7 thoughts on “snarkview: 9×21, dean winchester is hooked on a feeling that sam doesn’t believe in.

  1. Lmao wow! This show does not make sense, the only way it could possibly make sense is if you mute the TV and make shit up as you’re watching it.
    “I will summarise all the Crowley shit later because he’s an insufferable toad and the sight of his face makes me want to do damaging things with a spoon”. Lmfao, what damaging things could you do with a spoon? Crowley has gotten that bad?
    “if the show can only afford low-budget effects they should just not bother and use the money to make Jared look presentable and to buy jackets that don’t make my eyes want to shrivelup and die.” i don’t think there’s enough money to make Jared look presentable, he’s beginning to remind me of Bruce Jenner. As for the clothes, I have no idea what their wardrobe department was ever trying to prove.

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    1. I am convinced that is what fans do. They mute it and pretend that Cas/Sam and Dean are declaring their love for each other. Crowley is so insufferable. Apart from his first season, I have never liked him. He’s basically a gimmick, the ‘smarmy, British bad guy’. It’s laughable. He says and does the same shit over and over again. All of the stuff with his son was so ridiculous. Haha! I can scoop out eyeballs with a spoon 😉

      LOL! Touche! There probably isn’t, Jared’s a lost cause. Lmao @ the Bruce Jenner comment. Hahahaha. I think wardrobe are trying too hard to make Sam and Dean not look like they’re modelling for J.Crew. Sadly no one has told them that neither of them are model material anymore.


      1. What the hell happened to Padalecki’s looks? Sure, Jensen’s gone way downhill, but that was due to natural aging, and I strongly suspect he’s shaved a few years off his ‘official’ age.

        But JP is another story. He’s practically unrecognizable from the early seasons. Is it the scruff? The receeding hairline/long back combined with the fivehead? The aftereffects of S5’s steroids? And don’t tell me he wasn’t using them, no one bulks up that much, that fast, naturally.

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        1. Haha! You think Jensen is older than he says he is? Hmm. That could very well be possible, given how young he looked up until recent times. I don’t blame him if he did, lol.

          In the case of Jared, I really don’t know. I was a major fangirl of his up until he got his Twitter but even I can agree that he hasn’t looked the same ever since he juiced up for Conan (which was a waste of ‘roids in the end). I think it’s a combination of all of that. His hair being pushed back like that exposes his forehead and just makes him look really weird. He also looks like he‘s always recovering from a night of drinking, so it could be that too. Or maybe it’s just nature? Either way, I need someone to get him some decent moisturiser and a decent haircut.


  2. All I can say is that Jensen’s either lying about his age or he’s the oldest looking 36 year old I’ve ever seen.




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