A deliciously daring fashion accessory

If you’re wondering why my blog has turned into a random mess of posts – this is what happens when you lose interest in why your blog was initially based on! Even when they decide that they want to do a crossover with Scooby-Doo (see previous post) whom I love enough to want this crossover to die in a fiery pit of molten ash.


I don’t doubt that the Japanese love fake food samples so much but…$120. I don’t think so, mate. I’d need some actual food with my purchase and even then, I’d need a hundred dollar discount and free delivery. 

I’m curious as to what other fake food sample accessories are available.


Oh gosh, apparently fake food samples really are all the range in Japan. I don’t know why I’m surprised by this, but I am.

So, we have…

…..The half eaten pancake necklace. Fair enough. It looks good. I’m not sure why anyone would want plastic pancakes around their neck, but whatever.

We also have…

The pizza necklace. This one doesn’t look so good. It looks like the pizza has come back up and then been turned into a necklace. No thanks.

There’s also the…

Fries and ketchup headband. Uh. Okay.

Olive earrings. OLIVE. EARRINGS. Yuck.

Scrambled eggs and bacon headband.

I’m lost for words at this point.

Some kind of egg ring?? This thing doesn’t look like any egg I’ve seen, but okay.

And my personal favourite:

The wiener necklace. Two wieners for the price of one very expensive wiener.

The strawberry hair tie is cute, though. I’d rock it.

Serious question, though, do they not have birds in Japan? Or are there no birds in the world occupied by the people who’d actually buy this shit. The pigeons near me barely give a fuck as it is. They would see one of these accessories as a challenge to either do bird poop on me, or ruin my day somehow.

I will never give them that power.


/Additional accessories were found here.



  1. The head pieces look like head injuries to me, bloody head injuries.

    And you are right about the birds. Here in Seattle you already have to beware of the crows during nesting season. Wear one of those things and now only will it peck at you, it probably will get pissed it wasn’t real and go full Rambo. And crows remember.



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    1. LOL, they really do! Oh, gosh, crows are the worst. The headpieces made me think of Hitchcock’s The Birds. If there was ever something to make birds go full Rambo, it would be deceptively real fake food!



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