This sounds like something that Supernatural fans would do.

So, I was bored in class this morning and I came across this article “Manchester United fans planning fly-past calling for Moyes to be sacked” Manchester United are an English football team that  I support,  who won the league last year and then declined rapidly this year (much to my chagrin). Supposedly fans are now revolting against the manager and in an attempt to force the board to sack him they want to FLY A PLANE PAST THE NEXT GAME.

….a plane.

An actual plane with a message attached.

These people want to  spend £1000 on this shit when they have the entire internet at their disposal. I’m not sure how a plane flying past would help voice their displeasure any more than chanting strongly worded songs at the game. The board aren’t really going to be all like, “Fuck, these fans wasted their own time and money to speak out against our decisions! WE MUST ACT NOW.” They’ll probably be smoking cigars and cracking the fuck up along with the rest of the country.

But anyway, my expectations of other people been raised. I now fully expect to hear about Supernatural fans protesting via plane whenever they put this show out of its misery. Several planes. And huge messages on lorries. SKYWRITING SHIA LABEOUF STYLE. Bus shelters. Face tattoos. Space beams. Spray painting their houses. Chest tattoos.


I am counting on all of this happening. Don’t let me down fandom.


snarkvestigation: Is Supernatural is bad for you?

*This is mostly not ~serious~, and yes, I was really hit by Dr Boredom last night when I wrote this*

I was on fandomsecrets the other day and predictably there was one about SPN, but this one wasn’t as dumb as previous ones I’ve read, because I agreed with it. I can’t be bothered to link to it because I’m lazy, but the general gist was that this person thought that being in the SPN fandom was bad for them mentally etc. And as I was reading it, I was just like ‘Yeah, I can relate to that’. I was a complete crazy person at the height of my SPN heydeys. C R A Z Y. I’m lucky in that I was smart enough to use a fake name for the majority of my crazy and I mostly tweeted my crazy (all day, every day, for about two-three years) & they’re all in a Twitter black hole somewhere but anyway, I was a teenager and stupid back then. These days you see grown women descending with fury at anyone who dares to breathe a bad word about Jared or (especially) Jensen, and to a lesser extent, Misha (because there’s that whole crazy fraction of fans that hate Misha for coming between their precious “J2”).

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I’d say that this is why we can’t have nice things but nice things from the SPN writers would probably make me cry. Like a baby. For days.