Superman & Lois (Season 1-2)

Superman & Lois (The CW)

Note: I am angry that I am angry about a CW show with the word ‘Super’ in the year 2022. I THOUGHT I WAS PAST THIS.

Season 1 was SO GOOD. I don’t have much to say. The family moments were cute. Clark and Lois were cute. Superman was cute. Tyler was cute. Everything was on point. It wasn’t perfect, but it was entertaining, engaging and a fun way to embrace the Superman IP.

And then Season 2 entered the chat and crapped all over the place.

The first four episodes were decent and then it just…fell apart. The writers chose to focus on a version of Parasite that nobody has heard of over Bizarro. We wasted a lot of time on Lana Lang and her family. There was some stuff about a cult. Jonathan Kent basically inhaled X-Kryptonite and that was it for him.

Eventually, the show introduced a Bizarro World – without Bizarro – and it all went downhill from there. The villain was literally frozen in space for the last three episodes after stealing Superman’s powers. The twin with powers basically went from being in training wheels to doing Super BMX wheelies in space. The writers decided to throw in an All-Star Superman Easter egg and had him enter the sun – which should kill him, but you know, it’s the CW.

It did the opposite.

I remember smiling so much at random moments of Season 1, but Season 2 was just like… jam on a cracker. I’d probably eat it, but only with the knowledge that something is wrong. There were no smiles. Just disappointment.

Lois Lane was underused this season for reasons beyond my imagination. I don’t think she even wrote one article on screen. All she did was send the twins to their rooms at various points – and don’t even get me started on the parenting on this show. Just, ugh. The worst part was Bizarro! Lois. They went out of their way to have her in the finale and guess how many words she has? De nada.

Of course, that’s not even the worst part. I spoke too soon. Clark tells Lana Lang his secret (for reasons that didn’t make much sense). Lana says she needs space and Lois tries to talk to her and plead Clark’s case. Lana says she’s not angry with Clark, she’s angry with Lois. How is it Lois’s fault she’s was fooled by a pair of glasses for thirty years?

The show also has a serious problem with women. And I say this as someone who doesn’t look to television for an accurate representation of how life ought to be. The female characters are reduced to complaining, nagging, screaming and all around annoyances. It was bad even by the CW’s standards.

The only saving grace was Natalie and John Henry Irons.

Anyway. They better give Lois the respect she deserves next season. As for me, I’ll give it one more season and if it’s the same quality as Season 2, I’m out.

Season 1: 8.5/10.

Season 2: 5/10


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