STILL ON??” Did she rag on his looks like his hair or anything like that and he took it to heart? IMO it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he pulled the whole “Don’t you know who I am??” card and she got snarky back to him.

    I actually saw a conversation about it on Reddit and someone said they were at the same bar that night. They said he and some others were drunk and having a good time, and then suddenly out of nowhere he started crying. I’ve no idea if this legit or not but it’s here:

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    1. [–]vincent_ignatius 9 points 6 hours ago
      Was in Minneapolis. Was at the Hotel. Was at the bar…
      They seemed like they were having a great time. Then…. he was crying, didn’t seem like anyone made that happen/provoked it. She seemed to console him for a while. No idea what they were talking about. Then this morning the OP happened.
      Literally came here to see what the temperature was.

      Seems legit, not sure why someone would lie about it. He also says she was consoling him at one point and that it seemed like he was ‘on something’, so…can’t say it didn’t cross my mind though. People usually go all OTT when inebriated somehow.

      LOL, probably. She didn’t address him with the respect that the man that plays Sam Winchester deserves! And now he’s backtracked after his fans have gone to town. Yeah, buddy, you knew what would happen. He’s probably cackling with glee under a beanie somewhere.

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      1. I’ve heard him say that he suffers from depression. If that’s the case, he’s probably on anti-depressants and shouldn’t be drinking alcohol. I wasn’t there. I don’t know the actual circumstances of this fall-out, but if he was crying or irrational or whatever, could be due to mixing alcohol with meds. Just saying.
        Crap happens to us all. It doesn’t have to define us. And we certainly don’t have to give the other person so much power over us that it alters our feelings. Especially to a stranger.


        1. That’s very true. Antidepressants are pretty iffy in general and even w/o alcohol or drugs, they can cause irritability & mood swings and so forth. I think it’s obvious that he was a little out of sorts that night. The post itself was somewhat hysterical, although, his follow up post makes it obvious that he felt he didn’t do anything wrong. Past behaviour also dictates that he would behave like that even without any influence, but I wasn’t there either so I don’t know.

          Crap happens to us all. It doesn’t have to define us. And we certainly don’t have to give the other person so much power over us that it alters our feelings. Especially to a stranger.

          I agree completely. No one should let a stranger get to them like that. We come across all kinds of people every day, some rude, some nice etc. At the end of the day, we are judged based on our actions and not what other people cannot feel or see.

          Thank you for the comment!


  2. LOL, I was waiting for your post on this incident. I have been following your blog for a while now. I love/hate SPN. I am conflicted, lol. I loved Rapunzelecki until today 😐
    This guy, of all the people, should know not to do such insensitive things. Being a “celeb”, he has responsibilities and must definitely be aware what some of his deranged minions are capable of doing. His constant whining and sense of entitlement complex makes me want to punch him in his beautiful face, ugh. Not all the people on this planet are nice. Some are rude. Big Deal. Grow up, Princess Padalecki :\
    His family and friends are such enablers. Why don’t they tell him off for such childish behavior?

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    1. Welcome! 😉 It is always ironic to me that I’ve ended up using this blog to bitch about Jared of all people! If you go back further enough there are posts from when I was still a ‘fan’. Thank God that I have freed myself! Princess Padalecki (love that, haha) has been slyly doing this for a while now. Before it was standing up for big companies that ‘bullied’ people, but I think most reasonable people can see that this is a guy whose ego knows no bounds.

      He uses people to do the dirty work for him and hides behind his ‘charity work’ and various mental health issues when anyone dares to call him out on it. It’s ridiculous and not even amusing anymore. There’s just a complete and utter lack of self-awareness.

      His friends and family are probably no match for the thousands of adoring fans he uses to validate his childish behaviour. I have no idea how they (friends & fam) put up with it. Although, from my own experience, people like Jared generally don’t change, so perhaps they have no choice. It’s sad.

      Thanks for the comment ;D


  3. So this is my comment on his “apology” post or whatever bullshit that was that he left:

    “You can send ill-will so they see it as they can too. Look up hypocritical and narcissistic and you’ll find two of your biggest problems. Stop trying to put everybody below you, you’re not fucking special, you’re human as you’ve said so suck it up and deal with other humans like we do. The fact that you think you have a social media family or as intelligent people would call it, fans who pay thousands of dollars (that go right into your hand Mr. Padalecki and don’t even try to deny that you care past that point) just to see you and whoever at conventions. They make you think you’re special, but news flash nobody should really give a shit and neither should you. Who cares if she was mean to you, ask for a different damn waitress like anybody else would have. Instead, you rudely put her FACE and CONTACT INFO on Facebook, like who are you to do that? Nobody, you are nobody. So am I, we all are, nobody is damn special unless they are a goddamn literal miracle of science. Also saying you have depression and anxiety literally every two seconds does not help your case, why don’t you actually get help instead of blowing everything out of proportion and making those diseases actually look way worse in public and social media. A+ job there Mr. I’m a human who breathes oxygen, you’re human but you’re still an asshole for literally no reason.”

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    1. You nailed it!!!

      Seriously, WORD TO ALL OF THIS. Unfortunately, he’ll never reply to decent, thought provoking comments like yours. What disgusts me is all of the people on Facebook that are condoning and co-signing his behaviour. I’ve written about the bullies in fandom too many times now, but seriously — Jared (and Jensen & Misha by default) is seriously messed up for not only cultivating such nasty hive mind behaviour, but using it to actively bully someone else, and cause distress, anxiety, depression etc. All of the things that he claims to be trying to raise awareness for.

      Like he would say, what a fucking ‘trash move’.

      Worst of all, Mr Privileged probably won’t have to deal with any major fallout besides having his feelings hurt and (supposedly) crying in public. What a shame.

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  4. Thank you so much for writing about this! I am actually the one who wrote to him and got called out in front of the whole damn fandom yesterday, so it’s really nice that someone else picked up on what a ridiculously overblown and bizarre response that was.

    Honestly, I was a total Padalecki lover until about 10am yesterday – not a rabid one like the 1300 people who ganged up on me on FB before I figured out how to delete the comment, just one who thought he was cute and sweet and funny and was completely unaware of how awfully he had treated people like me in the past.

    Well as they say, reality is a bitch, and while I am disappointed to realize my celebrity crush of 5+ years is basically a hairy asshole on legs, I ultimately can’t say I’m surprised.

    Hope he gets his ass sued off (or at least canned from the show that, while still somewhat amusing, really should have ended 7 years ago like it was supposed to.) And honestly, even though some rabid slaves of the mop top might want my head on a platter beside that waitress’s right now, I’m honestly pretty pumped to have been the one lucky enough to make Padalecki crack so badly in front of everyone. evil giggle

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    1. Hey! Oh wow, I’m glad that you’re doing okay post padarabid attack, lol! No problem; I’m always happy to call Jared out and I completely commend you for having the guts to take him to task on his FB. His childish and silly response was all anyone needed to see to know that he had no genuine reason to what he did.

      1300 people?! My gosh. That’s crazy. I’m glad that you were able to delete the comment. LOL @ “hairy asshole on legs” — too true. And I’m sorry your crush has ended this way but at least it came from the man himself and you’ve seen his horrible behavior firsthand — too many of his other fans are still blinkered by his fake, bubbly public persona. Bleh.

      I hope he gets sued too. If he wasn’t “famous” or a “celebrity”, what he did would be grounds for some serious legal problems. As it stands, I’m sure someone will pay to make it all go away. If only I could pay someone to make the show go away. Goodness. It needs to be salted, burned and fed to Trump’s speechwriter.

      Hahaha, I’m glad that you’re pumped 😀 His response really did make him come across as a total idiot, whining about his privileged life and expecting people to care about whatever he’s promised himself. He needs to grow up and realise that the world doesn’t revolve around him, no matter how many times his fans claim theirs do.

      Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment! 🙂


    2. Hey there, I saw your comment over there and thought it was spot on. I was glad you’d said it as it’s something that he really needed to hear, and it’s pretty much the same way I’ve been feeling for quite a while now. I became a fan of SPN over 9 years ago, met Jared a few times (the last time about 6 years ago) and used to really like him. Over the past few years I’ve lost some respect for him, but incidents like these really take the cake. I thought the way he handled this was just beyond ridiculous, plus his reply to you AND the fact that all those people ganged up on you! It’s like a mob mentality with them and I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

      I’m honestly pretty pumped to have been the one lucky enough to make Padalecki crack so badly in front of everyone. evil giggle

      That IS a great way of looking at it. 🙂


  5. Boy, you really hate this guy. So he had a really bad day and he ranted about it, and about the person who he saw as responsible for it. Everyone posts stupid things like “I hate this is happening” without saying exactly what that is, but apparently Jared Padalecki is not allowed to do that.The only big mistake/questionable thing I see on his part, which by the way is a mistake that all of us make at one point or another is posting a picture with her face. But you really are taking it personal. He only said that she was very mean and that she gave him a very hard time. Chill out.


    1. Hating Jared Padalecki would only be a waste of my time. I prefer to call it ‘actively disliking someone who continues to behave like an idiot’ but that’s just me.

      …I am not sure if you’re being deliberately obtuse or you’re blinded by Jared love or whatever but he didn’t just post ‘I hate what’s happening’. He posted this person’s initials, place of work and enough ‘information’ for people to target her. No, he is not allowed to do that.

      I don’t know what kind of person you are but I have never posted a picture of any public worker that I feel has wronged me. I never will. Maybe both you and Jared need to reflect on your poor behaviour and kneejerk reactions.

      In what way am I taking it personal? I was simply calling him out on what I perceive to be bullying. Last time I checked two wrongs don’t make a right.

      Anyway, I am just happy that the Pada Warrior Princess Defense League is still meeting its daily quotas. Thanks for the comment!


  6. Hi!
    Let me start by saying that I have a love hate relationship with the fandom.
    There are things I love about the show a, the actors nd the fandom….and there are things I hate about it. But I prefer to keep a rational head …and can’t call myself a rabid fangirl or a fanatic..or even a fan.
    Your blog keeps me grounded…and I absolutely love your snark.

    These actors have been known to do absolutely shitty things ( in cons and outside and in public )…and what I find even more amusing is that what JA or JP preach so fervently is often the direct opposite of what they often do.
    Some days ago I came across a FB post about a fan who wrote in her tumblr that the actors hate it when fans tell their self harm /depression stories in the cons…and have asked the Creation. officials that they should intervene when fans relate their angsty life stories and struggles with depressions, as it makes them uncomfortable. I don’t know the truth behind it… but I was surprised.

    They often do the most thoughtless things with a misplaced fake self-righteousness that kinda makes me real ashamed of the fandom…and all such half educated uncultured actors in general.
    But still the show has given me some happy moments and some awesome friends…and I am grateful for that.
    Years of being in it has made me realise that it’s not a democratic place. One lone voice of dissent will get crushed and attacked …. but I’m still glad that there are some sane people in it…who can say the truth.

    And about #AKF….I find it somewhat hilarious. ….because all it does is sell a seemingly endless line of tees and hoodies.
    Yeah it has a great and noble intention. It has made people open up about their anxiety and depression.
    But I have some experiences about charities in my country. There’s actually lot of paper work, income declaration, and other things involved. Until JP comes forward declaring these for the sake of his fans who buys these overpriced tees and hoodies….I decline to call it a charity.

    But I am not a hater. I love these guys ( minus the douchiness)…and wish them well.

    I love your snark and sending you my love


    1. Hey! I totally get the love/hate aspect of it all! I was at that point before I reached straight up hate and then apathy :p I’m glad that you like the blog!

      For whatever reason, Jared and Jensen are two of the most hypocritical people ever. The sneering and way they used to put other actors down (while on the CW) was always off-putting to me, let alone how they treat fans (Jensen especially). Now we are all supposed to believe that they’re these upstanding guys who care about everyone. I don’t think so.

      I’ve heard that about the cons. It is 100% true. On one hand, I can see why they would hate it. It’s somewhat inappropriate (although unintentionally) from the fans but on the other, you can’t expect fans to just fork over their money for the actors ’causes’ relating to these issues and then shut up. All they have to do is kindly say that the cons are a time for celebration blah, blah, and that in the sense, can we keep the chatter pleasant. The fans would eat that shit up. Of course, they’ve picked the underhanded way. Surprise, surprise.

      I think they’ve gotten worse over time. Jared, especially. I have no idea why his ego blew up. I fear that they have no real sense of reality. ‘Half educated and uncultured’ sounds about right.

      I’m grateful for the show in that same sense, some of my closest friends I met through supernatural and in some way all of this fan nonsense helped me to realize that there’s no prize in being a brainwashed fan. Haha, yes, it is very undemocratic. Perfect description.

      Yeah, AKF technically isn’t a charity, which is where Jared has been smart, I guess. Technically, all declarations will be done by the charity than runs the ‘campaigns’. He’s definitely getting something out of it, though, because I fail to see what the benefit is in selling the same damn slogan over and over again. If anything, it is kind of dangerous. I had a girl tell me that Jared saved her life. I was just like, ‘how??’. It must be some healing fabric or something…all I see is a bunch of suckers being bled dry while Jared profits. More’s the pity…

      I don’t consider myself a hater either (mild aggressive disliker is more accurate) but I personally don’t care for any of them. I cannot stand fake people. I like that you can like them but also see both sides though. I only wish everyone in fandom was that objective. One day maybe!

      Thank you so much, Mimi!! Take care & thank you so much for commenting – I really appreciate it. Sorry again that it took a while to reply! -hugs-


    1. I saw the face but not a name however…Jared is such a ridiculous human being that I literally cannot. He has serious issues that are beyond depression. He’s just a dick of epic proportions.


      1. Yet he thinks he’s so uber smart and special. This shit will keep happening as long as this now shit show keeps getting renewed. I wonder how long J2 will keep their ass kisser fangirl squad after it ends. I’m sure we all remember how big shows like Lois & Clark, Buffy, Hercules and Xena once were upon a time. I don’t see J2 continually getting tv work like David Boreanaz.
        I don’t know about Jensen but I don’t see Jared handling post-fame life well (despite his protesting the opposite. Imagine the horror of J2 having to stay home full time in TX). Hell, people barely know who he is now. Fangirls still consider it mainstream but everyone I know (who isn’t a fangirl) has basically forgotten about it. It’s just that show on tv.
        I’ll tell you that I would hate to run into or piss off Jared. This dude is creepy. I wonder what happens if he ever gets pissed or “hurt” at conventions.

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        1. Jared is an intelligent human being that breaths oxygen!! Lol, of course. He gets too much ass kissing to see the error of his ways. People like that also rarely change. Lol, I give it six months, especially now that so many white, gay couples are canon on various shows these days. The shippers will move on ASAP. Exactly, all of those shows were hugely popular and now it’s mostly crickets. The only thing is that the internet is much bigger than it was. J2 could basically coast off Supernatural for years. And they will.

          I think they’ll just end up being social media people that post about their lives and get paid to sponsor healing tea or whatever.

          Someone told me that Jared was planning on quitting acting after the show. LOL, we all know that won’t be by choice. Exactly, God forbid they be there to parent their children. That’s the women’s job!

          No one I know even talks about Supernatural, apart from one guy and even then, he’s young. For the most part, I hear nothing about it. It’s definitely not mainstream, lol. It’s on the same level as anyone who is ‘internet famous’.

          I would love to run into pissed off Jared. I would give him a piece of my mind – but only if my face is concealed. He probably has a whole photo album of people who have wronged him.

          Lol, oh, his BFF Jensen usually comes to his rescue at cons. Plus they screen everything. Worst case scenario, he’ll bail and ask everyone to tweet him hugs.


          1. Me and a friend had a good laugh while rewatching supernatural. Like, how does Jared handle knowing Dean is considered the hot brother? Lol
            Kissing his ass is probably easy since he’s so big and stupid. I bet he’s easily amused.
            I hear the shippers drive J2 crazy. Apparently, alot of crazy stuff goes on at those cons relating to shipping. Particularly Destiel. Jensen gets called a homophobe alot. I don’t even get why shippers keep insisting on romance in a show not about romance. Lol
            I saw Jared talk about his “retirement from acting” on YouTube in some interview. His wife was there. His hair was awful. I wonder what he would do with his time. I fel like he would go crazier at home. And drive his family crazy. Maybe he could write a book. Lol, since he loves books and grammer so.
            I love how Jensen protects Jared. Lol, when Jared is a giant, meaner and etc. Then again, I hear Jensen becomes a scary MoFo when pissed.


            1. Yeah, there’s a lot of shipping stuff (that the guys encourage when it suits them), and Jensen can’t stand it. My view is that he can pretend for two hours when he’s being paid handsomely, but apparently he’s above that. He’s a douche, though, so ’nuff said. I don’t think Jared is any meaner than Jensen, he’s just not good as disguising it on social media or when he has a hissy fit. For the most part, he’s very nice to fans whereas it can go either way with Jensen.

              Jared has future ‘social media star’ all over him, lol. I’d read a book, though, imagine how ridiculous it would be. 😂


              1. Jensen seems to be above alot of things. I still LOL @ that ‘Destiel does not exist’ gif.
                I just heard a bunch of SJW’s go to these cons. I bet J2 love that. I’m not sure but aren’t they both traditional/conservative/religious? Or is that only Jensen? Either way, I bet they really have to make use of their acting skils. Though I’ve heard reports of Jensen being cold/condescending.
                I bet a Jared book would be full of LULZ. Especially with the way he goes on about grammar and his love of books. I can just imagine his reactions to trolls and shitty reviews. Believe it or not, there are authors (mostly YA) who can act just as bad/as immature as him. Such ego, much diva. They’re increasing in number too.


                1. Jensen is actually Christian and Jared is agnostic. Now there is nothing wrong with either. To each their own. But when Jared retweeted a derogatory anti-Christian tweet from Bill Maher, his Christian fans were very heartbroken.

                  As far as the destiel thing goes, I have some observations because I am an old school slasher (not a shipper). And I respect Jensen telling people that destiel is not real. Fan servicing is not a problem that shipping of any kind is going to happen. But the destiel fans call it queer baiting. Misha and Jared should be blamed for that. Misha keeps pushing the whole ”destiel could happen” and Jared eggs the fans on. They call him a destiel supporter. No, I think the reason is a little selfish. Straight guys don’t want to be gay and they shouldn’t apologise for it.

                  However, if slash is bringing the show attention, Jared will push the whole task on Jensen rather than doing anything himself. Very selfish of him, even though anyone can see that it makes Jensen uncomfortable. While he’s pushing destiel, he also drones on and on about his wife, who has no other claim to fame except that she married Jared. He even brought her on stage at last years Jibcon. Why? I dont know. Maybe to show people how super straight he is. Jensen is not a saint. His biggest flaw that I know of, is that he used to be very standoffish during early conventions. The difference between him and Jared is that he admitted it and apologized for ”not letting in the love”. Unlike Jared who makes excuses for his bad behaviour.

                  After the whole ”destiel is not real” thing, fans started calling Jensen a redneck republican homophobe on twitter. In fact, one threatened his life. No matter what, that is unacceptable. So at Jibcon 8, Jensen was forced to do some damage control. He got drunk and basically whored himself to the entire destiel crowd, even taking off his pants and showing Misha his underwear. Misha was completely thrown throughout the entire panel. You can tell he was uncomfortable. Then Jensen started crying because he had met two very selfless fans who volunteered for the YANA suicide hotline for 50 hours non stop. It was like watching a slow train wreck.

                  As a fan of slash, (from my lord of the ring days) I am very passionate about slash fiction. I could write a book about the subject. Its not about gay men. Its a platform for female sexual fantasy. Its not a platform for political agenda. I don’t think any straight man should prove how gay friendly he is by acting gay. Misha is married to a bisexual so maybe he identifies with the need to tolerate. But Jensen is just playing a character. When he signed on to play Dean, Dean was straight. Because the fans don’t know the difference between the ‘tipping of a hat’ to slash fans, and queer baiting, they are accusing him of homophobia. The fans, Misha and Jared are all wrong. I don’t see how Jensen was wrong for saying that destiel is not real. He was telling the truth. Why tear him apart for that.


                  1. Any Christian fans who were heartbroken must have missed the fact that both Jared and Jensen have been Bill Maher fans for some time. But people only have an issue with something when it affects them personally.

                    You seem like a reasonable person, but fan service is the reason why Destiel is as big as it is. The writers and the actors made a conscious decision to go down that route. It’s all good and well when people are spending money, but unfortunately Jensen can’t have his cake and eat it too. Fair enough, Destiel isn’t real. I find it hilarious that he said that, but he knew what response he would get and also… I’ve always maintained that it would cost nothing just to pretend not to loathe it for two hours. He’s being paid thousands of dollars.

                    That’s not Jensen’s biggest flaw. He is still standoffish to this point unfortunately. You won’t read about it in most mainstream places, but I’ve seen first hand accounts of him more or less still being very cagey with fans. Plus, he’s known for being outright hostile to fans, but anyway.

                    I’m sorry that he received death threats but the volatile nature of the fandom is well known and ignored (in spite of all of the work they’re doing to stop such behaviour) so fans think they have free reign to behave like that. Jensen should call them out on that and not bother about a ship that isn’t real.

                    Damage control five months later? Somehow I think not. Seems like he got drunk (as they tend to do in Europe) and made a fool of himself. It happens.

                    Jensen’s homophobia accusations don’t just stem from his attitude to Destiel, although that frames a huge part of it given that he was never this hostile towards Wincest. That’s in part because Wincest fans were far less aggressive than Destiel fans are in terms of needlessly seeking acknowledgement. But, both Jared and Jensen have supposedly made homophobic comments over the years. So, you’re equating two very different things. Secondly, this isn’t about slash fiction. It’s about shipping. Supernatural has engaged in queer baiting and dangling a carrot in front of fans for many years. You can’t turn around and say that it’s their fault to reacting to that. No one is asking Jensen to prove how gay friendly he is (they know they’d be disappointed), but how do you explain the blowjob mines and gay innuendo he regularly engages in? That’s okay so long as no one tries to imply that his character is gay? It’s called hypocrisy.

                    LOL @ ‘when he signed on to play Dean, Dean was straight’. Anyway, I will agree that the fans are heavy handed and irritating but Jensen’s denials are not helping matters either. When there’s one of you and many of them, you have to make your life easier and suck it up for ten minutes and be like, ‘alright, guys, whatever you say’. Fans will back him no matter what he says. Instead, he makes strong statements, tries to enforce a ban on certain questions etc. Doesn’t help his case.

                    “Straight guys don’t want to be gay and they shouldn’t apologise for it.”

                    Nor should they agree to act out suggestive scenes then. Who is asking Jensen to apologize for not wanting to be gay? That’s more J2 tinhat territory than Destiel.

                    I can’t believe that I’m about to do this, but you start off by saying Jensen isn’t a saint before absolving him completely of any blame. How is it Jared or Misha’s fault? That’s ridiculous. If anything, they’re playing along and trying to keep the crazy to a steady level. Fans need to be babied and coddled and they’re good. And how does Jared push the task of slash bringing the show attention to Jensen? He’s not a part of Destiel. What is he supposed to do? And what does his wife have to do with anything – he always drones on about her. If Jared is truly to blame, I’m sure his friend Jensen would ask him to stop.

                    All of that being said, he’s paid thousands of dollars to sit on a stage for an hour. Destiel is part of something that pays his bills, mortgage etc. He doesn’t have to like it but he doesn’t have to be a dick about it either.

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  7. A quick amendment: In the second paragraph, I meant to say, ” Fan serving is not a promise that slash of any kind is going to take place.” Sorry about that.


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