That awkward moment when someone tries to out scam a scam.

Obviously I’m not accusing anybody of anything. But if I was…

click it to see the text properly. sorreh.
  1. HOW HILARIOUS IS IT THAT ‘JENSEN ACKLES FANS‘ ARE SUPPOSEDLY TRYING TO ‘SCAM’ PEOPLE? joker laughAlso, fine so, 100% of the money might go to them. Or they might donate it. At least we know where the money is ending up. Jared, boo, we’re still waiting on your figures. We all know you ain’t about that not for profit life. You like the finer things in life.

  2. Clearly, no one has considered the irony of  encouraging the SPN  ‘Family’ to always keep fighting. They’re already good at that. I’m thinking of starting my own t-shirt fund – WWSFW – World Wide Supernatural Family Wrestling for when the shippers get tired of fighting and need to duke it out, all professional like. Twenty percent of the twenty percent that I won’t keep for myself will be donated to…myself. All for a good cause.wpid-wp-1444270289403.gif Oh and that is clearly the face of a man who is happy with his life choices.

  3. I don’t know who I hate more in this scenario: whoever made this image, Jared and Jensen for being the image or Jared himself for posting this for public consumption along with fifty million exclamation marks. I’m going to go with all three. It’s kind of like the picture equivalent of Jared releasing some kind of commercial for his shirts set to ‘Blurred Lines’. Creepy.

44 thoughts on “That awkward moment when someone tries to out scam a scam.

    1. Lol, this is honestly the most disturbed person I have welcomed here. I love how she made sure to tell me that no one reads any of the sad posts before running up throughout the blog, reading the posts! Clearly she’s a gift from above, sent to drive up my readership!


  1. Hello! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. It’s so refreshing to read your posts and see someone who doesn’t mindlessly adore Jared Padalecki. I used to be a huge Supernatural fan, but I’ve been so turned off by the actors, fandom and the show in general over the last few years.

    I especially have a problem with Jared. The endless complaining, hypocrisy and immature behaviour is bad enough, but watching him churn out these mock campaigns to help “destigmatize depression, addiction and mental illness” really infuriates me. All he does is sell expensive t-shirts and make snippet videos on Facebook, yet he’s inundated with comments from young women telling him how he’s saved their lives. I’m so lost. What actually has he done to help fans with depression apart from taking their money and hashtagging #AlwaysKeepFighting 50 times a day? Yeah, that’s not actually going to help.

    Have you seen the Minute Maid video he posted on FB today? It’s basically him selling orange juice and whining about how hard it is to be away from his family while he’s filming Supernatural. And of course all the comments go along the lines of, “Oh my Goooddddd Jared thank you so much for sacrifice, this video is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eeeeyyyyyes.” Like, am I supposed to feel sorry for this guy? Should I be grateful that he takes time away from his family to do a job? Wow, because, you know, he’ll be the first person to ever do that. I get that everyone has problems, and Jared could genuinely struggle with self-doubt and missing his family. But putting his problems front and center really grosses me out, especially as he leads a pretty privileged and luxurious life compared to most people.

    Seriously, I vomited a little when I watched it.

    But anyway, you’re cool and your blog saves me from going crazy when I read all the brainless worship on his social media!

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    1. Hi! A thousand times YES! to your comment! Why people aren’t asking these questions is a mystery to me! Honestly, I was probably one of the more OTT Jared fans back in the day but at some point common sense has to prevail. Thank you! I try to ignore most of his bullshit these days but this t-shirt nonsense has gone too far.

      He’s done nothing. Nothing but use this as a platform to make money and generate more attention for himself. Oh sure, he listens to fan testimonies and cries with them which is so sweet (am I the only one who thinks that’ll end up in serious tears? He’s not a trained professional). The first time I heard about AKF, I knew something was off immediately and as much as I hate to be that person who goes on about something but after his comments last year about someone who publically suffered with addition and depression, his whole campaign is just disgusting to me. One campaign, I could let got but this fool has done FOUR rounds! I saw Chad Michael Murray selling some Lucas Scott hoodies via Represent on Twitter and it’s clearly some kind of low budget celebrity type of charity scam *snort*. Jared especially is making a mockery out of the fans that have depression and genuinely look up to him. That’s the really sad part. All he does is throw out a few ‘I love y’all’s while taking their money. And they all fall for it.

      LOL. Selling orange juice?? Good lord, fix it. I saw the tweet I think, something about him being sad when his family tells him to #keepgoing but there was a huge #sponsored hashtag attached to it so I rolled my eyes and moved on. LOL, he could easily live with his immediate family while filming so I have no idea why he’s fishing for sympathy *rolls eyes*, it’s not like he’s even in each episode that much. He chose to move them to Texas, so honestly, that’s his problem. Like you’ve said, he’s not the only one. And he has the means to see them. Some people don’t have that luxury. I’m not even going to watch it. I’m still tired from the delightful commenter above you who spent four hours blindly defending him.

      Eh, on the basis of his conduct I believe he has some sort of disorder in addition to depression. I’ve never seen someone manage to make an entire campaign that’s supposedly about raising awareness all about them with no shred of actual self-awareness. All I’ve taken from it is that Jared Padalecki has depression and he’s selling shirts because has depression and that I should feel sorry for him and bow down at his feet for raising awareness about his own depression? You can raise awareness without needing to sell 100,000 shirts.

      Thanks! I will always keep it real here, you can count on that. I don’t understand how those people can post all of those nauseating comments on his FB/Twitter without realising how ridiculous they sound. And the majority of them are grown adults, setting a poor example for the younger fans. Smh.

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    2. Is there any reason why Jared’s unemployed wife can’t live with him in Vancouver? It’s not as if they’re filming in Yellowknife or Moosejaw. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city with plenty for Genevieve and the kids to do while Jared is at work.


            1. So, you’ve called me crazy, obsessed, an idiot, implied that I was a child molester and called me a misogynist as well as engaging in what I consider to be harassment at this point. Oh and now I’m bullying imaginary people. *snort* I don’t think you know what self-awareness is.


                1. Gurl…we’re in the same boat yet YOU called ME a bully? You’re a complete and utter hypocrite. I don’t think you need any alcohol, lol, I can barely get you to comprehend what I’m saying as it is.


  2. I never said I wasn’t because I’m clearly trolling you but at least you’re humoring me by constantly responding to every single thing I say.


        1. You’re seriously a piece of work. Did you know that in the real world some people have opinions that don’t match up with yours? And that they don’t deserve abuse over it? Run along back to Tumblr and pretend that the celebrities you adore are 100% shiny and good. But don’t start bullying people and encroaching on their space when they don’t agree with you.


          1. Well said! She must understand that her idol is not everyone’s idol and some people will see the faults and flaws in him that she refuses to see. Instead of saying her piece and leaving, she’s gnashing her teeth, foaming at the mouth and making baseless accusations to SS. Chick needs help!

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