amusing search terms that have lead people to this blog, take #2

WordPress sometimes let’s me see terms that people have searched for and a lot of the times, it’s highly entertaining.

jared padalecki’s hair keeps getting worse

No lies detected.

jensen ackles “facial expressions”

They look like this: 200

[image credit: someone’s signature on lipstick alley]

why is jared padaleckis hair so stupid

Possibly because Jared Padalecki still hasn’t quite realised that his hair looks stupid.

does jared padalecki wash his hair?

Yes. With 7UP and butter. Wait..

john cho supernatural


when did jared padalecki get sideburns

At birth.

jared padalecki butt crack

This is a butt-crack free zone. I think…

padalecki – pulling faces is not acting

He is indeed a master contortionist in the face department.

what is this impenetrable barrier around this instrument

This one is a Sleepy Hollow quote that I posted on here in full BUT WHATEVER, IT’S STILL FUNNY.

jensen ackles needs a haircut


9 thoughts on “amusing search terms that have lead people to this blog, take #2

  1. I simply searched “supernatural sucks” and ended up here.
    Damn right, John Cho is too good for this motherfucking turd of a show (He has a sitcom coming on ABC this fall but it does not look promising). Andy Dick is too good for Supernatural lol. Hell, even Snooki is to good for Superna- oh wait that actually happened… I still think she’s too good for it and I don’t even like her.
    That picture of Nene is amazing, I wonder what she was talking about that brought on such an expression.
    Jared washes his hair with 7up and butter lol. He must have seen too many of Fabio’s “I can’t believe it’s not butter” adds in the 90’s and believed it was for shampoo. As for the JarPad Buttcrack search ewwwww.
    They make faces like cartoon characters. It’s like they studied acting by watching Spongebob.
    “what is this impenetrable barrier around this instrument” That is someone’s way of wondering why logic isn’t getting through the heads of anyone working on or religiously watching this show.


    1. Ahaha! Yes, “supernatural sucks” is a popular one ;P John Cho has such bad luck with shows but I will watch it anyway because I love him. I think everyone (apart from the people currently on the show) is too good for Supernatural! Lol at Snooki…her show is probably better than SPN.

      Lol, knowing Nene she was probably throwing shade at someone 😉 I firmly believe that Jared’s hair and grease are the best of friends! Haha.

      LOL @ “That is someone’s way of wondering why logic isn’t getting through the heads of anyone working on or religiously watching this show.” hahaha!


    1. Thanks! You’ve got to love Google Analytics 😛 Just today there’s been “jensen ackles brick pants”, “jared padalecki douchebag” and LOL “jared padalecki nose job”. I’m not sure why the nose job one led them here…*snort*


  2. I believe mine search was “Jensen Ackles Can’t Act” which brought up your “Letter To Jensen Ackles”.

    Sure, Jarpad’s facial contortions look weird, but at least they don’t torture my eardrums the way Jensen’s ‘Mr. Batman wannabee’ voice does.


    1. LOL! That one I can understand, I definitely don’t think much of his recent acting.
      The voice really pisses me off. Especially when people try and defend it. He sounds stupid; end of story. It doesn’t add anything to the character, unless we’re counting masculinity complexes…


  3. I caught a S1 ep and his voice sounded perfectly normal, and his acting, while not in the ‘Daniel Day Lewis’ league was competent. I loved the faux ad on The Wil Wheaton Project for ‘Christian Bale’s Batman Lozenges’, take one, get a batman growl, no need to actually act. It featured both Misha and Jensen among others, with a big laugh from the audience during their snippets. The Jensenites on various forums seened to think it wasfine complement to their idol. a


    1. I’ve been making a video with season 2 and honestly, I wish we could just go back to that time. Not only did Jensen sound normal, Jared looked normal. And Jensen’s acting was so much better. I still think he peaked in AHBL2 and after that just went on a downward spiral. LOL, I must look that up! Haha! Of course his fans were happy…any outside recognition means that he moves ever closer to his deserved Emmy! There really ought to be a TV equivalent of the Razzies.



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