5 More Unique Gifts…

… for the ones you love, hate or love to hate!

[I wrote this a while ago but NGL, Japan Trend Shop is still my favorite website of all time.]

1. Pen Breath Odor Checker

Thanko’s Pen Breath Odor Checker is as compact and discreet as it the name suggests. It looks like a regular black ball pen, but the nifty device is actually a quick way to check if your breath smells before that important meeting with a client. Easy to use, you just breathe onto the device for five seconds while it beeps and then check the reading it gives you. Your breath odor is measured and “rated” according to five levels. And you can also write with it!

Discreet? LOL. How does one breath on a pen in a discreet fashion…? Also, post-COVID this is a no-go. It’s cheaper to just… buy breath mints, or if you want to go for a full 90s era bit, breath spray.

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5 More Extravagant Gifts

I am officially DONE with 2020, so what better than browsing through my favourite online Japanese store?

Lotte High Blood Pressure Gum
Everyday use blood pressure control chewing gum


Expecting from a chewing gum to help lower your blood pressure might sound like a lot but the Lotte High Blood Pressure Gum promises to help fight this health condition. Through the use of an ingredient called monoglucosyl hesperidin, which is glucose added to fruit polyphenols, this gum can help build up a defense mechanism against hypertension and the problems that go with it.

I mean, what could go wrong? Being bloated, getting the runs and general stomach issues all the name of lowering your high blood pressure!


Ice Cream Cone Fan
Portable, USB cooling device


Portable fans are one more of those things that help the Japanese fight the humid, sticky weather that descends on the country between mid-July and late August. The usual problem with these gadgets, though, is that they look too awkward or techie, especially for the more fashion-conscious user. If you would like the benefits of a portable fan that can be charged through a USB port, works for hours, and doesn’t look like, well, a portable fan, then take a gander at the chic, cute, and convenient combo that is the Ice Cream Cone Fan.

This is cute!…but in what way do regular fans look awkward or too techie? Issa fan. What is it supposed to look like? As long as it’s blowing some much needed cool air, who is that bothered by the appearance of a fan?

All-White Rubik’s Cube
Tactile version of the popular puzzle



You’d have thought that after being around for 45 years, the Rubik’s Cube would have been saturated as an idea. But Japan says “no” and reinvents the now legendary puzzle, giving it a whole new, well, spin: touch. The All-White Rubik’s Cube has the same color on every side – namely, white – but each has a different texture, meaning you must solve the puzzle without the aid of visuals!



Loading Circle Online Meeting Emergency Escape Machine
Gadget for faking a frozen screen


We all know the feeling of being trapped in a Zoom meeting or online drinking party where you want to escape or disappear for a while. Perhaps you need to go answer a call of nature? Perhaps you are just bored and need a break? From the inventive mind of designer Marina Fujiwara, the Loading Circle Online Meeting Emergency Escape Machine is the solution to our woes that nonetheless has its tongue firmly in its cheek. At the flip of a switch, it throws up a physical replica of the loading circle icon, allowing you to pretend your screen is frozen. Meanwhile, you can click to log off and escape being on camera. Just remember to hold your facial expression steady or you risk giving the game away. All right, so this is what they call in Japan a chindogu – a useless gadget.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I need one of these for real life! Like, someone will be talking to me and I’ll just hold it up, slowly back and away and then run. 

Noodles Towel
Face towel in Japanese noodles bowl design

Ramen noodles have become a hit pretty much all over the world but anyone who delves deeper into Japanese cuisine knows that soba buckwheat noodles and udon wheat noodles are other two parts of Japan’s Holy Noodle Trinity. Regardless of where your loyalties lie, the Noodles Towel lets you have your favorite dish of noodles hanging in your bathroom or, on a hot day, around your neck for the whole world to see!

I am confused, but I’m going to be nice. I own donut shaped earrings, so…I guess I can’t talk. If I saw a donut scarf, I’d probably buy it.


5 Gifts That Will Spice Up Your Lockdown


…or your new normal, whatever stage you’re at!

All items are from Japan Trend Shop.

Item: Cookiray Anti-odor Pendant Lamp

The award-winning Cookiray Anti-odor Pendant Lamp keeps your kitchen or dining room illuminated while also massively cutting down those unpleasant odors that may spoil a meal. This is the perfect light fitting for those times when you want to have grilled food or anything that you cook right there on the table. Oil, fat and smoke do not add up to a nice eating experience, so the Cookiray BE will absorb them into its filters so you can concentrate on the more important task of eating what you have cooked.

Cost: US$ 1,091

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5 More Unique Gift Ideas

Tokyo City

Cardboard Darth Vader Costume


What happens if it rains? Does the wearer magically transform into sweaty Anakin Skywalker?? I need answers. Or visuals.


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5 Awesome Gift Ideas!

Happy New Year (give or take three months), snarklings! I think is is my first (or second) post of the year. 
We all want to toss out the old (baggage, friends, body fat) and introduce the new (friends, baggage to be thrown away next year, body fat that will be gained over the year) and these wacky products from my favourite website of ALL TIME. 

1. Handheld Body Smell Checker
Odor intensity measuring device

Actually this is a pretty good one. Well. Maybe not as a gift. Unless it’s for someone that you hate but somehow need to buy a gift for them? Stranger things have happened.

Never be caught out again by unpleasant odors with the Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker, a convenient way to keep a close tab on your personal hygiene. Simply extend the sensor arm and hold the device close to your body in an area of choice and get a reading that measures your odor on a 11-stage scale. The process only takes around ten seconds, during which time Tanita’s ES-100 device analyzes for smell-producing particulate matter. Since it is reading the intensity of smells, you can check not only for bad odors but also perfume or aftershave that is too strong

2. Shell Drink Bottle Case
Seashell design

We might need to take this one for a spin in the Delorean so that Castaway era Tom Hanks can quench his thirst in style. 

Carry your drink around with a touch of primitive island lifestyle chic! The visually unique and surprisingly practical Giant Triton Shell Drink Bottle Case is inspired by the titular marine mollusc famous for its massive shell. The cute case has an aluminum coating that insulates the inside, while the softly textured exterior also features a red cord and carabiner that allows you to attach the shell to your belt or bag like a conch for blowing.

3. Talking Animal Ears Tissue Dispenser

…why cry with a regular tissue box dispenser when you can cry in STYLE?

Make reaching for a Kleenex a wholly different kind of experience with this Talking Animal Ears Tissue Dispenser. Takara Tomy Arts has designed this unique item for the popular household brand of Nepia Hana Celeb moisturizing facial tissues (available as an optional extra), which famously feature cute animal faces on the boxes. When you take a tissue, your newly transformed “animal tissue box” will talk to you in Japanese. There are two versions: a rabbit or least weasel, each with different voices and dialogue. The rabbit will comfort you with soothing phrases, while the weasel is more energetic and perks you up.

4. Tissue Box Japanese Police Car
Remote control patrol vehicle toy

AGAIN WITH THE TISSUES?? Am I the only one who just uses the box that they come in? Do I need to manage my time better so that I can take my tissue dispenser game the next level? I need answers? Where’s is Jaaaaa?

There’s an emergency! Call the cops! And they will come whizzing over with Kleenex to rescue the situation. That is, if you have the RC Tissue Box Japanese Police Car. Yet another unique remote control vehicle by Kyosho, the design of the box exterior resembles Japanese police patrol cars. Just take up the controller and start driving your tissue box cop car around the house. Car chases will never be the same again!

5. Sushi Roll Towel Gift Set

Does anyone love sushi THIS much? Just get me a regular towel and go.

The three towels in the Norimaki Sushi Roll Towel Gift Set come in a dry bamboo leaf-style wrapping traditionally used for serving sushi. At first glance, the three “sushi towels” look like norimaki (sushi roll with seaweed), complete with the colorful filling for natto-maki, kappa-maki and tekka-maki rolls. But despite the “bento” lunchbox packaging, these are actually three small towels that would make a great present for someone with a culinary bent.

I’m too lazy to link them, but these items can all be purchased from Japan Trend Shop.

5 More Awesome Gift Ideas

Greetings, y’all. 

Have you met people that you now hate enough to spend large amounts of cash on stupid gifts they will never have any use for?

If the answer is yes, re-evaluate your life. 

If the answer is no, come this way. Let’s wrap. Or unwrap. Whatever. 

1. Samurai Pet Armor for Cats and Dogs

Small pet clothes
Price: US$ 223

Perhaps nothing says Japan quite like the Samurai Pet Armor for Cats and Dogs, which brings together Japan’s history and its love for small domestic animals. Unlike real armor, this is lightweight so your feline or canine friend won’t get (too) annoyed and will be happy to pose for unique photos. And when it’s not in use, you could hang the armor costume up as an item of wall decoration or even wrapped around a drink bottle. Available in four colors and three sizes.

I don’t know if this is really cool or really terrible, so… I’ll let y’all be the judge. 
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Bad Products, cont. 

Just in time for… whatever major holiday is coming next? 

Anyway, let’s dive in. 

1. Asahi Clear Latte Coffee-Flavored Water (Pack of 12)
Espresso extract and milk taste
Price: US$ 21

I don’t have a copy of the description but clear flavoured water that tastes like coffee? No. No. No and no. Nope. I can just make a mug of coffee and then refill my cup with water and voila. Coffee water. Why would anyone even want to drink coffee flavoured water anyway?! I reject this water on…coffee grounds (pun intended). Continue reading “Bad Products, cont. “

Bad Products, cont. 

It’s that time once again. I recommend the products, you decide which one is the least ridiculous and get yourself something special!

1. For the handyman coffee enthusiasts I present the Power Tool Battery Coffee Maker.

Power Tool Battery Coffee Maker CM501DZ means you’ll never be short of a cup of coffee even on a construction site, as long as you have a drill or other power tool lying around

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Valentine’s Days gifts that you SHOULD have bought!

I’m on something of a hiatus at the moment, but I figured that I’d swing by and give you some love. By the way, if you went to see Fifty Shades Freed in honour of Valentine’s Day non-ironically, there’s something wrong with you. 
What you should have done instead is bought one of these….

The Brassiere Eye Mask

This is literally some shit out of Fifty Shades of Fuck No. 

Poking fun at Japan’s rather unfair reputation for harboring too many men with strange fetishes, the Brassiere Eye Mask is an amusing way to catch some shut-eye. We’ve all heard those tales of used panties and underwear thieves. Sure, there are a few out there, but the media would have us think that the whole nation was engaged in these, ahem, hobbies. The truth is rather more mundane. Fortunately for fans of the bizarre, Village Vanguard is here with a hilarious eye mask (available in three colors) in the shape of a miniature bra that sits snugly over your face. When you say you got it from Japan, all your coworkers and friends’ questions will be answered!

Oh dear.

The next item is even more bizarre. 

Toilet Noise Blocker Flushing Sound Gadget

It is one of the peculiarities of the Japanese (mostly women, but also men): they’re very self-conscious when it comes to the noises they make when they are on the toilet. Many Westerners are too, of course, but not to the extent that they create a device that makes the sound of flushing water to cover the sound their bodies make. Yes, the On Serebu Toilet Noise Blocker is one such gadget!

Mate, I don’t give a crap what people are doing in the toilet. I think the constant sound of flushing water would drive me berserk, though. WEIRD. 

The next item is for those of you have crazy cat lovers in your life. 

Cat Tail Jeans

The Cat Tail Jeans is your new way to have fun with your pet. Created by cat-themed brand fashion Felissimo and Rinrin Yamano, a manga artist whose cute illustrations have appeared on many Felissimo products, the jeans are especially thick so kittens and cats can latch onto your legs with their claws without causing physical pain to the wearer. And your cat will love trying to get at the mini tail that you attach to the jeans so it swings as you move, attracting their attention. There are also long, pleated pockets that your feline friend will enjoy trying to climb up. The jeans are available in six sizes.

You know what, let us move on because I have nothing to say. 

Exposed Butt T-shirt

This is a shirt for women, right? I’m going to pretend that this is for your average hen do or bachelorette party…No?

Give yourself the, ahem, butt of your dreams, whether you are a guy or a girl, with this Mousou Exposed Butt T-Shirt. On the front of the white shirt sits a cute female rear in panties, exposed to the whole world for all to see… on your chest. This hilarious parody clothing will be a big hit at parties, when walking down the street, or whenever you really want to surprise your coworkers.

…surprise your co-workers? Where does this potential stupid shirt owner work? Frats’R’Us?

Onto our last product which has to be the second most bizarre…

Toenail Art Polish Stockings

In Japan Toenail Art Polish Stockings are taking over in the same way that “tattoo leggings” did a few years ago! Led by retailers like Belle Maison, girls around Tokyo are leaving their nail polish in the drawer and instead slipping on these “fake toe nail” stockings that create even more striking effects on their feet than regular cosmetics! Here you can choose between six types of “pre-painted” stockings: Paint, Line Candy, Tile Flower, Mermaid, Flamingo, or Sunny Shower. There are also two sizes. And since the stocking have separate toes they are more comfortable to wear and better for your feet.


Stockings with separate toes?? With nail art. Put enough liquor in me and I could possibly get to the stage where I have to enter my PayPal details. Hopefully, I would have sobered up by the point. 

Anyway, yes. Feel free to splurge. 

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!