stupid and senseless: jussie smollett

So, three weeks ago on January 29th, Jussie Smollett called the police to report that he’d been attacked. According to what was first reported, it was a racially motivated attack as well as political and homophobic. Fair enough, that’s not unheard of. 

On that same night, I saw many people questioning the story, but given that it was developing and that I have no real affinity for Jussie, I felt bad for him and I kept it moving. I stopped watching Empire a long time ago (heck, I just remembered that I used to post recaps for it!) and haven’t even so much as seen a picture of him since. So, I was like, ‘well, that’s a shame’ and went about my business.

Next thing I know, it’s being reported that he went ahead with a concert two days later (a bit iffy, but fine, I can buy that he was standing up to the haters). It’s what he said during this concert that took me from sympathetic indifference to is this dude okay? 

I’m the gay Tupac

1. Tupac was shot dead

2. Tupac did talk a lot about real issues and things that people didn’t necessarily focus on, but…

3. He’s dead. 

What do you mean that you’re the gay Tupac? Why bring Tupac into this? Jussie, are you okay?

That nonsense was followed by ‘I fought the fuck back’ which I couldn’t even make sense of. You’re the Gay Tupac and you fought back. Was he trying to start hashtags? #gaytupac #iftfback

Even after that weird statement, I didn’t really dive deeper until his GMA interview, which I didn’t even watch until a few days ago. Just the quotes were enough to make it seem off. Watching it after the developments was even more disturbing. 

Anyway, onto the interview…some quotes (taken from Daily Fail).

‘You do such a disservice when you lie about stuff like this.’

‘He says, “This MAGA country n****!” and punches me right in the face. So I punch his a** back. We end up tussling by the stairs, fighting, fighting, fighting…and then it just stopped.’

‘I looked down and I noticed a rope around my neck and I started screaming, “There’s a f****** rope around my neck!”

‘It feels like if I had said it was a Muslim or a Mexican or someone black, I feel like the doubters would have supported me a lot more. That says a lot about the place that we are at in the country right now.’

‘I want a little gay boy who might watch this to see that I fought the f*** back. They ran off,’ I didn’t.’

‘I still want to believe there’s something called justice.’

‘I’ve heard that it was a date gone bad which I so resent that narrative. I’m not going to go out to get a tuna sandwich and a salad to meet somebody. That’s ridiculous and offensive.

‘They called me a f****t. I don’t need to add anything like that. I don’t need to make MAGA hat the cherry on the top of some racist sundae.’

‘I will never be the man that this did not happen to… I am forever changed

The interview was an interesting watch. It wasn’t very convincing. In parts he’s laughing, in parts he was indignant, but not in a way that seemed genuine. It was all over the place. 

My favorite part was where he boldly defended his decision to go to Subway at 2am. Make no mistake, it was reckless and stupid. I say this as someone who does late night runs at the store – not even I would leave my house at that time to get anything, and I’m not famous and currently receiving threats. 

Which, by the way…

I mean…

Anyway, back to the interview and one thing I found strange was his version of what went down. Apparently, the attackers called out ‘EMPIRE!’ and he doesn’t answer to that. 

1. If these racist, homophobic people know enough about you to be near your home, they’d surely know your name? Or your characters name at least?

2. Again, this seems like an odd detail to bring up in an interview. To the police, yes. In an interview…

The next part that raised eyebrows. He mentioned calling his manager in Australia – establishing that someone overheard the attack. So, he took his phone out to make the call right? Unfortunately, in the interview, he says his phone fell out of his pocket while he was fighting back and when he picked it up, his manager was still on his phone. 


See now, what he should have said was that his phone was knocked out of his hand. Which it would have been had he really been seriously jumped. Unless he was using a headset – but I think it’s safe to say he didn’t think of that.

The next part of the interview that didn’t really do it for me was when he was asked about the motive. 

“I come really, really hard against 45. I come really, really hard against his administration, and I don’t hold my tongue.”

1. Shuuuuut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. HOLD YOUR DAMN TONGUE! Who has seen all of this anti-Trump activism of yours until now? Hardly anyone. Trump wasn’t even aware of it. No one was! 

2. Where were his people and why did they allow him to answer this question?

There was also the part about the noose and bleach which was even more bizarre. He didn’t realise there was bleach on him until he got back to his apartment…I…I can’t even follow all of it anymore. 

It’s like a mishmash of an Empire and Supernatural episode. Just a hot mess all around. 

Unfortunately for him, the day after this interview, two Nigerian brothers that he knows personally were arrested in relation to the attack. 

Once again, when he commented on that he said that he felt sympathy for them. Uh… What? 

They were released without charge two days later after singing like damn canaries and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Of course, now we all know that he made calls to them before and after the attack hence why he handed over incomplete call logs to the police when they wanted them. 
During the interview he had this to say:

I‘m sorry, but I’m not going to do that, I have private pictures and videos and numbers. My partner’s number, my family’s numbers, my castmates’ numbers, my friends’ numbers, my private emails, my songs.”

Yeah, but…you called the police. You told them you were on the phone. You told them your manager could corroborate your story because you were on the phone to him! You brought up the phone! 

You pointed out the camera during a walk through. The police merely thought you were trying to do their job for them. You chose to keep a ‘noose’ around your neck to ‘preserve evidence’. 

Yet, your phone was off limits? 

The story gets crazier and crazier but now obviously he’s been arrested for filing a false police report. 

Other details:

  • He also paid the brothers with a personal check for $3500. They say it was to stage the attack
  • He says it was for training and a music video and curiously, he backdated the check to 23rd Jan.
  • There’s footage of the brothers buying supplies they say he instructed them to buy
  • Apparently footage of them rehearsing the attack exists. 
  • Jussie supposedly has a drug problem
  • He claims that he’s innocent
  • He’s been axed from the last two episodes of EMPIRE 

It seems like he’s guilty. 

    ….Yet, somehow, I feel like there is something missing from this story. It doesn’t make any sense. Right now the motive is money, but that doesn’t even make sense to me. Maybe he has a martyr complex. I don’t know. 

    What I do know that it’s sad that he’s thrown his career away over something so fucking stupid. Personal checks? Using your personal cell phone? Watching a basic police procedural show could have kept the scent off him for a while longer. 

    Damn shame. 

    Empire 2×06: ‘Dollars in the bank’



    Okay, for some reason episode 6 opens with Becky and her boy having alone time. Her boy happens to be the HILARIOUS drug dealer from Murder In The First. Good for her, I guess.

    Rainbow Abomination are practising when Cookie gets word that Hakeem has been kidnapped. She doesn’t think its real. HONEY, IT’S REAL.

    Jamal is singing another depressing song. I still don’t like it. The song also sounds like something I’ve heard before. Oh, well. This scene is too long. Jamal is sad that Michael cheated. Oh. Well. Thankfully Cookie bursts in and shows Lucious the video and they all realise that Hakeem has actually been kidnapped.

    …by people with Longhorn tattoos. Hakeem calls them a bunch of cowboys and gets his ass whooped. Lucious is convinced that they will get him back soon because they’re only asking for $40K. They ask for proof of life and get it.

    WILLIAM FICHTNER IS IN THIS EPISODE. I love him. Continue reading “Empire 2×06: ‘Dollars in the bank’”

    Empire 2×05: ‘Angels running for cover’


    This was in my drafts, so here it is! I took a break from the show after episode 6, LOL. I shall recap the rest if I remember, if not then, you’re probably going to be thankful, haha.

    The case against Lucious has been dropped now that Vernon’s death is being treated as a suicide. Andre rocks up at Empire looking like a kid on their first day of school. Within the next five minutes, after being told that he’s now the head of Gutter Inc Records, he looks like that kid four weeks later when the homework is piling up. He doesn’t fare well during his welcoming party either. He seems a tad uncomfortable as some of the artists grind up on him. His next move is to try and organise his baptism. What a natural progression. Continue reading “Empire 2×05: ‘Angels running for cover’”

    Empire 2×04: ‘Hakeem’s the dream’

    The episode opens with Jamal singing his heart out as the FBI raid Empire. I have a question. Are TV FBI raids indicative of how they actually are in real life? Surely making all of that mess is counterproductive. They could potentially conceal something Super Serious™. Or not. What do I know?

    Lyon Dynasty is also raided, as is Casa Lucious. He makes that sure our charming federal prosecutor sees him in his birthday suit. Continue reading “Empire 2×04: ‘Hakeem’s the dream’”

    Empire 2×03: ‘Mirage a Trois’

    We open with the federal prosecutor giving a statement outside court. Apparently Lucious is a dangerous sociopath who shouldn’t be allowed in public. Oh, and she wants to be attorney general. #GOALS You would think that she would pick an easier target than someone that she herself admits is her sociopath – and someone who is overwhelmingly popular, but okay. I’mma let her finish.

    Lucious is ready to reclaim his Empire. He makes some grand statement that I didn’t hear but I’m sure it’s the same as the last two and the same as the next three.

    Over at Chateau Hakeem, his new girl, Valentina, is looking for her pants even though he has to be on Sway in the Morning. Cookie basically drags his ass out of there. Lil Hakeem’s Sway performance is actually kinda good. Apart from the random shirt grab – bruh this isn’t your music video. Lil H wants to call his group Mirage a Trois…


    Continue reading “Empire 2×03: ‘Mirage a Trois’”

    Empire 2×02: ‘Snitching ass bitch’


    I was ironing while watching this episode, so I’ll see what I remember. I did take down some notes of the part that made me LMAO.

    So basically Cookie, Andre and Lil Simba (Hakeem) are now planning on starting their own record company, possibly along with possibly Anika. Hakeem sort of goes a little crazy and decides that he wants to…have his own artists? This is someone with no album, nada. but okay. Andre sort of just looks like he’d rather be praising Jesus with Jennifer Hudson. Continue reading “Empire 2×02: ‘Snitching ass bitch’”

    Empire 2×01: ‘You done now, lady!’


    I’m not sure if it’s my computer but the recap proceeds at 2x the speed in certain parts, almost as if the writers don’t really want us to remember the…finer details.

    Anyway, last season – lots of shit happened, but Cookie testified against someone and then Lucious ended up in jail. *dramatic music*

    We open with a #FreeLucious concert. And then, Cookie emerges from a gorilla suit. That is, a gorilla suit…while trapped in a cage. She starts to talking about how the prison system is flawed and basically biased against young black men. The words all sound right and I agree but…she literally just emerged from a gorilla suit in a cage. I don’t think that went down very well when it aired, lol. It was a tad unnecessary.

    Al Sharpton pops up. I won’t comment. Don Lemon pops up. Sigh.

    Jamal sings at the concert, Lil Hakeem sort of raps. Cookie is doing some schmoozing and Andre looks…important. Meanwhile, Lucious does some light exercise in prison. Chris Rock is playing someone called Frank Gathers. He’s also in prison. Oooh. Continue reading “Empire 2×01: ‘You done now, lady!’”

    THROWBACK SUNDAY and the curse of the no-idea-if-we’ve-been-renewed-finale.

    I know that today is Thursday but for some reason I wrote Sunday. And I’m just going to leave it like that. I’m weird. I know.

    Anyway, my throwback Sunday is this:

    Continue reading “THROWBACK SUNDAY and the curse of the no-idea-if-we’ve-been-renewed-finale.”

    Automatic hand dryer adventures, Empire and One Big Happy (plus an update on the recaps)

    Some don’t work. Some require you to do some sort of inverted, jazz hands for at least thirty seconds before they come on (at which point you’re already frustrated and about to leave and then you have to wait for another thirty seconds now that you know that it is actually working), and some are just kind of crazy. Every time I use one of the exuberant hand dryers I forget what it was like the previous time and ending reacting like this:


    (Jared’s padanormous turbo charged nostril flare would probably cause the same reaction. :P)


    Empire isn’t really my kind of show. I have an aversion to anything where people break out into songs, usually because I have a very bad attention span and it startles me LOL. I actually do really like the show though. Which is surprising given all the hype surrounding it! The only reason I even watched it now is because I had no internet so I was stuck with nothing to watch and I happened to have the first few episodes on hand. I might post a longer post on it later but if you’re thinking of checking it out, it’s pretty good.

    One Big Happy

    I know that I wrote a whole post on how terrible this show is but the following two episodes have been a lot better. It’s actually kind of funny in a quirky, offbeat kind of way. I’m still not feeling Nick Zano’s hair though. 😛


    I still haven’t watched an episode past the last one I did (the musical episode) and that won’t change for a while. At this point, I’d say there’s a 70/30 chance that I’ll do some episodes over the summer hiatus or just skip straight to the finale or something. I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without watching the show, which is either awesome or sad, I haven’t really thought about it much, lol. I certainly don’t miss being visually and aurally assaulted by Sam’s haircut and Dean’s addiction to gravel. If all else fails, I will snark about the final *sniff but yay* season of The Mentalist (which I also can’t quite bring myself to watch just yet. Mon dieu!).