stupid and senseless: bad customers get bad customer service

A Divalecki edition! Woo.. .

What can I say? I’ll just let the tweet do the talking. It has now been up for eight hours while Jared probably sleeps off the stupid attack he had just before posting this.

[ETA: The tweet has since been deleted but I was smart enough to add the screenshot!]

Jared in Stealth Mode. *dead*

Supposedly, he got upset, backed this the guy into a corner and snapped a pic of him.

Jared, my friend, you ARE A CHILD. In fact you are worse than a child. You are a huge man baby. It’s not cute. You have no sense of decorum or reality. I don’t even feel sorry that you got bad customer service (in a casino no less). At this point, you strike me as one of those horrible customers that invoke eye rolls and sighs once they’re gone. How you treat people is how they will treat you – that’s a life tip for you. The sad thing is that you like to abuse your social standing and attempt to get these people fired. That makes YOU the #HorribleAsshole

Most of the replies were genuinely against Jared doing this but the Pada Princess Warrior Defense League are at work. I saw a fan asking why Jared couldn’t complain about bad customer service. Yeah, honey, I know you know damn well that posting a picture of someone for your millions of followers to see is fucked up. Posting it to rabid fangirls who LITERALLY bullied the last girl he did this to is even more fucked up.

And let me tell you this, just last week I encountered the worst dick ever at an airport (the irony). He was so fucking rude to us even though we explained that we had just lost a family member a few hours earlier. He kept saying we should have thought about arriving earlier even though we only heard about the death ON THAT DAY.  This guy was a complete twat but we didn’t yell at him nor did we even think to take his picture. I wrote up what happened and I will file a complaint in due course. Even if I wanted to complain online, calling the dude an asshole publicly probably wouldn’t earn me any favours.

Of course, I am inferior compared to the famous Jared Padalecki. LOL.
I will never understand how someone can be so upset that their first thought is I MUST TWEET THIS RIGHT AWAY! I am usually busy being, you know, upset.

In Jared’s case, it’s a little bit self-absorbed, really, because it’s only ever one side of the story. If you’ve worked in customer service before, you know that there’s always two sides. Sometimes three.

I’m guessing that this guy’s speed dial wasn’t set to ‘Kiss Jared Padalecki’s Ass‘. Rightly so. Even if he was a dick, the common denominator in Jared’s bad customer service experiences is Jared.

Maybe he should think about that.

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  1. Well said SnarkMaster. But it is interesting that most on twitter did not defend him and told him he was wrong to tweet this to his millions of fans. Of course, the Padapussies and PR were trying to defend him, but I think this time it was a losing battle for them. Drinking and the Padapuss did not go well together. Someone needs to get this manchild under control, before lawsuits start happening. Cause one day, someone is going to fire back at him and it’s not going to be pretty. PR can only cover up so much cat shit in the litter box and then it becomes full. Jared really needs help, but no one is coming forth to give the tough love he needs. And he needs to get a divorce, too! A very unhappy man.

    Forgive my language, but this stupidity aggravates me to no end.


    1. Thanks! I wonder why they didn’t. I suspect that it’s because Jerry was a homely looking white man. If Jerry was a woman then… I think the tone would have been very different. Either way, good for them. Hopefully their brains feel a little freer.

      Curious, though – how did PR defend him?

      Agree about the drinking. Apparently he was beckoning some ‘shy’ (please!) fangirls over to where he was and this dude said no. Sounds reasonable to me. People have come to use the casino not listen to whatever shit Jared needs to hear to have his ego stroked. To seek this guy out and push him into a corner and then take his picture with the sole intention of humiliating him is disgusting and to me, proves that he has no interest in his campaigns past profiting. Alcohol induced bullying is still bullying and having depression is still not an excuse to treat people like shit.

      Oh, man, no I think he needs to get his ass kicked or sued for the lesson to really take. It’s only a matter of time. I don’t wish any ill harm on him but some people need to learn the hard way.

      He needs help and a swift kick in the ass. A divorce, lord, I’m not even going to go there. How his wife puts up with him is a mystery (oh, wait… she doesn’t). He needs deliverance that’s for damn sure.

      No worries, mine is always colourful despite my attempts to abstain from swearing! It aggravates me too…I particularly dislike it when someone plays the victim constantly. If someone genuinely does something to him – who is going to be on his side at this point? Certainly not me.

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      1. I don’t think you lurk over at SPN-Gossip (if not, good for you, wish I could stop), but it’s been taken over by PR/trolls/minions/wankers and whatever else lurks over there. They were paddling hard to cover Mr. PadaPuss’ twitter account. Don’t know if you saw it amongst all the litterings, but Jim Beaver came to Jared defense on twitter. Poor Pada, the fans didn’t react like he thought they should have.

        Guess I should have clarified a bit more on my comment.

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        1. Oh, no no no, my time on SPN gossip came to an ugly end a long time ago, lol. I’m not surprised that they’re still spinning webs to defend Jared. Lol, Jim Beaver is an idiot. I went at it a few times with him before I finally unfollowed. What was he saying? How do you even defend what he did? Smh. Can’t say I’m surprised. Douchebags tend to flock to one another.

          No worries 🙂


  2. First off, I’m sorry to hear about your loss. 😦
    So, he was coming onto fangirls and this guy intervened? Funny, since he claims he wants to be normal and be left alone. But, seriously, what is with Jared’s creepy sneaky picture fetish? It makes him seem like a creepy stalker type. Like he would Edward Cullen/Christian Grey you. Even though he’s married, I can imagine him being a creeper like that with girls. I wouldn’t be surprised. This guy gets crazier by the day. I wonder what he’ll do once his show/fame ends. I don’t picture him handling it well. We all know they’re going to go the way of Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo. Unless they get lucky like David Boreanaz.
    I wonder why Jensen won’t give him some lessons about handling this stuff. Unless he secretly likes to LOL@ Jared. Out of all of them, Jensen strikes me as the most shady/sneaky. Misha is second. Jared is just an aging and balding mimbo. Dear GAWD, that hat! But LOL@ his expression. He looks like a toddler screaming ‘YOU MEANIE! I’M TELLIN! :(….=D’
    Speaking of Jared’s wife, I saw a pic on his twitter of her recently. Even though she’s pregnant, she looks rather haggard and unhappy. I swear she’s aged in dog years since marrying him. I wonder if Jensen’s wife fares any better. I hate when these celebrity husbands take unflattering pictures of their wives/GFs and post it for the world to see. If it were me, I’d be pissed. He must put her through a lot. I worry for the kids though. Maybe that’s why they don’t live with them.
    I always wonder how fangirls buy this fairytale-wholesome family shtick when they barely live together.

    @Aunties Antics
    Isn’t SPN Gossip mostly tinhatters, trolls and jealous fangirls? I wonder if J2 know those girls think they’re a legitimate gay couple. I looked over there once. Such delusion. I saw alot of hate for Jensen’s wife. Not sure about Jared’s. Any particular reason why you say he needs a divorce?

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    1. Trust me, Rori, they hate on Genevieve just as much as they do Danneel. I think you just hit in on a day when they were ragging on Danneel.

      “Speaking of Jared’s wife, I saw a pic on his twitter of her recently. Even though she’s pregnant, she looks rather haggard and unhappy. I swear she’s aged in dog years since marrying him”
      And, if you look at Jared, he’s aged in dog years since he’s married her. So you pretty much have answered your own question. I think they pretty much despise each other nowadays.

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      1. I think it’s interesting that both guys are so happy for the show to keep going despite claiming that all they wanted was fatherhood. You know they’re probably bricking and wondering how to get out of being 24/7 parents for the foreseeable future.

        One thing I noted about Jared is that – at least in the commercials he did – he’s made his absenteeism all about him. He struggles with being away, he has to be away from his kids, he has to ‘fly back’ to pick them up from school, he has to get by without his family etc etc.

        Happy marriage or not, he’s clearly the kind of person to genuinely have that mindset wherein all situations are about them. Living – or rather being tied down – with someone who lacks basic self-awareness is a nightmare. There’s always been a weird passive-aggressiveness about the way he talks about his family, which I guess is what happens when you concoct bullshit and get tired of always having to sell it.

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    2. Thank you! ❤

      Apparently he was in a private area and he saw some fangirls who were ‘too shy’ to approach him and Jerry basically told him that they couldn’t come in. Of course I have no idea if that’s what it was. The really odd thing is that people are making up instances where he’s apologised but he didn’t! Fans are weird. I don’t know why Jared likes taking pictures of people. He must have a whole bunch on his phone in a folder called ‘Those Who Have Wronged Me’. Perhaps he’s used to getting his picture taken so he doesn’t see how damaging it can be? LOL, it is every Edward Culleny. Yeah, I think he’ll be more Dean Cain that say, Michael Weatherly or Boreanaz. Supposedly he’s said that he wants to retire from acting. My response to that was, ‘You kinda have already, mate…”

      I think Jensen’s probably just as douchey but stupid enough to give people a reason to call him out. He’s probably out there Yelping under a fake name.

      GC looks tired and Danneel looks like a completely different person. I saw a pic of her for the first time in years last year and I was just like, damn. I don’t know if it’s surgery (probably) or just fillers and Botox but damn. She looks like a different person entirely. LOL! You know that Jared wants everyone to know how ‘homely’ they are! Hence the rundown, easy-going pics. I always wonder how the hell she puts up with him too and then I remember that he’s basically absent most of the time. I picture her swinging from the chandelier and enjoying every second that he’s not there.

      Fangirls pretend to buy it. Trust me. Half of those fangirls cooing over the pictures at the same ones on SPN_gossip talking sideways about the wives.

      Re: SG, my working theory is that the comm serves a purpose. Some fans are truly deluded. Some are trolls. And some are PR (or whichever poor schmuck they’ve hired to do this shit) dropping things to keep up interest. Jared and Jensen are definitely aware of it. Clif, they’re hanger-on/bodyguard – was actively monitoring it at one point. I’m just hoping that someone writes a tell-all book. All of them are so fucking weird that I had to run for the hills. And yup @Aunties Antics is correct – they hate Genevieve too. Just not as much as they hate Danneel.


      1. It amazes me how this guy thinks he’s so big. I’m pretty sure Vampire Diaries is more known than his show. It was even referenced in a KPop MV. Who references Supernatural or knows who he is?
        I wouldn’t want to run into him or be noticed. I’d be afraid I would be his next victim. I have friends who are servers/bartenders. I told them to run if he ever shows up. Switch shifts! Lol.
        Ick. Imagine being in his phone. The thought makes me feel dirty. This picture thing happens so often that I seriously think he’s a creeper now. I can see him being all Culleny and stalking a girl. Or holding a petty grudge 10+ years later.
        If he does retire, I wonder what he’ll do (besides driving his wife crazy). At least Dean Cain is pleasant (And better looking. Let’s see what Jared looks like at 50). I don’t always agree with his views but at least he seems stable/acts his age/doesn’t seem like a raging asshole. Boreanaz may be a raging asshole but at least he’s charming/fun/competent.
        I feel like Jensen is such a troll. He has to be to give his newborns YA novel names. I wonder what his convos with Jared are like when Jared bitches about his latest scandal. I bet Jared goes on and on. I still LOL@ the Jared haters who pity St. Jensen though.
        Jared’s wife seems rather docile and Stepfordy to me. I bet being married to him is a real treat. I hope the sex is at least good. I do remember seeing stuff about what a “fake/plastic bitch” Jensen’s wife is. And how both wives stand in the way of J2’s epic romance. The hate seems to be a combo of that and the fact the fangirls don’t get the D. They’re just JELLY. I don’t get why. I doubt these guys are faithful.
        But super LULZ@ that chandelier image. Both their lives must be boring now. Going from being working gals to Stepford Wives. I’d be bored to tears.


        1. This is bizarre.
          The wives look haggard? Unhappy? Like they’ve aged in dog years? I’m their age with two kids, with a lovely husband and could only hope to look as beautiful as these two women in the pictures I’ve seen anyway.
          It seems like their family)work life is something that should be balanced between them and their husbands. Maybe they’ve had the realization that the fame is fleeting and that is why the husbands are pulling in the money as much as possible to secure their future while the opportunity is there.
          Jensen’s a secret troll leaving bad reviews under an assumed name? Huh? Doesn’t that just make him an unsatisfied customer since he’s not wielding his status?

          I wandered into this pocket trying find out about the Jared drama (new to that aspect). I’m curious b/c there’s level of intellectual/emotional investment in SPN and those adjacent is the same but it’s hate instead of …I don’t know obsession . Is it like a primal scream therapy thing?


  3. Please disregard my previous comment, I just scrolled all the way up to the banner. Certainly can’t relate but see now what I wandered into.


    1. What banner? But yeah, this isn’t a Supernatural fan site or anything. I don’t pretend to be objective, lol. This is just a place for people to vent about the guys and adjacent stuff. All opinions are welcome, though, it’s interesting how we all perceive things differently.


      1. “Jensen’s a secret troll leaving bad reviews under an assumed name? ”

        This made me LOL more than it should.
        I think fangirls who wander onto this place take it more seriously than they should. This isn’t tumblr. I don’t see anything particularly malicious here. Just venting, observation and poking fun. I hen again, the Supernatural fandom has no chill.
        I don’t even understand the last part.

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        1. Lmao! I was rather confused myself. I wrote up a whole reply to the first comment before I realised I had no idea what I was saying because I had no idea what she was saying.

          People always try to act like I’m maliciously targeting the guys when I’m commenting on stuff they’ve said or done. My fave comment was one that read: ‘Jared and Jensen don’t deserve this ridicule!’ like they personally knew them or something…😂. The fandom aren’t happy unless everyone is singing the cast’s praises and pretending that they’re saints. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


          1. The fandom aren’t happy unless everyone is singing the cast’s praises and pretending that they’re saints. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

            Oh man! haven’t you heard? They are “Saints” and to say otherwise, gets the peasants out of the fields with their pitchforks and torches ready to sacrifice you to the SPN gods for such blasphemy. Repeat my child, otherwise, I fear you are doomed to the fires of hell (not the SPN one, cause we know you can get out of it with no problem).

            Oh well, enough of my sarcasm for the day…I’m a little loopy from pushing of the kids and ‘wives’ this week.


            1. Lol, they’re saints in Delusionalville. You know they’ll always find a way to defend the bullshit, though. They’re like pro bono lawyers but for an utterly moronic cause.

              Not sure if the FB post of the twins is part of what you mean but I accidentally saw a snippet of that. Sadly I wasn’t bored enough to venture further.


  4. I’m surprised this blog hasn’t been reported to the holy trinity as they feast on ambrosia/Nectar from on high. I hear the air is rather thin up on Olympus.
    If they want real bashing, they should check SPN Gossip. It seems like this poster idolizes their marriages or something. The who post is odd.
    I always LOL when fangirls act like they know celebrities personally or know what they think/feel. All because of a few interactions, interviews and social media. It’s as annoying as when they want actors to leave their spouses/families just to fulfill their shipping fantasies. Or when they can’t separate a real person from a character. I wonder why so many fangirls are so juvenile (especially in Supernatural though I partially blame J2/Misha).
    I’m sure if I was ever made to go to a Supernatural convention, I’d react like Sam/Dean in that one episode. I can’t even take those con vids on YouTube. Lol


    Pushing of the kids & wives week?


    1. Lol, I’m surprised too. I am lucky in that I only get the occasional weird or hostile comment. Some people email me to say I’ve enlightened them which is cool, and for the most part, I did stick to the recaps so the rabids can’t say much. Half of them are saying worse than I am in private messages and whatnot. Not that being hypocritical is something they care about.

      Yeah…. There’s a whole section that idolise the marriages and wives… Despite what’s being presented to them. Even when the lies are more or less exposed, they still buy into the shiny Instagram version. Their headache. I think that’s it, really. They can’t separate fact from fiction. Not even Sam and Dean but the real Jared and Jensen et al from the roles that play in public.

      On the flip side, the industry pours a lot of time and effort into concocting these false ideals and perfect family scenarios to get people to buy into it and part with their cash. Fantasy sells to everyone but cynics 😂

      The fans are horrible because no one calls them out. And that’s because they’re cash machines, just ready to dispense their money at the flash of a grin.

      LOL. I used to watch those videos and pretend to be all excited but it was just weird. Why would I pay $1000 to watch them talk about themselves (and repeat the same shit) and a TV show for an hour along with other screaming fangirls? It’s all so cringey. After a few years, it was stale and the novelty had worn off. I actually bought a ticket for the con closest to me but luckily I didn’t pay for it so I didn’t go. Lucky escape!


      1. Just imagine Saint Jared reading your posts. He would pout under his beanie because he can’t take our pictures or hack our information.
        I wish more would become enlightened. It’s both sad/scary how cultlike this fandom is. Very unhealthy. It makes me miss the days when all fans did was read/write fanfiction, draw fanart, fantasize and talk with fans. There’s so much entitlement and a need for validation these days. It used to be so simple. Lol.
        It also takes over their whole life. I have lost so many friends because I DARE to care about things outside fandom/popular culture. I actually had someone tell me that if I don’t participate in fandom, they can’t talk to/associate with me.
        I hear at those cons, they mostly talk about their private lives? If so, what a waste. I would rather hear about the show. Also, what is with J2’s obsession with plaid? I notice they wear it alot. In relation to J2 and their relationships, I hate how fangirls infantilize them. I don’t know if they’re talking about puppies/toddlers or grown people half the time. Lol
        I would need earplugs and copious amounts of alcohol if forced to sit with that lot.

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        1. Oh, his head would EXPLODE. He would sic his Pada Warrior Defense League on me. And then cover it up with some fake love and light, have a nice life bs. It would be hilarious.

          Yeah, me too. It’s disturbing. Especially when you know that these people are adults. Teenagers and tweens, I can allow. I was a babbling idiot at that age but eventually you have to grow up. Some of the missed that that stage. I think social media has ruined a lot of things. Before there was at least a semblance of boundaries but now, the fourth wall is broken at all times and it’s made everything worse.

          I remember when Supernatural was my entire life. At the time, I thought it was just something I enjoyed but eventually I realised it was just a smokescreen for other issues. For all of the cast’s mental health campaigning, they seem to ignore that the SPN Family itself is problematic. That’s what annoys me about all of their tacky charity work.

          Ugh, screw those old friends of yours. Why do you need to care about fandom? It’s not real. If it isn’t your idea of fun then that’s that. I hate it when people try to impose their likes on people. Like what you like and stop looking for validation from other people.

          They talk about a version of their private lives (in recent years it’s been cutesy kids stories and some stuff about their business ventures, lol). Before the kids, it was mostly about them. They tended to recycle stories that aren’t even noteworthy (like the story about Jared breaking a train window in Germany bc his wife left some luggage) but fans lap it up.

          I always thought that plaid was just a weird American thing. I’ve seen a lot of guys from the US in them. It most be a part of their faux laid back bro apparel. dead

          Haha! It’s like a sickness. I was once one of those people. You know, the worst part is when you’re talking to someone like that and realising how stupid you both sound. I remember a few years back I was joking around and saying that I bet Jared shits rainbows and puppies and somehow that turned into his how his farts probably smelt like roses. I mean, it was a joke but I was just like…”We’re both too old for this shit.” I also used to claim that I majored in padapeenology, LOL. I could write a guide on How Not To Fangirl. I don’t think I was as bad as the current day fandom, though. This willingness to excuse everything and treat the guys like Gods is something that I’d never do.

          I think I’d need earplugs, alcohol and a partial lobotomy.


          1. That would be a giant explosion, given the size of his head. Lol
            He always goes after nobodies. It makes me wonder what would happen if he ever dared to start shit with a big name celebrity. Imagine the fangirl blood and tears. I wonder if this method worked for him in his school days. I heard he was quite a bully back in the day too. I’m amazed how he always gets away scot-free when he’s pulled this repeatedly over the years.
            I’m always surprised/embarrassed when I find out how many adults are responsible for this ridiculous fan behavior. Remember twimoms? I have female relatives/friends in this fandom (mid to late 20s) and they talk/act at a teenage level. I feel like they’ve become dumber, illiterate and way unstable since getting into Supernatural. Everytime I’ve tried to reason with them, I get the hater treatment. So I just avoid it. This personally offends them though. I’ll never understand this entitled need for everyone to bow down to fandom.
            Guys like plaid but J2 seems to like it too much. I feel like it’s their uniform or it’s all they wear. That and tshirts. I feel like they’re lumberjacks. Lol

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            1. ” I have female relatives/friends in this fandom (mid to late 20s) and they talk/act at a teenage level. I feel like they’ve become dumber, illiterate and way unstable since getting into Supernatural. Everytime I’ve tried to reason with them, I get the hater treatment.”

              LOL…nothing is truer than this statement, Rori!! Say anything against either J and the haters come out swinging. And the longer you stay in fandom, the more brainwashed you become, there is no reasoning with fans about the J’s. They (and the wives) are saints and they walk on water, yes indeedie. I finally found my marbles and collected them all…..I won’t say I’ve left the fandom, because I have too much fun stirring up the fans with facts about the guys (I’m sooo bad, but I can’t help myself) and what douches they are in real life.


              1. It’s why I LOL whenever they mess up. I wish someone would mess up real big. I’m mean like that. I always feel like the wives are swallowing shit whenever J2 go on about their Stepford family life. I just get an awkward vibe. I wish Jensen was as dumb as Jared sometimes. We never get shit on him. Just Jared the Creeper. I’m curious about your douche info. 😉
                Supernatural is worse than most but I notice this behavior everywhere now. It’s like the Spanish Inquisition. People can’t just simply enjoy shit anymore. They have to worship and PROVE they’re a TRUE FAN. Don’t forget all the snobbery and entitlement. Lol


    2. Awww…Rori…you mean to tell me you missed it? Genevieve has started an Instagram blog called @nowandgen and you can read about her and the kiddos (well, mostly her, if truth be known). Of course, Danneel, couldn’t miss out on the fun…so she had posted too!

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        1. I just saw both wives instagrams. Why does Jensen look so bored in his? His wife looks clueless next to him in those. Beautiful daughter though. At least Jared put some energy in his pics. Meh. At least her instagram is more real/tolerable than Genevieve’s. Is that an instagram or a photoshoot? And as fake as one too. However, the fangirls on both accounts are vomit worthy.
          I bet there will be something in both wives future. When the kids are school age (or are they already?), they have to do something so they don’t get bored out of their minds. Or maybe if they’re lucky, J2 will let them work again.

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          1. You know Jensen is too good for social media (snort). They always have that weird spaced out facial expression. I can’t even stand to look at the pictures anymore.

            Lol @ ‘let them work again’. I resent that statement. They’re both hard working, independent women!

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            1. I noticed that Jensen tends to act like he’s tool cool for alot of things. In various videos I’ve seen, he acts like he’s the normal one surrounded by a bunch of weirdos. It’s funny how he and Jared contrast. Lol
              Oh yes, I forgot they were the paragons whom we lesser women must model ourselves after! We can only hope for a J2 of our very own!

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              1. Lol, he probably thinks he is the most normal one. Bless him. He’s just as fucking weird as them. It’s like they think people are just willing to handwave all of the bizarre things they do. I just think he is better at masking himself in public.

                Oh yes! They should start a J2 wives club and show us how to snag future CW stars (NGL, I’d marry one for the money!). 😂😂

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                1. The faces he makes on YouTube always make me LOL. Especially when you contrast him with Jared. Who looks way too goofy, hyperactive and perky. I hear Jared loves candy. Maybe that explains it. He’s buzzed. I’m curious now. What kind of weird/bizarre things does he or they do? I hear the cons are a strange and freaky experience. I bet psychologists would have a field day. Imagine the studies.
                  I agree about the masking. He strikes me as sly. I wouldn’t be surprised if he manipulates
                  everyone/situations around him. He certainly is smarter than Jared/Misha who are always showing their asses. I wonder why he bothers. I mean, people still think Jared/Misha are saints despite all the crap they’ve pulled. It annoys me how even Jared haters/critics are still blinded by gross Misha.
                  Would it be worth it though? LOL. Just look what happened to J2’s wives. Hell, I don’t even recognize Jensen’s wife anymore. The money and alone time are probably their only consolations. Let’s see them try to sell the fairytale romance once the show ends. If it ends. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up doing this into late middle age. Hey Dean, what was that crap about hunters dying young again? 🙂

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                  1. Jensen isn’t smarter than Misha or Jared, at least not in an intellectual sense. He’s more media savvy, but I put that down to more experience. Jared’s only ever been on 2-3 shows, compared to Jensen who’d been on many before the show started, plus in the beginning he was a lot more private.

                    I think the Jared is goofy and Jensen is snarky is a role they play for the cons. Always been that way.

                    For the money, yes. Times are hard! Lol.

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                    1. Lol…you haven’t been following them on media lately, have you? Seems that Jensen’s media savvy has gone downhill. In as aside to poor JoJo, Mark Sheppard has been terminated from the show and Crowley will never rule anything.

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                    2. I’ve never followed Jensen and have no desire to. What did he do?

                      Lol poor Mark… I’m sure he’ll land on his feet and play the exact same character give or take a few details.


                    3. Ewwww. Well, sadly this shit still counts as media savvy. You know how fans love this kind of staged nonsense. And he’s not trying to get anyone fired. Lol. Ick.

                      Your warning was inadequate 😂


            2. You just know that Jensen is on the internet on sites like IMDB, Previously TV, etc. to monitor the comments. Hell, he’s probably behind the most nauseatingly sycophantic posts.

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              1. Hahaha. I can just imagine him sitting there, dressed in all white as he praises himself for yet another acting master class in the latest shitty episode. I don’t know what the people of TWoP/PrevTV are on. Every week it was the same OTT nonsense about how he was the only good thing about the show. Please.


                    1. Eh, I’m not impressed by chevys. My mother’s old Fury could have smoked the Impala without even getting into high gear.

                      Yeah, the TWoP/PTV people are deranged. Either that or they really are Jensen and a bunch of socks. He’s been phoning it in for years, and it’s gotten to the point where Padalecki out-acts him on a regular basis.

                      I’m finding S12 to be better than the previous seasons. A low bar to be sure, but at least they’re giving the other actors screen time, much to the chagrin of the PTV crowd. I’ve been enjoying the wails of anguish and outrage because the writers are actually treating JP like a main character for the first time in years, and Mary Winchester does what she likes and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Dean’s fee fees .


                    2. Indeed. Even the first batch of shit seasons (6-8) had something about them that was at least watchable. 9 onwards is like watching paint dry and also pointless? It’s one thing if we’re watching to see what’s coming at the end but…At this point, short of them retconning the show and having Sam wake up back in college, they’ve already done every possible realistic ending. This show is a classic example of how not to tell a story. If I was recommending it to someone, I’d tell them to stop after season 2. I think I was halfway through season 10 when I realised that even if I do want to see how it ends, I can save myself the headache and watch the last episode when it finally airs in 2037.


                    3. “At this point, short of them retconning the show and having Sam wake up back in college, they’ve already done every possible realistic ending.”

                      Lordy at the makeup job they would have to on Jared, if you retconned him back to college. They haven’t aged well and you’d have to find newer models, which fangirls wouldn’t stand for. Jared and Jensen are almost like the Rollingstones, except not as famous.

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                    4. Forget makeup, remember that episode in season 10 – The flashback where they show Dean killing Cole’s Dad? They worked their visual magic and airbrushed the hell out of Dean. I’m sure they can do that for Sam! Remove a few lines, add in some bangs and we’re good to go!

                      Lol, now I have this image of them doing that weird hip swinging Jagger dance move. 😂😂

                      Also, how dare you!! They’re soooo famous! I mean, one girl once told me that Jensen was one of the most GIF-able people in the world. That’s got to count for something.


  5. At this point, I’m only watching for Mark Sheppard. I’m hoping the show will end with Crowley ruling earth, heaven, hell, Oz and elfheim with all the Winchesters plus Castiel sent to some island where they have to service fangirls for all eternity. Now that would be a happy ending!


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