11 thoughts on “snarkview: 9×18, dean winchester needs to take a walk on sunshine.

  1. Lol I agree, they have no business uttering David Beckham’s name. Hell, they have no business referencing Harry Potter (and I’m not even in on the Potter craze). Just reading your recap made my head hurt. I can’t comprehend this crap!


    1. Lol, right? They should leave everyone out of this mess except for Jared and Jensen.

      I can’t even remember most of what I watched. I think I just mistakenly picked a particularly terrible episode to snark about haha. There wasn’t even much to mock, that’s how awful it was.


  2. Clearly, I am not missing a damn thing by not watching season 9. It’s the show that got relegated to the “maybe later” section of shows to watch. In the mean time, I’ve got David Tennant, Classic Who, etc to watch. Can’t really bring up the tv shows currently on air because summer hiatus. I almost bought season 8 of Supernatural last week because it was 17 dollars. But I decided I wanted Thor: The Dark World more and put season 8 back.


    1. You’re not missing anything at all. It got relegated to ‘never’ for me, but for some reason I keep tuning back in occasionally. 😛 Yep, there’s so many better things that one can spend their time watching as opposed to a show that is way past its sell-by-date.

      Haha, good choice! DON’T BUY SEASON 8, EVER. It is terrible! It wouldn’t be worth it even if it was free. And Thor: The Dark World is absolutely worth it just for that split second where Chris Hemy is shirtless 😛


      1. That is always lovely to see Chris Hemsworth shirtless. 😀

        There’s a good chance I won’t buy season 8 I am too busy buying David Tennant, and Doctor Who. No room for Supernatural. I should probably stop buying DVDs though I’ve run out of places to put them or rather I am running out of places to put them.


          1. Too bad I don’t have any shoe boxes lying around. Though the boxes I get from Amazon.com should make up for that. I feel like if I put them in there I won’t look at them. But I might have to start putting them in boxes.


            1. Amazon boxes work too! Especially seeing as how they love to send enormous boxes all the freaking time!

              That might happen, but I suppose it depends on how much you want to watch whatever you store in there* 😛

              (*my SPN DVDs currently live in a Converse box that I haven’t touched in over a year).


              1. Ah yes, it’s been a lot longer than a year since I touched my SPN DVDs.

                That’s very true. My problem is I’d be worried I’d want to watch a DVD that I put away shortly after I did it.



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