One more thing for Supernatural to ruin


Stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki took the stage at The CW’s 2017 Upfronts Presentation on Thursday to announce that the show will do an animated Scooby-Doo crossover in its 13th season. Although some thought it could be a joke, EW has confirmed that the episode is really happening.

When. Will. They. End. This. Stupid. Show.

Scooby-Doo doesn’t deserve this, he really doesn’t. I’ve lost count of the number of things that Supernatural has tainted over the years – its writers’ ability to write, its editors’ ability to edit the show in a non amateur fashion, or its cast’s ability to act, the minds of impressionable fangirls. This show is more destructive than a moth that’s impossible to catch. 

Somebody please make it stop and go away forever. PLEASE. 

(via EW)



  1. This doesn’t even make sense. LMAO!!!
    Scooby Doo and the Supernatural world wouldn’t even mesh. Plus Dean has already referenced Scooby Doo and how he’d like to go after Daphne. Picture Dean hitting on her. Cringe. LOL. I predict awkwardness. The writers must be seriously out of ideas. Or high.
    Everyone who is involved with this show, I marvel at their ability to hold their head up high and keep a straight face. Such pride, much dignity.
    Again LOL

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    1. Right? They must really be desperate for some kind of ratings boost. Although, Sam and Dean are as incompetent as Shaggy and Scooby, so they could bond over that. I predict awkwardness, second hand embarrassment and many people switching off halfway through. The writers have been out of ideas for seven seasons. My theory has always been that they smoke their socks.

      Pride and dignity sailed ship a loooong time ago for these people, LOL.


    1. Lmao, but they still look as fresh as they did ten years ago! Apparently Jensen’s ageing like a fine wine and Jared’s…Well, I don’t hear that about him, but lol. The fans have rose tinted glasses on so they’ll probably be fawning over this subpar picture for months to come.


      1. Or they’re that hard up for the D. Fangirls aren’t really known for their taste or standards. It’s why they fixate/obsess over celebrity men. The Supernatural fanbase has proven they’ll eat anything up. I bet the cast sits in a room laughing as they count their money. Playing trash basketball with the script.
        Anyone can see J2 are getting those dad bods. Jensen is about to go into middle-age. I don’t know what to say about Jared’s grease. Or that haircut. Just LOL

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        1. Of course. Jensen can barely muster up the energy to be nice to the fans to their faces. It’s a given that they trash talk them, but look at Trump and the whole pussy grab thing. Some women were not bothered. It’s the same with SPN fans. They could literally be given a recording of the cast saying terrible things but they would over look it. It’s sad.

          Beauty is from within, Rori!! Hence why I now see a blank page whenever I see either of the guys. 😂😂


          1. Jensen is probably getting set in his ways. Or whatever. You know, how men get more grouchy when they start reaching a certain age. Especially the married ones. Or maybe he’s always been like this. He always seems uptight to me. I have a sneaking suspicion he dislikes the cons. He acts the opposite of Jared/Misha who both seem really into it. The most polite word I can use for him is stoic. I know fangirls excuse his behavior, claiming he’s shy/reserved/quiet or something along those lines. I’ve heard reports of him being more attentive to his more attractive fans. I don’t know if this was at cons or if they ran into J2 in public somewhere. Other fans have mentioned their disappointment at how cold/condescending he seemed. It’s a shame if he judges on appearance since they all pay a shitload to meet them.
            I’m sure fangirls would overlook anything. They’re both attractive and charming (or what passes for that with fangirls. They have a low bar). It always used to shock me how the Supernatural fanbase would fetishize homosexuality, glorify incest/abusive relationships and how misogynistic they were. Especially since they’re mostly women.


            1. Women are their own enemies sometimes. Jensen despises the cons. He’s more or less admitted to not liking them initially, but has ‘come out of his shell’ more as the paychecks get bigger. Jensen’s a dick, we all know that. However, his looks play a part in people ignoring it. He gives off an overgrown frat boy vibe to me.


              1. Never say that to the fangirls. They constantly assure us that the cast does it out of the goodness of their hearts. LOL
                You can so tell Jensen doesn’t like it. He either looks fed up, disgusted or bored. Part of me doesn’t blame him. Especially when I remember those stories of harassment with the cast. I can just imagine the discussions Jensen has with Jared/Misha. Oh, to be a fly on that wall.
                It is funny the shit a person can get away with if they’re hot/charming. Fame doesn’t hurt either.

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  2. Some shows end in perfect time and we remember them all our lives. Others never end ….but drag on.
    I really want this show to end. These minor C grade actors have been elevated to the position of demigods in the fandom and it would be nice to watch them come back to reality.

    The writers have been suffering from creative bankruptcy for last several seasons and I can’t seem to bring myself to follow it even if I try to. The story stopped making any sense whatsoever long ago . It doesn’t even possess a rhyme or reason in terms of narrative (even in terms of supernatural world)
    If some crazy fan girl says , “Don’t watch it if you don’t like it”, I would probably answer that I’ve stopped watching it long ago and am waiting for a better show in its place.
    What I hate most is that “Morally superior…Can do no wrong aura” that surrounds them. The fan girls do a great job in stroking their ego and the result is just as expected. Last month something happened that reminded me once again just what a terrible person JP is. Apparently he and JA had a get together at his house and ordered food from some restaurant. The delivery guys messed up and the food didn’t arrive. And the hapless guy who fielded Jared’s call wasn’t of much help either. Jared, like always named the poor guy on twitter, attacked him for his incompetence and asked the restaurant to fire him. It’s true that the guy didn’t do a good job that day. But how can someone with this much money and influence actually attack someone who’s far below him in every aspect and can’t really fight back? What’s even funnier is the way the all the fan girls congratulated him as if he’s a hero fighting injustice.

    Let’s hope that this is the last season and it gets cancelled or something.

    Hugs and love


    1. Looks like we have new material for a new stupid and senseless post. I had heard about this. I didn’t check into it and thought I must have imagined it. LOL
      Was it just J2 there or both families/cast?
      Did anyone drag him for it? Or was it more fangirl BS about how Jared is a FLAWED HUMAN!?! Is no one safe from his terror? The fangirl defense is funny. They love to victim blame (One person implied his last victim was a buzzkill who deserved it and how he was probably a pedophile, judging by the pic Jared took. Still can’t get over Jared’s petulant face in that one.) and think what Jared does is no different than what your average person does on social media. Too bad fangirls will never realize all their stroking won’t get them the D. You know, it’s a good thing this guy isn’t the god his fanbase makes him out to be. I imagine he would give the Greek Gods a run for their money. Oh, the horror he would inflict on us insignificant mortals. I pity his friends and family if they ever cross him. But LOL, if he ever gets divorced, imagine the mess. His wife deserves a medal.
      Speaking of which, I wonder if troll Jensen was snickering in a corner.
      Any pics? Because I’m sure he’s deleted them by now. I feel sorry for the guy and hope he wasn’t harrassed too badly.
      I can’t believe he gets away with this shit. He must really know how to pick his victims. I heard rumors his bullying goes all the way back to high school (Speaking of bullying, I hear his precious AKF is/did branching out into cyber bullying…..LMFAO!!!!!). I also heard he would freak out around his ex. He has massive issues. You can tell that just by looking at him.

      The only reason the show is still on the air is because J2 is still semi hot. There are also those hoping for gay angel butt secks. Speaking of hotness, it’s probably why Jared gets excused all the time. That and money. If he was fat and ugly, fangirls wouldn’t be caping for him. It’s also why they continue lying to themselves about how Supernatural is a masterpiece of a show.


      1. I heard about this when it happened but by the time I looked it up, all I could see was a tweet of him deleting the app/complaining. Without anything else, I don’t have much to post about so I was like, ‘let me save time’ lol. I’d probably get fangirls commenting with ‘fake news’.


      2. I’ve heard about them branching into cyber bullying. There was a lot of talk about training fans to run some kind of hotline. The whole thing is disgusting to me when they all refuse to acknowledge the bullying and nastiness that goes on within fandom. It’s like Donald Trump chairing a therapy meeting. It’s beyond bizarre and ridiculous. I hope that they don’t kill anybody.


    2. “stopped watching it long ago and am waiting for a better show in its place”. YES! exactly. The sooner the show ends the better. Everyone involved is mired in the same shit the show’s been smeared with for years.

      Jared is gross. I heard about that, but his people must have gotten him to take down the most offensive tweets because I only saw the one that’s still up. Customers like Jared are a dime and dozen, but that he continuously tries to yield his power (or lack thereof) in such an aggressive and public way is the worst part. He’s the worst kind of bully, because he’s now got an inbuilt excuse. He’s changing his meds, he’s on another spiral, he’s depressed. Last time I checked, you can be all those things and be an asshole. I saw at least ONE person calling him out but I think most of us have given up. I kind of have. I mean, if I had the tweets I’d do a post but I was happy not to. It’s just too ridiculous and sad.

      At this point, anything is possible, lol. We can only hope that the CW call time on the show after this season!


  3. They’re going to add a new, much younger, much better looking cast member next season. This after killing off Cas and Crowley. I suspect the CW wants to ease J2 out the door and bring in a new, cheaper, less egotistical cast.

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      1. I don’t know. Jensen and Misha have reached their sell-by dates and Jared is rapidly approaching that point. If the new guy, who looks like a much younger version of Misha becomes popular, I can see them adding two new guys – maybe even having them be de-aged Sam and Dean. We can only hope.


          1. It won’t matter. They’ll just continue it in comic book form like what was done with Buffy/Angel. Even after that mess that was season 7 or the later seasons of Angel. And then the conventions will double in number while they tease the possibility of a reunion/movie. I also see endless faux charities and even a patreon in the future.
            I don’t see the show ending until J2’s hotness completely fades. I see Jensen trying to go into directing. I still remember the interview where they said they’d go up to 19 seasons. Which I thought was a joke/gross exaggeration.

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            1. I don’t mind the comics or cons etc, most of us can ignore life without ever coming into contact with those. I want to just wake up one day and know that the show is dead.

              A reunion movie? Paid for by the fans most likely. Lmao, that’s a possibility. I don’t really care what they do so long as it’s done far away from me and my innocent eyes. I’ve suffered enough. We all have!


              1. The point is it’ll never end. It’ll be like the Lambchop song. Lol.
                Also, fangirls love to be so vocal about the cons. They’re all so loud. I’m sure Jensen will finally go insane. I picture a future con meltdown for him. They’ll hound him about Destiel to his grave. Tinhats will be going on with their crazy when they’re old ladies.
                Hell, it’s been nearly 15 years and Sarah Michelle Geller is still being hounded about spuffy. Fangirls can’t stand that she refuses to change her answer and is still Team Angel. David Boreanaz gets set off anytime people mention Buffy/Angel. They keep hounding him to do cons/reunions. Hollywood is still trying to make a movie happen. Same goes for Xena. I hear Dean Cain is involved in Supergirl or something. Also, Downton Abbey hadn’t been over that long before they were talking about a movie. People can’t let shit go these days. We all know writers no longer have any ideas. It’s why they always adapt or revive something.


                1. People have way too much time on their hands. I can’t imagine ever dedicating such energy to any of this nonsense ever again. I watch, write down my thoughts if I feel compelled to, and then that’s it.

                  I don’t think it’s 100% down to writers. Viewers are obsessed with nostalgia and seeing the same thing over and over. Ergo, writers write what sells because that’s the only way to get projects greenlit. Anything original and unique is usually a ratings nightmare.


        1. Most definitely in Misha’s case. I wonder what happened to him. He ages like milk in the sun. I’m sure J2’s alcohol consumption contributes a great deal to their deteriorating looks. Then again, their wives look rough too. I guess it could be an age or relationship thing. None of them are spring chickens. I think Jared is the youngest?
          I doubt fangirls would accept younger models. I once saw some fangirls on tumblr fly into a rage when discussing the possibility of Castiel changing vessels. Especially if it ever would be a female vessel. They were also sure Destiel would have happened already if Castiel was a girl. I’ve also seen fangirls wishing death on Sam/Jared because apparently he stands in the way of Destiel/Cockles.

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  4. It’ll be like how fangirls pretend to care about gay rights under the guise of representation. Just like how they pretend their motives are pure and don’t care about two dudes banging. I always LOL@ how they picture men/gay men acting in relationships. A majority of them make it clear they don’t have experience with either.

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  5. Yeah, that’s always bugged me. Please don’t pretend that writing Sam/Dean/Cas or whatever pair of prettyboys you like has anything to do with gay rights.

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