Throwback Thursday – The Mask Of R Zorro 

Way back in the 2000s, we were graced with a song called ‘Hotel‘ by Cassidy ft R.Kelly. The song was a bop, but the video. The video had a giant pink elephant in it that none of us could ignore. R Kelly in full on pink durag/Zorro mask get up, dancing around like people wouldn’t be wondering what the hell was going on with his outfit. 

I’m guessing that R.Kelly showed up like that on the set of the video and everyone just went with it?

I refuse to believe otherwise.


A Mississippi man has filed a lawsuit against R. Kelly for allegedly popping on a little 12 Play and doing a little bumping and grinding with his wife

The entire article is so much funnier than it ought to be. R.Kelly is always in some mess. He seriously needs Jesus.

That reminds me of the Gospel Bump’n’Grind remix. If I ever heard this in church, the would have to remove me with a stretcher. The audaciousness of this never fails to amuse me. The fact that he prays halfway through is the best/worst part. Clearly he didn’t see ‘nothing wrong’ with what he was doing….Lol.

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