snarkview: 9×15, I just have one question.

…I’m not planning on watching the episode but whatever.

Whose idea was it to get Jared into this live tweeting thing? All I get from them is that his ego really is bigger than his massive head. And that he’s now pretending that hashtags like #CutSamsHair don’t bother him. Please. He probably cried himself into a beanie hat.

Also, bonus question: Are the Ghostfacers really not dead yet? They stopped being cool eight seasons ago. Back during season 1. I’ll give them a pass for 4×17, but I seriously thought they’d died in a fire or sea of rabid marshmallows or something.

Guess that was wishful thinking.

5 thoughts on “snarkview: 9×15, I just have one question.

  1. Jared crying himself into a beanie hat, haha. He was probably wearing a fugly v-neck shirt too, playing a bieber song while the salty tears of heartache run down to his man cleavage. “Why don’t they love you?!” He asks while staring in a mirror and twirling his hair. He repulses me to the point where I laugh about it sometimes.
    The “Ghostfacers” were ok in season1 when they were HellHounds (summer ’06, 14 year old me thought the “Hell House” ep was like the most hilarious thing ever! Stupid bitch, watched the VHS tape like 20 times that year.), before lame things happened like calling themselves “Ghostfacers”. They weren’t too bothersome in 4×17, they really should have died in a sea of fiery, rabid, poisonous marshmallows lol.
    Ever see Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel? It’s fucking hilarious and not on purpose.


    1. LOL. Sounds about right. He’s trying way too hard and it’s just really annoying now. There’s a fine line between joking/being snarky and sounding like an asshole. I can’t understand why he’s so desperate for attention and ego-stroking. It’s nauseating. Ugh. Misha is worse, and it’s so obvious that he saw Misha’s schtick and tried to emulate it. I just want to beat both of them over the head with a wooden spoon until they shut up lol.

      Aw! Hell House is a great episode, and they were much better as those two guys running a silly website. The second they gave them a name and theme song, the whole thing got tiresome. That Ghostfacers episode is terrible. I can only imagine what the webisodes were like…

      Haha, I haven’t! It sounds fun though. I’ll add it to my list of shows to watch 😉


    1. Did they die on the show last night or are they still alive? I really want a sinkhole to just open up and swallow the entire universe that SPN exists in. That’d be a doddle for the writers. I think.


      1. They’re still hanging around like canker sores. Their manpain was all over everything and the camera panned to Dean and his face was like: oh I think I know what I did wrong …



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