Celebrating four years of supernatural snark!

Well, not really. LOL.

According to WordPress, I’ve been running this thing since December 2011. My first thought was, OH MY GOD, WHY AM I STILL HERE?! And then I realised that I have made progress of sorts. Through snark, I realised that life is a lot better when you’re not disturbingly infatuated with something.

I can sum it all up easily. Once upon a time, I was obsessed with a TV show that has since outlived its welcome. I started bitching about said show until eventually, it got so bad that it barely held my interest. So, I started bitching about Padajesus and his shenanigans and then eventually, he became so annoying and stupid that he barely holds my interest and now I blog about random shit and, occasionally, spn-related stupidity.

Along the way, I encountered some like-minded individuals, some people who feared for my health and some charming internet-warrior fans. I’ve had some great discussions and more often than not, the comments crack me up. So thank you to anyone who’s ever chimed in on my posts. I appreciate it and you’re all welcome to tell me to shut up. Unless your name begins with an L.

For the next couple of months, I probably won’t be watching the show, but if anyone is interested, I’ll be snarking about other crap (for instance, I just watched the first two episodes of Blood Ties – AY DIOS MIO! Kyle Schmid’s face is the only reason why I’m continuing. It was a travesty. Anyway,  expect a post!). I will probably snark about SPN again at some point. Like when it’s renewed for season 12. If that happens, I bet you all a random sock that the last scene of the show will be some kind of dream scenario.

Apparently this is a hate blog (it’s an extreme dislike blog AT BEST!), so here’s to four years of hatin’! *clink*

Anyway results, results, results! Just pretend that it says 2015.

Best Alternative Name for Jensen Ackles

I’m much better at coming up with Jared options

Yeah, I can’t argue with that.

Worst Season Finale

Well, none of y’all picked season 6, which saddens me. Sam managing to travel across several states in less than an hour deserved one write-in at least. Mind you, I voted too but I can’t remember what I voted for. Welp.

Anyway, Season 5, Season 8 and Season 10 are tied in first place. There was a vote for Season 11 (YES!) and also season 9. Someone wrote in ‘ALL OF THE ABOVE’. Yes, totally agree with you. They are all piles of manure. Neext!

Best Classic Episode of Supernatural seasons 1-3 (the one serious award!)

Jus In Bello came in first  (interesting!).  AHBL P2 and Nightshifter were joint second, and someone wrote in Faith (which I used to hate before I saw seasons 4-10 and realised that it wasn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things).

I like Jus In Bello. We can probably trace the show’s shittiness back to that episode because Kripke’s ‘plan’ went to shit after they filmed it. Apparently he needed six extra episodes to have Sam learn how to save Dean with his powers. But he had enough time to create Ghostfacers…

I digress…

Best Alternative Name For Jared Padalecki

Obviously, Rapunzlecki was first. It was given life on these pages, either by myself or Trish (I can’t remember. I remember coining Padajesus but I didn’t trademark it, so y’all can have that one). Coincidentally, someone wrote in Padajesus, which should have been on the list really. I have failed at  life.

Anyway, Scam Wincoinster (LMAO. I was inspired that day…) was second, and Ponzilecki came in third.

Worst Episode (write in a choice)

I wasn’t being lazy here, I just couldn’t remember any episodes that were bad. For the first time in my life, my brain was free of SPN fuckery. Unfortunately, the memories returned when I saw the answers you guys left.

Episodes mentioned:


Everything I have to say about this waste of 40 minutes can be found here. The CW really tried to make it happen. And failed woefully.

naomi head shake

the one with the two female cops

UGH, HIBBING 911. I actually watched this one and remember the name. That’s how you know the episode is awful. It left a lasting nightmare in my mind. This episode was a travesty and absolute mess.

All episodes


the charlie episodes tie for first place

Can’t argue with this.

All. Of. Them. Are there writers on this show?

No. The writers have been replaced by an automated machine called Reid Hash, who is powered by socks and boring repetitive plot.

The French Mistake

Just, ugh.

Worst Case of ‘Get Money, Bitch!’

Jared ‘Always Keep Hu$tlin’ Ponzilecki was 1st. Duh. Had to be him.

Conventions were second.

Most Annoying Social Media



Misha was second.

Worst Hair

Jared, with 100% of the vote. LMAO.

Most Annoying Character

In joint first place, we have Sam, Dean and…all of them! Castiel is in second. Along with all of the angels combined. Dean is listed twice, so technically he’s first. *coughs*. Hey,  I didn’t say that I would be objective here.


This is not an award, but funniest web search term has to be ‘Jensen Ackles Illuminati’. I get this repeatedly. For all I now, Jensen probably shits flowers and candies all while being an Illuminati member. But I doubt it. Still, the post where I joked about is HILARIOUS. Even the tags are funny. I was trying to make Rebecca Black happen all over again. I might have to add it to my Pocket for later. Is it douchey of me to say that? I’m sorry, but I am editing the typos (sigh) now and cracking the fuck up. Ah, good times. I don’t even remember writing it but the snark meter was well and truly on that day.

My favourite line is this:



I was fixing the #spnfamily hashtags in the post and…more appeared. Out of nowhere. Fuck this. ALT+F4. Typos be damned.

I think that’s it. I have to do better next time. But given that I’ve given up on the show, I tried…
i tried

……to go on like I never knew you. I’m awaaaaake but my world is half asleeeeeep. I pray for this heart to be unbrokeeeeeeen.But without you all I’m going to be is…..incompleteeeee.

I’m still jamming on ’cause Backstreet’s got it and I am not ashamed of this whatsoever. 😛


4 thoughts on “Celebrating four years of supernatural snark!

  1. I still maintain that ‘Jenyonce’ is a perfect nickname for Ackles.

    Ah yes, Jus In Bello. Back when the show was good and the plots moved forward. Yeah, I don’t get why Sam needed all those episodes to develop his powers either. Sadly, Kripke thought otherwise and the angels have been shoved down our throats ever since.

    It looks like S12 is a lock. The Dean/Jensen stans are in full “Why must he endure this forced servitude for another year/He’s ruining his chances of movie stardom” cry over at IMDB.


    1. He even has the blonde wig to go with the name.

      I think Kripke was very much a make things up as you go along kind of writer. It would explain why he introduced angels after explicitly stating that he wouldn’t. Sam not using his powers didn’t really mean that angels had to come to play. But they sure made for a quick fix-it whenever Kripke ran into a wall. Smh.

      All Jensen fans need to be locked away in a dark, cold room with their lord and master. They have nothing of note to add to any discussion happening anywhere at anytime.


      1. Yes, Kripke could have ended S3 on a clifhanger, then had Sam rescue Dean with his powers, but no, he had to inflict Misha and his minions on us. Kripke is the one who should be locked up with the Jensen and Misha fans.

        I’m only watching the show now in the hopes that Lucifer will get out of the cage, kill everyone and destroy the world.


        1. They should all be locked up together, Jared fans included, lol. I am tired of all of them.

          Lol if that happened, Sam and Dean would find a way out somehow and start up their miserable lives all over again. I don’t really care anymore about any of it – the show, the cast. I am officially snarked out.



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