sort-of-snarkview: 8.11, i didn’t bother watching it. [gifs, again]

Okay so, I know that it’s maybe….oh what the hell, I haven’t watched it but I’m going to judge it anyway. Yup.

What It Was Called: No idea.

What It Should Have Been Called: Ponytail of Doom.

At some point I will watch it because I was foolish enough to download it. But yeah, the OCD freak in me refuses to jump from episode 10  to 12. Even if I’m happy to pretend that 11 in this case simply doesn’t exist.

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snarkview: 7×21, speaking is not fundamental if your name is sam winchester.

Episode Title: Reading is Fundamental

What it should have been called: This Episode Is Not Fit For Human Consumption, Do Not Watch It.


  • Usually at this point, the writers ignore the previous 19 (or in the this case 20) episodes and decided to dramatically change the entire plot of the season due to the fact that there’s been no actual plot thus far.
  • This basically  means that they’ll bring the angels back in to fuck everything up. JUST SHOOT ME SOMEONE. PLEASE.