snarkview: 10×02, esca(k)e to sandwi(t)ch mountain


Quick note: natewinchester is posting his remixes here this season (because I’m probably going to do a vanishing act at some point!) so be sure to check them out 🙂 [10×01 | 10×02]

Considering that last season I watched the first episode and then skipped the next nine or so, I have no idea why I’m watching this one. Probably because they managed to keep Bobby out of the episode.

Anyway, yesterday I got caught up in a Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Youtube black hole. And I came across this video, specifically the 3:55 mark. I was amazed. Not by the free kick but by the commentary. I don’t know who he is but I am inspired. Usually when commentators lose their shit over a goal it’s just unintelligible noise but for this guy, it was a dream. And not just any dream.

“This is not just a dream, it’s a wet dream of orgasmic proportions!” 

Once he had time to regain his composure, he turned his attention to the replays and remarked: “This has got more curves to it than Jessica Rabbit on steroids!” 

nene-laughing gif

I can only imagine how he’d describe Sam’s hair. Probably something  along the lines of, ‘An oil drenched wanton hairball that spreads in a Japanese fan-esque semi-circular arched wave‘.

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snarkview: 8×17, in which cas is needed, but free to go once he’s made dean’s face pretty again.

Greetings! I went into this episode not having any idea what was happening, and came out of it the same way. Isn’t that wonderful? Points:

  • Jensen still has a ridiculous tan
  • Jared still has terrifying hair
  • Misha is still on the show
  • Angel tablet, demon tablet….we’re still pretending that this is a storyline
  • I am still watching the show, because I’m an idiot.

What the episode was called: Goodbye Stranger

What it should have been called: Hit Me Baby One More Time

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sort-of-snarkview: 8.11, i didn’t bother watching it. [gifs, again]

Okay so, I know that it’s maybe….oh what the hell, I haven’t watched it but I’m going to judge it anyway. Yup.

What It Was Called: No idea.

What It Should Have Been Called: Ponytail of Doom.

At some point I will watch it because I was foolish enough to download it. But yeah, the OCD freak in me refuses to jump from episode 10  to 12. Even if I’m happy to pretend that 11 in this case simply doesn’t exist.

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snarkview: 8×07, the one where sam is overly concerned about everyone [image heavy, because I suck].


This week I’m attempting to make my own gifs because I don’t even have the energy to  look on tumblr. So far, I’m sucking at it but whatever okay. THIS SHOW DESERVES MY SECOND RATE GIFS ANYWAY.

…okay so I can’t even make second rate gifs. So here’s some that I stole. This is Sam’s contribution to the season so far.

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snarkview: 8×06, we’re on the highway to…pointless flashbacks.

Uh, I’m probably going to mention the hair but let’s pretend that I’m still being nice about Jared Padalecki

holy shit, look at his sideburns. damn.

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