This is what happens when fictional characters make you lose your shit

So, I was minding my own business while watching Numbers and I decided to find out if anyone else found Amita (the girlfriend, main character, genius mathematician, all-round Mary Sue) annoying.

Lo and behold, the first hit was a LJ community called ‘Amita Sucks*’ and it honestly cracked me the fuck up.


I mean, I can’t really talk – I’m sure this blog was five minutes away from being called supernaturalsucks but I don’t think I’ve ever called Sam and Dean ‘skanky weasel bitches’ or tried to add them to UrbanDictionary. LOL.

I read that there was an event at Cal Tech and that the cast made up a panel to answer questions from the audience.

Sample questions:

Female grad student: Ms. R. As a role model for female mathematicians, can you please tell me who I need to sleep with to get a job at Cal Tech?

Male prof: Ms. R. Did you know that your character, Amita, will forever be referred to as Skanky Weasel by intelligent and discerning viewers?

amit sucks

There was me, thinking that I was the ultimate rebel! Amita IS annoying, but half of the characters on this show have their moments. I wonder if there are mirror comms out there.

michael jordan lauggh

*Disclaimer: Just in case anyone from that comm still cares, I’m not making fun of anyone, just amused by the comm’s existence. In all fairness, I think my blog is kind of ridiculous too. Cathartic, but ridiculous. 😛

17 thoughts on “This is what happens when fictional characters make you lose your shit

  1. Oh come on you love me. No one really likes your tweets. No one posts here let alone even votes on your sad posts and I’m still waiting for that GLORIOUS example of your GREAT COMPASSION!!!!


  2. I dont know you and you don’t know me. Fuck no, I’m not giving you an example other than the above. I don’t owe you anything LOL. I can say that I would never call someone’s death stupid and senseless less than an hour after it happened, knowing fully well that they suffered from depression and addiction and then suddenly decide I care about it a year later.


      1. Well, you have a whole blog of words here and a post where I sympathized with Jared even though I think he’s full of shit. Whereas your precious Jared will never talk about what he said because that is what he really thinks, no matter how many shirts he sells. But you already know that don’t you.


  3. I don’t know you. A point you have already used hundreds of times already so I have no reason to believe anything you say. You’re not special. You don’t get to talk about “how much you care” even though you have a hate blog, and expect people to buy it. I don’t.


    1. When have I spoken about how much I care? Lol you’re not serious. You are a revisionist. I expressed sympathy and compassion. And then I expressed disbelief at his ‘campaign’. There’s no law that says I have to support Jared or any of the SPN affiliates. Yeah, this is a hate blog *eye roll* unlike your anti-hate Tumblr where you rage at people daring to have an opinion that’s different from yours. Grow up.


    1. *slow clap*

      How long did it take you to come up with that? You are stupid, delusional, nonsensical and you lack basic comprehension skills. You can’t even keep your information straight on Tumblr. You can’t keep straight here. You’re too busy foaming at the mouth to let the words on the page connect with your brain. One post = a bashing campaign against Always Keep fighting? Please. Nothing pleases me more than watching Jared make money from naive, silly , blinkered, idiotic fans such as yourself. You can’t possibly buy into his schtick though because here you are insulting strangers on the internet, posting irrelevant crap to your tumblr, claiming to be anti-hate while actively seeking out people who disagree with you. In the future you will learn and realise that you’re wasting your time, until then please continue defending people than have no idea that you exist. You’re helping Jared pay off his mortgage, so, he totally loves y’all, right? You are a moron.


        1. Says the girl who posted my blog on her derelict tumblr and ran up through the posts on here like some sort of banshee. Girl, bye. Take the hint and fuck off. Maybe when Jared acknowledges you, you can sit with him, sing Jason Manns songs and let him know that you semi-accuse anyone who refuses to lodge themselves in between his ass cheeks of being a child molester.


          1. Wow this got out of hand lol. I initially wanted to say how sometimes finding people crazier than you who hate the same things can lead to hilarious discoveries and remind you exactly where you fall on the crazy scale. No idea who the eff that poster is, lucky me. But I love you 🙂


            1. I love you too! 🙂 LOL. The irony of that poster commenting on this particular post was hilarious to me. Haha, yes and also finding people crazier than you helps puts things into perspective. The number of times I’ve backed away from a page thinking, “It’s not that serious” gets higher every day.



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