When the going gets tough…

…pimp out McDonald’s on Twitter?



Well. Let’s hope that Netflix pays him well for his [insert number] minute cameo on the GG revival.

I’m still on hiatus or whatever but I need to put this here so that I can come back and laugh at it later. In the meantime, I’m gonna go and pose with a cheeseburger and see if anybody wants to help me with my student loans.


2 thoughts on “When the going gets tough…

  1. LOL! There’s a video now! Not sure if a link will work here, but go to his Facebook page & it’s up there. I was stuck between cringing & LOLing…


    1. I just saw it LOL. I will post it in a second. I was crying at the two comments I saw lmao. So in between the cons and his bar, he’s still stuck pimping out his kids in food commercials? McDonald’s of all companies. I thought he had MORALS!!



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