Music Monday #2

This post is dedicated to Liz. I hope that Jared has acknowledged you after all of the mental gymnastics you did in his honour earlier.

Anyway, yes, same as last week! Three songs that I listen to with no shame whatsoever. 😛


“I Want It That Way (Alternate Version)” – Backstreet Boys

Apparently one of the versions came first, and there was an issue because Max Martin (producer/writer) didn’t speak much English, so the song ended up making little sense (logic tells me that the released version is the original because it makes no damn sense and is catchier than this one) . So they ended up rewriting it and thus all of the extra versions came about. Anyway, all I know is that I heard this and I was happy that there was a version that makes sense. And NO GOODBYEEEEES would have caught on but whatever, the original (?!) will always be a classic and the only song I know all of the words to.

Don’t You” – Jesse McCartney

I haven’t heard this song in years but knew exactly what album/CD it was from when discussing it with a friend recently. For some reason I found it really amusing. No doubt I’d be a contender for a Pointless trivia award. Anyway, this song is a bop!

Leave (Get Out)” – JoJo

Do I even need to explain this one? This song is a classic!

9 thoughts on “Music Monday #2

    1. Lmao, someone has to be, this video is a disgrace. Using your failure as a parent to sell orange juice LOL. Only in 2015; year of ain’t shit people. What kind of public messy shit have the Ackles been up to? Lol, I try to just snark about the guys (you know the wife brigade are lurking in the shadows) and usually stuff that’s not from SG/cons. Jensen knows what’s up, all I’ve ever posted about him is some airline tweet *dead*


  1. Lol flop parenting and getting rewarded for it 😄 Lol, nothing from the Ackles yet but you know he’ll be stunting on Twitter on Turkey day with JJ looking equally confused like ‘harpo who dis man’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s the most bizarre thing, lol. If he was a woman, he’d be dragged from here to freakin’ China, but nah, he’s formerly attractive white dude who spreads faux-warmth and love and lady boners so it’s cool. SMH. SPEND TIME WITH YOUR KIDS, PONZILECKI!! Or don’t because he seemed oddly cold and detached, like he could have been talking about a slice of toast he let fester for nine months. Welp. Imma pray for them.

      All three children look puzzled when Daddy is around *dead* I can’t. I wonder how many takes for Tom/Shep (idek which one is which) to say ‘Da-da’ instead of ‘da-fuck’. Lmao. Jenyonce’s keeping his shenanigans low-key or for unsuspecting fangirls. Hmm, okay, I will break my Jared shenanigans only rule and do a post on the Sister Wives and Austin commune at some point lmao. Actually it’ll go well with my ‘cons are bs’ post that I scrapped a while ago because the whole thing was just too tragic.


  2. Lol could you imagine the dragging if the roles were reversed? If the children were with their fathers mostly and the women were working away from home?! They would be plucked bald and called everything but a child of God. Meanwhile Jared’s a hero cos he admits to being a shit, uninvolved dad? Gtfowtbs! Lol Jensen just tweeted a holiday brochure pic of him and JJ lol calling her life fuel, meanwhile spending the majority of his time away from her!😒

    Lol the commune I just can’t with that pathetic monstrosity!


    1. “I wonder how many takes for Tom/Shep (idek which one is which) to say ‘Da-da’ instead of ‘da-fuck’.”


      What is the Austin commune??


      1. 😛

        Lol, the Austin commune. Jared and Jensen live in the same community in Austin and therefore, their relationship (sorry, friendship) has taken on a whole new meaning, lol. They’re BFFLWGET (Best Friends For Life Who Go Everywhere Together) and as such, this is all documented on Twitter/FB/cons for our viewing/hearing/tinhat polishing pleasure. I don’t really care what they do but get the sense that I’m supposed to care and that we’re all supposed to fall down in honour of their amazing friendship. In reality, I am just wondering how Jensen manages to spend that much time around Jared without punching him in the face. 😉


    2. The women are dragged just for existing, lol. Fandom would have them spontaneously combusted if the roles were reversed. I find it very annoying but then again, I saw a tumblr posted hashtagged with #bestdad accompanied by the story of him throwing a toy dinosaur at his son because his concern at possibly hurting him was ‘cute’. Ick. We all know that the fans are well centered individuals, lol. *cough* I am gonna brave the wrath of the Ackles Army and post about that. I don’t really care for him (as you know ha) but that #lifefuel hashtag really annoyed me for some reason. LOL.



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