First of all, TWO TOM HARDY’S. I’m not a fan of movies glorifying real life criminals, but hell, The Kray Twins have been done many times before so it’s a moot argument at this point and anyway, it’s DOUBLE TOM HARDY.

This also reminds me of the time Tom joined Twitter randomly and spent hours posting names and hashtagging #legend after it. That was all he posted. Eventually he deleted his Twitter and then he came back again (to promote his wildlife documentary, which I sort of half-watched because I’m a dedicated fan and sort of rage-quit halfway through because I hate people who talk over other people and that was basically what Tom was doing but ANYWAY) and then he deleted again when he realised that he was subjecting himself to online terror. Smart man.

Tom’s around a lot this year, right? Same as last year. I think I did a post on Locke. I also watched The Drop which in all fairness was kind of…uh…not great but I did really like Tom in it (I feel like I say that a lot about his movies but I’m confident that if I ever watched Minotaur, I would hate it and hate Tom in it. As it stands, I’ve only ever watched five minutes of it in Turkish (I have no idea why it was in Turkish either!!) and I wisely just moved on very quickly.)

Tom was also in Child 44 but that bombed and I’m not surprised either. The book was decent enough but it does kind of read like it was written specifically to be turned into a movie where all of the actors are non-Russians speaking in horrible fake-Russian accents. Also the sequel? TERRIBLE. The third book, I couldn’t even get past the beginning. So hopefully they won’t be making any more of those, lol.

Tom is also going to be in Mad Max: Fury Road, a franchise which I’ve seen maybe fifteen minutes of. I don’t really like dystopian settings or post-apocalyptica (or whatever you call it) but just this once, I will put my dislike aside because it’s Tom Hardy.

I was going to include a better picture but the one below is hilarious and contextually appropriate, lol.

~Peace, folks.

Tom Hardy playing with his dog during a break from filming 'Legend' in East London Featuring: Tom Hardy Where: London, United Kingdom When: 15 Jul 2014 Credit: Karl Piper/WENN

Tom Hardy playing with his dog during a break from filming ‘Legend’ in East London
Featuring: Tom Hardy
Where: London, United Kingdom
When: 15 Jul 2014
Credit: Karl Piper/WENN



  1. I can appreciate this post 🙂 When you wrote “DOUBLE TOM HARDY” it reminded me of the double rainbow guy on youtube lol. I recently found out about a movie where there may be two of David Tennant running around and it was surprising how much this amused me.
    Tom Hardy’s twitter sounds like it was a fun string of randomness. Twitter is a strange place. Book to movie adaptations are usually a massive failure, unless the book was meant for tween girls but I don’t watch such things. Fake, bad Russian accents are distracting, it may be the worst accent to be bad at.
    Mad Max isn’t the least bit interesting to me either. I haven’t seen any of those movies. I have absolutely zero interest in any of this Marvel stuff but I’ll be putting that aside eventually because fucking Netflix is producing some Marvel series where Tennant is the villain. I’d normally be excited for this kind of thing but it’s Marvel, I don’t have Netflix, Tennant may or may not have purple skin and be using a Ukrainian accent. It sounds awful but I’ll eventually watch it lol.
    Love the picture with Tom and the dog. It’s so funny and weird. The dog is making a hilarious face.


    1. Haha! Two of someone is always an amusing concept, especially when you consider that they have to film everything twice (I assume). Just imagining it is weird, lol!

      His twitter was annoying as hell. He is one of those actors who has a tendency to repeat themselves as well which grinds my gears but he’s pretty, so. And also he was quite honest about quitting it because it was too much pressure which I admire.

      I haven’t seen any of Mad Max either but I’m not ashamed to say that I basically only go to see certain movies because a hot guy is in it, lol! Might as well spend my money wisely. *nods*

      What series is Tennant in? I’m waiting for all of this comic stuff to just not generate as much interest as it is and die. Kind of over it. I do want to watch Daredevil though, he’s one of the more interesting superheroes. Purple skin? LOL. Sounds awfully hilarious.

      Tom should print this picture, frame it and hang it up. It’s priceless!!


      1. My apologies for taking almost a month to answer, I’m a bit flaky lol. I set up a Twitter a few years ago but quit after being unable to set it up correctly. I still get an email occasionally asking to verify my Twitter or something.
        I’ve gotten over the shame of “You’re only watching this because he’s hot”, it took long enough! Lol I try to stick with things that at least sound intetesting. The show is called AKA Jessica Jones. It sounds slightly more interesting then other Marvel stuff but it still sounds ridiculous. I’ll only see it if they decide to do a DVD release and I find it for under $20. I’ll be so happy when people get over this superhero craze. CBS is producing a Supergirl series and the promo photos alone manage to annoy the hell out of me. It’s lame.
        The photo should be in a nice frame hanging above the fireplace in Tom Hardy’s castle lol. It seems like he should live in a small, non pretentious castle. I’m aware of how silly that sounds.


        1. No worries 🙂 Twitter are RELENTLESS with their emails. I keep unsubscribing and they keep sending new ones. Ugh.

          AKA Jessica Jones…I’ll have to keep an eye out. People keep recommending Daredevil so I’m putting that off. The worst part of a lot of these shows is the social media hype. It really irritates me. Lol I don’t blame you for waiting for the DVD!

          I thought the Supergirl promo was freaking hilarious in a really, cheesy kind of way. And the last show with a ridiculous promo that I watched was Sleepy Hollow and it had a great first season, so I’ll give Supergirl a chance. It’ll be interesting to see a female superhero at least lol. I found it amusing that they referred to Superman exclusively as Kal-El…

          I saw a pic of Tom and his wife dressed…uh, in clothing most people wouldn’t leave the house in, so small and non-pretentious might be right. He does have a huge, typical movie star house though but they all do, lol. I have no idea why these people need these huge houses. It’s crazy.



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