stupid and senseless: bad customers get bad customer service

A Divalecki edition! Woo.. .

What can I say? I’ll just let the tweet do the talking. It has now been up for eight hours while Jared probably sleeps off the stupid attack he had just before posting this.

[ETA: The tweet has since been deleted but I was smart enough to add the screenshot!]

Jared in Stealth Mode. *dead*

Supposedly, he got upset, backed this the guy into a corner and snapped a pic of him.

Jared, my friend, you ARE A CHILD. In fact you are worse than a child. You are a huge man baby. It’s not cute. You have no sense of decorum or reality. I don’t even feel sorry that you got bad customer service (in a casino no less). At this point, you strike me as one of those horrible customers that invoke eye rolls and sighs once they’re gone. How you treat people is how they will treat you – that’s a life tip for you. The sad thing is that you like to abuse your social standing and attempt to get these people fired. That makes YOU the #HorribleAsshole

Most of the replies were genuinely against Jared doing this but the Pada Princess Warrior Defense League are at work. I saw a fan asking why Jared couldn’t complain about bad customer service. Yeah, honey, I know you know damn well that posting a picture of someone for your millions of followers to see is fucked up. Posting it to rabid fangirls who LITERALLY bullied the last girl he did this to is even more fucked up.

And let me tell you this, just last week I encountered the worst dick ever at an airport (the irony). He was so fucking rude to us even though we explained that we had just lost a family member a few hours earlier. He kept saying we should have thought about arriving earlier even though we only heard about the death ON THAT DAY.  This guy was a complete twat but we didn’t yell at him nor did we even think to take his picture. I wrote up what happened and I will file a complaint in due course. Even if I wanted to complain online, calling the dude an asshole publicly probably wouldn’t earn me any favours.

Of course, I am inferior compared to the famous Jared Padalecki. LOL.
I will never understand how someone can be so upset that their first thought is I MUST TWEET THIS RIGHT AWAY! I am usually busy being, you know, upset.

In Jared’s case, it’s a little bit self-absorbed, really, because it’s only ever one side of the story. If you’ve worked in customer service before, you know that there’s always two sides. Sometimes three.

I’m guessing that this guy’s speed dial wasn’t set to ‘Kiss Jared Padalecki’s Ass‘. Rightly so. Even if he was a dick, the common denominator in Jared’s bad customer service experiences is Jared.

Maybe he should think about that.



  1. Well said SnarkMaster. But it is interesting that most on twitter did not defend him and told him he was wrong to tweet this to his millions of fans. Of course, the Padapussies and PR were trying to defend him, but I think this time it was a losing battle for them. Drinking and the Padapuss did not go well together. Someone needs to get this manchild under control, before lawsuits start happening. Cause one day, someone is going to fire back at him and it’s not going to be pretty. PR can only cover up so much cat shit in the litter box and then it becomes full. Jared really needs help, but no one is coming forth to give the tough love he needs. And he needs to get a divorce, too! A very unhappy man.

    Forgive my language, but this stupidity aggravates me to no end.


    1. Thanks! I wonder why they didn’t. I suspect that it’s because Jerry was a homely looking white man. If Jerry was a woman then… I think the tone would have been very different. Either way, good for them. Hopefully their brains feel a little freer.

      Curious, though – how did PR defend him?

      Agree about the drinking. Apparently he was beckoning some ‘shy’ (please!) fangirls over to where he was and this dude said no. Sounds reasonable to me. People have come to use the casino not listen to whatever shit Jared needs to hear to have his ego stroked. To seek this guy out and push him into a corner and then take his picture with the sole intention of humiliating him is disgusting and to me, proves that he has no interest in his campaigns past profiting. Alcohol induced bullying is still bullying and having depression is still not an excuse to treat people like shit.

      Oh, man, no I think he needs to get his ass kicked or sued for the lesson to really take. It’s only a matter of time. I don’t wish any ill harm on him but some people need to learn the hard way.

      He needs help and a swift kick in the ass. A divorce, lord, I’m not even going to go there. How his wife puts up with him is a mystery (oh, wait… she doesn’t). He needs deliverance that’s for damn sure.

      No worries, mine is always colourful despite my attempts to abstain from swearing! It aggravates me too…I particularly dislike it when someone plays the victim constantly. If someone genuinely does something to him – who is going to be on his side at this point? Certainly not me.

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      1. I don’t think you lurk over at SPN-Gossip (if not, good for you, wish I could stop), but it’s been taken over by PR/trolls/minions/wankers and whatever else lurks over there. They were paddling hard to cover Mr. PadaPuss’ twitter account. Don’t know if you saw it amongst all the litterings, but Jim Beaver came to Jared defense on twitter. Poor Pada, the fans didn’t react like he thought they should have.

        Guess I should have clarified a bit more on my comment.

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        1. Oh, no no no, my time on SPN gossip came to an ugly end a long time ago, lol. I’m not surprised that they’re still spinning webs to defend Jared. Lol, Jim Beaver is an idiot. I went at it a few times with him before I finally unfollowed. What was he saying? How do you even defend what he did? Smh. Can’t say I’m surprised. Douchebags tend to flock to one another.

          No worries 🙂


  2. First off, I’m sorry to hear about your loss. 😦
    So, he was coming onto fangirls and this guy intervened? Funny, since he claims he wants to be normal and be left alone. But, seriously, what is with Jared’s creepy sneaky picture fetish? It makes him seem like a creepy stalker type. Like he would Edward Cullen/Christian Grey you. Even though he’s married, I can imagine him being a creeper like that with girls. I wouldn’t be surprised. This guy gets crazier by the day. I wonder what he’ll do once his show/fame ends. I don’t picture him handling it well. We all know they’re going to go the way of Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo. Unless they get lucky like David Boreanaz.
    I wonder why Jensen won’t give him some lessons about handling this stuff. Unless he secretly likes to LOL@ Jared. Out of all of them, Jensen strikes me as the most shady/sneaky. Misha is second. Jared is just an aging and balding mimbo. Dear GAWD, that hat! But LOL@ his expression. He looks like a toddler screaming ‘YOU MEANIE! I’M TELLIN! :(….=D’
    Speaking of Jared’s wife, I saw a pic on his twitter of her recently. Even though she’s pregnant, she looks rather haggard and unhappy. I swear she’s aged in dog years since marrying him. I wonder if Jensen’s wife fares any better. I hate when these celebrity husbands take unflattering pictures of their wives/GFs and post it for the world to see. If it were me, I’d be pissed. He must put her through a lot. I worry for the kids though. Maybe that’s why they don’t live with them.
    I always wonder how fangirls buy this fairytale-wholesome family shtick when they barely live together.

    @Aunties Antics
    Isn’t SPN Gossip mostly tinhatters, trolls and jealous fangirls? I wonder if J2 know those girls think they’re a legitimate gay couple. I looked over there once. Such delusion. I saw alot of hate for Jensen’s wife. Not sure about Jared’s. Any particular reason why you say he needs a divorce?


    1. Trust me, Rori, they hate on Genevieve just as much as they do Danneel. I think you just hit in on a day when they were ragging on Danneel.

      “Speaking of Jared’s wife, I saw a pic on his twitter of her recently. Even though she’s pregnant, she looks rather haggard and unhappy. I swear she’s aged in dog years since marrying him”
      And, if you look at Jared, he’s aged in dog years since he’s married her. So you pretty much have answered your own question. I think they pretty much despise each other nowadays.



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