sort-of-snarkview: 8.11, i didn’t bother watching it. [gifs, again]

Okay so, I know that it’s maybe….oh what the hell, I haven’t watched it but I’m going to judge it anyway. Yup.

What It Was Called: No idea.

What It Should Have Been Called: Ponytail of Doom.

At some point I will watch it because I was foolish enough to download it. But yeah, the OCD freak in me refuses to jump from episode 10  to 12. Even if I’m happy to pretend that 11 in this case simply doesn’t exist.


Ugh, no.





This scene was obviously a nod to my reaction to the past 10 episodes. BRAVO, CARVER . There’s a little less blood and theatrics when I do it, but it’s pretty accurate.



YES, YES, YES, YES, MORE OF THIS. KILL HIM!!! This actually looks like some sort of torture porn role play.

I’ll see myself out.




Thanks to fiercelynormal for all of the gifs except the last one.

9 thoughts on “sort-of-snarkview: 8.11, i didn’t bother watching it. [gifs, again]

  1. I haven’t fully watched this one yet either. As I look at the pictures of our once loved heroes I can’t help but wonder how the fuck did it come to this?
    If someone told me five years ago “One day there will be an episode devoted to Sam and Dean role playing. Dean only growl-speaks now and Sam’s hair will look terrible.” I would have asked what drugs they were on to prompt such a ridiculous notion.
    I wish I were still oblivious to the existence of this Felicia Day person. Warning, spoiler ahead- she may be back again in season 8. You know why Castiel never found God back in season 5? Because when it comes to this show there isn’t one and Felicia Day’s presence proves it.
    I apologize for ranting here. I look forward to your next post more than the next episode 🙂


    1. I’m not sure if I can bring myself to watch it lol. I’d probably seriously cry a river of Padalecki tears. I know! It’s hard to believe that this was a show that I’d watch obsessively everyday and actually enjoy.

      I wish I were still oblivious to the existence of this Felicia Day person.

      Agreed! And ugh, yeah I heard that she’s possibly going to show up in episode 20? SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE US FROM THIS. Sigh.

      No need to apologise, feel to free to rant! I love reading people’s rants. I hate those places that don’t think rants count as valid opinions.

      I’d say that you were just flattering me but…at this point even tentacle porn is better than the episodes. 😀


  2. When I watch episodes from Seasons 1-5 on TNT or the old dvds, I can’t believe it’s the same show. Since when would Dean EVER want to role play? Back when it was on Thursday nights, I couldn’t wait. The whole week leading up to Thursday was just me counting down the days, and Thursdays themselves were just torture, watching the clock, waiting for the Winchesters and the monster-of-the-week to hit my screen. Now, I just watch it online while playing Spite and Malice (yeah, I know), and it’s always a CHORE. Capital C, Capital H, ORE. Like, the longest 42 minutes of my life. Why must my OCD/feelings of investment keep me tuning in?

    And I keep reading all of these fans saying how great Season 8 is so far, and how it’s the saving grace of the trash known as Seasons 6-7, and how Edlund never fails, but…no. Just, no. Not to mention the Men of Letters and squeaky-clean-even-though-it’s-been-buried-for-decades-bunker thing just bores me (if you haven’t seen it yet, well… I envy you).

    “Agreed! And ugh, yeah I heard that she’s possibly going to show up in episode 20? SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE US FROM THIS. Sigh.”
    ~ Are you kidding me? Gag, Felicia Day so harshes my vibe.

    If I were a Men of Letter, I would transport myself into my own closet and tell me to stop at Season 5.

    By the way, love the torture porn role play gif. ❤


    1. I can’t even sit through an old episode anymore. I made it through Wishful Thinking a few weeks ago but it was a struggle! I feel the same way you did/do. It’s like time literally freezes! Haha, nice game choice. I usually play Words With Friends 😛 UGH, IDK WHY WE CAN’T LET IT GO ;____;

      I don’t get this people. This season is no better than six/seven they’ve just lowered their standards or something. Or they were biased towards Gamble. I haven’t seen it yet, but the Men of Letters thing made me headdesk so hard! Just everything that I’ve heard about it makes it sound so….stupid. Another magical, informative library to help Sam and Dean solve cases!! We’ve never had one of those before(!)

      Felicia Day, ugh. Just ugh, she harshes mine too.

      If I were a Men of Letter, I would transport myself into my own closet and tell me to stop at Season 5.

      If only!

      It is a pretty spectacular gif! <33


  3. I quite liked this episode. It was funny. But yeah, if you had said five years ago this was the kind of episode they’d be doing, I’d punch you. I think I actually have lowered my standards when it comes to this show, huh. But I’m still watching it. Supernatural, I wish I knew how to quit youuu.


    1. LOL. I still can’t bring myself to watch it. Just the gifs made me sad in a way that I can’t explain. I feel like me lowering my standards was watching after season 3. ‘Cause I was never a big fan of 4 and by 5, I was content with it because I thought it’d be the last season! More fool me, LOL.

      Supernatural, I wish I knew how to quit youuu.



  4. Yep. I watched it. …I’m on bored (my spelling is quite correct) with the men-of-letters being tedious, and Salacia Day being…. well, you know… Salaciously flippant and gayalishious and/or whatever…

    Despite this I have to say that those two episodes were the most entertaining/best so far of season 8 for me. …which is not saying f*k all, of course, but… ya’know. Partly, my real-life experience with larpers (friends) has made the topic all the more fall-down-lilarious to me. Really all you have to do to make me soil myself in pubic is ask me if I wanna larp with you.

    So for both, it was mostly the humour that saved them for me, and the fact that they were stand-alone episodes (‘saved them’ is relative btw). …Sadly, the show is not a sit-com, and my main reason for watching is NOT the humour. …but for some reason, the writers of SUPERNATURAL, can’t write anything about THE SUPERNATURAL without making it seem completely childish and insulting to my intelligence. This show now totally sucks ass – and not in a good way, right? ….Did the words “Witch Bar” really come out of Dean’s mouth? …jesu fuckundi.

    I digress…. so I give these episodes a pass because: a) Despite Salacia being there in one (and totally out in the open right?), neither had anything to do with soap-opera story arcs like dead/lost girlfriends, burning mothers, demonic acting angels, angelic acting hot-bitch demons, not trusting each other even though we save each other all the time (ludicrously this ‘phenomenon’ has become a plot device in and of itself in this), or closing the gates of hell. yawn… again? …oh right… for GOOD this time. Well that should make up for the bad guys being less interesting, less scary, less intelligent… I mean Less is Less, right? That’s what our culture is all about right? So fuck it. Fuck it all. Fuck the shitty plots, and the fucktards, and fuck Sam and Dean.

    I heard a great story in a documentary about ‘Mediocrity” (supposedly a true story – I mean, it’s in a movie right?). Here it is:

    a screenwriter wrote a comedy script and was called in by one of the executive producers to discuss it (I shall not name the company he named – ’tis unspeakable). She told him it was the BEST SCRIPT, the FUNNIEST, she had ever read. …and that they could NOT POSSIBLY make it. BECAUSE, if they did, they would have to make everything else they did to this standard. Period. That’s it. That’s the joke. haha. F*n yay.

    This is the world we live in. Hell, supernatural sucks even harder by this standard because they can’t even write up to the level of the original seasons (back when I thought this show had room to grow and get better).

    So yes. I give these episodes a pass – and the Men of letters episode. Why? ..because my standards have been so lowered over time that these two episodes have managed to squeeze on to my ‘least bad of season 8’ list. …Maybe when I watch them I actually think they’re good. Oh, gawd, they’re good! ..then I think… or was that good? …am I high? I mean, i WAS just chewing on that table leg while listening to Sam whine about Dean not trusting him – and that shit’s got Pledge all over it. Omg. I’m high. Joke is totally on me. Frack! Right?


  5. ps. I love the gif of Sam being choked and am DYING to write the most vulgar comment about it – but shall resist. …needless to say, asphyxiation shots of Sam are one of things that keep me watching. I know that would make me creepy if were being serious. I shall save it to my Desktop though because I sort of do find it rewarding – just not in a creepy way (yet). TY. I’ll keep you posted though. I hear this sort of interest escalates in some folks.



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