stupid and senseless: once a douchebag, always a ‘deuchebag’.

First things first…

I made that as a joke, but it’s now a very pleasant viewing experience. 😀

This isn’t really a specific post but more a round up of Jared’s douchey ways.

  • Talking about accidentally hurting his kid at cons. WHY? I really don’t understand. They’re not cute stories, or ‘lulz, aw, what a shame’, they’re just ridiculous. I think the general gist was:

I put my sons head through the wall


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Supernatural’s renewal is a good thing!

So the show’s been renewed for an eleventh season, just like we all knew it would be. For the past few seasons my reaction to its baffling renewal each year has been:


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snarkview: 10×05, hell on ears.


 So…Supernatural reached its 200th episode.


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This looks like a promo for a SyFy Original movie.

Dreaminlace made me watch this ‘Year of the Deanmon/Deanmon Rises’ trailer. More like Dire-mon Rises…jeez.

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snarkview: 9×15, I just have one question.

…I’m not planning on watching the episode but whatever.

Whose idea was it to get Jared into this live tweeting thing? All I get from them is that his ego really is bigger than his massive head. And that he’s now pretending that hashtags like #CutSamsHair don’t bother him. Please. He probably cried himself into a beanie hat.

Also, bonus question: Are the Ghostfacers really not dead yet? They stopped being cool eight seasons ago. Back during season 1. I’ll give them a pass for 4×17, but I seriously thought they’d died in a fire or sea of rabid marshmallows or something.

Guess that was wishful thinking.

snarkview: 9×09, you don’t bring kevin tran to an angel fight.

Hi! I finally got around to watching this episode so here we go! I haven’t seen an episode since the premiere but I doubt that it’ll take much for me to catch up with the show’s complex and exquisitely well crafted plot. Yup.

So. There’s a recap of all this shit. Angel’s jumping in vessels, Castiel is human. Blah. Blah. Sam is possessed by an angel with robotic, baby blues. That probably explains why he’s more terminator than Angel.

At the start a bunch of people are facing off against each other. FACE OFF! That movie is awesome. Unlike Supernatural. Anyway. It’s a bunch of bikers vs a middle-aged Glee club. Oh and look, the middle-aged Glee club are the ones who won! Look at them, all covered in blood and looking all homely and shit! HA HA HA HA HA. Angel beef over and done. Next.

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snarkview: 8×22, not saving people, hunting things unsuccessfully, the family business

WordPress has changed!

Oh and I don’t remember anything that’s happened, but whatever!! I’m sure there will be brand new plot for me to get my head around that contradicts the rest of the season somehow.

What The Episode Was Called: Clip Show

What It Should Have Been Called: 9.12, because Supernatural does not need 22-episode seasons. THEY SUCK AT IT.

RECAP: As usual it is FULL OF ALL THIS SHIT. SOME OF WHICH I HAVEN’T WATCHED….WHO IS ABBADON? Some red-headed chick by the looks of things. That Dean cut into strips and laid under cement. Okay then.


Our pre-credits soiree comes with one of the original Dumb Kids In The Woods!!!!!!!! All the way back from season 1!

“WENDIGO” HE SCREAMS. Right before he bursts, and blood splatters on his girlfriend and everywhere because that’s not old yet. Continue reading “snarkview: 8×22, not saving people, hunting things unsuccessfully, the family business”

snarkview: 8×20, the saga of felicia “her highness” day, volume-fucking-three.

supernaturalsnark says: Hi guys! The awesome Trish agreed to write up this episode for me because I’m still allergic to Felicia Day. Of course, because Jared Padalecki is a saint, I wasn’t able to miss out on the episode entirely because he decided to live tweet it. Thanks for that Jared.

Honestly, I’d have preferred a live tweet of an episode with Amelia in it. I want to know all about the chemistry he had with Liane! LOL.

Anyway, over to Trish!

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