OS: NBC’s Undateable (plus Chicago Fire/PD thoughts) and more.

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I am in a snarky mood, so…I will try and do a recap this week, maybe an earlier episode because I don’t have time for any Metatron tomfoolery right now. And I heard that they made Garth a werewolf? AND ALSO APPARENTLY DEAN’S A DEMON NOW? I’m probably going to wrap my head in cotton wool before attempting the finale, because Lord knows that I’m going to be bashing it into the wall. Over and over and over (and over) again.

In the meantime here is an informative graph.


A graph showing the acting level of Jared, Jensen and Misha in season’s 1-8 This is what I do in my spare time. It’s sad.

In all fairness to Misha, he’s probably at a 40 in season 4, but somehow I got more personal satisfaction by grading him with zero for everything. I must be a hater. 😛


I came across Undateable by accident. I was searching for something else (I have no idea what) and I saw it and I looked it up and decided to check it out. Mostly because it’s a sitcom and those are twenty minutes long. I used to think that sitcoms were for stupid people who didn’t have the attention span to sit through a 40 minute show, but then I realised that was a stupid person who no longer has the attention span to sit through a 40 minute show (and it’s sad, bro). And I kind of miss having a sitcom that I genuinely love, like I did with Happy Endings. Trophy Wife was good but it wasn’t great and How I Met Your Mother stopped being funny a while ago, and the ending doesn’t sound to promising. Modern Family is still decent but it lacks the spark of its earlier seasons. Anyway, the premise of Undateable sounded kind of terrible. A bunch of misfits who are deemed not to be dateable by society or whatever  because they’re this and that (read: either socially awkward or emotionally stunted).

That premise kind of dies within the first six episodes, but alas, sitcom premises are usually not really what the show is about. Initially I saw the pilot and I was like: no. Nope. I’m done. Bye. Awful. Laugh track. I hate laugh tracks. THIS SHOW OFFENDS ME. 

Of course I watched the second episode and it started off with one of the main characters singing ‘I Want It That Way’ and I was pretty much sold after that point. Boyband goggles aside, it’s not a bad show, but it’s not a good show either. It’s kind of like an…inoffensively offensive bad show. The jokes are bad. The puns are bad. The one-liners? Ugh. But all of it kind of comes together nicely (to leave you relatively amused for 20 minutes) when you consider the fact that no one involved in the show is self-aware enough to realise just how bad it is. Kind of like Supernatural.

Clearly I need to stop watching this show right now.

Chicago Fire/Chicago PD

Chicago Fire…ugh, this show. I only watch this show just so I can hate it on it but half the time it ends up making me cry, so whatever. It had a good season in that respect. It’s still fucking cheesy as fuck but it’s still miles better than Supernatural.

Chicago PD was my surprise show of the year. Initially I wasn’t sure it would work. The character it’s based off was kind of a hilarious, caricature-ish, bent cop from Chicago Fire, but they managed to make it work. I didn’t actually finish the pilot because I hate pilots where it’s so obvious that these people don’t really know each other yet they have to act like they do and  everything is kind of awkward. So I moved onto the next episode and, it wasn’t that bad. The storylines are good, the characters are actually interesting and believable. The only negative points are the ‘crossover’ attempts. Chicago Fire characters are best staying in their own show (though the actual designated crossover episode was decent). It’s just kind of weird when they try to have them pop up on PD for two minutes to do something they didn’t really need to do. Like translate Russian into English for the police.

Ground Floor

I’m still figuring out if this show is actually funny or if I’ve been bumped on the head too many times.


Chosen is a webseries starring Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes, Gilmore Girls). And…it’s so fucking weird and creepy…but highly watchable. Even the episodes with Chad Michael Murray (who in all honesty is pretty good in it.)

I cannot do justice to the show’s premise, so here it is according to Wikepida:

Ian Mitchell (Milo Ventimiglia) is a small-time defense lawyer struggling to raise his daughter in the aftermath of a messy separation from Laura Mitchell (Nicky Whelan). His life is uprooted when he discovers an intricate box left on his doorstep. Inside the box is a gun, a photo of a stranger, and simple instructions to “expire” this person in three days. Before Ian can wonder if the box is some sick prank the bullets begin to fly. Someone is also trying to kill him. Ian has been ‘chosen’ to join a secret, deadly game that is happening all around us every day, though few will ever know. This is the beginning of an adrenalized life-or-death ride that will change Ian’s life forever and force him to decide what is most important to him. Jacob Orr (Chad Michael Murray) is also introduced as a new player to the game. More information is found out about “The Watchers”, and Jacob tries to quit the game; but is forced to participate after his brother gets kidnapped.





  1. Love the graph.

    Now the Deanstans are claiming he turned down Captain America, as if 1) an ageing prettyboy on a cheesy genre show on a netlet would have been considered, and 2) Ackles wouldn’t have speed-dialed his lawyer to get out of his contract. I’d love to know what they’re smoking.

    Yes, in a ‘shocking development’ Dean taking on the Mark of Cain, a.k.a. that demonic hickey that turned Cain into a demon, turned Dean into a demon. Dear me, I hope I didn’t spoil it for you.


    1. Thanks!

      LOL the Captain America thing is still so hilarious to me.The second movie is out but they’ll still preach to whoever listens that Jensen was this close to being a big star! Apparently it was a fan poll that he won but his fans went with it and claimed that he auditioned. At this point, I don’t doubt that Jensen tells people that he did, but in the past he admitted that he didn’t even audition. So long as the story fits their ‘Jared and Jensen love the show so much that they turn down Hollywood roles’ narrative, the fans don’t care. It’s sad how the ‘had to turn it down because of the filming conflicts’ excuse is the only one they can come up with.

      Oh god. This show. I don’t know what’s worse, the though of demon!Dean or the thought of Jensen playing Dean as a demon.


      1. Now the delusional folks at IMDB are claiming that Jensen was definitely offered the role of Hawkeye, and that Warner Brothers, DC comics and Marvel are all eagerly awaiting the end of Jensen’s cruel forced servitude on SPN. It’s going to be funny when the show finally ends and Jensen goes on the Lifetime/Hallmark circuit – if he’s lucky. I really don’t have anything against Jensen, it’s his rabid, delusional fans that have worked my last nerve.

        Sadly, Werewolf!Garth was not ganked, but there’s always hope for next season.

        I couldn’t tell the difference between Rapidly Demonizing! Dean and regular Dean, except his voice may have been even growlier than usual, so I’m not expecting any acting tour-de-force in S10.


        1. I don’t like how Jensen talks down other actors (because he’s so great) and some of his actions and words are questionable so I can’t stand him now. However, his was a gradual decline unlike Jared’s steep fall to douche-dom (or maybe he was a better actor than we thought).

          LOL, those people are hilarious. Jensen probably thinks that he’s too good for Hallmark/Lifetime. He’ll probably disappear and then end up on whatever the CW is called when he returns. His fans are extremely annoying, yes. The worst thing about them is probably how much they talk up his ability. He’s essentially been playing the same character for most of his career.

          Oh lord. It’s no fun when these awful characters don’t die.

          ..I saw that episode where Dean kills Abbadon and was alarmed. Jensen has officially reached the level that Jared set when he was portraying an angel…rock-bottom. I haven’t even noticed his voice because I’m too busy wondering why his mouth is contorting weirdly.


  2. First of all the end of HIMYM was fucking awful and stupid. I think I understand what they were trying to convey. It would have gone over better had the show been at least 2 seasons shorter, had they not played the whole Barney and Robin relationship out, had they ever let Ted get over Robin (you know, back in season fucking 3 or 4), and if they hasn’t turned Robin into the most unlikeable ho to grace the CBS Monday night lineup. And while I don’t care if a character is an unlikable ho, the fact that ever other character on the show thought she was so awesome and perfect all the time, made me want to stab them all. Also, we should have had more than 7 minutes with the Mother before they killed her. This coming from someone who stopped watching regularly after season 4.
    I love the graph, that’s funny. Someone told me they killed off werewolf Garth. I was also told they recently said Chuck was God. I don’t care enough to investigate.
    Your description of Undateable reminds me of 2 Broke Girls. I used to watch that because of how awful it was. I like Chicago Fire and PD. They were allegedly working on a Chicago MD show with the people we saw in the crossover episode. From what I’ve seen Ground Floor and basically any TBS original sitcom is too lame, maybe that one is so lame it’s funny? The only sitcom I watch anymore is Always Sunny and this past season mostly sucked.
    If Jensen could have been Captain America and Jared could have been Thor, Misha must have almost been Batman! And I’m Wonder Woman, fuck yeah! It must be nice to be that delusional : )


    1. I actually kind of liked Barney and Robin together because they were both so terrible that it was perfect. That she ends up with Ted all along makes me feel as though they just winged it and flipped a coin. LOL, yes Robin became so terrible in the later seasons. They all kind of did, except Barney and Marshall. I think Ted has always been terrible. It’s a shame that these show runners lose their minds when it comes to knowing when to end a show. Season seven should have been the last, and yes, killing the mother made bringing her on sort of redundant. I heard that they have an alternate ending that they’ll put on the DVD but who cares at this point?

      Apparently Garth isn’t dead! *puts down pom-poms* I will have to celebrate his death later.

      Undateabale has been confined to TV Hell!! It was cancelled. I won’t miss it but it had some good parts in between the bad parts. These sitcoms tend to think that they have to be all ~edgy and heavy with the offensive humor for some reason. I heard about Chicago MD but I think NBC passed up on it? We don’t need another medical drama anyway 😛 I love Chicago PD but I still maintain that I’m hate-watching Chicago Fire LOL.

      As much as I hate to admit it, Ground Floor kind of grew on me. It’s like a mild fungus or something. With the fungal parts being the terrible supporting characters. I wonder if good sitcoms are dying out? I mean, there’s Big Bang Theory but that’s morphed into something else now. They seem to be the first on the chopping block when cancellations start.

      The amount of delusion in the fandom could be used to power a small aircraft, LOL. Those three aren’t even relevant enough to be THUGS #1-3 in a superhero flick. 😛



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