stupid and senseless: drunk and disorderlecki

Real talk.

I actually Googled Jared Padalecki the other week before I read through my stupid and senseless posts and I asked myself.

How has this dude not fucked up again (majorly) yet?

I mean, he’s got another show (that absolutely no one was asking for, but okay okay okay work ethic), but he still looks like a hot mess. Could it be that he’d changed his ways and was slowly working on his appearance?


First, I read about him being in Vegas and paying people (girls) to take pictures with him and I was like…

…it’s only a matter of time.

And here we are, folks.

According to a new report from TMZ, Padalecki was arrested in Austin, TX on early Sunday morning, outside of a club called Stereotype. The fan-favorite actor reportedly faces two counts of assault and one count of public intoxication.

According to eyewitnesses, Padalecki reportedly “struck a bartender in the face” while inside the venue, as well as potentially hitting the general manager after getting into an argument with him.

A friend took him outside in an attempt to calm him down, which ultimately led to Padalecki putting the man in a headlock shortly before authorities arrived. TMZ has several video clips of Padalecki during the ordeal, including one of the aforementioned headlock.

Later on in the video, Padalecki appears to pull out a wad of money, allegedly “flashing it” to the officers that are trying to subdue him.


I think the TMZ article has tweets about fans being surprised and praying for him.

Y’all need to stop.

This is probably the least surprising thing I’ve ever heard.

He clearly has a problem and he needs help. What happens is that every time he fucks up he’s publicly enabled by fans, his friends, his family – for whose benefit is the question, but I won’t say more than that.

Anyway, seriousness aside.

It’s all kind of pathetic really. The video I saw was equally parts hilarious and sad. He was ouuuut of it and faded. This fool is really out there fighting in the streets when he’s got three kids at home.

You hate to see it….

My favourite part, though…

Later on in the video, Padalecki appears to pull out a wad of money, allegedly “flashing it” to the officers that are trying to subdue him.


Jared was like, get money, bitches!

… and they are, by doing their jobs and arresting his ass.

1. Really, bro? You’re on the CW and your show is ending. Your new show isn’t going to last 27 seasons either. Keep your coins. You will need them.

2. Who gets into a fight at their own bar? Although, it’s now getting a bunch of free publicity, so…

Does anyone know if Jussie Smollett and Jared are friends?

I’m tryna see something….

3. Happy wife, happy life. You’d think that he’d be at home with his young family when he can be instead of getting drunk, but, hey… maybe this is what works for them.

I’m guessing his ass will be shuttled off to rehab faster than you can say Rapunzelecki.


ETA: Apparently Jared is the victim in all of this. Let us all gather round to support him!

13 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: drunk and disorderlecki

  1. Yeah, I have to say I’m not really surprised. I hadn’t heard about the Vegas thing though, wow. I was on social media rolling my eyes at all the stans saying that if anyone criticizes Jared they will kick their asses, others saying they’re scared for him and even others saying they’re in such a horrible place now that he’s done this (’cause I guess they think he’s absolutely perfect and cannot do any wrong whatsoever…).

    Then I saw some tweet mentioning what amounts to hearsay IMO that some guy who worked at the bar was really drunk and Jared was trying to stop it. And so a bunch of fans are immediately believing that too.

    I did have to laugh at the money thing too… Didn’t it look that way from the video? Like he had a wad of cash in his hand? Geesh…not sure how anyone can say that was a lie or fabricated. It’s right there in the video. But I did find part of the video sad. He really does need help.

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    1. The fans are a law onto themselves and part of the reason why Jared doesn’t take responsibility for his own behaviour. There will be no ass kicking because they’re all gal. I can buy the horrible place thing because a lot of them have unhealthy trauma bonds with him and his ‘journey’. Oh and the Pada Warrior Defence League have to show up and show out as always, lol.

      LOL. I love that. Drunk 1 tries to stop Drunk 2. Sounds legit. /s.

      It’s all there, but the fans will go through hoops before they actually believe that he’s not a changed man and that he wasn’t fighting on the street like the regular ass person that he is. The video was truly more pathetic than sad.

      I can’t fathom the logic behind him owning a bar when he can’t hold his liquor, lol. It’s a recipe for disaster.

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      1. I totally agree. I’m facepalming at all the fans on social media who are saying they’re triggered by his mugshot (seriously, there are posts saying stuff like “If you post his mugshot I will block you, it’s way too invasive…” Uh, but the mugshot has been posted on more than one media site with articles about the arrest, so….).

        I know, right?

        I can’t either. Totally a disaster waiting to happen. And if he’s taking meds for depression, I’m assuming it’s not a good thing to mix those with alcohol. I have a good friend who was on depression meds and never had any alcohol while she was on them.

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        1. LOL. I posted it too. How is his mugshot invasive but them sharing 5000 pictures a day of him isn’t? Glass houses and stones come to mind. Although, his mugshot is triggering. I felt bad for him when I saw it. He looks terrible and I know he’s going to be feel sorry for himself for a long time to come. His horse isn’t so high anymore.

          Well, we all know he’s a big drinker and at this point, you can tell by looking at him. I don’t think he cares about mixing anything with alcohol. Given that he’s a big guy, he should be moderating his drinking anyway and never getting to the point that he was on Sat/Sun.


  2. On a serious note, doesn’t he battle with depression? I know anti anxiety and anti depression meds I’ve been on can lead to bad reactions with alcohol. Beyond that, this is just embarrassing. Embarrassing! He’s a grown man with young children…. #yikes

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    1. He does, yes and that’s true about the meds! However, responsible adults know when to limit themselves. Him being drunk in public is par for the course, but this is beyond ridiculous.

      He continues to behave irresponsibly because people enable his behaviour and he never faces any consequences. Hopefully this is a wake up call for him.


  3. The bad thing is, Jared will never learn from this….the man needs some serious help, not stans up his butt trying to defend his bad behavior from anyone who dares say anything bad about him…It should be a learning experience for him, but I seriously doubt it.

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  4. Eh, as barfights go, that one seems pretty minor. Unless a table goes crashing through a window and the combatants are hauled off in an ambulance, it barely qualifies.


  5. First off…LMFAO!!!!! How is this real life?!
    ROFL!! I just knew I had to come here when I heard about this. JarPad never disappoints.

    Wow is all I can say about the social media reaction. “I will always support Jared! That wonderful human! He’s just so human!” They say. It makes me wonder if they would support him if he ever did anything truly terrible. Probably. Le sigh. I’ve said it before. The guy is crazy. He has more issues than depression (and no self awareness whatsoever) and I hate how he/his fans use it as a scapegoat for terrible behavior. I also hate how fangirls infantilize grown men just because they’re celebrities.
    It makes me wonder where his family/friends are in this. Do they even give a shit about him? How does his wife hold her head up with this nonsense? I know there are those rumors that say she doesn’t give a shit/her family uses him but I thought that was just jealous fangirls talk. Now, I wonder. He’s such a mess and clearly a very unhappy man. Something’s wrong somewhere because he shouldn’t be like this at his age and this point in his life. It makes me sad. 😦 I don’t feel sorry for him though.
    By the way, I still can’t believe they picked him for Walker. Like WTF?


  6. I know you probably don’t like Donald Trump, but I would have given any to have seen him roast Princess Jared until he goes crying in a corner. Dumbass.

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    1. Lol! I once wrote a post where I jokingly compared Jared to Trump! I’m definitely not a Trump fan, but I’d be completely neutral over a Trump vs. Padalecki roast. They’re birds of the same feather.



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