All is good under the impala hood

… or not?

The drama of yesterday is still ongoing. While Jared said all was well, Jensen’s aunt entered the chat and… well, she was not happy.

It’s funny how this seems to have turned into a Jared vs. Jensen thing. I didn’t look at it as Jared sending his ‘army’ against Jensen, but his follow up tweet about people not sending death threats definitely makes it seem like that’s what happened anyway.

I love the way he wrote that tweet too…he would be in true misery if anything happened?

For someone who is constantly on his phone, one has to wonder why he didn’t just call, but it’s not the Jared way. Judging by the traffic to my blog, he’s definitely on the losing side here. All the posts about his Twitter faux pas are hitting the numbers.

Jensen fans do not play either. He’s never in the wrong. And I guess per his Aunt, the damage is well and truly done.

I say they’re both wrong, and this drama is what happens when unstable people follow unstable person(s). This is also what happens when people lack boundaries and common sense and have a victim mentality. And this is what happens when people do things in a calculated and underhanded manner.

The biggest issue here is Jared was the right person to try this with. Instead of keeping quiet and letting what Jensen did sink in, he went looking for sympathy.

That never works.

Personally? I’m enjoying the drama. 😂 I ain’t got no dog in this fight.

Talk about being happy for your friends…

… or not, in the case of….Jared Padalecki who had this to say when Jensen tweeted about his Supernatural spin-off…

I saw his tweet and thought nothing of it. Yes, the last line was a little bit strong, but I don’t know what kind of friendship they have. Well…Turns out he really didn’t hear about it from JA first.

I wish I could say I had a better reaction but I literally started laughing when I saw the second tweet.

ETA: He even went after one of the writers involved in the spin-off (and wisely deleted it – credit goes to the person on Twitter who took a screenshot!)

Why is he like this?

Upon further inspection, I see I missed key signs in the first tweet. The lack of exclamation! The weird line breaks (why is he tweeting like this? Why can I picture him furiously smashing his enter key?!).

The ‘Sam Winchester had no involvement whatsoever‘ is clearly code for himself because it doesn’t make sense.

Surely, he meant (LOL) Sam Winchester isn’t involved in any way whatsoever?

Anyway, I’ll be fair to Jared. It does seem like a bit of a dick move on Jensen’s part to do this without at least a heads up? Although, I’ve been telling you all he’s a dick for years now so I’m not surprised.

On the flip side maybe Jared’s reaction is why he wasn’t told? He could have just wished Jensen well and then messaged him privately and we’d be none the wiser – until he inevitably had a fifty tweet rant about it.

At the very least, I’d feel more sympathy if he wasn’t constantly doing the most. Dramatic as he may be, he’s not necessarily in the wrong here.

Jensen, bro, what’s going on?

What was so bad that you couldn’t call Jared and be all like, “So, I’m creating a spin-off of the show we’ve been on together for the last fifteen years. I’m going to be narrating. You’re… well, you’re not in it at all actually, and uh…”

…I guess it would have been an awkward conversation to have.

Somebody update me on this mess because I doubt I’ll be keeping up. I only saw the original tweet Jensen posted by accident.

… and I literally finished work and somehow the blog has its highest daily hits since I started it ten years ago. I have no idea how or why, but uh… thanks? It’s nice to know the hours I wasted writing these posts weren’t for nothing thanks to Jared’s complete lack of filter on Twitter.

Apparently Jared did what he should have done in the first place and all is well again.

….I don’t even have the energy to mock all this brothers nonsense. Clearly, the friendship runs deeper on one side.

What even happened here?

So, a few days ago – I got an alert that was like ‘YOUR STATS ARE BOOMING! etc’ and it was my post about Jared Padalecki’s post on Black Lives Matter. I don’t remember what I wrote it now, but I don’t recall saying anything controversial (for me anyway).

I could see it was mostly being clicked on from Twitter (which always makes me wary – I once saw someone tweet my blog URL at Misha one time and ask: “What do you think of this?” which noooo, this blog was always for disgruntled fans like myself and not to be tweeted at the actors).

Anyway, I looked up the post on there and see that it was linked to some drama from a few days ago.

This was my understanding of what happened, but if I’m wrong by all means correct me.

Jared tweeted this:

And I guess an overzealous Misha stan (fan?) or Jensen stan (fan?) took offense to that:

… and Jared took offense to that…


God forgive me, but I absolutely HOLLERED!

I really needed the laugh, too, so looking into it came at the right time. Whew!

I hope Jared was being facetious and it didn’t actually hurt him. The original tweeter was being stupid (and I say this as someone who’s tweeted some not so nice things myself in the past*), but the response isn’t much better**. If I was him, I’d have just been like, “Well, alright then. Wish granted. You’ll never see me post Dean again [dean.gif]” – via DM*** – and blocked them. Or better yet, just post Dean with no explanation.

I don’t understand the people on Twitter with millions of fans who actually read the mentions. I can barely read my texts from two weeks ago let alone the stream of crap that must come through. Like, no bueno. Ick.

Anyway, I’d like to thank Jared and mylovecas for the entertainment!

*I used to be a I’LL SAY WHAT I WANT TO SAY person, but I’ve mellowed. If you think someone is a prick, the best thing to do is ignore them and go on with your life. Words hurt, no matter how strong we think we are, and you never know what someone is going through.

**Jared’s passive aggressive response here is cute, but by doing it the way he did, it does come across like he was… sending the masses after her. It has a sinister undertone to it, and I’m betting the phenomenal folk who support Jared let their voices be heard. To me, it makes him just as bad as the original tweeter. What they said didn’t really warrant a response, and if it did, he needed to go high and not low.

***The best option is always to respond privately wherever and whenever possible. Or not to respond at all!

Back to my involvement in this and it seems like someone shared it for some reason or other.

I don’t really mind, but I’d like to stress my involvement in the SPN fandom is zero these days. My opinion is solely limited to what is within the posts on this blog (and I’ll admit I do cringe at some of the stuff I’ve posted on here. My tag list alone is absolutely terrible 🙈).

…but hey, I’m much nicer these days. 😁

Someone called me a Karen the other day and I was so taken aback! I’m like a internet beef retiree at this point. I was unprepared for the hostility. How I previously found the time to have so much internet drama in the past is beyond me. There are too many angry and messed up people online.

The snark will always be strong, though!


jared padalecki’s take on black lives matter

The journey towards understanding structural racism still requires people of colour to prioritise white feelings. Even if they can hear you, they’re not really listening. It’s like something happens to the words as they leave our mouths and reach their ears. The words hit a barrier of denial and they don’t get any further. That’s the emotional disconnect. It’s not really surprising, because they’ve never known what it means to embrace a person of colour as a true equal, with thoughts and feelings that are as valid as their own.

Reni Eddo-Lodge,  ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race’, 2014.

Before anyone runs in here with pitchforks, I’m not here to call him out.Not entirely anyway.

I’m surprised he said something (and unsure why he picked Father’s Day, but okay).

Quick note – I used to be a huge fan of Jared up until the Trayvon Martin case went to trial and… the ignorance came tumbling out of his nostrils at full force.

The fact that he had more to say about a young black woman who’s friend was murdered than the person who committed the crime says it all, let alone the whole cracker debate.

It was a wrap for me after that.

Yes, that was years ago, but like with all of his transgressions, it was promptly never mentioned again.

Anyway, this was his Father’s Day/BLM tweet(s):

He managed not to insult anyone, which is great.


Besides what he said about talking to his children, I don’t know what he’s trying to say. And I don’t care to read it over again.

It’s too long, to put it bluntly. Maybe it’s a case of the messenger, but I’m too tired.
Nbc No GIF by Superstore

He said they [he and his friend who’s also white and Southern-bred, lol] talked about not dancing around it, but apparently that didn’t translate to the statement itself.

All he did was dance around the issue.

I don’t understand why white people keep composing these essays.

The buzz phrase of the year seems to be ‘I need to do more’ – which I find ironic because it implies they were doing something to begin with.

Who are these statements for? Who are they really for? I saw someone write that he’s put out the best statement on the matter. How? Racist white people react strongly to a very simple hashtag. I don’t think his composition is really going to get through to them.

So, he basically wrote all of that about himself for himself.

I feel like he did that thing where you need to write a paper for class, but you have no idea what to say, so you just keep writing until it looks like you put some thought in it.

I was unmoved by ALL of it. I pasted that quote above because it sums up what I felt when reading it – a complete and utter emotional disconnect.

I understand that it’s hard for white people to wrap their heads around the idea that people are treated differently because of their skin colour, but…

I’ve peeped the game.

Not just from Jared, but all of the celebs out there who had free time (oh, look we’re in the middle of a pandemic!), access to a word processor and fan bases to share their words with.

As a black person, I can only read what people are saying and decide whether I believe it’s genuine. It doesn’t even matter who they are. I have had the exact same issue with a few other statements I read.

They’re basically rambling about themselves and posting it like they’re saying something. They will say the right words, say that they’re privileged, but…something doesn’t match up.

With Jared, by the time I got the end of his post, he’d come up with a very cute idea involving 5 steps. If we take 5 steps forward, we can take another five and another five.

In fact, that was probably the only part I really understood because of how frustrating it was.

This is not a baby steps situation.

Anyway, after I wrote most of this post, I realised the entire statement is directed at white people by a white man… who discussed everything happening with another white man!

[… I’m sure his other friend Stephen Amell was on hand to offer his support, too!]

I suppose I should be glad he didn’t bother a black person with the nonsense because he used up a lot of words to say:

black lives matter, and we need to make sure that people aren’t treated unfairly or differently because of the colour of their skin. As a white person, I’m privileged because I’ve never felt like people judge me based on the colour of my skin. Going forward, I’m going to educate myself, my children and others around me so that one day, people of all races are treated fairly and equally. 

In fact, had he just tweeted the hashtag and opened his wallet and donated to some worthy causes, I would have been like, ‘well, alright, look who’s getting involved!’ and kept it moving.

Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t call himself out on past transgressions – maybe he doesn’t think he has any.

I’ve come across too many instances of him being an asshole for no reason– to believe that he’s suddenly going to check his white privilege when he can barely check his regular privilege, but a’ight.

Still, maybe a miracle has happened. Maybe he’s changed (based on the statement, he hasn’t, but we all have to start somewhere!).

Going forward, I hope that:

  • the black characters (if there are any) on Jared’s new show, Walker, aren’t killed off or subjected to racist treatment behind the scenes.

Note: The CW is a hotbed of racism. Kat Graham went through it on The Vampire Diaries (the link is a long read, but there’s some seriously messed up stuff in there.

Some years back, Supernatural had a black woman morphing into a dog, or whatever that shit was. My recap is a mess, but basically, a white male character was the master of a black female character. They made a big deal about her choosing to be in such a dynamic, but…yeah. It was racist.

Supernatural in general has been problematic in terms of race and diversity. In its first season, Dean and Sam Winchester took on a racist truck that was killing black men, and to date, it’s probably the episode with the most black people in it). Minority characters often meet a gruesome end, or are seen for one or two episodes before they vanish.

On The Flash, Candice Patton has endured racism from some of the show’s the fans.

….and back to my hopes:

  • He stops making deportation jokes.
  • He doesn’t still believe in reverse racism.
  • He’s let the whole cracker thing go, because… no.
  • He’s not still disparaging women of colour.

…just don’t ask me how deep that hope runs.

Oh and I noticed that Jensen’s been all pro-BLM too which is good for him, I guess, and black fans of Supernatural who want to feel like their faves give a shit.

Somewhere in a corner, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is probably following suit.

I would give them all the benefit of the doubt, but like Maya Angelou once said: when someone shows you who they are – believe them. 

stupid and senseless: jensen ackles’ big dumb friend

Following on from Drunk & Disorderlecki, the silence was lifted. Drafted in first was Jensen Ackles, who I personally think is as idiotic as Jared.

He just hides it better.

I saw that he has an album coming out and I’d much rather listen to an asthmatic cow screaming into a fan.

I wasn’t going to post about the responses until I foolishly clicked on an article on the way home on Monday.

At the DC Con last weekend, Jensen offered these supportive words:

“There’s a lot of love. I’m going to tell Jared to stay home more often…I’m kidding. We all miss my big, dumb friend*. And I’ll just say it now, he had a bad weekend last weekend. He’s dealing with what he’s got to deal with so just send him support and love and have a good weekend this weekend.”

*Big, drunk, violently dumb friend.

I mean, if a regular bad weekend to Jensen is a large sized man assaulting three people, who am I to judge? I’d say Jared had a catastrophically dismal and failure of a weekend, but maybe that’s the best way Jensen can articulate himself.

Why do I need to send him support and love, though?

Naturally, there was more.

“When he showed up on set, because he had a couple days off last week — which turned out to be a good thing — but when he showed up on Wednesday, I brought him in in handcuffs. So we’re having fun, we’re having fun with it. The crew really wanted to wear orange jumpsuits. But we couldn’t get them in time. So it wasn’t like we thought it was a bad idea. We certainly were going to roll with it.”

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stupid and senseless: drunk and disorderlecki, cont.

I wasn’t planning on writing a follow up until I smelt the bs fandom was brewing up last night.

The bartender probably deserved it

I’m sure Jared did nothing wrong

He’s only human!

Well, okay, let’s just get to the facts instead of babying this grown ass man.

As per The Statesman*

I can smell the privilege and whiskey from here.

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stupid and senseless: drunk and disorderlecki

Real talk.

I actually Googled Jared Padalecki the other week before I read through my stupid and senseless posts and I asked myself.

How has this dude not fucked up again (majorly) yet?

I mean, he’s got another show (that absolutely no one was asking for, but okay okay okay work ethic), but he still looks like a hot mess. Could it be that he’d changed his ways and was slowly working on his appearance?


First, I read about him being in Vegas and paying people (girls) to take pictures with him and I was like…

…it’s only a matter of time.

And here we are, folks.

According to a new report from TMZ, Padalecki was arrested in Austin, TX on early Sunday morning, outside of a club called Stereotype. The fan-favorite actor reportedly faces two counts of assault and one count of public intoxication.

According to eyewitnesses, Padalecki reportedly “struck a bartender in the face” while inside the venue, as well as potentially hitting the general manager after getting into an argument with him.

A friend took him outside in an attempt to calm him down, which ultimately led to Padalecki putting the man in a headlock shortly before authorities arrived. TMZ has several video clips of Padalecki during the ordeal, including one of the aforementioned headlock.

Later on in the video, Padalecki appears to pull out a wad of money, allegedly “flashing it” to the officers that are trying to subdue him.


I think the TMZ article has tweets about fans being surprised and praying for him.

Y’all need to stop.

This is probably the least surprising thing I’ve ever heard.

He clearly has a problem and he needs help. What happens is that every time he fucks up he’s publicly enabled by fans, his friends, his family – for whose benefit is the question, but I won’t say more than that.

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stupid and senseless: curated by Jared and Jensen

Let me just start off by saying that my language is colourful in this post. I could edit it out but I want everyone to see just how ridiculous I found this when I saw it.

So, I accidentally clicked onto my Twitter timeline and I saw this:

I clicked onto her tweet and LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF.


Value: Priceless

I was really tickled pink.

That was before I saw what the unlucky (and stupid) fan will be paying for:

Is this a joke?

Swag, memorabilia and….Personal Polaroid pictures taken from set (why the addition of the word personal? Are they sending dick pics?).

You might as well save your $4k. 

Not even a set visit? Fucking FaceTime? What if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad? That’s a serious question. So I have to find someone and borrow their device because I’ve paid four thousand dollars for a video call that’s usually free. Lol. Fuck outta here.

Although, anyone silly enough to drop four grand on this foolishness would probably buy an iPhone if they don’t have one already.

The sheer brazenness of these people is disgusting.

What’s a fan got to do to get some real face time, though? Donate a kidney (+ transportation and their own medical costs?)

The replies are full of people saying they can’t afford it because they’re:

  • Broke
  • Not rich
  • Paying for cons already

The last point had me rolling my eyes. None of these people have any common sense. They will be crying about con tickets while paying exorbitant prices. It was quite funny but sad at the same time.


How can you complain when you have shown these people that you have bottomless pockets. Some of you will borrow money from people to spend one minute in the presence of these people and listen to them talk about their lives for two hours. Some of you will work multiple jobs to afford this shit. Some of you will complain after attending these things only to go again the next year. 

One strategically tweeted #SPNFamily and everyone is rushing forward with open wallets.

All Jared and Jensen see is dollar signs. So excuse me for not having any sympathy.

What is wrong with you people?

Why are you entertaining this madness? You have been donating money to these people on a monthly basis for years now. Years. They will not stop taking your money until you stop giving them your money. Meanwhile, their money (mostly) isn’t going anywhere but the bank. The bank. Please have some respect for yourselves.

Like my friend put it:

Fools and their money. The guys probably came up with this scheme to pay for half of a teeth bleaching session.

Someone will have to tell me what the final bid was but $4k is probably what Genevieve spends on one ugly blouse per shopping session. Why would you donate money in the name of people who don’t value money in the first place. For all of the money fandom has collectively donated, how much have the guys and the wives donated? Have any of you demanded receipts?

Do any of you have at least one functioning brain cell?

If you do – please use it. I don’t really care, I just hate being exposed to such stupidity. Just seeing it makes my head hurt. If that makes me a hater, feel free to let me know. I will wear my title with pride.

Note to Jared and Jensen: 

Please curate Supernatural’s cancellation charity raffle (at this point you might as well bleed fandom dry). Haven’t we all suffered enough? Let the show die a peaceful death already. Please. 

To conclude: UGH.

stupid and senseless: don’t pizza lecki off

It’s the General Election Day in the UK! Apparently the Conservatives are on course to win…

…and if they do I will probably join the circus. It was nice knowing you all!
It’s also Comey Testifies Day in the US! And World’s Oceans Day. And… World’s Brain Tumour Day (I didn’t know that!)

It’s also I need a break from politics and shitty life day.

So, I’m going to revisit my favourite person who I have neglected of late due to apathy and having better things to do.

Here’s a post about Jared Padalecki being stupid.

Now I want pizza

Long story short: Jared ordered food using Favor. It didn’t turn up. He got pissed, huffed and puffed and took his complaints to Twitter.

I have no idea what happened past that his food didn’t show up, and he was annoyed.

Somehow he got talking to customer service and this tweet happened:

Dearest @ Favor “Kobe” at customer support needs to be fired. I’m sure he’d land happily with @united.

First of all dearest? What is this a greeting card? A letter to a long list friend? How courtship began in the 1950s? How do you waste seven out of one hundred and forty characters on dearest? His Twitter game is all the way off. Personally, I would have gone for a succinct ‘Yo’ or ‘Oi’. There’s passive aggressiveness and then there’s concision. The latter is more important.

Also, why – why – is he posting this person’s name on Twitter? Hasn’t he learnt? Oh, that’s right. Dude doesn’t give a fuck.

The tweet was posted (and deleted) in April. I didn’t see it back then, although, I did hear about it. I didn’t realise he straight up said the dude needed to be fired. For something that’s probably not his fault. And the ‘land happily with @united‘. I can’t work out what that was.

He wants Kobe to be violently mishandled off or onto a plane or just in general?

Or he thinks Kobe will land a job at United due to his poor customer service skills?

Or he’s just an idiot who really didn’t need to bring up United at all?

Correct answer wins a prize.

I saw the Pada Defense Warrior League hard at work. They insisted that Jared would never wish violence on anyone and that he felt horrible about what happened to the man on that United plane. And that he was within his rights to complain, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Something tells me that Jared felt more vindicated than horrible* when he saw that video. He was probably thinking, “THIS IS HOW TERRIBLY THEY TREAT ME MINUS THE VIOLENCE AND STUFF!!!!!!!!!”.
Everyone on his contact list probably got that video plus an essay about his unfair treatment.

Dearest Friends, if you haven’t yet had an opportunity to see this disgraceful act, here you go. Much of this justifies my complaints over the years!!!!!! I mean, weather delays, being forced to check a bag and every other petty thing imaginable almost equals the severity of this video when you add them all up and take into account my pain and suffering!….

Jim Beaver was also going at it with some fan, claiming that Jared has a right to complain. People were surprised, but Jim Beaver is never the voice of reason. Ever. That dude has no sense. I know I should respect my elders but people like him make it hard

I’m sure Kobe is just fine, but I am truly disturbed (yet not surprised) that Jared has no problem belittling people in this way. I’m disturbed that so many people think this is okay.

He talks about treating people fairly and kindly but doesn’t do the same to people he deems unworthy. No one who works in customer service is paid enough to deal with the bullshit. Sometimes, there’s absolutely nothing they can do, and customers getting pushy won’t change that.

On the flip side, yes customer support workers can be flippant and they shouldn’t be, but I probably would be too. You’re basically listening to people complain all day long. Sometimes as a human being (who breathes oxygen), you have to consider that the other person is just doing their job and that job doesn’t involve kissing your ass.

Like I’ve said before, the common denominator in Jared’s bad customer service experiences is him.

Anyway, if it’s alright for Jared to do it, I’m going to tweet the CW** and demand that they fire Jared because he’s annoying.

Hopefully he lands happily @ somewhere far away from any television screen.

*I’m joking, wildly speculating, opinion, didn’t happen, please don’t sue, or leave abusive messages etc etc. 

**Not actually going to do this. See above. 

We’re waiting for a train

…and it just won’t come.

Even though we all knew it would happen, season 13 is officially a go. WOOOOOOO!!!!! And many more charity campaigns will be on the way too, I’m sure. Congratulation$, fandom.

I’ve lost interest in drumming up any outrage over this show, so I’ll leave any willing takers to do so on my behalf.

Or not.

At this point, we all have better things to be doing!