Yet another edition of ‘stupid and senseless’ with a good old dose of hypocrisy.

It’s Jared vs [insert airline company] again. *yawn*. Somebody get this man a pair of wings and set his destination to Bermuda, please.


 Lol, the big, bad, mean, mean airline are bullying Jared Padalecki! Uh-huh. And his response is to basically bully the poor person running their Twitter account.



 ….I mean, there are security protocols in place. Anyone with a brain in their heads would know that. ALSO, what other options? If there’s bad weather, what option is there but to wait? If you need to take a plane to get somewhere then where the fuck are you going, dude. Does Jared have a special hoverjet pack that we don’t know about? Or, does he think he’s Thor in real life? Time will tell.



1. You have a new ticket. WHY ARE YOU STILL TWEETING, GO AWAY. 2. Oh, so, you could have just bought a brand new ticket and maybe taken up your beef with someone later?Someone at the actual airport perhaps. AND LO AND BEHOLD, they apparently need to send him updates And because Jared is the only one DMing them, out of their millions of customers, he deserves an IMMEDIATE response. All that’s missing from this tweet is a #BowDownBitches hashtag, because he’s so “fly”.

I am proud of that pun and I give no fucks about how lame it is, haha.


 Bonus points for ‘ignoring me on private’. I’d ignore him too, but with an ego as huge as his forehead, he probably doesn’t consider the fact that he’s not the only fucking person with shit to complain about. Why the fuck would they reply his messages? He probably sounds like some kind of crazy maniac in them. And even if they are pretending to be helpful…well, why the fuck not at this point – they’re not the ones who look like assholes.

Carry on being a ‘deuchebag’, Jared. See where it gets you*.

*hint – nowhere

Of course his fans think he’s being all heroic and shit. HE’S FIGHTING THE BULLIES!!! Really. For the better part of a year, I had to endure the worst possible train service ever. The trains were late, or cancelled without notice, or simply didn’t show up. It’s frustrating and annoying but if I left early enough, I got to where I needed to be. If I didn’t, I acted gracefully and just bitched about it in general to a friend, or Twitter, whatever. They had a Twitter but I didn’t bother complaining because….there are people at the station!! Imagine that. And also because the account doesn’t answer half of the tweets because they get so many. If it sounds like I was being all zen about it, I wasn’t. The people at the station often had no idea what the fuck was going on, but it’s not like it was their fault. They’re doing their job. I mean, the tickets were as EXPENSIVE as hell, seriously, but unlike Jared, I don’t have a shit-ton of money or expect Earth to stop moving whenever I’m not satisfied with something. Sigh. I can’t believe that I ever liked this moronic excuse of a human being.




  1. Idiot. What the hell is wrong with this guy?
    ” All
    that’s missing from this
    tweet is a
    #BowDownBitches hashtag,
    because he’s so “fly”. Yes that’s lame but it’s funny and totally true.
    I was honestly half expecting him to be a super douchebag Monday when the news broke about Robin Williams death. From what I know he acted like a person, I’m almost impressed.

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    1. Oh my God, same here with Robin Williams’ passing. His tweet was banal but inoffensive, surprisingly. Though, I think he probably got a telling off from his unfortunate publicist over his PSH comments. Coming for Robin Williams would not have been in his best interests. There’s life yet in the brain cell he shares with Jensen. Lol.

      As for the airline shit. He has major issues. I don’t know if it’s anger or control issues or whatever, but he needs to calm the fuck down. I find his behaviour really gross. I wonder who died and made him the new Snow Queen.


  2. Stop being horrible about Jared Padalecki. Maybe YOU could post something nice about him for once. You’re just as bad as you’re making him out to be. Stop judging and looking at his bad points and opinions just because he is famous and saying HE shames them, when you are doing exactly that. He is a human being too, who has sad and nasty opinions on things the same as anyone else, just because it gets shown everywhere doesn’t mean he should have to apologize for having an opinion and feeling free enough to share with people his thoughts. Look at his nice side too if you want to judge.


    1. I was a fan of Jared for many years, but I’m done being nice about him. This isn’t a fansite so I have no idea what you expect here. Look up snark and go from there. I am clearly not a fan of his anymore, ergo, I don’t have to post anything nice.

      I’m not his mother. I am not obligated to kiss his ass. It’s not really hard to understand. Part of being a good person is knowing when you’ve overstepped the mark or having enough self awareness to assess yourself. Not doing what you want because you’re ‘human’ and there are people to excuse your bad behaviour.

      So, if you want to read nice posts about him, I suggest you write them yourself.



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