THROWBACK SUNDAY and the curse of the no-idea-if-we’ve-been-renewed-finale.

I know that today is Thursday but for some reason I wrote Sunday. And I’m just going to leave it like that. I’m weird. I know.

Anyway, my throwback Sunday is this:

This video has everything. A sort of half-assed collaged wall in a room that looks like it’s in a semi-derelict show house that they couldn’t be bothered to furnish properly past the corner I mention in the next sentence. JoJo sitting in a corner for no real reason, singing to her window – while it RAINS! Oh rain, the visual equivalent of heartbreak and angst. I kind of hate rain. There’s also a cheating boyfriend. There are FLIP PHONES!! I miss flip phones. And there’s high school soccer – IN SLOW MOTION! Oh slow motion, the visual equivalent of emphasis and gratuity! There’s also some kind of lame party. Jojo inexplicably chooses to go out in the pouring rain – ’cause, heartbreak doesn’t care whether you’re warm and dry, IT THRIVES IN THE RAIN!!! – to rid herself of the large teddy bear the cheating boyfriend gave her. I think we see them at the fair at the start of the video. Someone should probably report her to the teddy bear police.

It’s like teen movie wrapped into three minutes. I kind of love it.

My favourite part is at the start where there are two close ups. One of the giant teddy bear and one of the soccer ball.



Fucking hilarious. Of course they go on to juxtapose her throwing away the teddy bear with him missing what was a rather ambitious attempt on goal.

Oh, I miss old music videos.

Anyway, so I watched the rest of Empire and it definitely waned in the last episodes, which was to be expected. What I wasn’t ready for was the sheer ridiculousness of the finale. It was like they took every single idea they had and decided to cram it into 90 minutes. By the end of it I was kind of confused but not really confused enough to go back and rewatch it. It was just a shoddy effort all around. It was obvious that they aiming to have some kind of ‘ending’ in the event that it wasn’t renewed, but it was just bad. It doesn’t bode well for season two either because so much has happened and they now have to address ALL of it (I’m sure will disappear into oblivion), whereas they didn’t have to go there with some of the scenes. And there’s something about Jennifer Hudson’s singing that makes me want to repeatedly punch myself in the face. It’s just too much.

In some ways, not knowing if a show will come back does tend to produce iffy finales but knowing its coming back doesn’t always work out either – Supernatural-wise, Swan Song is probably the best example of that. It works as a series finale but as a season finale it was…well, crap once you get past of the heavy-handed nostalgia and sentimentality. Every other finale since has been a disaster but that’s not really saying a lot, lol.

Annnnnyyyyyyyyyyyywaaaaaaaaaay, I still kind of like One Big Happy but mostly because Elisha Cuthbert is adorable and I want to be her BFF. I would literally sign up if she ever found herself doing a version of the Paris Hilton BFF show. Well, not literally, but uh, well. I think I need to sleep because analysing a Jojo video is a whole new level of weird, even for me. 😛

Peace & cake, y’all.


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