Supernatural: 15×20, The End




Carry On

[Insert something witty]

Please Don’t


One-Line Review: A relatively lacklustre episode up until the twenty minute mark (when I had a noststalgia-induced meltdown) yet somehow, it was a fitting (but predictable) end to the show.

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retrosnark: SPN 5×22 (aka the one that I’m only posting because I’m clearing out drafts)

I’m technically still on hiatus with regards to my Supernatural viewing. I am…halfway through season 10 and I hear that they want to go up to 300 episodes so, I have plenty of time to not catch up. Seriously, how long is this madness going to go on for?


Anyway, I had this in my drafts and it is clean up day! I was going to rewatch Swan Song a while ago, but then I realized that I’d rather eat my own hair. I’m not and have never been a huge fan of the episode. I remembered recently that my view on the show took a swift downturn after ‘Swap Meat’, lol. So most of the episodes after that point will never go down as favourites of mine.

I think back when it aired, Swan Song was okay. I have to admit that once I’d seen it for the third time, I wasn’t all that impressed by it. Especially with the ‘coda’ at the end. And in hindsight, I honestly find it hilarious that Jensen was happy to claim that it was his idea before he saw the season 6 scripts. LOL. The regret must have been deep.

Anyway, I think right now the main problem with the episode is that nothing has really changed since then. Their other brother (I can’t remember his name now, whoops!) is presumably still in hell….uh, are they just going to leave him there? Have they ever mentioned him again? Do they seriously not care that he’s down there? Are we supposed to buy the brotherly love when they are literally the combination of the worst older brothers ever? I have no idea if they’ve clarified this or not but they have the temerity to have God on their show – they can bring back the half-brother for a damn second.

Not only that but Swan Song marked the start of what I call the ‘reset finale’ wherein everything the season has been building up to goes to shit because the writers cannot be bothered. And sure, brotherly love saved the day but that only happened by way of brotherly neglect so it doesn’t count.

The sentimental memory lane stuff was nice and all but still just a front to cover up the fact that barely anything happened. Sure, Sam drunk a ton of demon blood and gave into Lucifer. Sure, Dean stupidly decided to go after him. Sure, he got his ass beat for his trouble. And then Castiel fixed his face and almost everything that happened from that point on rendered Swan Song irrelevant.

I like to think that shortly after writing it, Kripke smashed up his laptop and screamed, ‘WOO, I’M FREE!!!’ as he stared at the charred remains of a season that went downhill long before Swan Song.

Still, at least it was somewhat entertaining. The dreck that has been aired past season 8 makes Swan Song look like amazing television.

Was the brother’s name Adam? I am officially Team SAVE ADAM! Or whatever his name is. If Jake Abel isn’t available I’m confident that anyone still watching the show would not question a cardboard cutout being used in his place.

Figured I’d post this before I (thankfully) forget even more about the episode and show. I’m glad that my brain is attempting to maximize its storage capacity by removing unwanted information!

snarkview: 10×05, hell on ears.


 So…Supernatural reached its 200th episode.


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OS: I Heart Nick Carter (1×01) + some spn related waffle

I know what you’re thinking. Who wants to watch a show about Nick Carter? The answer is probably a surprising number of people. He has some crazy fans. Last I heard, they’d raised money to fund a movie he was doing called ‘Evil Blessings’. I’ve heard nothing about said movie since. But that could be because I unfollowed him on Twitter. However, he’s still the hottest Backstreet Boy, and I’m still a Backstreet fan, so…here I am. Anyway, onto the show!

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snarkview: 9×23, dean winchester wants you to hear him roar-oh oh oh oh oh oh



Finally!!! I will start off with the recap of the season (based on what I remember, which is not a lot). In the premiere, Sam was in a trial-induced coma, and sadly, Dean brokered a deal that unleashed the horror of Jared Padalecki as Gadreel as Ezekiel on us. Dean acted like a dog for an episode. Kevin died and Dean was sad about it. Sam finds out that he’s been possessed by an angel while Dean remains sad. They get into the annual midseason fight. Kevin’s mom gets her revenge and Ghost!Kevin tries and fails to be the voice of reason re: the annual fight. At some point Dean takes on the Mark of Cain so he can seek revenge on…everyone, or something. Dean starts to lose the plot. There as an abysmal spinoff attempt. Dean continues to lose the plot. And then his batshit-o-meter reaches 100% and he declares that he’s a dictator and loses his damn mind.

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snarkview, 9×01. A perfect display of atrocity.

I AM BACK! And I finally sat down and ripped off the band aid and suffered through the season 9 premiere. And oh, how stupid this episode was. Jared dutifully live-tweeted the whole thing because they’re adding to the shitty factor of the show this season. YAAAAAY.

What This Episode Was Called: I don’t know what this episode was called. I don’t really care.

What It Should Have Been Called: Let’s just go with Rehashville/Sam’s version of IMTOD. 

The episode starts off with some shitty road so far set to a song that isn’t too shitty. After the obnoxious NOW subtitle card, we’re with Sam and Dean in the Impala. Sam seems to be okay but I assume that he will he fall over dramatically soon. He bitches about it (the whole angels falling thing, which by the way looked like shooting sparkly jizz shots) being a meteor shower. However, it turns out he’s dying in the real world. YAY.

Show, just kill him already. But yeah, blah, blah, blah, Dean whines, Sam’s in a coma, blah, blah, blah, dying, dying dying until Dean miraculously finds a way to save him so they can go on being martyrs and saving a planet that doesn’t give a shit about them. Their lives are so hard.

Dean eventually flips out and starts praying to Castiel. SHOW THIS IS NOT HOW PRAYERS WORK. STOP IT. Dean  then ends up in the chapel and prays to ALL angels. I just…can’t even yell about this anymore. Anyway, ALL of the angels hear Dean and start racing to the hospital.

Sam is stuck a coma dream, but he doesn’t realise  until Dean yells WE’RE IN YOUR HEAD repeatedly and it takes Sam another five fucking years to fucking realise that they’re in his fucking head because this show is so FUCKING STUPID AND UNORIGINAL. And there were way too many F-Bombs in that sentence LOL. Sam says some shit about how he ended up here or something, I was distracted. Is Jared having problems learning these lines? Because yeah they’re a crock of shit, but he doesn’t need to say them our like he’s reading them off a screen that has tiny font. It’s okay, Jared, the words won’t bite you. You staying on this mess of a show will, however.

Anyway, Bobby shows up. EVEN IN DEATH AND SAM’S COMA DREAM, BOBBY IS STILL DEAD EX MACHINA. BRAVO, WRITERS. BRAVO. What a great little Dream Team this is.  So, apparently, Sam’s subconscious is the Impala with Dean driving and Bobby in the back seat.

No wonder he wants to die.

Over in Castown, CASTIEL IS HUMAN but he doesn’t eat, drink and believes he can FLY, SPREAD HIS WINGS AND TOUCH THE SKYY-YYYY. He soon gets the same reality check that R.Kelly did.  I’m not sure why he can’t remember Metatron telling him that he doesn’t have his fucking powers any more. I half watched that shitfest and I still remember!

Bobby and Sam get rid of Dream!Dean somehow and go for a walk. According to Bobby (who is really Sam!!! The show really wants us to know that!!!) Sam has apparently left the world a better place. So basically, Sam’s arrogance just went from Hannah Montana to Twerkin’ Miley. Relatively mild and harmless to THIS WON’T END WELL FOR ANYONE.

BUT YEAH, PLEAAAAAASE. Sam has not made the world a better place. Not even by the show’s standards, LOL. Bobby supposedly is the part of Sam that wants to die (a true martyr’s death, of course) and Dean is the part of Sam that wants to live. This is despite the fact that Dean’s always the one who’s tired and done and Bobby’s the one who didn’t want to go to heaven.

Yeah, that makes complete sense.

Dream!Dean shows up just as Dream!Bobby has convinced Dream!Sam to let go. Fuck you, Dream!Dean. UGH. He stabs Dream!Bobby (YAY!) and then beats Dream!Sam up (DOUBLE YAY!). You know. To really reinforce the whole, you can’t die thing. But Dream!Sam can be bruised. That’s perfectly okay.  I skipped that whole scene. And next, Dream!Sam meets up with Death. Sigh.

Dean goes to visit Crowley, who’s in his trunk. Sigh. Two angels show up and duke it out until Dean kills one. And then the other one, after unleashing what has to be the WORST accent I have ever heard, drops unconscious.

IT IS THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORST ACCENT EVER. My brain was weeping in distress.

Back in Castown, Castiel finds a lady friend. Zzzzz. He calls Dean and apparently all the angels are trying to kill him and Dean tells him to be wary. His lady friend proceeds to knock him out. When he comes to she tells him that she wants his vessel. Oh, naughty. They have some day trip and some shit happens. There’s a car crash. Yawn. He finally bins that coat and drinks water and yay who cares.

Worst Accent Ever guy is an angel called Ezekiel. He says some shit and Dean says some shit. Ezekiel should be able to save Sam, but Sam is so WEAK, GUYS. HE MIGHT DIE. Just like that other season where he might have died. And the one before that. And the one before that.

And the one before that.

Angels show up at hospital. Which is basically all Dean’s fault but hey, who’s asking? Dean runs through a hallway of flying glass just to pull the fire alarm despite the fact that they’re all fucking escaping anyway, and the movement should have triggered it already. CLEVER. He then yells every body get out…into an empty hallway. Sigh. After that, HE’S BEATEN UP BY ANGELS. YAYY. At one point he says, “any one ever tell you that you hit like an angel.

Good grief.

And he does some mojo and gets rid of them. Ezekiel says that he can fix Sam from the inside, through possession. Dean says no. And then he says he’ll consider it if Ezekiel let’s him see how bad it is. Because a coma Sam won’t wake up from isn’t evidence enough LOL. Anyway, Ezekiel tunes him into Sam’s Head FM. Sam wants Death to make sure he stays dead forever. Y’know, like a normal person. Dean doesn’t get it. He says Sam will never say yes to Ezekiel. Ezekiel says Sam will say yes to Dean. Dean tries to persuade him, and I actually aw’d because Dean was like, “There’s ain’t no me, if there’s no you [Sam]”. And just. Fuck you for that Dean. Ugh.

Now back to hating him.

Dean manages to get Sam to say yes. So…another season of lies are ahead. WOO!!! Samzekiel says that Sam can reject him at any time blah, blah. Dean says he won’t tell Sam about any of it until he is sufficiently healed. The memories of the hospital are erased. Sam wakes up as himself. Dean says some shit. Sam says that they have work to do.

Uh..yeah. The same fucking work y’all had to do last time you said that Sam. Getting rid of demons. The angels are basically demons on this show. UGH THIS SHOW SUCKS.

And thankfully it ended there.

Notes. I like Jared’s acting in the earlier seasons. I do. And I feel like he hasn’t had the material later seasons hence why his acting has felt flat. But…him as an angel is just…not working. It was just hilarious. The tone of his voice. The facial expressions. Lmao. They’re just too obvious and FORCED and un-angel like. He sounds like he’s doing an impression of a 17th century British Aristocrat. Lmao. I was just dying. So yeah. Sorry Jared. Well. Not really. How is that the guest stars who play angels are WAY more convincing than Misha and Jared. Lol fuck this shit.


snarkview: 8×17, in which cas is needed, but free to go once he’s made dean’s face pretty again.

Greetings! I went into this episode not having any idea what was happening, and came out of it the same way. Isn’t that wonderful? Points:

  • Jensen still has a ridiculous tan
  • Jared still has terrifying hair
  • Misha is still on the show
  • Angel tablet, demon tablet….we’re still pretending that this is a storyline
  • I am still watching the show, because I’m an idiot.

What the episode was called: Goodbye Stranger

What it should have been called: Hit Me Baby One More Time

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snarkview: 8×15, the one where the cast were presumably too drunk to object.

Firstly, I went gif crazy again. YOU LOVE IT. I can’t resize them because they go static otherwise. 😦

I can understand why people were horrified by this episode, by the  time  I got around to watch it I mostly didn’t care enough to get angry. But uh, I was when it aired. So there’s that. Plus I was squicked out by some scenes, so I have plenty to rage about.  I did come across one particular fan who apparently knew exactly what was going on in the minds of Jared and Jensen. They were sick while filming this episode!!! So, they couldn’t object to it because they were too feeble and broken down. OH AND THE EPISODE TITLE WAS A PLAY ON JENSEN’S WIFE’S CANCELLED TV SHOW! A show that….mostly passed everyone by. Presumably that person had never, ever heard of the term ‘Friends With Benefits’ before. LULZ!

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HEAVENATUS IS UPON US!! So, I plan on watching the last two episodes this week.

Which calls for a….RECAP! Or well something, just in case I’m disappointing someone severely by not posting anything. Usually, I’d be all like:


And seriously, this fandom has a one track mind.


How scandalous!


8.01 – Sam refuses to cut his hair. Dean has a glowing arm. Dean growls. Sam is mean to Dean. Crowley shows up. Kevin shows up. The same plot from an old season shows up.

8.02 – On The Road With The Tran’s featuring Matt From Bugs and…Thor’s Hammer.


8.04 – Douchebags being douchebags

8.05 – Benny being a stupid douchebag while Sam spirals into flashback repeatedly. Sam meets Benny. SAM GETS ANGRY. SAM MORPHS INTO THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Sam refuses to cut his hair.

8.06 – DJ Qualls is annoying. Sam has sex. Dean is bamboozled by a coin that gets its own SPECIAL SPN MONTAGE.

8.07  – At Home With The Tran’s! Dean is attacked by a bear statue (I DON’T CARE OKAY. THAT’S WHAT I TOOK THAT SCENE TO BE). Kevin is not killed off. Sam refuses to cut his hair but saves the day…but not really. Still, DEMON BOMB. Castiel is attacked by two eye-shaped lightbulbs AND SAVES THE DAY. Crowley is useless.


8.09 – This one got a tweet out of Jared so I already know it’ll be crap.

snarkview: 8×07, the one where sam is overly concerned about everyone [image heavy, because I suck].


This week I’m attempting to make my own gifs because I don’t even have the energy to  look on tumblr. So far, I’m sucking at it but whatever okay. THIS SHOW DESERVES MY SECOND RATE GIFS ANYWAY.

…okay so I can’t even make second rate gifs. So here’s some that I stole. This is Sam’s contribution to the season so far.

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