Talk about being happy for your friends…

… or not, in the case of….Jared Padalecki who had this to say when Jensen tweeted about his Supernatural spin-off…

I saw his tweet and thought nothing of it. Yes, the last line was a little bit strong, but I don’t know what kind of friendship they have. Well…Turns out he really didn’t hear about it from JA first.

I wish I could say I had a better reaction but I literally started laughing when I saw the second tweet.

ETA: He even went after one of the writers involved in the spin-off (and wisely deleted it – credit goes to the person on Twitter who took a screenshot!)

Why is he like this?

Upon further inspection, I see I missed key signs in the first tweet. The lack of exclamation! The weird line breaks (why is he tweeting like this? Why can I picture him furiously smashing his enter key?!).

The ‘Sam Winchester had no involvement whatsoever‘ is clearly code for himself because it doesn’t make sense.

Surely, he meant (LOL) Sam Winchester isn’t involved in any way whatsoever?

Anyway, I’ll be fair to Jared. It does seem like a bit of a dick move on Jensen’s part to do this without at least a heads up? Although, I’ve been telling you all he’s a dick for years now so I’m not surprised.

On the flip side maybe Jared’s reaction is why he wasn’t told? He could have just wished Jensen well and then messaged him privately and we’d be none the wiser – until he inevitably had a fifty tweet rant about it.

At the very least, I’d feel more sympathy if he wasn’t constantly doing the most. Dramatic as he may be, he’s not necessarily in the wrong here.

Jensen, bro, what’s going on?

What was so bad that you couldn’t call Jared and be all like, “So, I’m creating a spin-off of the show we’ve been on together for the last fifteen years. I’m going to be narrating. You’re… well, you’re not in it at all actually, and uh…”

…I guess it would have been an awkward conversation to have.

Somebody update me on this mess because I doubt I’ll be keeping up. I only saw the original tweet Jensen posted by accident.

… and I literally finished work and somehow the blog has its highest daily hits since I started it ten years ago. I have no idea how or why, but uh… thanks? It’s nice to know the hours I wasted writing these posts weren’t for nothing thanks to Jared’s complete lack of filter on Twitter.

Apparently Jared did what he should have done in the first place and all is well again.

….I don’t even have the energy to mock all this brothers nonsense. Clearly, the friendship runs deeper on one side.

2 thoughts on “Talk about being happy for your friends…

  1. What’s especially hilarious is all the Jensen fans on Tumblr are now disillusioned and are having meltdowns because it’s blindingly obvious that their fave is a greedy backstabbing dick. Which is something that I figured out years ago, when it occurred to me that Jensen never once defended Jared or told the Ackles Army to stop sending Jared hate.

    Jensen is obviously seething with anger and jealousy that Jared was offered a starring role in a new series, when he, the better looking, more talented and popular one, (at least in his own mind) got bupkis from the CW and had to beg Eric Kripke for a job on The Boys.

    I doubt Jared is gutted, it’s more like his pissed off that Jensen is trying to ice him out of the SPN franchise. I’ve criticized Jared’s diva behavior before, but histrionics aside, he has a legitimate beef this time. Jensen’s spent 16 years called Jared his brother, and he couldn’t find five minutes to mention the new project? Apparently Jared contacted Chuck Norris about doing Walker and the original went off the air 20 years ago and he didn’t know the man personally. Check the skies for flying pigs – I’ve just defended Padalecki!

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    1. Yeah, the Jensen fans were working double time to justify his behaviour (surprise, surprise). Tbh, I don’t think Jensen is jealous (Walker hasn’t exactly set the world alight, and I’d argue a role on The Boys > any CW show), but he clearly didn’t want to include Jared in the production side of things. It’s either a professionalism or money issue, maybe both. Either way, I definitely think Jared got his eyes opened. All of the brother stuff to me is not even genuine, and I think we saw the façade slip for a second. On the flip side, is Jared twelve? His behaviour was extremely embarrassing, lol. He’s the boy who cried wolf at this point. The only people who have his back are the ones who need their internet taken away from them.

      In hindsight, I don’t think it was Jensen’s place to call out hate. He didn’t even call out the stuff they’d send to Danneel, and with the level of insanity in the fandom, what would be the point? It would just fuel the fire. The cast of the show should have come out collectively to condemn ALL of the abuse. Instead, we have Jared indirectly sending his fans after people whenever someone upsets him. It’s hard to feel any sympathy for him these days.



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