Professionals (2020) | Episode 1 “Snipe Hunt”

Multi-billionaire Peter Swann (Brendan Fraser) is starting a satellite-supported project that aims to detect disease outbreaks at an early stage in order to be able to intervene more quickly. But the rocket that is supposed to take the satellite into space explodes shortly after it has been launched. His fiancée, doctor Grace Davila (Elena Anaya), then persuades him to hire security professional Vincent Corbo (Tom Welling) to investigate the incident.

First of all, the plot of this show is all sorts of wait, what? The reviews on IMDB are not kind – hence why I watched it. IMDB reviews are a HOT MESS. There are the 10/10 reviews that read like Amazon held a gun to the users head and forced them to write it (looking at you, The Boys), and the 10/10 reviews written to counteract the 1/10 reviews. And then there are the 1/10 reviews written to counteract the obviously fake 10/10 reviews. I tend to read between the 3/10 – 6/10 reviews for my own sanity.

Anyway, back to the plot of the show.

A satellite tracking the spread of diseases? What happens if the satellite breaks down? And what would the satellite do that a database on a reliable server couldn’t? Why not invest the money into curing said diseases? I have so many questions.

Also, why are we only hiring a security expert, what about a detective? The police? The federal authorities? It’s not like a car was blown up, it was a rocket! (Apparently Vincent is a former counterintelligence office, but my point still counts!)

Secondly, I like Tom Welling and Brendon Fraser (I used to love The Mummy!), and I thought they had good chemistry together, along with Elena Anaya, but the whole setup was just off. I’d take the three main characters as different professionals in a different setting. Like maybe a mystical library. Or a regular library.

The explosions and chase scenes were fine and all, but it just screamed low budget European action flick. I was exhausted for them. Tom Welling breaks out an English accent in what has to be one of the most bizarre scenes I’ve ever seen. These two English police officers (detectives?) are transporting ALL THE EVIDENCE they have on some shady criminal and they’re robbed by Vincent and someone called Danny. Justifiably because their dialogue was absolute nonsense. Actually the dialogue in this episode is not great, but as it’s a pilot, I’ll give them a pass.

The general gist of this episode was that the rocket is blown up, and they hire Vincent to investigate. They investigate in the country where the rocket launched, invite a local policeman to tag along. Vincent plants a fake bullet to fool said policeman and then at the end, they’re being chased by the policeman and his cronies. I was sitting there like, ‘but… was it necessary to invite this guy along at all?’. It didn’t make much sense to me, but hey, action!

That being said, for the first episode, it wasn’t half bad? I didn’t hate it, and it doesn’t pretend to be anything amazing. It’s just a cheesy, action series. I feel like they’re going for a slapstick Eighties/A-Team vibe and they’re hitting the mark. I’m not even a big enough Tom Welling or Fraser fan to be biased but I did enjoy it. Sure, at times it seemed like the actors were reading from five different scripts and the show has an alarming number of executive producers, but it’s easy viewing and shot on location. Hello, pretty sights!

I’ll be back with a longer review when I’ve seen all the episodes (maybe). Or maybe I’ll do it episode by episode. We shall seeeeee.

Rating (so far): 5/10


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