amusing search terms that have lead people to this blog, take #2

WordPress sometimes let’s me see terms that people have searched for and a lot of the times, it’s highly entertaining.

jared padalecki’s hair keeps getting worse

No lies detected.

jensen ackles “facial expressions”

They look like this: 200

[image credit: someone’s signature on lipstick alley]

why is jared padaleckis hair so stupid

Possibly because Jared Padalecki still hasn’t quite realised that his hair looks stupid.

does jared padalecki wash his hair?

Yes. With 7UP and butter. Wait..

john cho supernatural


when did jared padalecki get sideburns

At birth.

jared padalecki butt crack

This is a butt-crack free zone. I think…

padalecki – pulling faces is not acting

He is indeed a master contortionist in the face department.

what is this impenetrable barrier around this instrument

This one is a Sleepy Hollow quote that I posted on here in full BUT WHATEVER, IT’S STILL FUNNY.

jensen ackles needs a haircut


snarkview: 9×15, I just have one question.

…I’m not planning on watching the episode but whatever.

Whose idea was it to get Jared into this live tweeting thing? All I get from them is that his ego really is bigger than his massive head. And that he’s now pretending that hashtags like #CutSamsHair don’t bother him. Please. He probably cried himself into a beanie hat.

Also, bonus question: Are the Ghostfacers really not dead yet? They stopped being cool eight seasons ago. Back during season 1. I’ll give them a pass for 4×17, but I seriously thought they’d died in a fire or sea of rabid marshmallows or something.

Guess that was wishful thinking.


So I watched this week’s Almost Human and it wasn’t great. I am not sure if that was the intended airing order of the episode but it just felt really flat. In all honesty, I did actually miss a huge chunk of it. I fell asleep and woke up and some guy with bandages on his face was having a Romeo/Juliet moment with some blind chick that he’d been stalking/talking to her online because…he wanted her or something, so maybe it was a good and I just don’t know it yet but

WHERE THE HELL WAS THE BUILD UP TOWARDS THE FINALE? Like, if this show ends on a cliffhanger and doesn’t ever comeback I’m going to destroy something. Possibly one of my Supernatural magazines. I will take a hammer to it. Or scissors. I’ll nail it to a wall and then attack it with scissors.

In other news, SPN recap will be posted over the weekend. It’ll probably be short (I’ve gone and jinxed it now!) because I had deadlines to meet etc, but we’ll see.

Vomitous comment of the week goes to the person on my Twitter waxing lyrically about how they can’t quit SPN because it’ll make them less crazy or something. Yawn. Come up with something new. Like, you can’t quit Supernatural because IT’S THE JUICE THAT KEEPS ALL OF YOUR ORGANS RUNNING. You need it to live!

I really need to stop adding random ‘Like’s to my sentences.

snarkvestigation: Is Supernatural is bad for you?

*This is mostly not ~serious~, and yes, I was really hit by Dr Boredom last night when I wrote this*

I was on fandomsecrets the other day and predictably there was one about SPN, but this one wasn’t as dumb as previous ones I’ve read, because I agreed with it. I can’t be bothered to link to it because I’m lazy, but the general gist was that this person thought that being in the SPN fandom was bad for them mentally etc. And as I was reading it, I was just like ‘Yeah, I can relate to that’. I was a complete crazy person at the height of my SPN heydeys. C R A Z Y. I’m lucky in that I was smart enough to use a fake name for the majority of my crazy and I mostly tweeted my crazy (all day, every day, for about two-three years) & they’re all in a Twitter black hole somewhere but anyway, I was a teenager and stupid back then. These days you see grown women descending with fury at anyone who dares to breathe a bad word about Jared or (especially) Jensen, and to a lesser extent, Misha (because there’s that whole crazy fraction of fans that hate Misha for coming between their precious “J2”).

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sort-of-snarkview: 8.11, i didn’t bother watching it. [gifs, again]

Okay so, I know that it’s maybe….oh what the hell, I haven’t watched it but I’m going to judge it anyway. Yup.

What It Was Called: No idea.

What It Should Have Been Called: Ponytail of Doom.

At some point I will watch it because I was foolish enough to download it. But yeah, the OCD freak in me refuses to jump from episode 10  to 12. Even if I’m happy to pretend that 11 in this case simply doesn’t exist.

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