stupid and senseless: the fraud chronicles

Yes, Jared Padalecki is at it again. This time he’s put his role as an Airline Justice Warrior aside and is taking on Verizon for alerting him to the fact that someone opened a fraudulent account under his name and suggesting that he alert the authorities. How dare they?!

Read from bottom to top. The first tweet (the one at the bottom) has 'name' cut off.
Read from bottom to top. The first tweet (the one at the bottom) has ‘name’ cut off.


I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to know that if someone has stolen your identity somehow, you’re the one who has to file report. It’s your identity! All Verizon can do really is pass the details along and investigate internally. They can’t file a report for someone. It’s common sense. Apparently though, Jared hasn’t gotten that memo. And like a true attention seeker, he has to let his entire Twitter feed know that he’s throwing his toys out of the pram. Newsflash, those of us that are reasonable won’t have any sympathy for you. Shit like this happens every day. You’re not entitled to any special treatment just because you’re on a CW show.

I also find it kind of distasteful that he brought up the whole ‘taking away time from my family’ thing. What does that have to do with anything? How long did they keep him on hold for, an entire day? Lol. Oh, and nice use of #trash too. That’s very classy. All that was missing was ‘I HOPE YOU GO BANKRUPT’ because Jared will never live that ridiculous tweet down.

I’m sure he posts these rants and feels like this:


As opposed to this:


I think he should start a ‘I Hope You Go Bankrupt’ Twitter account purely for all of his complaints and maybe he can read it back and see how silly he sounds while the rest of us use it as a form of amusement.

Example tweets could include

I was attacked by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man #IHOPEHEGOESBANKRUPT

I dropped an ice-cube!!!!!!!! #IHOPEMYFREEZERGOESBANKRUPT

I found THREE CRACKED eggs in the crate I bought yesterday. #IHOPETHECHICKENGOESBANKRUPT

And so on.



8 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: the fraud chronicles

  1. Example tweets could include

    I was attacked by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man #IHOPEHEGOESBANKRUPT

    I dropped an ice-cube!!!!!!!! #IHOPEMYFREEZERGOESBANKRUPT

    I found THREE CRACKED eggs in the crate I bought yesterday. #IHOPETHECHICKENGOESBANKRUPT

    LMFAO!!! I could totally see him making tweets like that!

    I get that he’s pissed off if someone did something like that, but come on, anyone would know that the first thing you have to do is file a fraud report. And if going to the police station would take time away from his family… um… can’t he just bring them with him or something?

    Some years ago I was scammed on eBay (long story, I won an auction for a CD, never got it, went back and saw the seller’s rating was suddenly in negative territory, with feedback from others saying they never got their items). I didn’t lash out at eBay. I had to file a fraud report myself (both an online one and a hard copy one).

    The other thing that really makes me roll my eyes is his fandom pitbulls bitching out Verizon on twitter “HOW DARE U TREAT MY MAN THIS WAY!!” Par for the course, I know, but still.


    1. Eh, I’m with Jared on this one. Anything that causes grief to Verizon is good AFAIC. Yes, I’m a Verizon customer.


      1. I’m a Verizon customer too, though I guess I’ve had better luck than Jared.

        But still, the first thing you need to do is file a fraud report, no matter what. It sucks and I don’t blame him for being angry, but the “trash” hashtag was a bit OTT in my opinion… reminds me of the “duh” one he had during the whole American Airlines debacle last year.

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    2. LOL. He seems like he complains about the dumbest shit. I’m all for putting companies to task but he needs to keep it to himself maybe, cause it’s not cute or funny, just irritating.

      Anyone would be upset but it happens and IMO, he would be an idiot not to file a report because no one else is going to it for him. The thing about his family was so OTT and dramatic. Ugh.

      Sorry about the eBay scam! Buying stuff online is always a danger. But yeah, most of the time you have to do these things yourself. I think it’s better that way so you know what to do should it happen again. This year I spent almost $100 on some website and I never got what I ordered and by the time I got into contact with them, it turns out that they’d delivered it to someone nowhere near my address and that person had signed for it and everything. When they showed me the signature, I was really just like WTF. I spent two weeks arguing with them over it and kept everything pleasant even when they accused me of giving them the wrong address and their delivery driver gave me a log with half of my address missing and they tried everything to make it seem like it was my fault!

      Eventually, I got my $$ back but these things do happen. It’s one thing to tweet about it but doing it in a such a childish way is well…childish, lol. Just switch networks. End of story.

      Ugh, the sheeple. That’s the reason why I have no sympathy. He deliberately writes the tweets that way so everyone can see them and the more rabid sheeple can send abuse to whoever and he’ll be sitting behind his computer/phone/ipad/whatever it is that entitled people buy, happy that these people ‘have his back’. It’s like inciting harassment and that really irritates me because I’ve had it done to me before. It’s a shitty thing to do.


      1. Sorry you got screwed but at least you got your money back. In the past week I had an Amazon headache, I had pre ordered something in March but they ran out of stock before they shipped mine. When I told customer service I needed to cancel the item they refunded me $11 for something I received months ago lol ugh.
        The idea of an account dedicated to wishing bankruptcy to various beings is so funny and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did such a thing. That guy needs medication to offset the possible steroid induced rage he feels over every little mishap. It must suck to have a decent life and still be so needlessly miserable over every damn thing.


        1. Some of these customer service people clearly have no idea what they’re doing but I suppose that’s down to the companies. That sucks about Amazon. Did the seller manage to take their money back?

          I think he should do it. It might even be therapeutic for him!! I don’t have a problem with him complaining but he’s always so extra about it from taking pictures of working to being hostile. It’s so unnecessary and irritating.



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